This is totally like my millionth post today. [[jk]] But, it feels like it. I have no clue what the hell is going on this weekend!

I'm more confused than a kid in a candy store, wondering if he wants chocolate covered peanuts or chocolate M&Ms. [[personally, i'd go for the M&Ms]]

There's a show on Sunday. It's about 2 hrs away in Massachusetts. Now, Mass. isn't THAT far away, but we have to go thru Rhode Island to get there because it's obvii on the eastern part of the state.

Well, the thing is..JDubs && Lou are going to Rhode Island tomorrrow to visit Lou's fam [[hes originally from there obvii]], PA Lova && Lil B are going out there to chill with them and then up to Mass. to stay with Dustin && his girlfriend. And Swan && his ex got a hotel together too, so I'm like mmmm ok...now what to do?

The dilemma is: Swan doesn't know if he's gonna stay with Amanda [[probably]], Dean.O might come up tomorrow after his car show [[where shall he stay??]] and me well I dunno. I'm like floating around.

My awesome besties Lil B && Pa Lova, asked me to stay with if I wanted..but they're gonna be rooming with Dustin && his gf, and I'm not sure how down I am for being the 5th wheel. I def. thank them for that, but I doubt I'm going to. I'm fine staying home honestly, but apparently they aren't fine with that. [[geeezzz]]

Cause I've been telling PA Lova all week I didn't know if I was going because I don't know of J.Wilts gonna go, or Kerri will. Chances are, they probably both won't. Which is cool, cause I really need to bring my car in for servicing and I keep forgetting.

[[I also need a really good lie, why my car is 3000 over..oopsie.]]

Well, everyone have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine && warm temps if you're lucky enough to get it. I know it's gonna be about 90 all weekend, and this time I'm packing the sunscreen.

By the way. I have a plan to marry Asher Roth...seriously. He's super cute and dorky. He makes me swoon like no other. Pick up his album " Asleep in the Bread Aisle" in stores now. [[i seriously just plugged him...crazy]].

But, he damn fine. And I'm totally hatching a plan to have his babies, since the 3oh!3 concert is sold out for this upcoming thursday. So, no hoe love or depressing track 10 about getting drunk.

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