SO Much to Do!!

My head has already bypassed this week. It's not too next weekend and the first car show of the season. Dubs on Defrost 2. =))

I have to get my springs on absolutely this weekend. Hopefully Mr. West or Coco will come thru for me. They better damnit! I also have to put my white steelie back on and clean the living crap out of the wheels. It's just brake dust so it's really no biggie.

I also have to wash my car, clay bar it, apply detail spray, take out my mats && clean them, vacuum, wash the windows, and clean the dash and such. So mucccchhhh to be done. But, I'm excccittted. =D So excited that Charlie is finally getting somewhere. I'll post pics as soon as I get Charlie uber clean next Friday. He's gonna be a shiny bright beast. =)

Anyways, heres some pics from PA!

[[Dubs in PA]]

[[Me.Sondra.PA Lover.]]

[[Dean.O, Sondra, Ash, Lil B, Jon, Swan, PA Lover, Me]]

edit: more soon.

2 you know you love me.:

controlled chaos said...

it's like u were speaking a foreign language for some time...something about cars...

Bon Don said...

Awww cute pictures!! and yay for Charlie getting a good scrub down, he's going to be one happy boy!