Quick Post

So, Thanksgiving was pretty good. Had dinner with mom, dad, kevin, memere and pepere. Of course dessert was awesome per usual. Had some brownies, maccaroons (sp?) and strawberry pie. Baberz came over for dessert and he actually liked em. After that we came here (at the besties which is why this is a quick post!) and we started drinking and um yea baberz got way drunk, so I had to drive him home. But half way thru his funny rants, he went into self-pity mode and started saying how stupid he was and such. Of course, he wasn't being stupid he was being 19. I took great care of him and of course drove him home because he wasn't fit to drive at all. Our parents weren't mad at all, they were just glad that we were smart and that I drove him home.

Yesterday was just lots of shopping, got up at 530 instead of 4am cause my alarm didn't go off, but the bestie ended up calling and waking me up, so we spent the day just trolling around, looking for great deals and such. We eventually came back to her house, ate some lunch and then went to visit baberz at work. Then came back and pretty much vegged.

This morning I got up pretty early again, went to breakfast with the fam. and baberz..which trust me is a first. No one has ever been invited to breakfast before! (well boyfrann wise!) Then we went to the mall..where the crazy boy let me pick out a ring at Macy's, so I did..and it was this.

And now here I am at the besties, waiting for her to shower and such, then its more shopping. Baberz has to work..but of course I'll see him later!!



Thanksgiving Eve.

Good Morning everyone!! It's a beautiful, but kinda cold day. The sun is actually shining this morning, something I feel like I haven't seen in a couple of days. It's been there I know that, because most days it blinds me while I'm driving, but it's always been slightly cloudy. But today is a full on, beautiful blue sky with the sun shining brightly.

Or maybe that's just me?! Yesterday I was really hyper but I think I was just really really happy. I went home after work last night to have dinner like usual, but I did something I usually don't do, I made myself look nice. I straightened my hair, put on some more makeup then usual, and went out. I watched my baberz walk over to the car, look at me in an odd way, get in, turn on the light, look at me again, and then kiss me. <33 (I love you baby!)

Last night, we went to the mall and just walked around. Its part of our ritual now, we just enjoy walking around and being in each other's company. We went to American Eagle and found him a new hoodie I'm gonna buy him for Christmas. (He already knows, its all good). Then we went back to his house and just chilled and watched some Adult Swim and talked.

It was really awesome. Tonight I think we are going to go see Twilight. We were going to see it tomorrow night, but he's coming to my house for dessert, then Cheryl invited us over her's for bascailly the remainder of the night.

Then of course the big day, Friday. I'm stoked. =)

Other than that, I'm talking to my bestie in Florida via text message. And of course he just told me he was playing Xbox with the ex last nite. I don't care, it's just a silly thing to tell me ya know. And it makes me wonder what they talked about...

I'm a member of 20sb



I'm more yuppity then I don't know what. I'm like in one of my hyper, excited, have to talk to everyone all day long kinda mood. I think its cause I realize tomorrow I get paid and that I have Thanksgiving (duh!) and Friday off. A nice three day work week. I was gonna take Friday off regardless of if Nick gave us the Ok to have it off in general. =D

Anyway, last night Erik and I had another one of our amazing conversations. =D. I absolutely love talking to him about everything. There are no secrets, everythings laid out in the open. We just sit and converse about people and life and what we need to do to improve each other and our realtionship together as one. <33

Erik and I actually got into a fight when he first got into the car. He's always very cautious around Cheryl esp. in the car cause she does try to dominate the conversation. So, he kind of becomes cranky. And gives a slight attitude. (Which I don't take!) So, I dished it back and we got into a fight. =( But then we both said we were sorry. =) I could never be mad at him longer than 5 mins. He thinks I laugh cause I think it's funny what we're fighting about. I laugh cause he's so darn cute and I just cannot stay mad at him. (I love you baberz!) =) But we worked it out.

And somehow, we were just sitting there in Cheryl's room and she started giving us advice..how cliche is this? Erik and I were even sitting on her black loveseat, she on her bed. I felt like it was an impromptu Dr. Phil moment. Like at home with Dr. Phil or something to that effect. (haha!) But, anywho, she gave us some pretty good advice. One of my biggest problems is that I close myself off to romantic stuff. Like I hate mushy gushy stuff. I'm not your typical swoons over flowers type of girl. I swoon over car parts. (I wish I was making that up.) But, she told me its because the previous men in my life never did that for me. Sure, they gave me the flowers and the chocolates when it was Valentine's Day or a major anniversary but they never did it out of love or the affection they may or may not have had towards me. So, she told me, slowly I have to start opening myself up to that.

(No guy wants to marry guy, unless he's gay..which is awesome..wait..back on topic!)

