We Finally Got A Place!

That odd shaped building right there...yup that's where we are staying for h20 in Ocean City, MD. I'm overly stoked. Swan and I were discussing what the hell we were gonna do, when I hopped onto the Coldwell Bankers website and looked at all the possible condos to rent.

About 3 yrs ago they started having mini weeks, so we are booked from Fri-Mon. =) The place has two bedrooms and two baths. We are staying in condo 15 something because they usually rent out certain rooms at some of the condos. In the pics, the  furniture looks super outdated, but eh, we just need a place to sleep and eat and chill in between running around the strip.

It's gonna be Swan and his gf EM, Pa Lova and Lil B, and hopefully LB and I. But who knows if LB's boss will end up letting him take 3 days off. Unfortunately we can't leave till after I get outta work because one of my co-workers has vacay that week and on Fridays another co-worker doesn't work.

Which stinks, but they just put our keys in a lock box and then we can pick em up whenever. I'm hoping LB does come, but I kinda feel like he won't and that super bums me out. He already has to work this Sunday even though it's supposed to be his day off. =(

Maggie, who works at LB's friends store (the one he first worked at) is in Italy for 3 weeks with her family, so Chris would have worked all day, everyday, so as a favor, Ivonna whos co manager with LB is gonna cover for him on Sunday which means, ypu, LB works at his store. 11-7.

Some days I feel like I wanna curl up in a tiny ball and cry because of his work schuedule. I mean he gets paid slightly over minumim wage and works his ass off like no other. I mean yea I have my besties to chill with it, but it's not the same. Sigh. And somehow I feel like his schedule will never get better.

And then I'm gonna get a second job come October and probably go to school in January. So, pretty much seeing my bf after October is non-existent. I hate money and the economy. It sucks like no other. =(

But, I'm still super stoked for our trip to h20 and our condo! =)


Please Welcome My Best Friend! =)

My best friend signed up for blogger a while ago to retell her dreams that she had the night before because she was curious to what they mean. But, now she wants to come out from her command post and say hello to the world.

So, please without further a-do, meet CM over at My Universe. In her first post out in the world, she discusses love. And honestly, I agreee. Sometimes, I myself wonder. So check her out! Add her, comment, you know the drill. ;)

I digress.

Let's just say certain sentences are triggers, and sometimes it's best to try and distance yourself from them. The sentences that is.

I'm sure you all know what I'm getting into, but for the time being, I just need to push it away..but it's still got me thinking against my will. Maybe he's right? Or maybe I just want him to be.


I know I said I would tell you all about some things that may or may not happened. But, eh they are squared away. I was originally annoyed that BP couldn't even call me to tell me he wasn't coming to the g2g, but apparently he tried to call me twice. Yay BP for sticking to your word. I'm proud of our friendship. =)

I really can't wait to go shopping tonite. =) Rockin out at Forever 21. =)

Cause This Can't Be Ignored!

So, I know most of you have probably come across the I could, I would, I should, etc post most bloggers are doing. I tried to ignore it, I really really did. But, it just looks so damn fun! So, I give credit to It's Unbeweavable! and LiLu because these super ladies did it too!

I digress. Here we go!

I can't....

touch my toes. seriously, i've never been able too.

believe i left the love of my life for someone 2 yrs younger me and who apparently lives his life in the emo state 24/7.

do math well at all. =( really, i fail at geometry like no other.

eat peanut butter straight up but love peanut butter coated in chocolate. like reeses peanut butter cups.

eat nuts unless they are surrounded by chocolate. such as peanut m&ms.

I can..

beat most boys in video games.

give good advice about life when I'm really in the zone.

be a little too forgiving, and sometimes I get stepped on.

eat a whole package of reeses peanut butter cups in one sitting, and I'm talking the 8-pack.

read Jimmy Buffett books over and over and over.

I won't...

give up on me anymore. it's time I start to live for myself and push myself in everything I do.

ever let drama in my life like I did in high school.

ever get too down and out. I love going with the flow.

ever not say I love you before I leave my love everyday.

ever take anyone in my life for granted. my parents are amazing and do so much for me. my friends are always there when i need a shoulder to cry on and my bf is always supportive of everything i do even if he doesn't always agree.
I Will..

treasure everyone in my life like no other.

continue to pwn boys in call of duty.

do something with my life by the end of this year. phlembotomy classes here i come!

love with all of my heart.

live everyday as though it may be my last.

go to Florida early next year.

let everything out when I need to on here, no matter what I say or feel because one day I'll look back on this and smile, laugh and remember the memories.

try and write my bf a cute lil love note every week before I leave his house while he's asleep.

continue to kiss my boys goodnite, aka LB and his pup because I can't leave without kisses!

I Shouldn't..

ever let anyone walk all over me again.

let my heart wander because sometimes it gets me in trouble and usually makes me very confused.

let the high school drama get to me, I'm better than that!

care about BP as other than an acquantince, but I care about him as though he was my BFF.

keep spending money the way I do. Willpower!

I Should..

get that second job asap so I can go to school asap.

be more concerned about my future and less concerned about what I'm doing every night.

tell certain people how I feel esp. if I feel I'm being mistreated.

come out of my shell to new people more often.

visit my blogger friends because some of them are so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

tell my parents how much I appreciate everything they have ever done for me in my life because I'm afraid of them getting older.

be more financially responsible because the future is coming sooner than expected.

go to block island this summer, stand on a mountain and proclaim my love for life and everything in it.

give charlie more baths.

go to a country concert because even though its not my favorite genre, the words can be amazing.

write more about life and my experiences and how beautiful each day is, instead of recapping my semi exciting existence.

go to the doctors..both the gyno and the regular one.

stop caring about how people view me because no matter what I'm me.

buy a new shirt or pair of jeans or shoes once a mnth.

go to the gym as much as I can because I want to be healthy.

eat better.

probably stop writing, because I have alot of I shoulds, and I probably should do them all instead of just pretending I will.

Things I Really Freakin Want!

It's Thursday once again, which means it's time for Things I Want Thursday brought to you by the lovely Sass at Are You Sassified?

(also there will be a third post of me babbling about stuff that happened and well, stuff that didn't.)

1) I really really want it to be the end of Septemeber, so I can go to h20. (see as promised, i will write it every week.) I'm stoked beyond belief!

2) I really really want it to stop being so humid. I don't mind the heat, but when I walk out of the store and I feel like I'm going to pass out walking 3 steps to the car, it's kinda redic.

3) I really really want to be able to find something super cute when I go shopping tonite. Wait, yes I am going shopping. =)

4) I really really want to go swimming this weekend. But sometimes LB can be stubborn. Sigh.

5) I really really want to put LB's dog in a little life jacket. He'd be so cute, but he hates getting wet. Some kind of dog he is!

