Epic Night.

So, tonite I'm going to Lil Cuz's house to celebrate her being 21. [Oh crap, I need to get a card!] The bestie is coming with me and then we are going out for the night. I think I may kidnap her and go to the casino after. Maybe DMB will come with?

Or I might go tomorrow night, for my cousins' crazy ass birthday party. She's a hardcore partier. Crazy girl. I'm unsure of the plans but it's all gravy.

Oh! And uber exciting news. I was talking to bestie in Florida last night, Firefighter Fred, and he starts shift in a week! He works freakin 9 days a month, thats it. And when he works OT, he gets 30 per hour. (Lucky!) Right now, he bascially can't leave the town or go very far for 6 mnths because he's on mandatory OT, which means if they need him, he has to go.

He started back in Jan, so bascially 6 mnths after that is August(edit:really do i know how to tell time?? lmao!) and he gets to take a week vacay. So, guess who's probably going?! ME! I just need to find someone that wants to go. I'm gonna ask Lil Cuz, I know she totally wants to take a vacay with me. I would ask bestie but she kinda hates the heat/summer. But eh throw out to her tooo.

But I'm uber stoked to go back down and even more stoked to see Firefighter Fred. I've missed him!!



Progress is being made at the moment I'm happy to report. We're talking which is a start and going to dinner tonite.

Nothing fancy, but eh maybe it's just not worth it. He's confusing me. Saying he doesn't know what he wants. Wants to be with me but not now.

Grrr. I hate love.

Happier..Getting There Anyway.

Thanks again for all the kind comments. And BP actually stands for Bean Pole, (hahah) because he's so tall and skinny and I have no clue what else to call him.

I'm doing allottt better today. I didn't cry at all last night. =) I am though entering the Angry Stage. Things are starting to bother me..and I just want to deck him. But for the most part I'm getting over it.

Last night I went to Rob's and we chilled out and played some Zombie Nazi's as promised. Then he let me sit there and be all mopey (no crying involved tho) and watch "What I Like About You." Love that show!

Around 845 his roommate came home, and Rob told him what happened and he asked if I wanted a beer and I don't drink beer, so nah. Then his roomie was like we have wine! And I was like um YES PLEASE! =) So, I sat there till about 10, drinking wine and being mopey again.

Then I went home and waited for my friend to come pick me up..and we just drove around and around and I blabbed on and on. The wine was getting to me. I blabbed and texted and blabbed and texted somemore.

I got home around midnite and just laid in my bed, texting. My bestie texted me around 1230 and asked if he had talked to me. Nope. Still nothing.

This morning I did well too, I wasn't as mopey..but I still don't wanna be here at work. =(
BP is still on AIM, but his away just says Out today. I know he has class this morning but I'm pretty sure he's been in the D-Block or at Big Al's working on the classic cars.

The only thing that caught my attention was that he updated his myspace profile to the 2.0 version. And I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but instead of being up and down, its more side to side. And theres a header where you can have 3 tiny pics displayed. And his are: the pic of me in New York standing against the wall, looking up, the picture of him doing the same, and a his favorite pic of New York he took. Now, I know it can just put pics in there, if you don't change them, but c'mon how could it pick those 3?? HMMM?

So, I have no clue, but it got my attention. Who knows what will happen. But whatever does, I'll still be wearing that huge smile I always hide. =D It's time to show it.


Blogging Makes The Heart Grow Stronger.

I'm still a wicked mess, yet you'd never know. I hide my feelings like a Navy Seal on a mission. I smile and laugh and crack really witty jokes. But, deep down inside I want to rip my fucken heart out.

Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who've kept me afloat. Went to the besties last night and ate some yummy chocolate. =) This morning I had lots love, lots of texts, lots of advice.

