Happy New Year!!

I'm feeling so much better than yesterday. I'm not really sure why it hit me so hard. Right now, I'm just chillen at work, finishing up (finally) all of my work. (I hope) It's snowing at the moment, pretty heavy actually. I'm not sure if we're getting out of work early, I kinda hope so. It's supposed to snow 4-8 inches between now and 5pm rush hour. Obviously, we probably won't get out anytime soon, because it's only 930 and then that would be a wasted day.

Plus, a lot of the guys in the back still need to pick up their paychecks. Oh, the waiting continues. Baberz is at work right now tooo. 9am-530pm. NOt toooo tooo bad. He's finally back to working his normal days, which consists of mostly the entire weekend being consumed by work. But then he gets baller-status paychecks (haha).

I still cannot believe today is the last day of 2008. It feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of 2008. So so much has happened in the past year, mostly good, somethings not so goood.

For the first month of this upcoming year, I'm def. going to straighten out my finances. I have to pay off my credit card, which has acquired a nice little debt. I have the plan in my sights, just bascially pay off a certain amount a week, then when I get my taxes in April or whenever, just pay the remainder. And TA-DA!!! No more credit card crap. From then on, I will only use it for emergencies and for the trip to Florida and it will be promptly paid off. =) Chyeaaaa. I suppose you can call that my resolution.

Also, this upcoming month, hopefully Baberz and I will either be able to make a trip down to NYC or a trip up to Okemo in Vermont to go snowtubing. =) On the 10th (next saturday) is Jdubz birthday. She's the co-leader along with White Jetter of AbsolutDübs, the Dub group I am really not in anymore. She invited baberz and I and of course left a cuteee lil comment on his invite over FaceBook about how if he doesn't go they won't be friends anymore. It was totally flirtatious. (O well). I'm not too sure if we're going since CoCo will probably be there and baberz just does not like him.

CoCo implies things when he talks to me. It's quite funny in my opinion. Coco was ok ok bascially the rebound after I ended things with the Ex. I know, pretty shady of me. But CoCo is a true CT Party Boii, not to mention he's very ghetto. Although he's very fair skinnied and only wears the most expensive clothing.

He and I clicked but not enough for me to actually want to persue a realtionship with him. So, it was pretty much over before it even started. But, not to sound cocky, when he talks to me online, he implies that he thinks baberz is a loser. And that he could be so much better for me.

Boys, sigh.

Anyhoodle. I'll probably have a lot more exciting post later. I dunno if I'll still be here. But, if I am. I'll have something good. =)


Nine is Not A Multiple of Four.

Welcome 2009. I officially welcome you. At the same time, I'm scared of you. Sorry to say but 2008 was an amazing year. I accomplished something I've been meaning to do for the past 3 yrs now (breaking up with the Ex), I have an amazing boyfrrrieeend, a brand new car, an amazing job, taken my first vacation ALL by myself, grown up, and I'm sure there is more.

I've come leaps and bounds since the end of 2007, beginning of 2008. I've grown into a much more mature person (I have my moments, trust me) and I am a tad more independent. I'm enjoying life stress free because I have no drama or very little drama.

And here you are 2009, sneaking up on me...being all sorts of flashy and trying to lure me in with your new-fangled New Year feeling. But, I don't fully trust you. You see, I was born on the 4th day of May. I believe the number 4 is my lucky number and usually have luck with numbers in the multiples of 4.

Like this year was 2008, and I was 22. Next year will be 2009 and I'll be 23. So, don't mind me New Year. I'll survive. So, don't let me down, make me proud. I already have Obama on my side for you.

Here's the New Year! Hello 2009.


I'm Here! Kinda.

So, I was in the process of writing this huge massive blog about Christmas yesterday, but I've just given up.

It was def. a ton of funnnn. Baberz came to my families Christmas on Christmas and I went with him to celebrate his on Saturday.

Today is by no means a good day. For one, my head feels like a giant balloon on crack from this cold that apparently decided it needed to return or get worse or something to that effect. Plus. I have all this work that I can only do half of, because my boss left out some very important stuff. So, I feel overwhelmed that I'm not doing my work even though I am...it's just half-assed because my boss isn't here to tell me what's kosher or not.

(Ok, I'm done complaining now. Sorry)

I'm happy to say I just found my cousin I've been looking for on Myspace. =) It'll probably be forever before he adds me since he has been on since the beginning of Dec. but at least I can finally add himmmm.

My daddy's been home from work this week, so to put him to good use, I asked him if he could mail out my package to Fred. Let's see how he does..haha. But, honestly with directions my father's not so good. Once, he thought I told him I had a ride home from the local amusement and he left me there..and I had to go home with this girl I didn't really know and her mother who took forever to drive the 15 mins it takes to get there. (haha).

He also apparently has next week off to because my mom, dad and bro are all going to Florida. They have this thing where they don't tell me till about 3 days before because they think I'm going to have this huge house party. Which I'm not. I don't care to have one. Granted, last yr I had people over, but honestly it was 5 of the calmest people ever. My mom only found out cause the Ex put a huge gouge in the table from sliding Rock Band against it. And my friend Ry threw out all his mojito stuff instead of taking it home. But, that's all I've done.

Besides, have someone stay with me or I stay with someone. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this year. Possibly stay with the bestie or have her stay with me sounds like a good plan. I'm a hugeee wussy, but I live in a pretty good sized house in the quiestest neighborhood ever that's surrounded by a good amount of woods. And when the power goes out, oh my! It's pitch blaaacccck. Baberz is staying with me this Saturday (when they leave) and next Friday. They come back next Saturday. (makes me jealous, I <3 Florida)

Ugh, work to be done. At least I can finish almost all of it now. I'll probably blog about something worthwhile next time and probably give more info on Advice Tuesdays', a new column kinda thing I'm starting. =)


Belated Merry Christmas!! I Guess?

So, Belated Merry Christmas. (I guess??)

I'm with my baberz, about to go play some Xbox with him so this is going to be a quick little post. Hopefully I'll be able to recap the whole last half of this past week in the upcoming days at work. But, I know I have alot of work ahead, because it's probably only going to be a 3 day week again or at most a 4 1/2 day week. Who knows?! Plus, I have many more blogs to read.

But there are some things on my mind that are driving me insane. Plus, I've decided to start something new. =)

I will be doing a little bit of Dr. Philing. (Yes, he's a verb). Once a week, Tuesday's I believe I will try my hand at giving advice. My friends say I'm pretty good at it, so I'm going to give it a crack. Ask me anything!!! Anything at all. I will post as many questions and answers as I can.

(If people question me that is?!? lol!)

I will post them anomouosly (I cannot spell tonite!) unless you ask me not too. And you can send your heartfelt, or not so heartfelt questions to bunnni.chick@gmail.com. Thanks! =)

Anyways, a little irony here. But I actually need advice. (This looks good huh?) Anyways.

I love my bestest friend to deattth of course, but I honestly do not know what to say. I was on Myspace (add me!) as usual last night...and the bestie had posted a status message about how she was soo incredibly happy. So, I looked on her profile and saw that I had moved from being her top friend to being #2 (nothing wrong there yet) except as her #1 she has some military guy. An ugly military guy. But, that's besides the point.

Anyway, soo I didn't really talk to her about it tonite. Baberz and I had gone to her casa to play some Wii Fit. (frickin awesome btw) She showed me a pic of him on her phone with his shirt up, ripped kid but I'm not into that sooo. (Truthfully!) So, the most she told me was that she has known him for awhile. They have talked every now and then, but not soo much. I had read his Myspace, and I guess on Jan. 29th he's being deployed to Germany, then within a year going to Afghanistan. And of course she said either he's going to fly her out or he's gonna fly here.

Briefly, I also want to touch on the fact that she wants to get married within a year. She's dead set on it. She wants to be dating for like 2 mnths, get engaged within 6, married with another 6 and then start a family thereafter. Which, honestly I think is crazy. I mean if you feel it you feel it..but she just wants anyone that will give her that. And that scareeesss me. TO DEATH!