6) I really really want to go back to school. Yesterday, LB and I discussed how the best part of going back to school is buying school supplies.

7) I really really want to find a second job. But, I've been lazy. I'm enjoying my Wednesdays off and I don't want a job till after the vw show season is over. (yes i am a tool!)

8) I really really want the drama at gtgs to stop. Pa Lover is as fake as fake can be. I patiently listen to what she's fuming about, then she just ditches me for J.Dubs. Um, ok cool.

And that folks is what I really want today! Join in on the fun each and every Thursday!

Bloggggie Award!!

Thanks to my blogger best friend Sheri over at Sheri's World for this fabulous award! Of course she's even more fab. then I. =) And she keeps me in the loop about True Blood because I don't have HBO. =(

Anyways, the rules are: name 5 obsessions you have and share it with 5 fabulous bloggers. Sooo, here we go.

1) Volkswagens.
As you all know (or should, hehehe) I have a huge obsession with them. They are my life. Get togethers, car shows, and friends that are like family. (ps-no thats not charlie. i wish.)

2) Xbox 360

I absolutely love Xbox 360. I play Call of Duty games like they are my life and soul. I love being a gamerchick. And plus my avatar is sexxxi. (lol)

3) 1969 Chevelle SS

This car will be mine one day. In a deep candy apple red with black double racing strips. Of course, I'll probably just admire from a far, because honestly, I'm scared to have that much torque and power underneath my foot.

4) The Beach
Any beach, anytime, anywhere. I love digging my feet into the sand and watching the waves break. I'm totally at peace everytime I'm at the beach. =)

5) James Dean

I have this poster in my room. He's sexy beyond belief, smart and dressed fabulously! For a whole summer I tried to dress like him, we are talking popped collar, cig in mouth. Um..yea, no more of that for me please.

Now to tag 5 lovely bloggers. =)

1) Elizabeth Marie @ It's Unbeweavable.

2) Lola Lakely @ Lola Lakely.

3) SJ & Kat @ Funny Gals.

4) Struck by Serendipity.

5) Desert Rat @ Runaway Train.


I Know I Know!

As you can see I changed my layout once again. But you know what. I really effin love it. It's perfect. So smack if I try to change it again.

The Little Things.

I stood there watching the sun set. My bare feet sunk into the warm smooth sand as I took a seat to watch one of nature's more unforgettable but also most forgotten moments in a day. As the sun reached the horizon, I looked out into my version of paradise.

I watched the waves crash, they were quiet and low, just the perfect height and depth. I watched the people. Some were alone, most were with someone. At that moment, I did not mind being alone. I was at peace with myself for those couple of minutes. I thought about life, thought about love, thought about everything and anything and smiled because I pushed it all out of my head a as quickly as it had come in and just sat.

I sat and felt the warm breeze against my face, I sat and took the silly pictures of flip flops sitting in the sand, looking as though they were discarded for the pure enjoyment of feeling the sand, sun and grass beneath your feet.

An emotion like no other took over while I sat there. I cried softly because I never wanted to leave. I was content here. This could be my home, I thought to myself. I didn't want to leave my best friends, one from that town and the other from PA. I felt like a world traveler at that moment, thinking back to earlier in the day when I had spent time with them. I thought back to the drive to the grocery store to meet up with my friend who had gotten sick.

I thought back to the fact that I found it hilarious that all the parking spot had those bumpers so you didn't pull to far forward. I thought about the Starbucks in that plaza, I thought about the Frapaccino that Sondra and I had shared back in February of last year and how I had met BP there. I thought about how everything eventually comes together, through people, places and events.

As I sat there on that beach, staring off at the vast ocean, I smiled, this is what life is all about. The little things. And as I got up and made my way back to our room, I smiled at my friend who was asleep, laughing at how tired she was. It wasn't a perfect vacation.

But imperfections are what makes the little things possible.


Makeover please

So as  you all know, I am not balla. With that said, I wish I had a bit more money at least. I really rarely do anything to beautify myself and suddenly I have the urge to make myself over. =)

So without further a do, here is my list of things I want to do:

1) Get my eyebrows waxed. Seriously, its been foreeeeverr. I come from an Italian/French family which means sadly my eyebrows grow like a fucken bush. =(

2) New jeans. I want to find the perfect jeans. Like ones that are just tight enough so after you wear them for a couple hours they don't get all loose and sloppy. Nothing worse than loose and sloppy jeans!

3) I want a cute new shirt. Like something that's me but is still classy and more sophiscated. Seriously..I <3 Forever 21 and I neeed to shop there SOON!

4) New hair. I really want sidebangs. Badly. And my hair needs to be trimmed and relayered. And while I'm at it, I'd love some highlights or something to give it more Ooommmmph.

5) Shoes. I want super cute heels. Like seriously...badly. Oh so badly.

6) Makeup. I need new foundation and I want to actually spend time applying eye shadow and blush and lipgloss and whatever else.

I know random post, but the more I look at girls' I used to go to high school with, the more I get jealous. Everyone has such cute outfits/hair..and seriously it's time I dressed more classy and sexxxy. And its time I actually did my hair in a nice way. =) I want me to still be me, a chick who loves vws and xbox, but who actually looks sexxxy. =)


Weird Shiz #5

So to end [hopefully] this very odd week I've had, I present you with #5. I have possible iritis. What is irits? Well this handy dandy cute little paper tells me that it is the inflammation of the iris. Thank you left eye. The pain came on suddenly last night and I honestly thought that it was just my eyes being tired because I do work on the computer all day.

I went to bed with the good intention that I would feel better in the morning, but that was not the case. The pain became a little more annoying so I went to the walk-in down the street from work and dragged LB with me. A series of tests later and a deep look into my eyes revealed that I have a tiny bit of it in my right eye and a good amount in my left.

I have to take eye drops 4x a day which dilates my pupil and apparently will also cause me to have blurred vision from a few hours up to a week. Oh joy. Which means, I can't do my most favorite thing of all, driving. I have to wear my sunglasses often tooo.

Geeez, so thank you eye for being an asshole. I throughly appreciate the pain and the fact that for the next week I'll probably remain semi blinded. =(


Weird Shit #4.

So, its happened, the 4th weird thing. What is it do you ask? Well, BPs talking to me. We Facebook chatted for about an hr before lunch && low and behold now hes back on my AIM buddy list too.

We chatted about the past briefly. We both apologized for everything that did happen between us. We are at peace and I'm pretty sure that I'm happy with our friendship. =) I did miss that aspect immensely and dating totally messed that up hardxcore.

So, heres to our friendship. This time, I think it's gonna be alright. I'm slightly confused still but content.

Weird Things Keep Happening && Thing I Really Freakin Want!