Tonite, I'm going to chill with Rob. He's my bro from another mom. We are gonna play some Zombie Nazi killing game on Xbox. (Woo hoo) And just chill out. Zombie killing always cheers up a broken heart. (lmao)

And of course, my Mandy from PA (She has an interview Monday here!!!) cheered up. We've been constantly talking thru facebook and text message. She said she's going to start a bunnni cruise, exclusively for us. ;) (lol) I cannot wait for her to come up here Saturday. It's gonna be awesome!

I'm not sure what the rest of my week looks like. Friday I know for sure I'm going to my cousin's to celebrate her bday and then probably go to the CTEurospec GTG with my bestie. =) They'll cheer me up.

So far no progress really. BP(ill call him that) is actually online on AIM. He's been away for the past 3 hrs tho, out clearing his head is what it says. No clue what that means or if clearing his head will help him realize how much I care. Well, at least he's online. More than I thought would happen.

Keeping my fingers crossed he does talk to me. All I want is closure. I'm hurt...and that's what I need.

(Of course I can't forget you guys in the blog world!! Thank you soo much! You've been so supportive!!!)

ABC Game!

Sheri tagged me to play this game and its certainly bringing my mood level up. =)

The rules are :
1. To each letter of the alphabet, write a word connected to you.
2. Tag 6 people.

A – Animated, sometimes I just get very wow!
B – Blogging, has kept me sane.
C – Crazy, I have this side come out very rarely.
D – Dreamer, I'm constantly dreaming.
E – Excited, I get excited easily.
F – Florida, lovvee it.
G – Great!
H – Happy, for the most part, getting over that bump.
I – Internet, I'm constantly on.
J – Joker, I love to make people laugh.
K – Kind.
L – LLamas, are my fav. animal!
M – Movies, are great!
N – Nickie. Duh! lol.
O – Outrageous, sometimes I say crazy things.
P – Pretty, when I wanna be.
Q – Quick, goes my rabbit.
R – Rabbit, for my Veedub.
S – Shows. They're my life.
T – Twitter, I need to put it on my blog.
U – U+Me=US, Lmao.
V – Vigor, yup active like whoa (I have no clue?)
W – White Bread, love it with butter.
X – Xbox 360, my love.
Y – Yup.
Z – Zebras, are awesome.

The 6 People I Tag Are:

Symphonic Discord
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Everything Works Itself Out..Maybe?

I'm driving to work, tears running down my face behind these ridic. huge sunglasses. Everyones texting me, concerned for me. I think about him, my heart broken into a million pieces. I think why? I blame myself, I blame him. I think about the support I'm getting. It makes me smile.

But, inside I'm a wreck. I'm tortured and tormented by the harsh things he said. I woke up this morning thinking everything will be alright, but it's not. It won't be for a long time.

I'm angry at him still, angry that he gets it all and I'm left with nothing. I have no dub club to be associated with anymore, all those people that were my friends, they've been edited out of my life like he's edited me out of everything on the internet. I think how my car show season, the one thing I really looked forward to do with him, is gone. How can I show my face? When I know it'll hurt just to see him.

I still love him, more than anyone I ever have. He helped me shape into someone I wanted to be..I had so many plans, to better myself with his help. But, just like that, it's all gone.

I'm afraid to talk to him, afraid to have him tell me there's nothing more, that's it. His friend told me not to worry, it'll all work out, if it was meant to be, it will be. At this moment in time, I don't feel so sure about it.

Last night, everything changed. We got into a fight, we were driving, he told me to turn around and that it was over. I didn't think he meant it. I thought I was going to drive to his house, and we would sit outside and talk about it.

Instead, he exploded at me, told me to give him the ring back, told me he was too young for this, that whenever I spoke about marriage and moving in together, he was scared for his life. He never told me this, or I would have shut up. I thought he wanted it too. He told me he was too young, that he was only 19 and this was too much for him to handle.

At that moment, I wanted to punch him, knock him out cold. I told him at the beginning of our relationship when it had picked up fairly quickly that I was afraid that he would wake up one day, and say fuck, I'm 19, I can't do this. I stood there in Ikea, asking him if he ever thought this would happen, cause if so, I didn't wanna be with him. He looked me in my eyes, told me no never, and I love you.

