Dubs, Dubs, Dubs. [[Listen to Your Heart.]]

Helloo lovely bloggers. How was everyone's weekend? It felt like it was a super long one for me but it was funn. So onward to the weekend recap!

-went out with PA Lova after work
-we went and got our eyebrows did. [[gotta stay on my grind. lmao]]
-then we hit up kohl's because she wanted a lovely frame for her mommy to keep at home.
-then we got some taco bell.
-of course went to wally world.
-then i dropped her back off at home, and went and chilled with the ex.
-we drove around, went back to his house and watched a movie and some television.
-then home and to bed.

-got up around 1030.
-watched "Chasing Liberty" for a bit
-got ready then went out with Kerri.
-we cruised to the beacchhh. soo nice.
-it was 80!!! [[loveeeeddd it x10000]]
-walked along the beach looking for seashells and what not.
-then came back to bristol, drove around.
-met up with PA Lova, got some foodage and alchi.
-headed to JDubs house.
-chilled out with everyone.
-had some good laughs as usual.
-somehow ended up falling over. [[i only had one smirnoff!]]
-i went to attempt to sit down with one leg behind me and the chair tipped over.
-somehow i was still holding my smirnoff and none of it spilled.
-GO ME! [[lmao]]
-then kerri && i bounced.
-drove around somemore.
-then went && chilled at her college.
-picked up her bf from work. [[he works at a gas station.]]
-drove them back to the college.
-then bounced home.

-got up around 8am.
-took me forever to get ready.
-starting freaking out cause my car looked like crap.
-then PA Lova called saying she wasn't coming. =( [[she didnt feel good]].
-so i brought the ex.
-finally got to the show around 11am.
-chilled with Absolut per usual.
-left around 330.
-came back to town, had some chilis.
-then dropped the ex off.
-went && dropped off PA Lovas frame she kept forgetting.
-picked kerri up and cruisssed.
-picked her bf up at 1100 again.
-dropped him off at home.
-brought kerri back to her college.
-home and to bed.

I also am the proud new owner of a sunburn! I have a patch of it on my chest and on my face. I look funky because I had my huge avaitors on. Yup, I could totally attract men at the moment. Like hey, you down for some raccoon action baby? Totally.

AND, I don't think I'm going to see Dean.o till the first weekend of May when Pa Lova && I go down. =( Which succcckss. But, its worth the wait. =]

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Bon Don said...

A true drinker could fall down a flight of stairs and not spill a drop!! LOVE IT! hahaha