Which leads me to my question? What the hell should I tell her? I mean it's getting pretty ridiculous in my opinion. She keeps meeting these guys online thru a game called Diablo. Falling in love with them over the phone, and twice she's gone to Canada and Florida to meet two of em. The guy she met in Canada was a 35 yr old BALDING MAN! She's only 22 and drove there on her own, and stayed with him!!!!! The other guy she met she knew forever and a day, about 8 yrs now..no biggie there.

But, honestly her addiction to meeting men on a video game, talking to them on the phone and falling "in love" with them has to stop before something horrible happens to her. And I don't know how to tell her. The other part is that she also spends all her time on the phone with them, esp. after 9pm because thats when she has free minutes to use. Her whole entire world turns towards the "flavor of the month." (No offense to her, seriously!) But, she'll ignore me, blow me off, and just sit there all nite talking to them on the phone.

I just want her to meet a nice, normal guy around here, not a 2 hr drive, not a 2 day drive. Or a military man?! I know inside her mind she knows they'll probably ask her to marry them quite quickly which is what she wants. But, my God. It's becoming old hat now. And frankly, it's worrying me. Because how will she ever know what true love is if she thinks she loves every guy she comes into contact with?

Anyways. How do I tell her that I don't think it's safe to meet these men and how do I tell her that she's pushing me out of her life for half these men she never meets and will never meet.?

I honestly do not know what to tell her. I can't really help her open up to guys, that's something she has to do herself. And I can't really suggest places to go to meet men because I have no clue. But, I just don't need to lose my bestie in her quest for love and marriage. I told her she should just let it find her, but I guess the will to be married soo badly makes her disregard my advice.

I mean I know by me and Baberz having such a great fantastical realtionship that it bothers her, but honestly I cannot help that. And I feel she's just pushing towards and reaching out to just about anyone who seems to care.

HELP ME!!!!!! =(


This One's For You.

This post is dedicated to my best friend who just yesterday was hired on as a full-time firefighter for the great town of Pompano Beach, FL.

All I can say is, FINALLY!!!!! and of course YAY!!!! Ok, now that I got that out of my system...I suppose I'll tell you the story to how we met.

Once Upon A Time..

I was in a Call of Duty 4 Clan (video game I played/play on Xbox 360) called Snakes in the Grass. I was invited in by one of my very first friends on Xbox, Siqness. (If I already told this story, I'm sorry. lol.) Anywho, I knew the "Florida Crew" but really only talked to Siqness and PhxTerminator. The bestest friend was the last member that I really got to know on a personal level.

We started talking on the phone..(he was the only one who still to this day will have a phone convo with me) and we quickly decided that we had alot in common. Like loving Disturbed and Jimmy Buffett!

(I'd like to thank whoever put Disturbed and Jimmy Buffett in a tidy little pack you could buy for Rock Band, awesomesauce!)

Anyway, we ended up becoming really good homies. =) And joking around one day with a friend of mine from PA about how we'd love to move to Florida, it suddenly dawned on us that we should take a vacation down there.

So, we did, to the bestie's town. =) And he was just as he was on the phone and on Xbox and Myspace, etc etc.

We had an amazing four days there, just relaxing on the beach, and by the pool. Driving around aimlessly with the windows down, taking in the salty air and the warm temperatures. It was heaven.

(Oops, getting off track here)

We didn't do much, but it didn't matter, it was just nice to get away. Fred was a wonderful host, and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with him.

He's a perfect Southern gentleman, does the kinda stuff you only thought were in dreams. And the whole time on my way home, he was all worried about if I had fun or not, and I said of course I did, because I did! The beach and friends can do no wrong my friend.

(Boy was I wrong, cause baberz does the same thing!)

Anyway, its been almost a year, and I'm happy to call him one of the best. Baberz and I are going down sometime this summer to visit him, and if it's cool with baberz I'd love to make it a yearly tradition to escape to Florida, and just unwind on the beach and chill with one of the best and my baberz. =)

Well...this is one is for you Fred!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on getting hired. =) I knew you could doo it.


Is Tomorrow Really Christmas Eve?

Wow, where has the time gone?! I cannot believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve! Which, let's be honest, means absolutely nothing to me. It used to, a long time ago.

Once upon a time, I had both sets of grandparents or memere and pepere in my terms. I felt lucky, I still had memere and pepere on my mom's side and memere and pepere on my dad's side. It was nice, visiting my dad's side every Christmas Eve, listening to my pepere trample on the roof like he was Santa Claus, and then come inside and give us all presents.

Then, it all changed. My dad's parents' started resenting my mom and my brother and myself. They started being highly immature and saying stuff behind my mom's back, giving me and my brother less presents then everyone at Christmas. Finally, my dad told them, to stop harassing my mom and us, or he would never speak to them again. I'm sure you know the outcome of that.

It's been, I have no clue how longgg. Probably about seven to eight years now. It doesn't bother me to be honest. I've seen some of my cousins, here and there, and they look at me as if I'm the one to blame. I'm not sorry that my family missed the big to-dos in my life or my brothers. Graduating high school, getting the license, turning 18, then 21, it all doesn't matter to me if they witnessed it or not.

They hurt my mother far beyond anything. I may have been young, but I still understood. The only person I hate to see this affecting is my father. No one calls him, sends Christmas cards, who even knows if anyone has honestly died or not. I wish I was kidding about that, but it's true.

So, Christmas Eve became a night of going out to dinner and just enjoying ourselves. Eventually, I started spending Christmas Eve with the Ex's father's side. Which, sucked too. His cousins were all snots, mainly girls, Italians (no offense to anyone that is! because I am tooo.) that thought for some reason that they weren't white. They dressed in hoochy clothes and wore way to much makeup. And they ignored me. They were all stunning in beauty, and reminded me of my dad's side. Snotty and beautiful.

(No I don't think I'm ugllly, but I'm sure you get what I mean!)

Anyway, Christmas Eve over there was always a little strange. I just sorta sat there next to the Ex, wondering why the hell I wanted to go. No one said anything to me and always little to nothing to him. And then, presents would be handed out. And of course, I sat there watching everyone open theirs...which I tell you, if it's happened to you it's the suckiest feeling ever.

(Which is exactly why my rents bought baberz a present, so he doesn't feel left out on Christmas)

And again, Christmas Eve has changed. I'm not really sure what it's going to turn into. Baberz has to work tomorrow till 5. And I have a half day, which means I'm high-tailing it to cash my check and buy my moms gift card, and quite possibly BooBoo's gift. Then baberz and I will exchange gifts, he alreadys knows what I'm getting him, and I know he bought me a ringggg, but he also bought me some other stuff I don't know about. =)

Who knows what Chistmas Eve will bring me. I'm pretty sure I don't mind, as long as it's not with my dad's side of the family. I'm quite content, just chillen out and what not.

Christmas morning, I always wake up early. Like 700 or 800. I already know what I'm getting, clothes. I just enjoy peaking in my stocking. Which is always filled with like, Dunkin Donuts giftcards and a giftcard to the movies. It's awesome! (haha)

Then, I usually chill out, watch some tv, shower and get ready. This year Christmas is at my aunt's in the Dirtee Dirtee. I absolutely love my cousins, we are all around the same age, so we are def. growing alot closer. =) And baberz is coming this year, which will be nice. =)

Bascially, that Christmas in a nutshell. It's been up and down, but one thing remains, my family. Wherever I go, I'm pretty sure I'll come home for Christmas. I just couldn't see myself enjoying Christmas in Florida. As much as I hate the cold and snow, its a sterotypical Christmas. It would bother me without it.


A Snowy Weekend!

This is what it looked like all weekend long. SNOW EVERYWHERE! So, here comes the good ol weekend recap.

-I ended up getting out of work right after I took my lunch. (Score!) It hadn't snowed all morning till I went on lunch. I didn't think it was that bad till I got onto the road.
-Fact: It took me an hour to get to my baberz work. Instead of the usual half an hour.
-Fact: I thought it would be easier to go up rt. 6, a main road should be clean right? Wrong. And soo muchhhh traffic.
-Then I ended up going to baberz house..and staying the nite. =)
-Fact: We watched the Disney Channel for most of the night.
-Fact: I had to sleep in his bed, him on his foutan (how do u spell it!?)
-I ended up falling asleep around 1, and only woke up about 430 when I was freezing, because I kicked the covers off of myself.