He told me I made him miserable. He told me we fought too much. Told me his mom and sister heard us fighting and when he came down to come outside, they said they could see that I made him miserable. He told me they still really liked me, but they saw a different him.

I starred at him, crying, unable to say what it was I wanted to say. I sat their staring at the gauge cluster in my car. Watching the time pass by, listening to him telling me maybe I'm making a mistake, but I'm just not ready. I continued to stare at the gauges in my car, continued to listen to him break my heart more and more.

He told me he loved me still, something inside of me, snapped and I barked at him, telling him I didn't believe him, which thru him into a frenzy and he got out of the car, slammed the door, walked around my car, punched his own and walked inside his house.

And that was it. Everything was erased. The love is gone. My heart is broken. And I don't know what to do. =(


Getting My Act Together && Then Some...

I'm finally getting my act together. Last night I went with baberz to the bank where my paycheck comes from and opened an account and plopped 50.00 in. I'm following the advice of my friend on this to do it right this time. She told me I should build upon a cushin every week.

Which basically means, put 50.00 in, if I can keep that, up to 100.00 I can't touch and so on and so forth. And then ta-da I'll have money!!!! =)

In other self-help stuff, baberz and I are going to the gym. We are going to start going probably sometime next week. 3-4 times a week when we're just sitting around at his house, we are going to go to the gym instead! I already have the motivation, its something I am soo excccited to buy in the future.

It's a Victoria's Secret bathing suit. Why am I so excited to buy this you say? Well, because of the fact that the pattern on it, is peace signs, hearts, stars, and bunnnis. Yes lil bunnnis that look like the VW Rabbit Bunnni, just fatter and with longer ears. I could not believe it when I saw it?!

In other news, baberz has quit smoking. I am almost done with my pack, so I am going to attempt also. We figured out we spend 30.00 combined a week on cigs which equates to 1440.00, um hi, vacation much with that money? Yes please! I don't think it'll be that hard, it's just more of a habit I need to break. I can go for like 8 hrs if I have too without one. Lots of gum is what I need to chew. =)

Finally, my friend just myspaced (yes its a verb) and told me that she is moving up here to live with her boyfrann. He has been like an older bro to me since I was 16, and she's just such an awesome chick, soo I'm happy she's making the switch from PA to here! Plus, she owns a Rabbit too! Hers is 09 tho, and he's silver. His name is Roger.

Overall, everythings working out. Positive attitude and good influence def. helps!

Painnn. =(

I'm in so much pain. My legs feel like someone knotted them up and left them there, my lower back is just screaming for something to make it feel better. It all started the other nite, Tuesday I believe. I had had a terrible kink in my neck all day and baberz ended up rubbing it..ahhh much better.

Well last night, no so good. The entire day I felt like I had this horrendous Charlie Horse right about my right knee. Baberz tried to rub it out, we even tired the muscle relaxing goop, Tiger Balm, did nothing! The pain eventually spread down to my calfs..and onto my left leg and lower back. I went to bed last night thinking, it'll go away, it has too. Probably just didn't have my boots tied well enough.

Well, nope. The pain is still here. >.< It hurts so bad. It's pretty much the entirety of both of legs and my lower back. I feel like someone did something to the bottom half of me. Nothing can make this go away. Thought sleep would, nope. Thought a nice warm shower with the water beating on my aching legs would, nope.

So, I think I will go to the Walk-In. I don't have a PCP yet, haven't ever..so might as well suck it up and call my mommy to stop her errands and come with me and baberz to the doctors. Hopefully my boss lets me out.

I used Web Md to look it up. I think it might be fibromyalgia. Apparently, the onset is very sudden and it usually is upcompanied by fatigue, not feeling well, anxiety, and depression. All of which I have. Well not the depression. (yet) Idk if it's trully that, but it's def. something.