So, she told Erik to surprise me with A flower, not a dozen but just one, "I'm thinking of you flower." And to take me out to dinner and I had to say yes. (I honestly don't member saying no to it but I probably did). She told me slowly he had to break down that wall that I was up. (This is true.) So, I'm going to allow him to do that. And he on the other hand needs to stop getting so stressed about every little thing that goes wrong in life. I've been helping him a lot though, which is really really good. Cause I want him to be healthy and not have his heart explode in the next 5 yrs due to stress.

And we talked about other things, like our sex life. I won't get into that though. Sorry. And it was odd, I mean ya I know my best friend knows me and stuff but the advice she gave us is like we sat there and named everything wrong..but we really didn't. Apparently him and I give off exactly what is wrong or right with us kind of vibes. I knew I could never hide my true emotions, cause they become painted across my face as though I was a canvas.

But, we talked and we are still learning about each other but overall I'm so glad we have amazing communication skills. I'm sure it's pretty rare for a 19 yr old man and a 22 yr old woman to sit in a car in the middle of the night and actually talk, instead of fool around.

I'm just glad we have that going for us. I think I really found my soulmate. And I couldn't ask for more.


Busy Busy Monday!

Blah. I'm taking a 10 min break to write this. Chyeaaa. (haha)

I'm a busy bee for once today..got like 3 estimates and some sending out of estimates to be done. Not to mention sub folders have to be done before tomorrow. No biggie though. (I got it!)

Recap of the weekend as follows:

Erik and I went to Danbury for a vw/audi gtg. That lasted about 10 mins. because it was soooo cold. (28 degrees..hello Novemeber?) So, there were about 8 cars, nothing fancy. So, Erik had told me that he bestest friend Dan was home from school. (He's goes to school in providence rhode island, balller!). So, we went to Starbucks and chillaxeddd...then went back to Mickey D's to wait for my friend Jay since he was coming down to go up into New York to visit his girlfriend at school..so he made a detour..and Jenna and Jason actually showed up with Jay too. =) So, we were all sitting there..and all of a sudden this Integra pulls up and it has painted wheels (like the tires too!!) which were red..and flags taped all over the hood of the car with packing tape. And this guy goes thru the drive thru..then backs all the way up, almost hits a car and parks right in front of Mickey D's. He got out, left the door open, the car running and starts dancing. Yes dancing.. He finally walks in and then walks back out several times, while dancing and singing. Orders some food, gets it, goes back outside..and starts dancing hardcore..and like humping his car! (It was the funniest thing ever!) And he continues to do it, even when the 5 of us (Jay had left by then) went outside.

So, we ended up getting in our cars and pulling around and watching him..and the guy had a mic in his hand and he was just singing away. Then all of a sudden gets in his car and leaves. So, eventually Erik and I left. And that was about it.

Saturday was just a chill kinda day. Erik was supposed to work 8-630 or something like that. But, his boss at the last minute decided he was going to work 11-close. (Close is 9:30 except on Sundays its 7:30.) So, I was pretty bummed..but it was all good. I ended up going out with my parents and bro to dinner. We went to to Pepe's, they built one in Manchester. It's the best New Haven Style Pizza ever! (New Haven Style Pizza is pizza cooked by brick oven, crust is very thin and crispy and the pizza itself is soo greasy...mmm). So, after that we went to the Christmas Tree Shop where of course my mom didn't buy anything because she is so indecisive. So, then we went to the L.L. Bean Store. And my mom dad and bro were all getting this really comfy fleece lined hoodies because they're going to Disney World in January. So, I was all putting the guilt trip on the mama dukes, so we made a compromise that she would return the fur boots I wanted from Walmart to get me the L.L. Bean hoodie. (I'm addicted to hoodies!). After that, my mom dropped me and my bro off at my car which I had parked in the plaza across from Central Connecticut University where my bro goes. He went to his room, dropped some stuff off then we went to get ice cream back home.

I got some for Erik, then we went and brought it to him, chilled with him, waited form him to get outta work and then went and brought my bro back to school. Went to his house and just chillaxed for the nite. Then home to bed. =(

Sunday I chilled the most. Yesterday I woke up, took a shower and mostly laid in my bed all day. Went to visit Erik at lunch..then went back home and waited for him to get outta work. Then we went to Wally World, looking for gift cards but didn't find the ones I needed. So, then we went back home and of course watched Storm Chasers! (it was such a good one). Then chilled till midnight..and then went home and slept.

And now here I am at work. =) It's gonna be a nice 3-day work and I get paid on Wednesday. Which is sweet. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving.


I'm Having ADHD Again!