-I got up around 9am. Decided that I was going to wake baberz. I did. =)
-Took me forever to get out of bed and dressed.
-Fact: We ate at Denny's. MmMm.
-Fact: Our waiter took forever.
-Then we went to Wally World. Where everyone in the city of Bristol seemed to be.
-We were on a hunt for sleds. None there.
-Then we went to Big Lots!
-No sleds there.
-Then went to Target and finally found saucers!!
-Went back to my house, and talked to my rents forever, plus I was so lazy to change.
-Then went to baberz. Met his grandma (shes soo cute!) and his Uncle Billy.
-Went to Page Park to go sledding. =)
-Went up and down the hill like 5x.
-I really need to stop smoking and start excersizing more.
-Fact: I put my feet down and sprayed my self in the face with snow.
-Fact: I drove my car around the parking lots doing snow burnouts and drifting. =)
-Then we went home, got changed, went to the mall, back home and chillleed.
-Fact: During those past two days, a foot of snow fell. (Ick!)

-Woke up around 10am. Looked outside. There was indeed more snow falling.
-Went downstairs, ate some pancakes, showered, got dressed, wrapped presents.
-Left, went to baberz, and picked him up.
-Went to the other mall.
-Left, the sun was shining, but also going down at the same time.
-Pretty much was a quiet day//night.
-Fact:Did more snow burnouts, drifting.
-Fact: It was snowing pretty hard on my way home.
-The grand total for all the snow was probably like 13 inches. (WTF!)

Today. Monday. I'm tired. Had a sugar induced rush because one of my co-workers HAD to make cookies. BUt they are sooo goooodddd.

Now I totally need a nap though. (haha).

Only two and a half days to work this week! YAY!

I love Christmas, cannot wait to spend it with baberz and our families. =))

Peace for now.

The Honest Scrap Award.

Thanks so much to Sheri @ Sheri's World for my first ever tagged award!!! =)

So, what does this award mean? It means – “leftovers, fragments, discarded material, and many times truth and honesty is discarded material, considered fragments and left over.”
We tell it like it is and let the scraps fall where they may.

The honorees are to: a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Ok, so here it goes, 10 honest things about myself. Let me seee.

1. I am obsessssed with my car. I talk about him by name as though he's real.

2. I cannot eat the ends of burgers or grinders. I know it's weird, but I always leave a little piece left over.

3.I have not seen most of the big name old school movies, that includes E.T., A Christmas Story, Terminator, the list goes on and on. I'm not sure why though.

4.I am obsessed with tornadoes. I love watching tv shows, videos and movies about them. But I'd be terrified if one ever occurred near me. (Thank God thats not possible)

5.I hate sitting inside my house, I'm always out. Either outside, out driving around, or just out!

6.I have two best friends, and that's it. One is my bestie that has been for 9 yrs. (What I would do without with her) and the other is Fred, who lives in Florida. I met him playing Xbox and have only met in once, but without him, I'd be lost.

7.I could marry my boyfrann tomorrow. Yes, indeed I could. We've only been together for almost 3 mnths, but he's my rock, and I'm sure of this.

8.I watch Spongebob every Saturday morning.

9.I still watch the Disney Channel. I love the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Corey in the House.

10.I love macroni and tomatoes. Just try it. Trust me on it.

Now. 7 bloggers to be tagged. =)

4. Dore @ Dore's Diaries
5. Lee @ Perpetual Burn
6. Sass @ thelifeofsass
7. Amy @ Chapters

If you are reading this post, consider yourself tagged as well.


And the Waiting Begins...

It's about 10:07am. And according the the lovely dopple radar, the storm is just about entering into CT and into the county that I presently reside in. So. Grab your snow gear, we're going for a riddde.

The Winter Storm Warning bulletin bascially says that we will incurr 1-2 inches per hour. Eeeek!!!!!!! That's a whole lot of snow. By midnite tonite we should have about 8-12 inches.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. I'm at work right now..probably will end up getting out early...but then I need a gameplan. Pretty much, if I get out before baberz does, I'm going to go to the bestie's house and chill with her till baberz gets out, then see what his ma dukes has to say about me staying over.

From what he told me last nite, it was still up in the air. Apparently, his 86 yr old g-ma from Florida is supposed to fly in today, so his poor mom is stressed about that. She def. doesn't want to leave her stranded at the airport all alone. Then they are supposed to bring his g-ma to his uncle's house..(I think down in Southern CT), so his mom and sis mite be stranded there.

Bascially, its whatever. Which annoys me, cause I'm such a planner. But, I'm actually kinda looking forward to this adventure. =) I don't mind snow too much, but when I can't go anywhere it sucks.

My co-worker and I were just talking about how we get major cabin fever. It just isnt fun at all. I cannot be cooped up for that longggg.

(FLORIDA HERE I COME! haha. I wish)

Anyway, now I'm just waittting. It shows light blue over us right now, but I think that's just the snow that the doppler picks up way up in the clouds. So, bascially.. I give it another hour, hour and a half. Then elllo snow.

I am happy though, cause I'm rocking my favooorrite boots, my Timberlands. They're white and baby blueeee. =) (I'm a dork, I know).

Other than that, it's been pretty calm. Bestie texted me yesterday tho, sayin that she felt like I was pushing her out of my life. I honestly don't think so. I explained to her that I no longer have enuff gas to really drive anywhere but to work on the weekdays, and presently she's unemployed, so she doesn't have any gas either. Then she texted me back, well you don't talk to me much either. I said yes I know, I don't really talk to anyone, and that the phone works both ways. I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just making the point that it's not all my fault. I'm not trying to get rid of her, I mean, honestly laddiies when you found your hubby, did you spend a lot of time with friends?

Probably not right off the bat. I mean it's been 2 1/2 mnths, we're still addicted to each other and want to be with each other every second of the day. The easy solution to this would be to hang out with both of em, right? Well, I've done that, and it doesn't work. I don't wanna bash the bestie but sometimes she just gets under my skin.

When it's the three of us, she always trys to steal my attention away. She acts like it's only her and I and that baberz is not sitting in the back seat. She'll talk right over him if need be. And she'll argue with him. Like the famous Craftsman tool fight. Where she said that Craftsman is the worst tool manufactuer ever. Which, is not true. Because you get a lifetime warranty on every tool you ever buy, so if it's old and doesn't really work anymore, you can trade it in for a newer one. And here she was, arguing with him, like she knew what she was talking about.

Or another time, when I forgot what she was arguing with him about, just blantly goes, "shut up, you're annoying me now." WHAT THE EFF?!?! I'm not really sure why she's soo rude to him sometimes. Grrrr. (lol)

And finally, my other bestie, my broski, my booboo, Fred finally figured out what the hell his weird feelings where towards me. He called me last nite, to tell me he was just at his friend's grad. party (she just graduated from the University of Miami) and he father is the mayor of Pompano Beach, the town he's trying to get hired in for fire rescue. So, I guess, they had a lovely chat and booboo found out that a guy just retired so another spot opened up. And jokingly he said to the mayor, well could you give the chief a call for me..and the mayor really did! So, hopefully in the next two weeks, BooBoo will finally have his dream job. =)

And he also told me that, bascially, if I was single, his feelings towards me mite be different, but probably not, because we live so far apart. Which translates into, I like you, I wanted you when you came down, but you'll never be single, and I live here...sooo best friends it is.

Update on the snow: The light blue area has almost taken over CT, and I see the heavy stuff is about an hour away. So, let's see what happens.

Peace out for now. =)


The First Real Snowstorm.

So, I've been lagging on writing. Could be alot of things, having to actually do work, or the fact that my mind is on Christmas and oh shocker, snow.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow all day long. 6-12 inches is expected. I'll probably have about 15 inches where I live. Now, I don't mind snow at all. Except when there's alot.

We have a steep driveway, so it takes me 2-3 trys to get up. It's quite funny to watch in my opinion. I back all the way up to my across the street neighbor's driveway, put it in drive, and just mosh the pedal to the floor and spin the tires as I try and get up the driveway. (lol).

I haven't had to push Charlie to that extreme yet, but maybe tomorrow I will.