I def. didn't twist an ankle or walk funny or only one leg would hurt or the symptoms would be gone. But they aren't. Grrrrr.

I mean I've had pain before, but never this bad. I used an Icy/Hot patch for my back too..which has to mean something because I'm the chick who (knock on wood) has never been to the emergency room before.

Well, I'm going to finish up my work then talk to my boss. See if I can go to the doctors. ::Sigh::


This is Funnyyy!

Jenn from Living Life posted this fun game...c'mon you know you wanna do it!

a. Go to the Google.
b. Type your name and the words “likes to” all in quotation marks. ("Nickie Likes To")
c. Report back on the first ten things that come up for your name.

-Nickie likes to drink and party..alot. (can't say that i do)

-Nickie likes to lay on her stomach frog leg style. (wtf?)

-Nickie likes to read, shop, and play on the computer.

-Nickie likes to pen down articles about this field.

-Nickie likes to wash Penny’s face, ears, and paws, and Penny tolerates it.

-Nickie likes to lay on her back all fours spread so you can rub her tummy. (awkward)

-Nickie likes to call her a 12-year-old (sorry no kids)

-Nickie likes to say: "where my bittttches at?" (i only have one bitch haha)

-Nickie likes to keep tabs on my deployed buddies. (totally dude)

-Nickie likes to be choaked and shit
(yup, thanks for being #10. lmao. um no.)

Well that was interesting! Enjoy!

A Beautiful Release.

I know I've been on somewhat of blogging hiatus. I apologize. I've been uber busy here at work.

Today is an awesome day though. It's Friday for one and my boss isn't here. She's out enjoying a weekend at the casino. I have some work to do, but honestly why bother if no one is here to check it?! The phone has literally rang maybe 3x since I've gotten here. I'm hoping my boss will let us go home early, cause ya know its super slow and such and President's Day is Monday, which means absolutely nothing.

We don't even get Good Friday off for God Sakes! Nope, no holiday off till Memorial Day.

Anyway, I'm just sitting here listening to Youtube songs, nope not watching, just listening. Last weekend by all accounts was pretty epic. Friday was the club gtg as usual at Ellery's. Saturday we went out with Jason, Jenna, Eric && Will. Sunday I chilled with my bestie and helped her make some stew and then baberz came over and we all watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

That movie is ok, but it's def. best left for a really boring day or maybe as a filler in a movie marathon kinda day.

I'm listening to Sarah McLaughlin's ; "In the Arms of an Angel." That song always make me tear up no matter what. ='( The video is bascially just a lyrics one but just reading the lyrics makes me get all emotional.

Another song I loove is, "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt. I'm cheesy, it's all good though. =)

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Baberz and I are actually pretty poor this week, so we are going to do something next. Although, I'm perfectly fine considering my Valentine's Day this year well spent at Big Al's Toybox, drooling over the Chevelle SS that's there. And dreaming about warmer weather, because Big Al said he would take me for a ride in it, because baberz told him how obessed I am. =p Baberz is doing stuff to his G60 Valve Cover, so I'll just sit and stare at this 800hp beast.

Now, if he could just slap that beast on a dynoo....ohhhh my. I sweat American Muscle. The raw power..yeahhh. =)

But, I'm still Euro yo, don't get it twisted. (haha)

Oh, so on the previous post..I spoke about how my club got everything all confuzzled and such. Well, I let Jason know what the guys were saying, so did baberz, and Jason posted in our forums. He said, a 10x10 tent was going to be a pain because it's a 10x30 spot of land we're getting, and how it's cool they want to sell merchandise but they really shouldn't because vendors PAY to do that. He said they should have a small tent with chairs for eating or chilling when not walking around the show.

Did they listen? Of course not. No, they didn't even acknowledge his comment. They just said, OH! We have even more room, now we can put in 3 cars, and have the table, and stickers, and business cards and flyers and etc. They want to talk about taking shifts in the booth and having all the other ladiess (the non dubbin gfs) stand there and look pretty.