Grrr. I can't concentrate. I don't know why. Cause it's Friday? Maybe? Cause I wanna clean my car hardcore? Maybe? Cause I got a mini cruise (hopefully!) going on? Maybe?

I'm not sure. All I know is that I cannot concentrate on doing this estimate. But I'm trying really hard! Cause the sooner I get it done, the sooner I'll be able to sit back and relax!

Well..here we go..I'm gonna try again. Wish me luck.

I'm Excited..I'm Not Gonna Lie.

So. I'm doing it. It's like 30 degrees out today but I'm doing it. I'm cleaning Charlie. =D He needs a hardcore vaccuum..I smoke,and so does baberz..so its time to vaccum up those ashes. (I'm such a pig it embrasses me sometimes!) Then he's going thru the car wash, then back home since I forgot my detail spray and some mittens.

Then it's on to Exit 8 (people in southern CT are weird, who names stuff by an exit? those weirdos! haha)for a huge get together. (I'm making fun of baberz by the way cause he enjoys reading my blog..and yeah. I've always been from Central CT..)I'm kinda stoked, the white steelies are going back on after some TLC. (Which means brake dust all over me! Sexy kinda?)

I'm not really sure why I'm SOO excited for this get together, maybe cause I'm bringing Charlie (for once) and I'll be around people that DON'T know him. (Yes I refer to my car as a person, he has his own nameplate for God sakes!)

Anyway..and I'm super duper stoked about Twilight! (yay!) I haven't read all the books just the first one..but I'm more than ready to see it. =)) I don't when we (yes we as in me erik his sister and mom) are going to see..if it's this weekend or next but it's all good. I think I might buy the 2nd one tonite actually.

Well. Thats it for now. Work to be done.


I'm in Xbox World!

Well. I made an avatar last night for the New Xbox Live Experience.
It doesn't really look like me. I think the nose is tooo pointy.
I have a flat round nose.

Here it is anywho.

So. I'm just chillen here. I have an addiction to layouts and such. Like making them look all spiffy. It's bad. (hahah) I keep changing this blog one and I change my myspace one like once a month.

Hm...I don't know. To much time on my hands clearly. Well. That's about it.

Later gators.

One Week.

So, theres one week till Thanksgiving! Now, I am super stoked because of the fact that I have not been home in two years for it. I was in Florida, only for the week, but I'd leave Thanksgiving morning, board the plane, get off the plane, go to the ONLY grocery store thats open, buy some ghetto Thanksgiving meal, eat and chill. With my ex and his mom. Now trust me I'm NOT complaining about being in FLORIDA for the week. I just missed everything my mommy made, and my memere's hilarious stories.

It's gonna be a little weird not boarding the plane next week to be honest. And not realize, hey in a couple of days, I'll be sitting on the beautiful Tampa Bay inlet at a bar called Hurrican Breeze, watching the sun set with a fruity drink in my hand. Oh Florida. You and your..ahhh. Sorry. I have a terrible obsession. God, Jimmy Buffett! Way to live the "feet in the water, the sun on my back" lifestyle you so advantly (am i even using this word correctly?!) emphasize in every single one of your amazing books about the sea life.

Anyway. I'm stoked for Thanksgiving. =D

So, I have a million and one things I want to write about. First off, well I'm pretty sure I had a miscarriage. (I know a little too much FYI for the public! But I'm in an open mood today soo. Yea. I felt like all icky for the last two weeks, then slowly the cramps, back aches, and feelings of nauceousness came. (I'm not gonna get all into it, cause that'd be gross, but my "time of the month" has been outta whack forever so I know somethings up). Anyway, so yeah, pretty sure I am. It's happened to me one other time when I was with the ex. I called my best friend in Florida who's a EMT and he told me that I did cause of the symptoms I described to him..and I was at about the same period of time I was last time so. I'm ok. In my opinion. (Don't yell at me!) And yes I know I should have been using protection, we do now thanks to this scare. (He's only 19, I know I could handle it but him, not so much..)

Yeah, so thats been on my mind, plus I can't even tell my best friend Cheryl cause all she's gonna do is tell me that mostly likely I am not nor have I ever. And I'll tell you the odd reason why she claims that, and I know this for a fact, because she's jealous. (I know odd right!) Yup, jealous. She's 19 days younger then me..which means she's 22. And she wants a baby and family and hubby so bad, she's kinda going desperate. I mean don't get me wrong, I absolutely loooove my best friend. But some of the weird decisions she's made, some very unsafe ones...like she met a 35 yr old man playing a video game on the computer, and drove all by herself, to Canada! and stayed in his home with him. I'm soorrry but that's effin creepy. (hardcore!) And every since then..she has met guys on the video game she plays and talked to them. Like this army boy from Cali..who she wanted to have children with and marry already! And now theres another one, a guy from Long Island (about a 2 hr drive) that she really likes and probably will tell me she already loves.