Since Saturday odd things have been happening!!? First in Dirtee Jerzee, the whole talking to my ex best friend and BP thing. Then come Monday, BP adds me on Facebook. Tuesday, this dub kid from Jerzee claims he knows me and that if I just take a little more time to look at his Myspace I would figure it out. (I still haven't!) Yesterday I visit LB at lunch and his co-worker Maggie tells Swan and I that she saw us at Waterfest.

So, Thursday I ask you this?! What weirdness do you have in store for me?! Or are you going to play with me because I'm expecting something weird to happen?! Which really Thursday, you best not do.

I digress.

As you all know, its Thursday, so that means it's Things I Want Thursday brought to you by the lovely Sass!  You know you wanna head over to her blog. ;)

1) I really really want it to be time to go to H20. Yes, I will repeat this every week. ((hahah))

2) I really really want for it to STOP RAINING. Literally the nicest weekend I've had all summer was in Jersey.

3) I really really want this week to be over. I'm totally prepared to sleep a million hours this weekend because, yes I'm still recovering from the amazing weekend I just had. Believe it or not, I was sober the whole weekend too, but yet I don't feel like I was. Hmmmm.

4) I really really want weird shit to stop happening to me. Listen, I'm all down for weird good shit, but I'm afraid weird bad shit may come about. And I do not want that to happen.

5) I really really want to go to a waterpark. I saw a sign for one in New Hampshire. I think I may need to go before the summers over.

6) I really really want my blueberry iced coffee now. Like whoa!

7) I really really want to stop 2nd guessing how I think people perceive me. It really makes me feel like poo sometimes. =/

And that's what I want! Stay classy.


Rain Rain Go Away!

                                        [[Em && I trying to take a pic with Swan's other camera]]

Yup, its raining yet again. Really this El Nino or La Nina or whoever Nino/Nina thing needs to go away! It's just pushing the good ol moisture up here in a repetative cycle that makes me wanna lob children at it. Of course I'm joking, I would never lob children at an incoming storm, no I'd lob llamas.

I digress.

I feel like stright up poo again today. =( I felt like poo yesterday. Clearly, weekend road trips and excessive driving kick my butt like no other. Maybe, it's a sign I should't clench my steering wheel like a crazy woman on the Tappanazee because I'm actually making fun of chick who was chewing hers.

Since, I've been on a strange routine this weekend, it just keeps stranger. Like, we are talking, BP and I are friends on Facebook. It all happened like this:

I was on Facebook reading all the statuses of my dub homies, when I came across a status with lots of people liking it. So, I clicked on it to see who liked it, when I noticed that BP unblocked me or whatever he did, because his profile was now clickable and I could see his pic. So, I clicked on it and sent him a friend request because well, why not? I didn't expect him to accept it, but sure enough, two hours later, he was my friend on Facebook.

Now, I all know what you're thinking. Nickie, do you not remember how he called the cops on you? Why yes, yes I do. But, ya know what. We talk at car shows now. I think we are over the whole let's hate each other thing because it's pointless because we were such good friends to begin with and yea I had the same recurring memory about us meeting at this exact Chili's over the weekend too.

And ok, its strange to see that he still has in the activites section that he enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Nickie. And a bunch of quotes I said...because, well why didn't you delete it? Hmmmm? Oh well. Profile maintence is not that big of a deal.

Anyways, at the current moment I would enjoy curling up in a big ball on my bed under my blankets watchin daytime television. But that's not gonna happen today, so onward with work. I know, I don't have a lot to say. Bad me.  ((Lol))


Weekend Recap, Waterfest 15 Edition

It's Monday..again. Ugh x100000. I'm so tired from the weekend but it was a pretty sweet weekend! =)
So, let me get to this special edition of the weekend recap!

- got outta work.
-went to LB's house, he was feeling like crap. =(
-so we rented Gran Torino, ordered some Chili's To-Go, and chilled out for the nite.
-I headed home around midnite.

-got up around 7am.
-took a shower, got dressed, did my hair, finished packing && wiped Charlie down. =)
-headed over to LB's where we chilled out for the afternoon.
-around 3pm, I said bye to him, got gas && headed off to pick up Swan && EM.
-we left around 330 && were finally New Jersey bound. ((woot woot))
- we got into New York && planned on taking 287 to go over the Tappanzee Bridge, but I didn't know to go east or west && Swan was following my GPS, which I knew would take me over the George Washington. ::sigh::
-after sitting in traffic for like ever, we finally got onto the GW.
-by 7pm, we were at our hotel! =)
-we checked in, put all our stuff in the room, and headed out to the gtg at Chilis on US-1.
-we got there around 8pm, and walked around, looking for people we knew.
-my ex best friend && I had made plans before we left to chill out, so she eventually texted me && told me that she was next door at the Hampton Inn. So, we ventured over && found Mr. West, AC, and her.
-we talked for a while && then ventured back over to the gtg.
-we were headed back to the car to put the camera stuff away when I heard a familiar voice.
-the voice of Dylan, the kid that likes to talk shit about me for no goddam reason.
-he was in the car in front of none other than BP.
-he rolled his window down && we conversated before he said that he was going to park, and that he would come find me again.
-i ended up seeing him making his away around again, we exchanged a look, && then some people prompted him to do a burnout, so he did one, && that bascially started the whole, let's be gay && do burnouts, oh wait, heerre comes the cops bs.
-anyways, when we were going back to the car to put stuff away, we ended up meeting up with Trav, his brother && their friend.
-shortly after we walked back over, the cops came && kicked us out.
-so we ended up cruisin down to Friday's after getting lost because, there is no left-hand U-turns in NJ. No, you have to bascially exit, head to a light && then take a left. ((it sucks!!!))
-we chilled out there for a while && headed to the hotel next door where a whole crap load of people where drinking && doing I don't even know.
-cops were present, but they were just drivin thru the crowd, making sure no one was doing anything really stupid.
-then we heard a boom, like someone knocked something over, so we decided to leave && cruise some more.
-after about a half hr of cruisin, we headed back to our hotel. What was supposed to be a 10 min drive turned into a hour drive, because my GPS kept getting confused.
-finally we found the way, && were back to our hotel around 1am.

