So, today is going to be the sloowessst Friday ever. My boss is not here today. And I'm leaving for PA after work!!! PA Lover and myself are taking my bunnni, she's driving obvii, and the my brothers Lil B && Swan are taking PA Lover's Bunnni. <333

I'm super exccccited, I got my springs yesterday to lower my carrr, and I'm spending tomorrow afternoon at Dean.O's doing that. =D Tonight, I'm staying at Sondra's and we're probably just going to cruise around and talkkk and go to Sheetz, which is my FAVORITE place to eat at. It's a 24 hr gas station but you can order like meals there, for sooo cheap!

Don't worry I'll post pics, I'm borrowing the exs camera, sooo, you'll get to see awesome pics of the middle of nowhere, haha. Sometimes, it honestly still amazes me that I have such a good group of friends who I'd probably chill with on a daily basis if they lived up here. I <3 all of them! ((lol))

So, I won't be posting this weekend (wait when do i anyway?). Sorry, I need to start doing that.
15 days till Dubs on Defrost and Charlie's gonna look hawt. =) Have a good weekend ladddies. I'll miss you guys. ::sniff;sniff::

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