Now I love the girl to death, but sometimes I just wanna smack her and go what the hell are you doing?! Stop looking so hard and stop forcing yourself to love every man who shows interest in you..cause its not healthy. For her or the guy. So, that's my take on that. Ahh I feel better to vent that out.

Anyway, in other news..so yesterday I got my "time of the month" as I stated previously. Well the internet was still not on, so I began drawing. And what I drew freaked me out. I drew an angel, standing on a cloud, in front of the gates of heaven. Her hair was long and black and her back was to me. On her shirt it said heaven waits. And on the golden gates I drew, I put God Grant Me Serenity. And under the whole picture I put Dream On. You never know what could be on the other side. Or something like that. Freaked me out! I showed Erik, cause we were kinda on a strange kick, cause he got BK last nite at the mall and his total was $6.66. Yeah, creepy. (In my opinion!) So I showed him and we got worried, then we thought about more and wondered if it was my subconscious telling me that possibly there was an unborn child that had passed on.

But what was even freakier was when we were on the way home from the mall...there was an accident, so I told him to get off the next exit and we got on the highway just past the accident, so we were looking and like 3 cars were smashed up and they blocked the whole highway..and we just looked at each other and thought, that could have been us. We were about to leave the mall which would have put us in the path for that, when I decided to go to this comic store/novelty store..and we looked around there for a little. But, its just freaky...cause I'm almost certain that could have been us.

So, I think that about covers the random blah coming outta my mouth.. the bestie hasn't written back to my texts soo she's probably mad at me for something. Oh well. True, we haven't really talked in a while. But, the phone works both ways, ya know!

Back to work. =D


I'm Back!!!

So, after like a what? 5 day hiatus, I'm finally back! The internet here at work has been down..and yes I do have a complopper at my house but I'm never home to use it, and I'm too busy playing guitar hero at the baberz too want to post a blog. Trust me when I'm bored during the day, its soo much more exciting. I focus more.

Anywho. I'm hyper and happy. Cause the internet is finally back on. And I can stop playing solitaire and losing 999 times. (I seriously only won once..) So. Nothing tooo tooo exciting.

Last night went to the Absolutdübs gtg. Yup, said it like it isn't even my group. Cause in reality they aren't anymore. I mean of course there may still be some leftover tension from H20 but ever since I started dating Erik they really have been treating me (and him!) like über crap! Like Erik and I will walk in, sit down, and look at Jess and Lou and they don't even say anything. So, we were just chillen, the two of us, and then we saw Kyle (ive known this kid forever!) sitting all by himself. (They shunned him out too, long story later.) So, we went and talked to him and somehow got on the topic of the bar, soo we ended up going for a little with kyle and jay. Now Erik is only 19 but Sporty's is a pub and state law says if you're 18 and over you can go. I don't know why but you can. haha.

Anywho..kinda got side tracked, we picked names for grab-bag here at work. And I got one of the big bosses sons'Steve. He's cool...in my age group if you want to say that. I think I'm just gonna get him a Starbucks gift card, cause he drives a Honda..pffttt. Just kidding..Honda's aren't horrid, I'm just a vdub driver myself..

and the story goes..idk..dubbers and honda drivers just don't get along.

Well. Hm..my mind is elsewhere..cheesecake maybe? I think yes.


I've Caught the Twilight Bug!!!

Really quick blog since the internet here at work keeps going in and out. It'll work for about 10 mins. then just go out...I'm not sure why.

So last night I decided I wanted to see what all the craze was about. And now I'm ADDICTED to reading Twilight. The words just capture you. I feel like I'm in another world...it's so insane and I can't not put it down.

Like right now and most of the day I've been reading it cause there is nothing to do at all. It's awesome. =D Back to Twilight. Have a good weekend everyone!



I figured out how to get a really cool layout. Yay me! I knew if I did enough detective work I'd get there. =D So, apparently I feel as though we are gonna have a really super boring day on tap. Only because while I was in the kitchen making coffee, Patti told me that she had absolutely positively nothing to do.

Which is a big failsauce! I've been doing really well and working hard. Hmm...baberz is being lazy. What a lucky man. Doesn't have to work today. Just has school for two hours. OH loookie he's online! Yaay!!

So I really gotz nothing for now. Just a dreary Thursday per usual.



Good Morning Everyone!! I am in a fantastic mood today. =) It's a good day at work because I actually have work to do. =D I know, sounds crazy but I need work.