-woke up around 10am to a text message from thatskinnykid that said, "almost there."
-so we all got up, got ready, packed up && checked out.
-we headed to Dunkin Donuts && got some much needed coffee && food.
-thatskinnykid ended up calling me && asking where i was, && i told him about half an hr.
-we didn't end up getting to show till 1200 because of the ridic amount of traffic.
-we parked && walked in, found thatskinnykid in the APR booth getting his car reflashed by some effin creeper.(srsly!)
-so we talked for a bit && then walked around for a while.
-said hi to J, his car was in the Revo booth on display. =)
-walked around some more, && went to see the exhibition cars.
-ran into Sar && Spinney && then we all headed over to get root beer floats.
-where we ran into BP, said hi, asked him when he was going home, && then he left with his friends.
-walked around some more, found Stinky from PA && said hii to him.
-then we headed back over to chill with thatskinnykid.
-he ended up going out to the parking lot to grill..we stayed behind for a while && then headed out there tooo.
-we said hello to everyone && then I went to sit in my car.
-I was so incredibly tirrrreddd.
-thatskinnykid ended up being the nice guy that he is came && sat with us. =)
-around 5, we decided to leave bc everyone else already left or wasn't going to. (lol)
-then we headed to Wendy's got some food, && then headed on the road.
-about a half an hr in to being on the Garden State we noticed a guy in a green Audi from Rhode Island && 2 guys in a MK2 Jetta.
-since I have EZ-Pass thanks to the rents, I can just fly right thru tolls.
-so at one toll, we ended up losing them..until about 15 mins later when the two guys from CT came flying up && waved too us.
-from then on, it was on like Donkey Kong.
-we played cat && mouse after every toll, && at one point we even had to pull over, because it was either we go the Saw Mill or we go 287.
-we finally saw them, && about 20 mins we were back in CT.
-we ended up bypassing 684, && following them at 95.
-then we came to service area && all got off bc me && EM had to pee && the guys needed gas.
- EM && I ended up going back outside to find Swan && he was already talking to our new friends.
-we talked to them for about 2 hrs, hahaha && then I dropped EM off && then Swan && went to see LB who was of course cranky with me because I took extra hours to talk to some nice dubbers.
-i hung out with cranky butt for a while && then headed home.

Which brings me to now. I'm so freakin tirrredd. I would love to see my bed, && sleep with it. =) That would be totally awesome. But all in all it was an awesome weekend!!! I can't wait for h20!!! =)


I know I didn't post from the road. =( I apologize. I got in around 1am last night && just was so freakin tired..&& I just got home about an hour ago at 1130pm..but don't worry my lovely bloggers... plenty of newsss come tomorrow. And it may take me all day to write a post anyways. {{lol}} 
So, get ready for some epic stories. {{kinda}} =)


I'm Totally Letting..

a friend read my blog right now. I was a little apprehensive but I trust him, soo. Thatskinnykid be good to my blog. =) Thanks, buddy.

Anyways, moving on. My insides are tingling with excitement. Cause I am so damn impatient. This day is officially creeping by. I just want to get out of work already!!!

Tonite, LB && I are having a little date night, we are gonna make spaghetti and meatballs && then go see a movie, either transformers or bruno. Then tomorrow, up early, packing, getting ready, hanging out with LB till 3 then peacing out.

If you follower me on Twitter && saw my tweet yesterday, I will be posting from the road. This is a feat because a)i never post on the weekend && b)because im actually posting while I'm somewhere.

I digress.

This beautiful picture was taken by thatskinnykid. =) He takes photos as hobby, and let me tell you, I would totally have him shoot my wedding whenever I get married. (You hear that? You're hired! haha) Anyways, leave some comments on his Flickr. <--(click it!!) He takes amazing shots of everything and anything.

Nothing like a little plug, eh? Well, I don't have much else to say today. But, tomorrow, I'll be posting from the road! Have an awesome weekend!


Things I Really Freakin Want!!

Happy Thursday everyoone! Only one more day till the weekend. Got some business to handle first. At you can see, I changed my layout yet again. The fact that my post font was so small was annoying me, so I just grabbed a pre-made one && changed the header. What do you think? Also, LB && I are good now. =) He's not the happiest camper at the moment, but he understands. (I think?)

I will be headed down to Waterfest 15 in Dirty Jerzee at 3pm Saturday afternoon. I decided I didn't really want to wait for thatskinnykid to get outta work. I apologized profusely though, but he was okay with it. When we get there, there will be pool swimming, a surprise birthday cake for EM, and then we are headed to the gtg at Chili's which is a memory in itself. The BP kind.

I digress.

1) I really really want tomorrow to go by quick. I'm excited to get on the road and see all my homies && just cruise. It's gonna be epicness.

2) I really really want LB to come. But sadly that's not gonna happen. He has a ridiculous work schedule. =(

3) I really really want to stick to the gym routine. I've slightly fallen off the bandwagon by not going on Monday && Tuesday.

4) I really really want the sunburn on my legs to stop itching, because well it hurts when I scratch it.

5) I really really want more steamy humid mornings, like we had this morning. I love summer.

6) I really really want to go to the beach one more time this summer. And I don't count H20 as a time either.

7) I really really want to see Transformers, or maybe Bruno. Ahh, LB && I are so indecivess.

8) I really really want a haircut. I just don't need one, I want one. I really want the side bangs..and more layers.

9) I really really want to stop being lazy and actually do my hair everyday instead of just throwing it up.

10) I really really want to find a second job so I can afford to go to school.

11) I really really want this weekend && the weekend of H20 to be the most amazing weekends of my life. Life changing maybe?

Well, I'm off to watch some Waterfest vids and get excited!!!!


This One's a Killa.

I have such a headache right now from trying to plan what the hell is going on for Waterfest and arguing with LB.

I have 3 yes, 3 plans for Waterfest. My first plan is to leave Saturday afternoon after we wash my car && such because Swan && Em brought up the fact that we would be driving a total of 6 hrs in one day && I'm not sure I'm down with that.

The second plan which as far as I know is the plan we are sticking with is to drive down to the outlets where thatskinnykid works and meet up with him after he gets outta work at 10pm so that he doesn't have to drive alone.

The third plan is to still just drive down Sunday but we have since abandoned that plan.

And finally, LB is upset with me because I want to go down Saturday night && he can't go at all because he got a new position at Subway (asst. manager) which requires him to be there like all the effin time. Plus, he's been on my case about me always hanging out with my friends because then I don't have money to do anything with him..but honestly, we don't do a lot because he's so tired when he gets home. He works till 11pm at Wings on Friday nights, and 10pm ish on Saturday and Sundays. So usually we just hang out, play video games or watch movies.

During the week, his schedule so far looks like it's going to be 11-7pm. So, we spend as much time together as we can. I honestly have such a headache over this..and I'm sick of fighting about it. I don't know what to do?! I think though, maybe next weekend, I'll just chill at home and wait for him to get outta work && then go out with him or something when I can. Maybe that compromise will help.

But in good news, theres a very good chance he will come to H20!!! =) He still wants to go to Florida, but honestly I cannot afford to go. =( Well, maybe for a long weekend. I dunno. I'm just tired of fighting! Am I wrong? He knows how impt the Volkswagen shows are to me. And I know my friend thatskinnykid would appreciate not driving down by himself!