Baberz and I are trying to come up with a good plan, where I can "get stuck" at his house for the evening. It's supposed to snow on Sunday tooo...sooo I get maybe one day with him this weekend? Insert saddd puppy face. =(


I feel like my rents would actually be ok with me sleeping over..I'm not a fan of that (sleeping over your bfs house, unless you've been dating forever..ehhh Idk, its weird) actually, I feel its not right unless under certain circumstances, such as this one. His mom, I'm not so sure.

I hope she allows me tooo. Cause I cannot stay cooped up in my house tomorrow nite, and all day Sunday. I'm in no way a homebody. Hmmm. Maybe I should pack some sledding stufff!!!

Promise, BIG post tomorrow. Either here at work or maybe at home (lets hope not!). or baberz.


Ok. Finally, I Have Time To Think...&& Write.

So, as you can see, it snowed last night. Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been swammped in work. But, finally I have a chance to recep some of the things that have happened in the past few days.

(If I can remember!)

Weekend Recap:


  • I got my bonus! Alot more than I thought I was going to get. =)

  • Work Christmas Party. I brought my baberz, we watched as my bosses got drunk, danced to one slow song, where I realized I will need stripper heels when I marry him to be able to reach him..I was wearing heels but still couldn't really reach his shoulders. Had some drinks, some food, and some guy brought an escort with huge boobs.

  • After that, it was home. Well, baberz had to drive home, I had one too many Cap'n Cokes.


  • I got up, ready and celebrated my momma duke's birthday. We had some cake, gave some cards and the I was out.

  • Went with my best friend to her cousin's 15th birthday. Really boring, and really pointless. Her mom didn't sing Happy Birthday to her, didn't sit with her when she opened her presents. Didn't even introduce herself to me. Just said hi to the bestie and her little brother. No one even cared. A-holes.

  • Dropped her little brother off then went to the mall in search of a GPS. Best Buy was overpriced, so we went looking around. I was in search of those little vests that you pair with a white t-shirt, no clue what they're called, but couldn't find my size. So, they look bad on bigger people?! Granted I'm not even that big. I just have a stomach and some huge hips and my boobs are getting bigger, well excuse me.

  • Ending up buying a peace sign bracelet, yay! I've wanted one for sooo long. =) Also, got myself a lovely black and gray sweater scarf. Looks awesome. I heart the Icing.

  • Went to Wally World after that and found a GPS. I ended up getting the Tom Tom for 137 with tax. Yay!!!!!!!!! =)

  • After that, dropped the bestie off and went to pick up baberz. We were supposed to go to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. But, I didn't feel like driving an hour. It was already 7pm, so I ended up texting my cousin and asking her what the name of the German restaurant two towns over was. It's called East Side Restaurant.

  • Let me tell you, baberz was never ever soo excited in his life. It was like we were in Germany. Big Beer Glasses hung from the ceiling above, the waitress' wore authentic clothing, most had accents, and everytime someone got a HUGE beer, this guy would come out and say Tiggy Toggy Tiggy Toggy Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! It was awesome.

  • Plus, I've fallen in love with German food. I had butternut squash soup that was sooo amazing..Lamb Shanks...omg..I never have ever liked an entire dinner to that degree before. Sure, you like a good portion of it usually, but everything was to die for. =)

  • After that, we went to the see the movie, Bolt. It was pretty good, the middle was soo boring I almost wanted to leave. The ending almost made up for it though. The best part was probably the little animated thing they did before the movie.

  • It featured Mater from Cars, and he told a story that he once was a "modded car." It made me laugh hysterically..because it was mocking Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. And it was soo adorable.

(I'll post the youtube vid if I can find one!)


  • Sunday was just an easy going kinda day. I chilled out for most of the day. Went to visit baberz at work, Charlie decided to make some loud clangy noise like something was off.

  • So, baberz checked him out. Nothing. Eventually the noise stopped.

  • Thank God.

  • We mostly just chilled out, I don't really remember alot..mostly cause we didn't do alot.

  • It was def. a fun weekend though. =)

"Tokyo Mater!"

^^ well I found the vid, only a clip though. =)

But, I'm out for now. My brain needs some time to think about what my next blog is going to be about. (haha)

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Oh My Blog!

So. I didn't get a chance to do my usual Monday post with the weekend recap.
And it's almost lunch time. And more work to do.
So, hopefully I'll get it in after lunch and the ooodles of work I have to do.
I hope.

I have a lot going on in my brain today, I blog in my head..is that weird?

I'll be back.

But,if you're bored, kindly read these top 5 blogs (in no particular order) that I adore. =)

  1. Sheri's World.
  2. J.Stape's...Call me Captain Backfire.
  3. Perpetual Burn by Lee.
  4. Working Girl by WG1 && WG2
  5. Clever Girl Goes Blog by Tia



The Ice Fortress.

I could not sleep last night to save my life. I got home around 1230, expecting the power to be out because the trees were covered in ice. Surprisingly, it was not.

(It went out when I came home right after work. It wasn't cool.)

Around 130 though, I was laying in bed and it went out. I could not sleep for the life of me. It was downpouring like you wouldn't believe, I could hear trees and limbs cracking and falling from the weight of the ice (which scared me because there are 3 old trees in front of my windows, oh dear lol)., and the wind was howling. It was one of those creepy winds, where you literally hear it start from the down the street and come up.

But I did take two lovely pics.

The first one is the main road right off my neighborhood and the second one is the woods surrounding my driveway. Thankfully the road was not slippery at all. It's beautiful because it wasn't on the road. (haha)

And tonite, is my work Christmas party. Of course, I'm bringing baberz, it should be alot of fun though. I was trying to find the top my mom bought me, it's actually very cute. I'm wearing black dress pants, my pointy boots, and this blackish and gold shirt. It's very cute..I'm gonna wear my hair down in a black headband and do very minimal makeup. I was going to buy a dress, but it makes no sense to spend 40-50-60 dollars on a dress I'll wear once. Plus, I feel like this party is a little more laid back and most of the ladies in the office are wearing pants anyway.

Other than that, I got two gift cards down, two to go. And I'm probably going to buy baberz the video game Skate, because he decided he really has no use for another controller. And something else adorkable for him. =) And prolly one more 5 dollar item for the bestie.

Oh. And the boy bought me Mechanix gloves, and yes I'm uber excited. He said it took forever to find them. =) If you don't know what they are, they're gloves designed to work on cars. And I'm soo excited because I'm gonna learn how to do stuff this upcoming year!!! (I'm a dork!)



Tornadoes, Storm Chasers and Can Someone Please Tell My Mother It's Pronounced Tore-Nad-O and Not Tore-Nod-O.

I'm not sure when my fasination with tornadoes really began. I've always been into weather, sitting there, on a Sunday evening watching the Weather Channel. Especially during tornado and hurricane seasons.

The definition of a tornado is a violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornadoes form when rising air within the updraft the rotating air from horizontal to vertical. This is why you will see what is commonly known as a rotating wall cloud. It is a large section of the cloud that rotates counter-clockwise (Northern Hemisphere) and usually produces the tornado. A tornado that does not fully touch the ground is called a "funnel cloud." It is also known as a puppy tail.

The dryline or the line that "seperates" the warm, moist air to east and the warm, dry air from the west is where tornadoes commonly form.

Tornadoes can also produce ahead or the right of the eye of a hurricane if conditions are favorable.

Tornadoes are actually "clear" or "see-thru" in color. It's only until it encounters debris or dust that it will take on that dark nature.

Tornadoes usually occur in the Central Plains but can occur anywhere. The conditions in the plains during the spring/early summer are perfect for the development of tornadoes. Tornadoes also occur in these areas because of the flat dusty lands. Tornadoes can occur anywhere but usually do not last long or are in large in size in a mountainous region.

Tornadoes are rated on a a scale, called the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Dr. Fujita made this scale to catergorize wind speed and damage. The Fujita Scale was updated 02-01-2007 as more data became available.

EF0-65-85 mph winds
EF1-86-110 mph winds
EF2-111-135 mph winds
EF3-136-165 mph winds
EF4-166-200 mph winds
EF5-over 200 mph winds

The damage is catergorized in 28 scales from 0-28. The first scale of damage is small barns, farm outbuildings. The twenty-eigth is a tree-softwood, uprooted fully from the ground.