Anywho, tomorrow is Thursday. Which means two things, PAYCHECK!!! (yay!) and a rainy day. Yes, I can safely assume it will rain every Thursday because like clock work it does. Well, since probably the end of Septemeber. (lol) I don't mind the rain either. I actually welcome it. It's a snuggle wanting kinda feeling. (I'm a dork!)But, Thursdays are also when I go out with my cousin. We've been doing this for about two months now. And I love it! It's so nice to finally have that best friends kind of relationship with her. =)

I'm trying really hard not to go back into a weekly habit. But, it's already happening. Monday's, I see Erik after class which is between 700-900. Tuesday is our Absolut Dubs gtg. Wednesday is our snuggle day. Thursday, we go out with my cousin. Friday is our date night. And Saturday's and Sunday's I usually see him after work. I enjoy it I do, but I want more spontonaiety. (I know I spelt that wrong! lol) I think that's why Dan and I worked horribly. Cause we were acting like an old married couple before we were even married. But it's all good. =)

OH! And on Friday Erik and I are getting Guitar Hero: World Tour. It comes with TWO wireless guitars and the game for $119.00 at Walmart. =D That's the first place I ever saw offer that bundle. I think it's awesome. Cause we don't have to share a guitar. (haha) We are so incredibly pumped for this it's ridic.

Anyway, getting some coffee than back to my wonderful day. =)


AH!!!! Winter is Creeping In!

So. Let me tell you if I haven't before. I absolutely HATE winter. Ok, it's not that I hate the cold. I can easily get over that and it makes for an ever present need of snuggling on a constant basis (no one wants cold feeties!) Its the snow I can NOT stand. I live on a hill. And it sucks. Cause my mom gets all worried. And then I have to stay inside doing absolutely nothing. Cause I don't have my own computer and my xbox is no fun without the LIVE aspect of it. So, pretty much. I'm screwed.
But sometimes the snow is quite lovely. =)

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love this time of the year. It's not tooo tooo cold and it just has a very "warm holiday feeling" to it. I'm the weirdo that actually (and you think I'm crazy! K I am!) enjoys black friday. I love the feeling of the hustle and bustle of everyone running around, beating each other up for toys and the loonnng lines. (Told you I'm weird!) It just presents this nice warm holiday feeling.

The only thing is..when it gets past the New Year, I get very depressed. I have S.A.D. which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It bascially means my body does not get enough of the chemical in sunlight that makes a person happy because the sun is not as strong. It sucks hardcore. And mainly a huge reason why I want to move to Florida, aside from the fact that I'm obsessed with how BEAUTIFUL it when you're sitting on the beach and the sun sets. Or how peaceful the dark abyss (aka the sea) is when you're plodding through the sand at 2am after you just got off the plane and your brain is still stuck on Adult Swim. (haha, love jetblue!)

But yeah winter is my least favorite season mainly cause of the snow. And then I get cabin fever ftl! =(

Welcome to New England. Home of people who have lived here all their lives and STILL do not know how to drive in the snow.

(Not everyone can afford Hummmers!)


Just Chillen Out.

Blah. Watching Family Guy at the baberz. Yay! He's been busy working on his project since we got home at like 800pm. Which sucks, cause he has to bring me home in like half an hour. But it's ok. I'll see him tomorrow too.

I'm not really sure what I have to say. Except I'm getting tired and I soo do not want to go to work tomorrow. I cannot wait to go back to school for phlembotomy. And actually do something I like, and something that I can actually get a raise for.

I mean my job is soo easy. I do a couple of things a day and mostly spend my time on the internet because I have absolutely nothing to do. I feel like I may get laid off when the economy takes it's "worse before better turn." I mean my parents who are in very good standing with money cannot even afford to go to Florida like they originally planned in January.

And its the very scary part of the year coming up. The last three times I've been laid off is around this time of the year. Right before my Novemeber vacation. BUT..I'm only taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off because I can't afford tooo.

Oh crap, I'm thinking again. And oddly my boss wants me to get the sub folders on Wednesday. And she didn't seem to be too concerned when I told her that I wasn't going to take off my other vacation days. Grrr...I swear to God if I get laid off a fourth time because some company who clearly needs but doesn't need people at the same time lays me off..I quit at life.

Honestly. I have no clue what's going to happen. I wish my brain didn't sense the weirdest crap. I hope to God I don't get laid off but at the same time I honestly would not be surprised.


So..Hot or Not?

Somehow I'm signing up for Hot or Not.com. I'm sure everyone has heard of it. You put a picture of yourself up for everyone and their mom to look at..and then they rate it from a 1-10. I kinda would love Erik to do it only cause I know for a fact he would get high 8's and probably even into 9's. But anyway aside from this silliness that the Ex is making me do the weekend was pretty good.