Weekend Recap.

It's Monday. This is what I think of you Monday......pssssh. Forget it, I'm way too tired. I feel like I can feel the bags under my eyes, is that even possible?! The weekend turned out to be sunny except for the rain that came pouring down on Saturday night. (thankfully after I saw fireworks)

Anyways, onward hoe...

-as usual I got outta work and went and grabbed some food and gym time with Swan.
-we worked out for a good half an hour..we were gonna go for 45 mins but for some reason it was super hott in there and I could not handle it. I get overheated easily. =(
-after that, we went home && changed && decided to cruise down to the pike..where we got giddy because it reminded us of Ocean City MD where H20 is held. (read:dorks)
-then we pretty much cruised around for the rest of the night and not really doing anything.
-then LB got outta work && I went && chilled with him && then called it a night.

-went to lunch with LB then we took his pup to the pet store where I bought him a nice pig ear, then some more errands for his ma dukes.
-then back to his house where some chillin ensued. then we off to work yet again =(
-so i headed home && laid in bed watching Spongebob && falling asleep while I waited for EM to come to Swans.
-she finally got there && I headed over && scooped them up && it was off to Riverfest 09 in Hartford.
-I had no clue what exit to get off so I just kinda picked one.
-So we ended up driving around Hartford for like 30 mins trying to find somewhere to park.
-Eventually I hopped back on the highway && took the same exit I did before && ended up going to this park where u could see the fireworks from.
-It overlooked the water && was soo pretty. =)
-It was over like that though, so we headed back to the car.

-Where we sat in traffic forever && everyone was making their own lanes..and we had to drive off a curb because we had to park in a field.
-Which usually isn't so bad, except when you have a lowered car..&& you need to push your way onto the road && kinda sorta slam Charlie's uni-body into the ground. =(
-Thankfully Charlie was ok.
-But the time we got onto the highway it was pouring. And lightning. But we chugged along trying not to hydroplane && finally made it back into town.
-I dropped EM && Swan off && headed to Chris' to meet up with LB but Chris && his girl hadn't gotten home from seeing a fireworks show yet,
-So we dropped LB's car off at home, got him food, went back to his house, chilled && then he went to bed && I went home.

-I got up around 930am, was outta the house by 10am. ((omg!))
-Headed to LB's where his mom was soo excited to get her iPhone that she greeted me at the front door
-She got ready && then we were off to the Apple store.
-Then we got some pizza at Sbarro's.
-Then went to Wally World.
-Then back to LB's.
-Around 2pm he left for work && I headed over to CM's
-Then we decided to go to our local amusement park, Lake Compounce.
-We got all ready && then left for it.
-We went swimming a bit, changed && went on one ride. ((lol))
-Got some food && slurpees && then we were out.
-Cruised around for a bit && hit up Wally World.
-She bought some stuff && then we headed back to her new apt.
-Chilled out, Swan && LB came over.
-We watched some tv && ate some pizza rolls.
-Then we all left, I went back to LB's && chilled with him till he fell asleep.
-Then it was home && to bed for me.

Another great weekend. =) On Wednesday, I'm totally stoked to go to the beach! I haven't been all summer yet. Swan, EM && I are going for EMs bday!!!! =D ((yayay x1000000)) And we are cruisin to Waterfest 15 on Sunday. ((I Heart Dub Shows!!))

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!


Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself.

Warning: Long Blog Post!

So lately I've noticed that I have a lot of new bloggers commenting. =) First, hello and welcome to my blog. =) And secondly to all of my other bloggers, thanks so much for putting up with my weirdness and taking the time to read it, it means a lot to me. =)

I know I'm not the most interesting person and I tend to whine a lot (something I'm honestly trying hard not to do anymore) but it seems I'm finally coming into myself and writing what is real! So thank you thank you again. Ok, I digress.

For anyone who's "new" and doesn't know me yet....(i apologize that i still can not figure out my archive!) Alot has happened in the past year since I've started blogging so I decided to re-introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Nickie. I'm 23 yrs young. I hail from the fine state of CT and most notably the hometown of ESPN and the oldest continuous running amusement Lake Compounce. Although I don't always love it here and most of my free time is spent cruisin up and down the main drag, it's home and it's where my heart will always be. ((ok that and florida!)

Most of my time is spent at work. I work 4 days a week ((it used to be 5, but ya know the economy)) from 830-500. I work in an office doing estimates for a Restoration company. While it's not my ideal job it gets me and my bills by. I hope to pursue a career in the medical field in the near future. When I'm not at work, I'm usually with Swan ((my BFF)), CM or my lover, LB.

I drive ((or rock)) a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit in Tornado Red. His name is Charlie and he'll be one in August. ((they grow up so fast!)) I've been into the dub scene since I was 18, learning from a phelthra of people who have shown me the dub life. The dub life is anything you really want it to be, but to me it's a bunch of friends//people that have an intense love for the German-made car brand. It can be tough at times, drama erupts and sometimes it feels like high school. I've recently scaled back from a lot of Volkswagen related activities because of the drama within my area. ((sigh)) But, the times I do make it to car shows are worthwhile and it's def. one past time that I will look back on and say, "wow that was an amazing time in my life."

Besides rocking my dream car, I am also in love with video gaming. On any night, you can catch me on my Xbox 360, playing Call of Duty, Gears of War, Left 4 Dead or any number of arcade games. I've met a lot of cool people playing Xbox and it's just as intense as the dub lifestyle. It keeps me sane most of the time ((except when I get my ass handed to me)). I was in a clan for Call of Duty 4 last year and I met a couple of amazing people from Florida. I even went last summer to meet my video gaming best friend, Firefighter Fred but sadly our friendship dwindled away.

[So as you can see I'm not your typical girl;; I love guy related stuff and it usually tends to impress guys, which can be pretty obnoxious, because it's usually exs from my past. Eeeesh.]

My best friend in the whole entire is Swan, which is actually his last name. We only have been best friends for about 3 mnths, but it still makes me laugh every time I think about it. Swan and I have known each other since the day I moved into the neighborhood ((back in 94)) but we never seemingly got along as well as we do now. Through Volkswagens of course is how we became awesome friends and I don't know where I would be without him! He gives me sane and motivated and I do the same for him. We are each other's rocks when the times get tough and I couldn't ask for a better best friend.