Storm Chasers

-Storm Chasers is a show on the Discovery Channel. It is about two groups of meteorolgists who chase tornadoes for a living, trying to collect data and get an inside "view" on tornadoes. In the first group which is headed by Dr. Josh Wurman, a research meteorolgist who is studying tornadoes by using a bistatic DOW, abling him to drive right up to a tornado and record on it. This group also includes, the Probe Team, which deploys "probes" which collect valuable data. These probes are deployed within the path of oncoming tornado. The Scout Team, is the team which scouts out the best roads to be able to intercept a tornado. They also carry and deploy probes. Finally, there is the TIV, which stands for Tornado Inercept Vehicle. Sean Casey is the leader of this. His plan is to make an IMAX film, where he is actually inside of a tornado.

I'm excited. =)

Anywhoo. The other group is lead by Reed Timmer. He is also accompained by Joel Taylor and Chris Chittick. They have a very direct approach to chasing tornadoes. They go right for the target and almost always put themselves in danger. They are the producers of TornadoVideos.Net.

And that is my obsession. Hope you laddiies learned some good stuff.

That is my weather lesson for today.

And oh..the whole mom joke is because my mom asked the salesman at the first delership we went to, my mom asked if they had an Tore-Nod-O Red Bunnnis. lol.

Welcome to New England. Home of Snow, Ice, and Everything In Between.

I've lived in New England all my life. Twenty-two years of winter. Twenty-two years of actual ice, freezing rain, snow, and sleet. And I absolutely hate it.

I also hate the drivers up here. Anytime it rains, snows, sleets, whatever, people become INSANE. Up here I believe there are four kinds of drivers. I'll break it down for you.

  1. The SUV Soccer Moms-(no offense to anyone that is this!) They are insane, to say the least. These are the kind of people who will follow merge into you and try and run you off the road. (Ex. I was driving up the main drag here in town, and almost to the top of the hill, the lanes merge into one. I had this woman try so desperately to pass me out that she kept pushing me closer and closer to the curb till I finall just gunned it. She was supposed to be behind me, I was ahead of her by a good car length till she decided she didn't like me, and tried to run me off the road.) These are also the people who will drive up your butt in the middle of a snow storm like it's nobody business when you're going down a large hill that hasn't been plowed yet. PLEASE SUV OWNERS STAY OFF MY BOOTIE!

  2. The Slowwwwwwww And Goooo (Damnit!) Drivers- These are the drivers that go 20 under the speed limit on the highway because of the rain and sit in either the travel lane or the extreme left lane. The speed limit will be 65 but they're cruising along at about 40. These are also the people that will literally go a mile an hour down a hill with an inch of snow on it. I mean honestly, safety first, but my God, pick it up already!! (Ex-my mother, drives like she doesn't own a mini-van, and like there's a blizzard everytime it snows!) MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!! (just kidding. kinda.)

  3. The I've Lived in New England All My Life But I Still Don't Know How to Drive in These Conditions- These people are the in-betweeners of the two categories above. Either they drive like complete idiots or they drive slower than your 98 yr old grandma. Most likely these people have lived in New England all their life, but still decide that on a snowy day they're gonna be up your butt or on a rainy day they're going to go 40 under the speed limit. These people are notorious for sliding down hills and almost rear-ending you in a freak snowstorm. (Ex. You see them flyyyying in the snow, the next day the rain melts all the snow away and it's a perfectly good warm day out, but they're driving like they're Franklin the Turtle.)

  4. The "Normal" Drivers-These are the people that know how it is to drive in New England. They go the actual speed limit or slightly above at all times. They know when it's raining to slow down by 5 or 10 mph. They know when it's snowing to go fast or slow enough so they don't stuck or spin out and take out an entire line of cars. There's no such thing as Normal, but these people are close enough. (Ex. Myself, I fully understand the speed limit variations and I'm not afraid to drive in New England. Chyeaaaa.)

Welcome to New England. =)

Anyhoodle. Tonite, I'm getting the fams. gift cards.

Mom-gift card to Wally World.

Dad-Strabucks giftcard.

Bro-Best Buy giftcard.

And the grab bag gift card. Just getting a Dunkin Donuts one.

Then next week, something small for the bestie, and baberz limited edition red xbox controller. Somewhere in between, I'm going to pick up some lil things for booboo..and send it to him. I'm excited. It's just gonna be random silly stuff we have in common or talked about.

Damnit, Christmas, I kinda want you to hurry up, so I can finally start to pay off my credit cards. I hate being broke. =(



This is our first Christmas together. Baberz and I of course. I'm so so excited. We've only been dating for 2 1/2 months but mom && dad already invited him over to my aunt's. It's kinda weird.

I'm not completely sure if they're inviting him because they generally like him or because they are just in a habit of inviting. I think it's the first part. Honestly. Hopefully.

I think I'm most excited about chillen with my cousins, baberz and my brother. It's nice that the adults kind of go off and let us chill since we are pretty close in age. And I get to see Dyl, my cousins son. He's growing up sooo fast and I only get to see him like twice a year. It stinks.

Another first for this year, is that BooBoo (my best friend in Florida) and I will be exchanging via mail. I have no frickin idea what to get him except maybe a Matchbox Firetruck. Cause he's almost there...just waiting to see if a spot will open up in PB. I hope so! If not then he will become a paramedic for somethingggg. lol. But yes, I was quite surprised that he wanted to get me something also.

I told him I did expect anything back and then he got a lil upset and said he wanted to get me something.?! What could he possibly get me?? (Haha).

Oh well I'm excited, shopping and sending this weekend! Yay!!!!! =)


Live Your Life.

A part of me cannot believe that it's almost 2009. Where have the years gone? This upcoming year will mark five years, five frickin years since I've been out of high school. Seriously?

(Wasn't I just in 4th period English class like yesterday?)

I remember the summer of 2003, right before the beginning of senior year. My neighborhood friend and unfortunately now, ex best friend and I were just swimming around in the pool. She had a thing for the guy two houses down, he was like 19? (I cannot even begin to remember). But what I do remember is that one day we went to his house, rang the doorbell, and had a lovely little conversation with him. I'm not exactly sure how we got into it, but all I really took from that conversation is something I think about daily, "Live your life now. These years are going to speed by before you can even blink, enjoy them."

Of course, even as profound as I thought I was, I was still 17. That comment sank in slightly, but not enough to really get me thinking. So, I finished up my high school career and went on with life.

I went to a community college in my birthplace, aka the Dirtee Water. I was going for Criminal Justice, to become a cop. One day, I gave up on going to class. Decided it wasn't something I wanted to do. Plus, I enjoyed my social life I had going, I was 18, single and enjoying everything. I didn't have a care in the world.

I worked part-time at Kohl's, cashiering. It was enough money for the time being.

Eventually, I decided I didn't know what the hell I wanted to do. I slowly got into the office environment, doing data entry, filing, level entry secretary work. I decided again I needed to go back to school. So, I took some general classes at the community college in the next town over.

A semester later, I decided I wanted to become a meteorologist. Until I found out how much math was involved. And how I could not even pass Elementary Algebra. (Forget ever getting to Calculus!)

Here I am. Twenty-two years old. Working full-time. Making probably far less than I should be. But, I can't complain because I have Charlie. But then I think to the future. I think about what I am going to do. There's a large number of years between now and the time when I want to have children. I do not want them till I'm 30. That's eight years of what?

Listless jobs, making just enough but at the same time not enough at all. I would love to move out with baberz in the next year or so. Possibly get engaged in that time span to two years. Be married in three, possibly?

(I know I sound crazy but we're already dead set in this, lol. Ya just know.)

My neighbor was right, before ya know it, before you can blink an eye, time just flys by.
I'm twenty-two working a full-time job. Which I'm proud of, but this is not something I want to do forever. And I can't go back to school full-time because of all the bills I have now.

I can only go part-time which will probably take me the next eight years to complete.
But, I need to find something and quick. I need to commit myself to this.

Because I'm not spending the next eight years relying on baberz to make all the money. He's only 19 now. I have three years on him. And I feel like disappointedly, all I can show for it is Charlie.

I love Charlie, but I need to insert myself into the real world. It's time.


The Fam(ily) Life.

I was reading this blog, It's All About Me. She describes how Thanksgiving without her dad was so different. And it made me think about my own fam(ily). And about baberz fam(ily).