What do they not get? Right there that screams vendor. Ladies in the booth, needing people to be in the booth? What?! This is not our show but I guess Duckin being retarded took it as Jason was allowing to join the show instead of just showing up and supporting and organizing.

O well. Boys will be boys.

In other news, I'm excited to say I'm in charge of the cruise from Dirtty Water to Newtown to meet up with the DBlock which is run by my lovely baberz. =) Which in English means, I and other European cars will be driving all in a line of the highway and will meet up with another group and then we will all follow in one even bigger line.

Thinking about it outside the box makes me wonder why following Volkswagens in a line is so cool? Well, it is fun. I'll confess. (haha)

So far, my thread has gotten any replies. I'm a tad nervous about this, because I don't know if a lot of these guys want to or will take a chick serious. I mean what man wants to follow a woman esp. when driving? Exactly. So, I'll have to see what happens.

Hopefully they won't be stupid and they'll go with it.

Well. I'm out for now. Peace.


DOD2, A Disaster in the Making. >.<

I've had a straight up headache for the past two days now. I couldn't sleep last night because I was soo annoyed, the bottom line, my club is turning the Season Opener (DOD2) into a shit show.

And more or less people in our club are starting to disrespect baberz. Baberz put this show on last year, nothing has or will really change. But, leave it to our club to think we are hosting a large booth where our cars will be displayed perfectly.

People who host booths are vendors, who pay alot of money to have cars in booths and other such things. Bascially what I think Jason is getting at (the overseer of this coveted show) is that we will get an area for our club to park in. That's it, yes maybe we can set up a small table with our goodies on it but that's about it.

The thing that got me riled up this morning was that in a very nice way baberz was trying to tell the guys he thinks we are just getting our own area to park in. Which then thatskinnykid surprised me and stated he thought we were getting a large tent to display everything like HatCity whos putting the show on and SoCo who's going to be cooking//grilling. He said talk to pickles and mayo. (DUH) That's baberz best friend, I think he frickin knows.

Anyway, this is just becoming an epic headache for me. I feel everything got way twisted and somehow everyone else in our club thinks we are hosting/sponsoring(or damn close to it) and that we are some huge part of the show. That we are THAT damn important.


But, I honestly am not going to let this affect me anymore. I gave my input on awards, something I made up in about 20 mins and I also plan on possibly heading up the central ct cruise (why not!?). Baberz is still working on Jason though, I feel like he bascially just thinks I'll go anywhere baberz does. Hi, I'd like to do my own thing! Talk about awards, organize a cruise. Etc Etc Etc.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. I'll post a nicer blog later. =) (lol)


The [[Camera]] Heart of NYC.

My love took these pics! He's amazing with a camera. <333 And I may have taken one or two. Enjoy!

Photos FTW!

Alrite, here they are. You have to look at them starting from the bottom if you care to make a timeline out of it. Edited all by me because I have an addiction at picnik.com. ((The artsy ones will have their own post as well.))

Thanks for looking!!!!!


Alrite finally I have a nice easy day at work to be able to post my lil head off. So, sit tight, this is going to be a looong one. ((Pics will go in the next post.))

So last weekend recap:


As usual Friday nights consist of driving an hour with baberz to be with our dub group, CTEurospec. We absolutely love them. <33 (yay!) They treat us well, include us in everything and apperciate that we drive an hour out of our way (southern ct yo) to go and chill with them. Last Friday we were actually able to get there early. Of course, that was interuppted by the fact that of course, I had to pee incredibly badly because as always I have coffee and it flows right through me. I always remember this as soon as I have already purchased the said coffee. Now, it wouldn't be a big deal if we didn't have to travel all back roads. My GPS pretty much brings us mostly on highway but about 30 mins into the ride, dumps us onto the back roads of Shelton. So, usually that the point when I have to go..and usually its bad. Thankfully baberz navigated us well and we found a Dunkin Donuts. We then got to Best Buy, chilled for about a min and then it was time to leave for Boudah's.

