Really, Nineteen Year Old Dubbers Need to Stay Away.

So, I decided to post in my old stomping ground of the CTEurospec forum and say what's up, I miss you guys, is there anyone I can cruise with from the Dirtee Water area.

So, I get a response from this kid that I haven't met yet. (Damn he needs a nickname) I'll call him MK4GTI for now since I've never met him. So, anyhoodle he's like yeah I can cruise up to meet you and then we can cruise to Orange. I'm like sweet, I don't have to ride alone..so I take a gander at his profile just to see his name, what he drives and how old he is.

He's 19. Facepalmed right there. I'm now deathly afraid of 19 yr old dubbers. I really hope he's ugly..no offense but I don't need another tradegy..like the one I just endured for the past 5 mnths.

He PMs me, tells me he's cruising with Jay but he'll come back up and get me. I'm like oh ok. (all the while, I'm thinking. Gawd. 19 yr olds. Oh Gawd.) Then he tells me to text him..and thats what we are doing, making plans to meet up.

Please dear God, do not send another 19 yr old dubber my way. I cannot handle it.


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Bon Don said...

Uh oh...

Ugh I need to hurry up and read the rest Im getting impatient!!!!