My mom will be 51 next Monday. It still baffles me. She doesn't act 51 nor does she look 51. She has some silver in her hair, just at the roots, which makes her look wise, not old. She's skinny (skinnier than me!) and where's clothes that look fab. on her. They aren't too stylish, but she's my mom, so I'm fine with it. She works part-time and still full-time as a mother, even though I'm 22 and my brother is 19 and currently living on campus at one of the state colleges, that's like 35 mins away. My mom's healthy as horse, altho, she can out eat anyone, yes even my boyfrann.

My dad is a respectable 48. He's bald, but has been forever and a day now. He has his goatee, the only hair the man has on his face, which is becoming more and more salt and pepper as the years go on. He works 12 hr shifts mon-fri, and a 6 hr shift on saturday mornings. He rides those fancy Tour De France bikes, no clue what they're called, road cycles maybe? Anywho, he rides those whenever he can, plus he and my mother walk every nite during the week. My dad is not as healthy as my mother, he's had minor issues, and the biggest one was his knee. He has to get surgery on it for some reason.

(I feel like I may need it in the future, craaaack like a tree branch goes my knee sometimes..lol.)

I hadn't really been close to anyone in my fam(ily) till baberz and I started dating. I'm so close to them now, and it makes me so happy. I've gone to a Saturday dinner with em, something I haven't done in forever. I go to my brother's college and hang out with him and baberz. And on Thursday's I hang out with my cousin Heather.

I feel so loved and I feel the love they have for baberz. It makes me so happy that he's already accepted into my fam(ily). My entire fam(ily) even invited baberz to Christmas already. Like, not desserts Christmas, but actual, spend the whole Christmas day with us Christmas. Which makes me soo happy. He's still nervous, but I have such a small fam(ily). There's me, my bro, mom and dad. Heather, my aunt and my uncle. Krissy, Ryan, Jay, Krissy's son Dylan, her boyfrann Steve, my aunt and John. Memere and Pepere. And that's it!

We don't talk to my dad's side because they were extremely rude to us. They would talk about me, my mother, and brother on a constant basis. So, my father gave them a choice. Either, you respect my fam(ily) or I disown you. Obvii, he disowned them.

It's not something I enjoy. I hope to God I will never have to do that to my parents. I wish I could see that side of the fam(ily) but it's better off this way. They were all stuck up, rich, snobby, beautiful Italian woman. (I'm Italian tooo, soo that's where I get my stubborn side.)

Anyway..my biggest fear now that everyone is getting older, is that my parents and brother will be able to see me getting married, and be able to be around for grandchildren. My mom is 51 and her mom is still alive, she's only like 75. I hope my parents will be around long enough to see my children blossom into young adults like my brother and I have. =)

Baberz fam(ily) is similiar to mine. His parents are still married. (yay!) And his fam(ily) doesn't talk to his father's side either. Which obvii I can relate to. It's kind of interesting to find someone else in this world who only has one part of their fam(ily). Or I mean speaks to one part of their fam(ily).

But, baberz has had it alot harder. I'm very grateful for my parents..and very grateful that they both can provide alot for me and my brother.

Now, baberz fam(ily) isn't dead beat or crazy or anything. They're very normal. They just have gone thru some hard times. And now he lives up near me. Which I'm thankful for everyday.

He's amazing. And I love him with all my heart. And I cannot wait till we become a fam(ily). Someday. <333

The First Snowfall.

So, this past weekend, we had our first official snowfall. It was really nothing, just about 2 inches fell all over the state. (I could deal with that kind of snow.)

I wish I had taken a picture, I probably will later on my lunch break. The picture above is from Essex, CT.

I let Charlie (my volkswagen) enjoy his first snowfall. He didn't slide at all, even though I tried really hard to make him. Only when I had my traction control off did he slide and it was really only around one corner. I slid around a niceee corner (the one!) in my neighborhood and did a snow burnout while sliding. I loved it so much, I did it 3x till baberz told me I should stop in case someone decided to call the cops on us.

(I'm such a little kid/guy sometimes.)


Anywho, weekend recaparoo:

-Omg what did I do Friday? Honestly, let me think. I went to baberz after work. We went to get a movie, ended up getting Run Fat Boy Run. Haven't watched it yet, we decided to play some XBox. I ended up deleting the Ex because we never play anymore. And honestly, that was about it.

-Saturday I got up, got ready, then went and visited baberz at work. Then after that, I went with the bestie and Jesse to the mall. We kinda just looked around for stuff, then decided to leave. As we in the horrendous traffic, Jesse decided he wanted to start dancing, and the bestie joined in. Me, the driver, just sat there laughing hysterically. Then, all of a sudden., an SUV full of boys pulled up and asked for a cig. SO Jesse gave em one. I drove on thinking nothing of it...

till the SUV came up again, and one of the guys was talking to us. He asked us what we were doing and where we were from..told em we don't know and from B-town. We eventually got to the highway and the SUV was following us onto the highway but got off the first exit for CCSU.

The bestie was a little upset she wasn't more outgoing, because she def. thought the driver was cute, but she's so shy!!!

After that I went home, it was me && baberz time (;D)which was very nice indeed. (haha!) After that, we went to some stores as usual, just looked around, then went back to my house and just chilled, watched the snow come down. We ended up getting outta the car and kissing in the snow. (we are such dorks!) We both never kissed in the snow before and it was def. very romantic. =)

Unfortunately baberz had to leave not to long after that because he didn't know how the roads from my house to his would be, since he hasn't lived here a winter yet.

-Yesterday, I pretty much just chilled at home. Around 2, I asked the Ex if he wanted to get some coffee with me, so we met at Dunkin Donuts. We just chilled and talked in the car, about a lot of things and I even got him to laugh, which made me feel alot better. (I'll explain all after the weekend recap) After that, I went and surprised baberz at work, and got him his new favorite coffee, an iced regular with two shots of mocha. (very good). He didn't see me until he actually got outta work. (If I drive by, alot of times he can see me). He was so surprised, it was cute.
We ended up going to Wally World, just looking around, then home to play some XBox and watch tv. Around 9, we went and got some gas and some dinner, then went back to his home to watch the season finale of STORMCHASERS!!!!!!!!!!! It was def. an awesome ending, all the researchers, pretty much got what they wanted. (yay!)

So, that was pretty much my weekend.

Now, the story about the Ex. So, I forgot that the cardinal rule in Xbox is that you do not delete one of your good xbox friends no matter what, or you'll be questioned, they'll be upset.

So, the Ex texted me and asked, "when and why did you delete me?" I told him, last nite (this convo happened sat. morning) because we don't play anymore. He said, "Well, you aren't really on anymore." (true.) So, we talked and talked...and he ended up telling me that he was the hospital this past week because he had not been eating since I officially stopped talking to him, like 1 1/2 wks ago. He said he was really sick and weak, so he went to the hospital and they gave him some nutrition stuff..

I guess he's ok now. But I was not happy. I was upset he didn't call me and let me know. I would have been down there in a heartbeat, cause he's my friend and of course I care! I was upset he wasn't eating because of me...and his feelings towards me. He said he still really can't eat because his depression takes over his hungry feeling. And I just wanna punch him..I want him to be happy. I want him to feel loved..his friends aren't that great, they don't care. They're all in their happy lil..I love the other person so much thing. He has to call them...they never call him.

I'm just afraid something mite happen to him..and then that's it. I know this may seem harsh, but I honestly do not regret my decision, I wasn't happy, it had to end. He wasn't a bad boyfriend, he just was someone that I couldn't be with forever. He needs to find his happiness now. I hope he does.


I Love This Song!

So, I'm completely obessed with the new Nickelback song, "Gotta Be Somebody."

Here are the lyrics:
This time I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life
The one we all dream of
But dreams just aren't enough
So I´ll be waiting for the real thing.
I'll know it by the feeling.
The moment when we´re meeting
Will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen
So I`ll be holdin’ my breath
Right up to the end
Until that moment when I find the one that I'll spend forever with

`Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There`s gotta be somebody for me like that.
`Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Somebody else that feels the same somewhere.
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.

Tonight out on the street out in the moonlight
And damn it this feels too right
It´s just like Déjà Vu
Me standin’ here with you
So I´ll be holdin`my breath
Could this be the end?
Is it that moment when I find the one that I'll spend forever with?

‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There´s gotta be somebody for me like that.
`Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.

You can´t give up!
When you're Lookin´ for a diamond in the rough
Because you never know when it shows up
Make sure you´re holdin` on
‘Cause it could be the one, the one you´re waiting on

‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There's gotta be somebody for me Ohhhhhh.
Nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There `s gotta be somebody for me out there.
Nobody wants to be the last one there
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There's gotta be somebody for me out there.

And this song wouldn't be complete without the accompanying youtube vid.

Gotta Be Somebody



So, already today is sucking. I got to work 20 mins late because my stupid self fell back asleep and didn't wake up till 830, which is when I'm supposed to be at work!!!! So, I had to call and make up some elaborate story about how there was an accident in front of me and I couldn't move because they blocked the road. (I know, I'm pathetic.)

Then, about 20 mins ago my boss just came in here and told me, I was gonna be doing the one thing I dreaded wanting to do today or ever for that matter, and that is moving all the 2005 files into boxes and moving the 2007 files over here. (AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!)

But, hey it's work, so I have to suck it up and do it. Although I'm not sure when I'm supposed to do it.

Ok, right after I typed the above sentence my boss came in..and we did almost all the 2005's. (there wasn't enuff boxes). We need A-OW. Only 3 more drawers then we have to move all the 2007's. Not too bad. Only took what, 20 mins to do almost all the 05's?

Anyway, now for some opinions!!! I have been a faithful fan of the Hills since the start of the show, and I'm actually really excited for Whitney Port's spinoff, the City which is set to premiere in January. I think I may even prefer it over the Hills. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge (I am obviously not a fan of Speidi) but I think the drama factor on the City is going to be alot lower than on the Hills. And I'm not really a fan of drama anymore.
But, my question is, will any of you lovely ladies be watching the City? If you haven't seen the trailer, which I can't locate at the moment, bascially Whitney moves to New York City, to work for the Diane Von Furstenburg, she meets new and old friends alike, and some really cute boys!

Stay tuned....


Jimmy Buffett, a Gecko, && a Conch

"There are no words to the song of the ocean, but the message is and always has been simple: not to forget where we came from. The melody is locked in the water that composes much of what we are. Most humans tend to ignore the song, but not all. But be warned: it is a wandering song carried by the winds and the currents. It can turn you into a piece of driftwood that washes up on shore after shore, but one day, when you find the place that is meant to be, you will take root."

Jimmy Buffett is one of my favorite musicians/authors. My favorite book at the moment is "A Salty Piece Of Land". It's an amazing story of Tully Mars, who decides that he is unhappy with being a ranch hand at a farm tucked deeply in the Midwest. He gets on his horse and rides, to the southern most part of the country, meeting people along the way, and collecting stories as he goes. He eventually ends up in Cayo Loco and begins to rebuild a lighthouse, the proud piece of that land.

Also, in the book, Buffett talks about a gecko and a conch shell. Tully is given a necklace in the shape of a gecko and a conch shell by a good friend of his before he leaves the barren Midwest.

The gecko is his travelling partner and keeps him from feeling alone. The conch is representative of the ocean and Tully's goal to reach it.

(I'm avid on getting a tattoo of the gecko with a conch in its mouth)

Buffett is an amazing writer and even if you don't like his music, you at least have to get lost in his soulful way of looking at life. Let things go, learn to relax, and listen to the sound of the ocean.

I have my dad to thank for that. My dad is an avid Buffett fan, who has every cd, book, bumper sticker, shirt known to man. As I've grown I've taken alot from Buffett's laid back tone. His music is silly, his books teach you that life isn't always hard, and sometimes you just have to embrace life for what it is. Look out unto the sea of your life.


Wow, Thursday Already?!

This week has gone by soo frickin fast, seriously! I feel like just yesterday is was Monday.

Anyway, I have nothing really impressive to talk about. Um. Hm.

Well, last night I actually got to talk to my bestest friend Fred. He's been in a bum kinda way, because of the situation with his potential hire at the fire house. He's right on the bubble as they say. Apparently, there is six positions for this "class" and that they are all pretty much filled, because two brothers have military experience, one kid is a godson of someone high up, the fire inspector wants shift work again..blah blah. The poor kid. He has worked his butt off for this.

(I couldn't be prouder. =D)

But, bascially, it's just a matter of him waiting and hoping that he will be the one to fill the spot that will open after someone else from shift work becomes the new fire inspector. I'm crossing my fingers like crazy.

Anyway, I'm very excited because know I kinda get the weekends with baberz. He only has to work till 4 on Saturday and 330 on Sunday. (yay!) I mean right now, they're kinda cutting hours because it's winter...which kinda doesn't make sense to me, because I'm sorry I feel like I go to the parts store more in the winter than the summer because you need salt, sholves, winter brushes (that wont scratch my paint!), etc. But at the same time, I understand that not a lot of people go out or stay out late in the winter.

God, I despise you winter. You and your freezing coold, dark, snowy nights. I would love to be in the warmer, dark nights of Florida. Because no matter what, to me, it will still feel like summer. It's just something about down there, maybe the way the sun sets.

Damn, there I go again on my rants bout Florida.

Well, thats all for today. I really got nothing.



23. That's It.

Holy cow, there's only 23 days left till Christmas. And I still have tons of presents to buy.

(Ok so not tons, but enough)

I still have to buy my dad a giftcard for Starbucks, my mom a giftcard for oh I forgot, my brother a giftcard for Best Buy and baberz his limited edition red Xbox360 controller. I'm going to have to break it down in the next 3 weeks. Oh, and that grab bag..can't forget about that.

So, last night, baberz, myself, the bestie and her boyfrann or whatever all met up to eat some Arby's and play some laser tag. I'll admit I wasn't crazy about meeting the guy. I mean, like I've said in the past, I'm sorry but I just don't understand why you would continually meet guys on an online video game and talking to em and then finally meeting them only to realize they weren't all that they were cracked up to be, plus it's extrememly dangerous!!

So, baberz and I met him and he's kinda strange. But, not like retarded funny strange like me and baberz are, no, just strange. He kept hitting on baberz in a "joking manner" but somehow I'm not really sure if he was or not. I mean, he was a respectable, cool guy, but I don't think the bestie is really into him all that much. I feel like she's totally turned off by his odd behavior. But, I suppose it was nice to give it a go.

(Now if she could only meet someone in the area!)

We played some laser tag, there was only six of us, the four of us and these two other guys and I got my butt whooped. I came in last place, but that was ok. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that baberz came in first, no surprise there! (But for the record I'm better at Call of Duty) Nah, he used to be on a paintball team, so he has that advantage, it was cute watching him play. And he kinda looked funny in the black light, because his teeth and earrings glowed. But, that was a good time had by all.

After that we went back to his house and just chilled and watched The Real Housewives Of Orange County, it was like a marathon leading up to the start of the new season. And somehow baberz found it interesting. Then, of course the night wouldn't be complete without the usual hour long of Family Guy. That is when I got in bed with baberz (his mom doesn't like us snugglin in bed anymore and its because its awkward for her, we're good, promise!) and fell asleep.

I was awake for a while, but then all of a sudden, I turned to face him and woke up around 12, then said to myself, 15 more mins and then I'll go home, which turned into an hour more. The next I knew I got right up because it was 100am..in the process scaring the crap outta baberz.

The Pros/Cons to Napping At Someone's House

  1. It's nice to cuddle with someone and very warm. Plus, it helps that baberz sleeps just like me, no snoring, or really cuddling, just to yourself.
  2. Napping isn't a bad thing. I absolutely love it. <33
  3. Waking up to that person, is surprising but nice. Even if you do scare them.

  1. I wake up extremely grumpy. It's just my personality. (sorry)
  2. I hate having to drive home all groggy. I just wanna be in a nice warm bed.
  3. I hate being cold. Especially last night I was all warm and loved and whatnot, then had to go out and drive home in the 26 degree weather, 15 mins. to my warm bed.

(I'd totally do it again though...baberz is a great sleeping partner!)