CM will always have my heart as a friend. We met freshmen in high school and to this day still cannot how or when we actually met. We weren't as close in high school as we had become, and lately our lives are taking different turns. She's moving in her boyfriend and is well on her way to becoming a wife and probably in the next two years a child. We've had many ups and downs and I consider her a sister. As much as we piss each other off, we still come back time after time and our relationship gets even stronger. I'm proud of what she has made of her life and I'm excited to say it's almost been a decade of friendship. =)

LB is my one true love. Him and I have had our ups and downs also. We dated for about 3 1/2 yrs and were engaged before I decided I needed to end it. We weren't doing well as a couple, and eventually I went on to date BP for 5 mnths who taught me ultimately a lot about myself even though he was a huge d-bag. For a while after BP and I broke up, I decided I did not want to be LB. I wanted to see what my options in life were, but eventually true love found its way. We have happily been together for 2 mnths and I couldn't be happier. We currently aren't engaged, but in the future and after a lot of rebuilding, I hope that we can live our lives together forever.

Other than those three main people, there's also a ton of friends who I adore. Pa Lover, Lil B, Big B, Dean.O, SD(jesus) and the newest addition to my little family, Swan's gf EM.

Of course I cannot forget my family. I am thankful to say that my parents are still happily married after 26 years. I have a younger brother ((20)) who is currently going to college for his degree in High School Math teaching. Even though we don't always get along, he's still my brother and I love him very much. We unfortunately do not have any pets, something I absolutely hate but because everyone in our family is consistently at work or not home, we just do not want to do that to a poor pup.

I do though consider LB's dog my dog. His name is Mulligan and he's the craziest dog ever. He is always by my side and he's the cutest little Boston Terrier ever. He's 4 now, and I still cannot believe it's been 3 yrs since I first met the little ball of energy. Ok, so he's not exactly little, he's actually too tall of his breed and his ears are too big, but he's my little guy.

I've had a lot of ups and downs in my life in the 23 yrs I've lived so far but I know so have you guys. In this crazy mixed up world, I'm just being me. I'm random, weird and silly. I can be serious and love giving advice. I hate peanut butter straight up but will pretty much eat it when its wrapped in chocolate. I loathe nuts and tomato soup. I love cheese and chocolate milk. Flip-flops are my choice of shoe wear till the first snow falls. I can't wear heels because I suck at walking in them. I live for car shows, nights spent with friends, pictures and driving to nowhere.
I hate drama and people that don't say thank you when you hold the door for them. I rarely drink probably because of the upbringing of my parents and the fact that my future father in law is an alcoholic. I'm afraid of bees and heights. I'm afraid to lose some I love. I currently have a deep love for fashion but I'm too broke to buy anything really cute. =(

My car is my life and I'm therefore his mother. I love beating boys on Xbox. I'm impatient and stubborn. I'm French Canadian ((my moms a true born Canadian)), Italian and apparently I just recently found out a tad bit of Native American. I'm a true lover of the outdoors and anything summer. I love the beach and really want to move down South. I've never been pass Ohio, and never been out of the country. I trust and respect everyone in my life. I have a fear that I'll be alone in the future. I'm in love with Nick Swardson and Joba Chamberlain from the Yankees.

All in all I'm just me. I'm happy with where I am. I have an amazing amount of people in my life and I cannot wait to see where life takes me. =)


Look Mom! I'm a Motivational Poster!

Yes, I changed it up again. I found this motivational poster layout on FotoFlexer. It's pretty effin sweet. It's a photo editing website that you don't need to download!

I'm currently sucking tiny droplets of water from the bottom of my Dunkin Donuts cup like it's somehow gonna change into blueberry coffee light and sweet btw. Hey jesus, where are you!?

Oh yes, you're out riding your bike. Seriously, SD is a spitting image of the man. And just to be clear I am not making fun of jesus. I'm just saying, except for SD's criminal history, I would consider him jesus. I'd show a pic..but well that might be awkward. Yes, very.

Anyways, I'm out of random thoughts in my head. Thanks for listening to my 15th voice today folks. ;)

Edit-Ok, so I'm gonna post a pic of said jesus. Just because I feel like it's absolutely necessary to the life of this post. So look below && don't get scurred, he's funnier looking in person. =p

And This Is Why We Are Best Friends.

As you all know, my job entails quite a bit of nothing but sitting bored outta my mind lurking the internets for some good reads or playing games on addictinggames.com. Or talking to my BFF Swan. We have some pretty interesting conversations. Like this one where we are for sure quoting Dane Cook lines.

Swan: im to hopped up on the Q right now

Me: ur on the Q?!

Swan: yeas try it out

Me: i should. i was hopped up on it last nite actually come to think of it.

Swan: you were strung out rideing your big wheel

Me: yes yes i was. i was just riding around the block like omfg, omfg, i think, i think a bee just flew by me. fuck bees?! I think im gonna punch em in the face.

Swan: o shit son... want to play kick ball

Me: yes. but after i tell that glass bastard to stop wearing tights, i dont think its right that a big talking bowl of punch is wearing tights.

Swan: kick him in the tights hes very top heavy and he will go down stupid glass bitch

Me: stupid glass bastard! how am i gonna explain to my dad how a big talking bowl of punch just busted in like, O Yea! Naughty Naughty Kool-Aid.

Swan: sweating and condinsating all over the fucking floor

Me: seriously. i was just minding my own business eating my christ chex..and bam! The Kool-Aid just slams thru the wall going O Yea! while simutaneously my Christ Chex is shouting good morning sunshine! I'm like really? Fuck bees.

Swan: yea and then the movie dune was in my choclaty drink. I dont like when the movie dune is in my drink

Me: that happened to you tooo? Then my car alarm went off..so I decided to make a song about it to help me forget about the Kool-Aid man and the Christ Chex dude.

Swan: seeeeaaaat belts radiioooo nobbs

Me: It's a lovely song isn't it? So anyways, I went and turned on the tv and theres some dude like all up in the trees, like watch as I punch this baboon in the ass. And I was like WTF ?!

Swan: oyea he keep yelling come on lets go so i was putting on my shoes like witch lagoon are you at im coming to get you!

Me: I know. He was rather tricky. Then he stuck his head into a bee's nest and was like wow what a beauty! And..then I thought..I really need to punch bees in the face!

Swan: then when i got there he said watch as i stick my balls in the horse's mouth and slap it with a lead pipe! Crickey!

Me: Dude. So nasty! Then I had to go to DMV or as I call it..Satan's Asshole.

Swan: I did to i was wishing that stupid kool-aid man would burst threw the wall it was fuckin hot in there

Me: hahha. yea. You know what I realized last night? That you know you're drunk when you get into a taxi cab and think that the fare is the time.

Swan: haha yea and the driver was minding his own biz obaying the rules of the road when some idiot started to merge with no signal and the driver was black so it was something like check out this mother fuckerrr

Me: dude i love when they say that! Oddly enough my driver was a woman and she needed to stop at Burger King or the BK Lounge as I like to call it..and she was like and the pickles, the pickles, sweet n sour sauce all over my body. And I was like, um check out this motherfuckker!