The drive to Boudah's from Best Buy is always crazy one, because the guys love to go fast. (Crazzies) Thankfully, I pay enough attention where I don't need the GPS anymore. It's pretty striaght forward, take 95 to 91 and take an exit and make a turn and stay staright and bam Boudah's house! He shares a lovely little house with a roommate right on LI Sound.

Anyhoodle, so we baberz and I are slowly getting more comfortable. We had a nice lil convo with ThatSkinnyKid and 1QuickJazz, well baberz mostly did. Altho, I did make a comment when baberz and 1QuickJazz were talking, about how bright and lovely Boudah's shower curtain is when I went to the bathroom. (1 beer queer here!) Yes, I may or may not have snuck some Cap'n in my coke. =D I rarely drink but baberz was driving sooo.

Pretty much the rest of the night consisted of standing around watching beer pong that turned into water pong, because honestly when Boudah left to get pizza, like 10 more pple walked in. Which was weird. There had to be about 25 of us. There's usually about 15 of us in general sooo. We also watched some hookah action go down. (Tobacco only! lol) Which was slightly amusing.

It's always a good time, except sometimes I feel awkward with the girls around. There was 4 of em this time. One I've seen before, she usually hangs around Boudah but isn't his gf, then there was G's gf, this other kids gf and some chick I've never seen. They were all dressed in their leggings with boots, and long sweaters, while I'm over here in a hoodie, and a baseball hat to keep my ears warm. I'd love to talk to them, but I think they view me as just one of the guys. Idk, it's kinda weird. But whateves yo!


Saturday baberz and I woke up early. I got to his house around 815 and we ate some cereal for breakfast then left. We drove all the way down to the Bethel train station because they said a train was running there at 1048am. Guess what? They're closed on Saturday and Sundays! So, baberz did some quick thinking and we ended up going to Brewster NY which was about 15 mins away from there. (Hr trip from home) There we got to park for free (weekends and holidays baby!) and we bought our ticket from the lil kiosk thingy and actually paid $1 less. (Woo a dolla!)

The train came about 15 mins later and we were comfortably on it and headed to Grand Central 5 mins later. The whole ride took about an hour and a half, it had a ton of stops but we didn't mind. We finally got there round 1220, and started our day. We grabbed a damn map (I almost know New York, almost!) and headed on out. The first thing we did was go to Times Square and get some lunch. We stopped into a lil pizza joint with a tiny counter to eat at and really annoying mirrors you got to face while eating your pizza. I got a Hawaiian slice which we later found out was $6.00. (Of course the one time I actually want toppings!)

After lunch, we ventured around Times Square, taking pics and going into the M&M store and the Hershey's store. After that, we went and took a cute pic on the steps they used for New Year's Eve and baberz got some good shots of Times Square, and the sun hit everything just so nicely. We walked some more, just taking our time, taking in the scenes and such.

We eventually wandered over to Rockefeller Center and watched people ice skate and just sat and relaxed watching everyone. My feet were killing me by then. (alot of walking and some subway riding was done between times square and rockefeller.) They didn't really hurt from walking, it was more of the fact that I have horrid dried skin on the bottom of my feet, so my heels starting cracking and rubbing against my boots. (eek)

After that we went to check out the set of the Today Show. Which is actually a lot smaller than I originally thought! We ended up going into the NBC store, and of course I had to embarass myself somehow and I ended up knocking a mug with my obscenely large fake Dolce and Gabana bag. I just stood there staring at the shattered pieces wondering what was going to happen, but all that did happen was two guys came up, picked up the pieces and walked away. Baberz approached them and asked if we had to pay and they said no don't worry it happens all the time.