Except Saturday night. When the boyfrann and I got into a nasty little fight. It was cause his friend Eric called him and asked him if he wanted to go to play xbox with them. So of course I told my Erik to go cause he never gets to see them and he really wanted to go. So he left..and about 10 mins later my pathetic lame-ass gets all immature and bascially acts all upset but tried to play it off as though I wasn't. And boy did he get mad. =/ Really super mad. And he came back to Cheryl's (which is obvii where I was) and then we talked and hugged and kissed. And I know I have to be more mature and let him go with his friends. Or he will no longer have any. But it's hard. I love him soooo much I don't want anyone but myself to have his time.

Anyway other than that, the rest of the weekend was pretty good. Finally got to see white trash girl in person yesterday. Which was a little bit funny. Ok, so bascailly the quick story with her is that she works with my boyfrann and has liked him for a while. Well ever since he started working there. I mean I don't hate the girl..but sometimes I honestly do not understand why some girls still choose to like guys that say straight to their face...i have a girlfriend, I love her. But it does get a little infuriating when Erik tells me he's carrying a box and WTG grabs his nipples. But ehh I don't know. Cheryl like gets mad at me and tells me not to worry about it. It's not that I am cause I know Erik loves me it's just I am trying to figure out why some girls are like that?!

Anywho, yesterday after Erik's lunch break me and Cheryl were just walking around the store like we usually do. And as I was walking by the front counter, I happened to notice WTG put her head down and looked like she was gonna cry. Which I felt bad about. But eh I can't spare her feelings cause she likes me boyfrann and he doesn't like her. (I know I can be a bitch sometimes)

Well blah its only 1017am which is kinda depressing. BUt oh well..no work again (well at the moment) of course. Pretty much just a quiet day...


This a way, That a way.

Ah. That lil wayne aka lil weezy aka weezy f. baby song is stuck in my head. I enjoy a large spectrum of music. Like last night, I rocked out to Limp Bizkit (old school much?) and Disturbed and some other random music in Erik's car. We're special.

So, last night I went to visit my brother at his college. He attends the lovely Central Connecticut State University campus. (woo frickin hoo). Erik and I finally met what I believe is somewhat his social life. We met his friends next door, Brian and Scott, some chick Ashley and this other chick Leslie which I must admit was way cute for my brother. (in a good way). Yes, the evil sister in me, forced him to show that he has friends. But for a very good reason. My brother has always been very quiet all throughout high school. He had one best friend and didn't really socialize alot in school. He had one girlfriend and that was about it. So, I'm proud of him, he finally is starting to be more social to the world and not shun people away. =)

And what does his dumbass sister do. (that's me btw) I say the most incredibly retarded thing ever. We're in my brothers room (me and Erik) when his next door friend knocks on the door. It's Scott and this chick Ashley. So they come into the room and we all get intrigued by Time Warp which Erik has put on. So, in the meantime Kevin is texting his friend and he says she'll be up in a minute. To which I reply, "Kevin, don't you know it's common courteousy to go down for a girl." And everyone just stops, gives me the wide eyes, and burts out laughing hysterically. (Great choice of words on my part.) Well, my brother was right, I'd embarass him just by being myself. (Nothing unusual)

So, then we left, got some Mickey D's (worst service ever!) and pretty much just chilled and talked and sang some old school songs.

That was pretty much it. But it was amazing. Like he is. <333


And That Will Go Down in History...

So. Of course as everyone knows. Obama won last night!! I don't think I have ever in my entire life showed so much emotion for something political.

After work yesterday I went home, ate dinner, and then went to the polls with my daddy. We stood in line for oh about 20 mins. which wasn't bad at all!! I voted Democrat across the board. (I honestly only cared about Obama and the questions that pretended to my city.) Then I went home and my baberz came and picked me up.

We went to the gamestore, played some Guitar Hero:World Tour for PS3 cause we're dorks!! Then went to Starbucks to get the free coffee (who doesn't love free?!) and then went to the packy so that we could pick up some Boone's Farm. (gotta love that shiznit!) Then it was on to Arby's for the weekley absolutdübs get together. So we went, chilled, Erik got some pics of his car taken. The usual. Oh! And I totally asked Connor about an idea for my seats..and it was the oddest convo. I have EVER had. (Mainly cause he had a doofy grin on his face!)