--Seriously, we are bored but it was an awesome convo! hahaha--

Things I Really Freakin Want!

Happy Thursday everyone! =) Things I Want Thursday is now in session. It's brought to you by : Sass over at Are You Sassified? . Check her out! You know you wanna!

1) I really really want CM to stop being a greedy selfish bitch just because she's moving in this weekend. She totally did not appreciate my help at all Sunday and I felt it the whole day. She can say what she wants, and of course I'm proud of her && happy for her but she def. was being selfish and demanding.

2) I really really want LB to be able to go to H20. He just got promoted to Asst. Manager at Subway ((yay!!!)) But, for about .50 cent raise he has to work his butt off, and he may not be able to take 3 days off in a row. But, he's sure gonna try. We both agree he's gonna need a break sooner or later.
3) I really really want the severe thunderstorms I prayed for in one of the previous "Things I Want Thursday" post to stop. There's been severe storms for the past week like everyday. And I am now afraid of hail because of ya know..that hail storm that came the day after I prayed to the thunderstorm gods.
4) I really really want to be unbored at work. I seriously spend most of my time, doing absolutely nothing. I know it sounds good, but damnnit I enjoy being busy!
5) I really really want to pa lover to stop being so miserable. She really wants to move back home but unfortuantely lil b is pretty stubborn, so he probably won't go back with her. Which sucks, because she wants to be with him forever so he needs to shape up.
6) I really really want to stop being broke by the time monday comes around, I really have nothing to show for it either...except iced coffee cups left in my car, and empty cig packs.
7) I really really want next weekend to come because I'm getting pretty stoked about cruisin down to Jersey for Waterfest. =) And I hope LB goes. Damn work!
8) I really really want chocolate. Like seriously. But, I've been doing well with my gym activites. Went on Monday && Tuesday and walked on the treadmill for 30 mins each time. =)
9) I really really want my book that I just started reading. I'm pretty mad that I left it at home. =(
And that folks, is what I really really want. Chyeaaa.


More Thunderstorms Anyone?

Outside of my work. The storms grow yet again. =( I just want summer to come and stay! Watching Michael Jackson's Memorial..so have a great night everyone! =)

Two Tickets to the Gun Show Please.

Good Tuesday Morning. I'm a bit bushy eyed at the moment. Sleepy status for the lose! But last night I did have a great night!

I went out on a date with LB. =) We went mini golfing at the Safari Golf place and we tied! LB was never so upset in his life about it. ((lol)) It's either win or lose for him. After that we went to Ihop where I got a waffle with strawberry topping and whipped cream. So effin good! LB got some Cinnamon Swirl thingy and eggs and bacon.

After that we headed home and then I went to the...omg huge shocker coming up..to the GYM! Yes, that's right. Swan decided last night that he absolutely needed to go ((he's overweight and knows it)).

So, we went down to Planet Fitness. I absolutely love that gym besides the fact that almost everyone I went to high school with goes there. Swan got the "PF Black Card" which is $20.00 per month and he gets unlimited tanning, unlimited massage chairs, and he gets to bring a guest freee. ((insert me!))

I don't get to use the "extras" but that's ok because I love the gym. I had a membership a while ago but I didn't really use it. But, I will def. go with Swan as much as possible because we are often bored and poor so what better way to get out then go to the gym? ((Lol)) Plus LB had a membership so when he's not working nights, he's gonna come too. =)'

Also, the gym has a judgement free policy. No one can come in and laugh they're ass off about how "fat" they think you are. They also don't really accept bodybuilders..the equipment they have there isn't really tailored towards them anyways.

They have some free weights..but mostly treadmills, elipticalls (sp?), leg crunch machines, abdomen crunch machines. (lol). I usually use the treadmills. I try and do the elipticalls but my knees kill me for some odd reason. So, last night I set my nice little treadmill to 30 mins and plugged my headphones into the box on there and watched some tv. =) I love that part too! I can change channels on the box on my machine ((theres 8)) and it doesn't bother anyone. I listen to the tv thru my headphones while walking.

It really helps because I'm def. one of those people who cannot stare off into space while excersizing or I get bored and give up. But I can stare at the tv..making me want to keep going because I have something partially distracting me. So, now Swan, LB && I are just trying to figure out what days work for us so we can get into a rountine.

This time, I'm def. gonna do it. No giving up! I'm poor so there's no reason to get out of the house and not go to the gym! YAY!


So I Now Know Why CT Outlaws Explosives.

I almost blew my finger off. LB had a whole pack of those tiny long firecrackers that make really loud bangs and have a super short wick. Well, one came off of a bunch, like a little lost grape. I lit it, looked at it, and then threw it. It cracked right next to me. Another second longer and I might have lost a pinky finger. And goddam I need my weird popping pinky. I can't just go thru life with one!

I digress.


-got up, and then went out with CM. We went to a bunch of stores and the mall. And honestly, the more I go shopping with her, the more depressed I get. Mainly because I'm so poor I can only stare at clothes. Damn cig habit and driving habit.
-after all "her" shopping, I dropped her off and picked up Swan. We couldn't figure out anything to do, soo we drove around a bit. Then his laddii called && we decided to go down to the beach for fireworks.
-I picked her up and the three of us went down. Online it said 930pm it started but apparently it was over then! So, we went around town, and somehow ended up in Orange where CTEuroSpec hangs out. They were already gone from their spot at Best Buy, so I texed thatskinnykid and found out they were at G35's. No sense in going there.
-We found ice cream though, and got some. =) Poor Swan's girly dropped her Cake Batter Ice Cream right off the cone because it was hard ice cream. =(
-Then we headed back home and I went to a very cranky LB's house because he didn't get to join in our fun because he had to work both jobs. ((subway && wings))

-it started out with a big fight between LB and I.
-we couldn't decide what to do for the evening because Swan's dad didn't buy any fireworks and he wasn't having a party. =(
-soo we just kinda sat there fighting for a while.
-eventually we decided to light off some fireworks he had left over from the previous 2 yrs. ((explosives and anything off the ground is techinically illegal in CT, gayy!))
-we got some food at the store and Swan and his laddii came over. We ate, played with fireworks, and then left to go watch the fireworks near a hotel down the street from Lake Compounce. ((the nations oldest continusouly running amusement park lol))
-they ended up sucking because they weren't very high and the show didn't last very long this year.
-its almost like they bought the mortar kits we got from PA last year.((hmmmmm))
-then we went and watched Bride Wars at Swans. It was ok, but halfway through I got a wicked migrane and felt sick to my stomach.
-the movie ended, we left, went back to LB's where I curled up and slept till about 230 in the am and then left to go home && sleep in my own huge comfy bed.