After that fiasco we made our way to the subway and set on our journey to the WTC Site. (World Trade Center) I of course got us on the wrong train, but realized it pretty quickly so we got off and got on the correct one. We headed down there, got off at Chambers St and headed for the site. Unfortunately the observation deck was closed, so we made our way around and sat in front of a strip of stores on some steps. And we just sat, watching and listening. It was oddly quiet in that area, even though like 2 blocks away there was a man being interrogated by the NYPD.

We sat there for a good long while, and I mostly about how I spot I was sitting in was once covered with debris, and such. Eventually we walked across the street and looked thru the holes in the fence. I mostly just saw a concrete wall but baberz was tall enough to be able to take a picture of the site down below it. Again, it was oddly still, nothing else mattered at that moment.

After that we went back to Times Sqaure and ate at Friday's. A highly overpriced Friday's for the amount of food they give you. Then I was pretty much done. We walked to the Subway station and rode the S train to Grand Central.

We got there, checked the time, and sat next to our track. Got up, walked around, had 2 last cigs, went back and our train was there. Got on, sat down, waited and half an hour later we were headed home. We ended up getting home around 1115 and home home by 1230.

After that I headed home and went to bed.


Sunday I pretty much stayed in bed all day. My calves ached beyond all belief. =( I eventually got up and went and hung out with baberz at work for the last hour he worked, then we went back to his house, he changed and we went to his sister's house for the Superbowl party.

The Superbowl itself wasn't all too exciting until the 4th quarter. I was routing for the Steelers (why not?) and was kinda excited when they won. I asolutely loved the E-Trade commercials, and the Careerbuilder.com one. "You hate work so much you just want to punch a small animal." (lmao!)

After that we went back to baberz and just relaxed..it was def. an awesome weekend. =)

For the most part this week was pretty uneventful. Baberz and I were pooor beyond belief so we just chilled at his house. Wednesday night though we did drop by my friend Rob's. He just moved into a house with his good friend about 3 weeks ago. So, we chilled out, ate some cookies and watched Grandma's Boy.

Work has been crazy hectic, so many folders. And I had to do training for Allstate because apparently I was doing stuff wrong. (Fun) Ok, I was doing stuff wrong. (lmao) But now I pretty much got it down path.

Tonight is of course Eurospec gtg. Best Buy, maybe the mall then Boudah's! We were supposed to have a bonfire but the guys can't pellets...honestly that's ok though. Damn fire burns my face and my ass but my toes stay frozen. I like to be even all around. ((lol))

Tomorrow probably going to Dbury to hang out with some of baberz' friends. Sunday I'm going to hang out with my bestie. Nothing crazy..just a chill weekend with epic people.

Well pics are next!!! Stay put!


Sorrrryyyy =(

Hello everyone! I know I've been slacking on posting, I've been super busy at work!
Promise this afternoon or def. tomorrow I will post! I have tons to say about this past weekend, cteurospecs epic night, epic people; nyc (photos too!) and some other random stuff!

So hang tight, I will post!


25 Things About Me. [[x3]]

Sheri tagged me with this “25 Things About Me” post.

It says x3 because I've done it on Myspace and Facebook already too! [[lol]]

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. Then tag 25 people, including the person who tagged you.

1. I looove the New York Yankees.
2. Patriots of course.
3. I want to go back to school, but I'm so afraid I won't want to do that specific career forever.
4. I really get annoyed by the Allstate program we have here at work.
5. I've never been to the emergency room ever.
6. I absolutely love summer.
7. I love driving around with my windows down and music up in the summer.
8. I love the beach.
9. I'm obsessed with Florida.
10. I love taking walks in the summer.
11. Dusk is my favorite time of the day.
12. I love taking pictures.
13. I love editing pictures more.
14. I love chocolate chip cookies.
15. Brownies=Love too.
16. My favorite cartoon is Family Guy.
17. Disturbed is my favorite band.
18. "Take You There" by Sean Kingston is my favorite song ever.
19. I'm a dork.
20. I heart my xbox.
21. I heart my veedub.
22. I heart my dub group.
23. I love my baberz.
24. I love quotes.
25. I'm random.

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