So, we left round 930 and went to Erik's sisters' house. Her, her hubby and best friend were all there. It was soo much fun. They were soo excited for Barack, it was crazyness! So we chilled, drank some, and watched the election. Then, I was really fending for a cig. and we were out so we went and got some..came back and pretty much 20 mins. after that, McCain concessed(I'm pretty sure I spelt that wrong!) the presidency to Obama. =)

Then at exactly 1200am, Obama made his acceptance speech. And Erik's sister was in tears. And I was overcame with this incredible happiness. I felt like the world was going to be a better place. And it is history. And I witnessed it. And just sitting there with Erik and his family, I was never happier. I felt so much love last night (ok im getting cheesy!) but it's like nothing I've ever felt. I was so excited.

Now..time for coffee. Thank you Obama. Change is upon us.



So. After my unintentional freak out blog yesterday, the rest of the day went pretty well. I got out of work, and went to baberz. We ended up going to the mall. We went to Hot Topic, so he could return his earrings. (he's gauging his ears, so cute. i think?) Then we went to Best Buy, where I filled out another application for another store credit card. And I got declined. (boo.) Then, I decided I really wanted to go look at the puppies and kitties at the pet store. Bad idea!

We went in. And there were 3 adorable mini dauchands. And in one of the cages there were a short-haired one and a wire-haired one. And after standing there forever and a day, someone finally helped us. AND AND..we got to see the short haired one. (can you tell how excited i am?) He was soo frickin cute!! At first he was really shy and just kinda moped around. Then all of a sudden, he got really excited and started running..which is the cutest thing ever! And he was biting and just playing. I wish we coulda got him. But he's $1200!!!!!!! Which I knewwww. Cause my ex friends have two of them.

Anywho, then Erik decided he really really wanted him. SO he went home and asked his mom. And she said no..cause they have a lease that says they can only have one cat. Which sucks!!!!!!! But one day Erik and I will get a puppy.

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The cutie patootie. <33

Then. We went back to his house, just watched some family guy. Then I was bored and found....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the cover of a frickin expensive ass service manual.

The quick story is..I was at a car show, my first I entered in. I put Charlie in at the last minute. (he was only 4 days old!) He won second place in the A5 Watercooled Stock Class and then some guy came over to me ans asked if that was my car and I said yes. And he said well I'd like to photograph him, soo we went with another tornado red gti and got photographs done. And taaaaa-daaa Charlie is on the front of this manual. I don't know what happened to the GTI, but it looks as though he has been replaced by a Fahrenheit GTI.

Pretty snazzy. I love you Charlie the Bunnni. <33


Now It's An Awkward Mess, Just Like the Grease On My Pants!!!

So, ok. I'm upset. Not visibly, ok visibly. And I'm pretty sure baberz can feel the anxiety pounding through out my veins. And I know he hates when I talk about the ex.
But honestly, it quite surprised me and hurt me a little bit.

So, I'm at lunch with the ex. Just to talk as usual. And we were sitting there enjoying Wendy's when he opened the little compartment between our seats. (its a 2 seater MX-5 Miata from Mazda) And what do I see!!!!!! Condoms. An open package of condoms. And I just stared at him. And he looked at me like what?!

I just continued to stare then nicely asked him to move his arm. Opened the compartment, took out the open package and just said who were you having sex with? He just said he was not going to discuss this matter.

So. Being nosey that I am..I took em out. There were two left. They were a 3-pack with a both pleasure, a her pleasure and a thin one. (who the fck remembers thiS!) And lookie the her pleasure was used.

I don't really know why I'm so upset. But I am. I guess I thought, well that it wouldn't have happened this soon. From his prespective it actually hurts alot. ALOTTT! =(

I'd like to apologize to my baberz..I'm sorry for this blog. I just well didn't know it would hurt this bad. I mean it does but a I have a weird calm to me at the same time. I just, well its like how can you talk to me like that, tell me you still want to be with me, like everyday and then go and do someone.

But thats life. And now that I vented I'm ok. Being replaced sucks. Hardcore. ^_^

Ok..so the weekends are always soo short.

Happy Monday! Yeah, right. Mondays are the worst day ever! Who wants to get up for work? Plus, its baberz busiest day at school. He's supposed to have class tonite at 530 to 830 but eh..we hear my best buy card and guitar hero calling our name, so that's what we're gonna doo. Right now I'm actually checking to even see if I still have one. Grrr, had to fill out another form for the credit card cause I actually physically do not have one. I believe my mom threw it out accidently a loong time ago.

Um, ok soo I filled out the application for the just store credit card and apparently I got approved for the best buy credit card, which I declined. I'm so proud of myself. I'm already in debt with my Capitol One card soo. Gr. I need to set up a bank accountant like woah. So, guess I'm calling Best Buy later on to see if I have a card. I must tho. Since it asked me to get the rewards zone one. Anyway, weekend update.