-got up and ready.
-went to get some food with LB, to the game store && then to CMs to check out the place.
-LB ended up leaving because he didn't wanna help clean. ((hes not a big fan of CM))
-sooo you know the story. ((previous post, here.))
-after he came to pick me up, I made him some mac && cheese, played some Call of Duty && watched some Disney.
-then he went to sleep && I played some games on his laptop && then went home.

It was an ok weekend minus the fighting and the boredom and the fact that Swan got stuff confused and thought that we had to take a boat to a party at a cottage on the beach at GTI Bri's. He's special. Seriously.


So, it's Monday yet again. And I have absolutel positively nothing to do today, or probably at all this week. Except collect Sub Folders. My boss is on vacay for the week. So, I may post ALOT. And annoy you people. And I apologize in advance if I start doing that. Or if I change my layout again. Which I shouldn't.

Anyways, a few notes before we go into the weekend recap.

LB was promoted to Assitant Manager on Friday. His best friend's ((who is also his manager at the current store)) sister who is a manager at a store about 15 mins away is quitting. Since LB doesn't have enough experience, he will be splitting the task with a 17 yr old chick who cannot become manager because of her age. I'm very proud and excited for him. But at the same time...

a) the likely hood of us being able to go to h20 or florida is now looking like a slim to none chance. unfortunately they need someone there at all times, so splitting up the time is what's going on. the store mind you, is open from 8am-9pm. Eekksauce.

b)the more my hunnni works, the more tired he will be. for some reason he just doesn't have the stamina to be able to work a looong day && then come home && do stuff. boooo. which means he will probably be in bed super early..or as soon as he gets home from work.

c)they don't pay enough. seriously. 9.00 an hr to work like 6 days a week/40 + hours a week?! rip off. thats what. I get paid almost 11.00 to sit on my butt most of the time..not that I'm complaining, just referring. ((lol)).

--But don't get me wrong, I'm super excited and happy for him! I just think no time off + not enough pay + sleepy LB=not really honestly worth it.-- ((I'm a social butterfly like my mom says..what can I say?))

And, yesterday I went to see CM's apt. It's very nice. Old but nice and spacious. Apparently LB noticed that when she was giving us the tour, she said MY to every single room instead of OURS, since she is moving in with her boyfriend.

So, I ended up staying a while. And helping clean. I think I was there for about 4 1/2-5 hrs helping. We got some yummy pineapple pizza, layered her drawers in the kitchen with FrostyTact, lmao! ((Its that tiny diamond shaped privacy stick on stuff)). It works as a good buffer in those nasty drawers. We cleaned the bathroom, got some things put together and organized.

Around 830, I left. When I was saying goodbye, I almost felt like she was pissed I was leaving. She had a slight annoyed face on and a slight attitude. Whatever. She could be thankful I helped. That'd be coool. I coulda just left earlier && did something with LB instead of staying behind to help her clean.

Oh well. When I move out, I don't expect anyone to help me but LB. But, that's just me. I"m weird like that. But, I'll be there all week helping, so she can stick it. =) ((lol))

Weekend Recap in the next post. Sorry for making this one so long.


Being A Good Girl Can Sometimes Attract Bad Boys, Wait It Always Happens That Way.

I met S.D. my senior year of high school, I think?! He was the cute innocent little skater boy that I ended up dating for about a week. The closest thing to memory I have about this incident is that he came to lunch, gave me a note and then left. You can only guess what the note said. It left me a little bit distruaght on my world conquest of being the heart breaker and not the heart breakee. (just kidding.)

Eventually, I graduated from high school and lived my life. Till last week, when I got a friend's request on Myspace from S.D. He gave me his number and so I texted him to see what the past 5 yrs of life was like for him.

What I didn't expect was for him to say he just got outta jail. Ok, I told myself, I can deal with that. What I didn't expect was for him to tell me he went for robbing people. Ok, ummmmm. But, we continued to talk. He said he never robbed anyone he knew, nor did he ever rob a woman. Well, people do stupid stuff.

So, last night Swan and I went and hung out with him. Where he told me he had been in jail 3x. Ok, that's not really ok. But, he told me he wasn't violent. And I willl never hang out with him by myself. And I enjoy cracking obscene lines which apparently he finds funny, such as:

"So did you get it up the butt?"(yes i really said that. I'm sorry!)
"If my car went missing I'd blame you." (really though i just mite)
"Quick Swan! Hide my change!" (he doesn't like change though)
"Swan's sitting in the backseat because he's afraid you will stab him in the back with a knife."

Apparently this is how I communicate with criminals. Which unfortunately he is. He has 11 class a felonies, and apparently class a is the worst offense. But again, I STRESS he never was violent. He just told men to hand over their money. He never used any weapons or he would not be close to my car ever or my persons or talk to me.

Now, the point of the above title is that S.D. thinks I'm something special. He believes that he needs me to succeed in life. I told him, yes I'll be there for you whenever you're feeling like you want to go back to the previous lifestyle. I will not though, ever be with you. Which is kinda what I think he was hinting at. Why do I attract the bad boys? Is it cause I'm such a good girl?

Why do all my exes contact me again!? Someone tell me?!

Things I Really Freakin Want!

Happy Friday everyone! Wait...it's only, yea. I know. But it damn for sure feels like it! Ahh I love three day weekends. Anyways, I bring you another installment of "Things I Want Thursday" brought to you by Sass over @ Are You Sassified?

1) I really really want the 85 days left to go by super quick so I can be in Ocean City MD at H20 (link!) already! I want to feel the sand in my toes, the sun on my face (i hope), and see the veedubs everywhere! =)

2) I really really want to find a second job. Right now I'm putting 10 bucks away for the next however many weeks to be able to afford h20 and I seriously need another job to help pay for Florida in Novemeber. And to pay LB back.

3) I really really want to tell all of you how excited I am that I just talked to Firefighter Fred on Facebook Chat and that he wants LB and I to come down and visit him when we go to Florida in November.

4) I really really want it to stop raining! Last month (june obvii) it rained 25 out of 30 days. Seriously!

5) I really really want to visit all my favorite bloggers. I wish I had the money and time to swoop down to Washington DC, down to Alabama, up to Wisconsin (when u get there!) and down and across to Cali. You women rock! =)

6) I really really want to find out where I can buy the whole "What I Like About You" series. I really love Amanda Bynes and Nick Zano is super hottt. =)

7) I really really want to take this time to say THANKS to Sheri over at Sheri's World. I won her awesome giveaway..from the new online business her and her mom recently opened. They make handmade jewelery and other cuttte things! So check out her blog.

8) And finally I really really want to figure a slight hmmm. not a bump...I guess problem right now.

I'll probably write one more post, but if I don't, here's a premature have a great weekend and 4th of july all my bloggers!