Plus, he told me, he's never just passed out like that before with someone. (Implying it's good by the way! lol) I'm glad to be that comforting to allow him to sleep. (= Overall, except for one particular convo. we had about him and his exs and ya know stuff, it was a usual very happy night. (=

I LOVE YOU! <333



So, I pretty much failed on trying to insert a hyperlink in that last paragraph. I was trying to say that I was reading Clever Girl Goes Blog's blog and it inspired me to think about the people I know in the military.

(Wow, I feel stupid that I could not figure that out.) (Yay me for doing it!)

I absolutely love the self assured post that Simply Me wrote today. It was about how she's finding out alot about herself. I'm slowly drifting into the self awareness period myself. Where you take more time to reflect on things, and decisions aren't made by your heart but by your head.

I especially enjoyed her blurb on drinking. I find being only 22, that many of the girls out there, feel a need to still drink like crazy. I, myself, have never been into that. I drink occasionally here and there, may have gotten drunk 6-7 times in the past almost 2 yrs that I've been legal. But, for some, they enjoy that.

(I'm in no way saying that getting drunk and partying is bad, within reason of course).

I just enjoy being with my friends, I don't enjoy the way alchohol makes me feel. I don't like what it does to some people.

(To each their own I guess.)

Tonite, Baberz, myself, Cheryl and this guy Mike she's kinda seeing are supposed to go play Laser Tag, which quite frankly, I'm not really up for. I mean don't get me wrong, I love my best friend, but eh..I just don't wanna play. I feel like crap yet again. I don't know what's wrong with me!

(Am I dying?)

My God, is it annoying. Maybe it's this weather. I don't know.

Oh Florida, 2 yrs is soo far away to be with you.

You Are My Life Now.

I was thinking today after reading
about how much I actually miss J alot. J is one of my other good friends from Florida. He's a crazy little redneck that occasionally gets on my nerves. But, I do miss him. He's currently in the United States Navy, and is in bootcamp in Illinois. I'm so proud of him, just like I'm proud of my cousin for being in the Army, and B for being in the Marines, and Fred for being a firefighter/paramedic. I'm soo proud of the 4 of em, and I'm also really proud of and fear slighty for Bri and Matt, who have just left for Iraq about a week apart. (my exs btw).

Good luck boys.

Anywho, it's about 10:00am on this fine Tuesday. It's a nice sunny, but kinda cold Tuesday. (which is nothing new being from New England in Dec.) I absolutely loathe the winter. I hate being cold, it doesn't matter how many layers I put on. I'm still freezing. At least in the summer, if I get to hott I can just walk into an air-conditioned building. It takes me forever to get warm in the winter.

I cannot concentrate today for the love of God. (I hate my ADHD kinda days). Not to mention, I'm slighty hungry.

Anywho..I kinda faded away from this and have no clue what I was writing, so I'm just gonna get back to work now. =)


Silly Stuff.

I stole this from http://www.average20something.com/.
Check out her blog yo. =))

It's All In A Name

1. Witness Protection Name (mother's & father's middle names)
Monique Edward

2. Nascar Name (first name of your mother's dad & father's dad)
Hector Edward

3. Star Wars Name (the first 2 letters of your last name & first 4 letters of your first name)

4. Detective Name (favourite colour & favourite animal)
Blue Llama

5. Soap Opera Name (middle name & city where you live)
Lynn Bristol

6. Superhero Name (2nd favourite colour & favourite alcoholic drink, optionally add "The" to the beginning)
The Pink Cap'n Coke

7. Fly Name (first 2 letters of first name & last 2 letters of your last name)

8. Gangsta Name (favourite ice cream flavour & favourite cookie)
Birthday Cake Chocolate Chip

9. Rock Star Name (current pet's name & current street name)
Lucy Cameron

10. Porn Name (first pet's name & street you grew up on)
Princess Meriden.


So, first question how was everyone's weekend? I've read many of the blogs I have favorited and it seems everyone had a fantabolous weekend. It's Monday again and honestly I am not sure what to do. I'm in super lazy mode. I have a folder sitting right in front of me that can go out, but I'm in blogging mode. I've just been reading for the last hour which is what I love doing. Anywho, giant recap. I know I posted some stuff in the previous blog and it's probably gonna be repeated in this one..but its my usual weekend recap, just extra longggg.

Wednesday, I got out at 2pm which was freaking awesome. I had just come back to lunch around 1 and was talking to baberz on AIM, and I heard Patti say to my boss, "Nick is on line one." Which is code for: he's gonna let us go home early!! Which he did. At that exact moment he did. And so about 15 mins I was out the door and on my way to baberz. We just went out and ate some lunch...I don't even honestly remember what else we did, except we went to see Twilight!!!!!!!!!! It was sooo amazing, I just could not believe it. Baberz actually enjoyed it quite a bit himself too, which honestly surprised me. Then, we just went back to his house and chilled.

I got up around 9 Thanksgiving morning. I picked up baberz and took him to the annual cross-town rivalry football game. Bristol Central (my old h.s.) v. Bristol Eastern. We went just about when half-time started, so we watched the two marching bands perform. (Yup I was in marching band, haha). I mean I suppose this is a biased opinion since I believe my school was alot better. Apparently Mr. A put a lil New Britski in the routine. (New Britain has a sick marching band for being an inner city school, they're very southern style). After that, I took baberz home because he had to go to his sister's for Thanksgiving. So, I went home, watched some cartoons and pretty much napped till my memere and pepere came over. Got up, enjoyed some fooooddd and then went and played some Guitar Hero with my brother.

Around 6, baberz finally came over and we had dessert. He met my memere and pepere and they loved him. My pepere at one point in time actually pulled me aside and told me how polite he thought baberz was. (awwww).

After that, baberz and I went to the bestie's house. We just chilled out and drank a little. (I was driving so I had one tiny drink!) And baberz ended up getting really drunk. Which was kinda funny. Till he realized as I was driving around looking for food that he didn't like the decision he had made. So, he got all self-pity on me..and it irked the crap outtta me. (sorry baberz!) I ended up driving him home, cause he was still slighty intoxicated. He left his car at mi casa and I went home and to bed.

Friday, I woke up at 530am instead of 4am. I'm not sure why, either my alarm didn't work or I hit the button and didn't wake up, but all I know is that my phone went off and confused me a bit. I couldn't really figure out why someone was calling me that early..till I realized it was Black Friday. So, I hopped outta bed, got dressed, went to the besties, picked up her cousin and started our adventure. We went to D&D first of course for some coffee and bagels. (mmmm)

Then we were off to Kohl's, Wal-mart, Target, Ac-Moore, and L.L. Bean. Then, went back to her house and just chilled, watched some tv and then I went to baberz.

Saturday I got up at 730. The rents, my bro, baberz and I were all going out to breakfast. Which is of historic porportions. No boyfrann of mine has ever gone out with my family to breakfast before. And my dad paid for him. (lol). We had a lovely little breakfast, just talked and such, then left.

Baberz and I went to the mall because I thought he wanted to look at something for his rents. But, instead somehow, I lead myself into Macy's because I wanted to take the elevator which is extremely weird cause I rarely ever do. When we got to the bottom floor, baberz took me over to look at some rings. I ended up picking out a beautiful emerald one. (pic on previous post!) Then, I had to bring him back to my house to get his car so he could go to work.

After that, I went out with the bestie for the day. We went to L.L. Bean again because she wanted the fleece lined hoodie. We pretty much just shopped around for a while, visited baberz at work,etc. After we went shopping, we went back to her house and waited for baberz. We just hung out making necklaces and bracelets outta the beads we had gotten. Then, I went home and to sleep, I was getting up early again.

Yesterday, I woke at 830 and went with the bestie to make cookies wit her aunts. It was pretty fun. We made lil Italian cookies, that we frosted and put sprinkles on. We did that till about 3 and then went home and just watched some tv. It was freezing outside, not to mention it was rainy and such out. Eventually baberz came over, because his boss let him out earlier. He was supposed to work 900-630, but his knees and back have been killing him, from working such long shifts consectutively.

So, the three of us chilled again for a little while. Then baberz and I went and looked at stuff at Kohl's then got some ice cream and Friendly's, and of course...watched Storm Chasers!!!!!

I'm so sad, next Sunday is the last Storm Chasers episode of the season. I freakin am obsessed with that show..so is baberz. (lol).

Well, that was pretty much the holiday weekend..nothing to exciting. Now I'm pooped.