Friday was Halloween of course. (yay!) Its become one of my favorite holidays. =D But, sadly it didn't turn out so well. I was on my way to Cheryl's house after work and I go there and jokingly rang the doorbell and said trick-or-treat. (heheh) So, I was on the phone with Erik at the same time and like Cheryls entire family was around me, and her dad said, "Get off the phone" jokingly, so I said bye I love you to Erik and hung up and he gotz mad at me. =/ Which I didn't know for a very long. So, needless to say, I wasn't happy that he was mad at me especially cause he wouldn't tell me why. Anywho, so I got all dressed up. And Cheryl and I went, got some Wendy's and then went to get Erik. Then we went and got my brother at school (yes my brother actually came out with me! it amazes me!) So, finally we were all ready to go. And Erik was not in a happy mood FYI. (he wasn't mad at me then, he was mad at cheryl) Well, for some reason when Erik, Cheryl and I are all together, Cheryl just HAS to talk over Erik. I never realized it till he said something, and then it was hardcore. And annoying! She told me once that she was jealous and wanted alone time with me. (which is fine, i can give her one day a week to do that! more if needed) But no, she has to be greedy and cannot even talk within the group.

When Erik, myself and my cousin get together, the three of us always talk like nothings wrong. (lol) Anway, so we finally get to the party. And it sucked! We knew like three people there and eh. I don't know..soo we bounced. Went back to Cheryls, changed and watched the Ghost Hunters Live marathon. (which was pretty cool!) Kevin and Erik were hungry soo I let Erik borrow my car and the two of em went off to get food. (Which I'm surprised at!) My brother has never been this close to any boyfriend of mine, EVER. Not even the Ex. He barely talked to the Ex. Anyway, so then my cousin called, and asked us to meet her at the diner, so we did. Chilled there for a little while. Then left, and brought Kevin and Erik home. Woo Hoo (kinda).

(I'll get to Saturday in a moment, wait its not like you can tell I'm taking a break, but I need to write Cheryl a myspace message, I'm sure you know why!)

Saturday, I got up at the butt crack of dawn. Ok, so it was like 830am. (haha) I went and picked up the ex. And we went and got some coffee and food and then got Charlie serviced. He got his oil change and then I brought the Ex home. Went to Cheryl's, watched some tv, then went and picked her cousin up. Then, we went to visit my baberz at work. On the way to picking up Cheryl's cousin though, we kinda got into a fight. She didn't want to take my car cause she was hanging out with her ex that night (which she never did!) and she didn't wanna smell like smoke. But I didn't wanna take her car cause she wanted to clean it and I didn't feel like wasting time sitting there watching her do that. (plus I wanted to clean mine!) So, we took mine, and got into that arguement and she said everything ALWAYS had to go MY way. Which pissed me off. Since everything is always her way! She's the one WHO ALWAYS blows me off, the one who decides that she doesn't really like Erik around soo she talks over him, the one who invites me over then sits there on the phone for hours with Brian from Cali. who is going to Iraq in a year but who she's so in love with it.

Anyway, so went and visited Erik at work, I met his co-worker Jason, who apparently is supposed to regain custody of his son, so Erik told Jason that whenever he needed a babysitter we'd do it. Which I'm excited about. =) So, then Cheryl her cousin and I left, went to Wal-mart, got some stuff including a movie, the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Well, we got back to Cheryl's, ate some food, and then went to watch the movie and when Cheryl opened the case, there was nothing inside.

I mean nothing! THere was no insert, no dvd, and no 3-d glasses. So, we went all the way back to Wal-mart and we were able to exchange em. =)

So, we went back to Cheryl's and finally began to watch the movie. Then Erik called and I left to go chill with him. We watched some tv and just cuddled, then he was rubbing my back and I totally fell asleep, and so did he apparently. Sometime around 1 tho, we both woke up..and I left and went to sleep. (I love my bed!)


Sunday was a borrring day. I woke up to Eriks phone call round 950. He had work at ten. (boo!) So, I just chilled round the house, then left to go visit Erik on his lunch round 3, go there, he got in the car and we went to Mickey D's. And ohhhhh, who's outside smoking a cig?! White trash girl. =) Chyeaaa. She's jealous. I got my sexxy dub and my sexxy boyfrann. (I'm not conceited BTW!) So, then after that I went home, chilled, then went to dinner with my mommy and daddy. Went back home. Erik came and picked me up round 720, went back to his house, I dyed his hair. =) Chyeaaa. Watched Family Guy, Storm Chasers and more Family Guy! (I love me some Family Guy!)

Then he took me home. And here I am slaving over work. (I hate Mondays!) And thats bout it. Ten minutes to lunch.

I leave you with a quote.

"One finger I'm up and out;cause you ain't even worth two."
(haha. BadAss)