On Love.

"Love is triumph of imagination over intelligence."

Last night, I was talking to my friend Preston via text message about love. He had commented that the art of making love is lost. I told him in general, the art of love itself was lost. Most people only care about one thing, themselves. He agreed, saying that, "The age of free love is dead."

Why is it so hard for people to trully love now-a-days? To just let go and be free, and let love overtake them? Because most people, in my opinion, do not care about anything but themselves. True, to love deeply, I believe you must love yourself first. It is only when you can trully love yourself, that you are able to deeply and passionately love another.

But, for most, loving only themselves works. Everyone's so afraid of being hurt, of getting their heart broken, that they don't fully show themselves to one another. Everyone's been thru something in their life, that occasionally comes back to haunt them, but they all have one thing in common, they made it thru the darkness. So, why cannot we love without regard?

Why must we put up a wall? Flee the second something doesn't go exactly as that person wants it too? Only to move on to someone else, because that's nature, that moving on is best. Dwelling gets us no where. Why can't we take a step back, reevaluate ourselves, reevaluate the other person, and think, can I? Can we?

It takes two to tango. No one is perfect, no one will be perfect. You'll fight and love, cry and laugh with every relationship, every encounter you have in life. So, why not take that one flaw that someone has, and instead of completely dismissing them out of your life, turn into something positive. Laugh instead of cry.

Yes, hearts will still be broken. But, at least yours might be broken smiling. Don't look back and say what if? Think back and look at the memories. Smile because at one time, someone loved you with all they had. And take the time, to reevaluate you, and live life. Life is full of wonder and possibitly. Life isn't about luck. Life and love is about what you make it. It's not about how smart of a decision something is.

Love is one of the greatest emotions ever. It also can hurt like a bitch. Time heals, time helps. And everyone needs to help themselves. Without love, the world wouldn't go round. Without love, there wouldn't be pictures, there wouldn't be laughter, there wouldn't be pain. Love is the emotion of all other emotions. Love is the center of our world.

Love isn't like the fairytales though. Love takes time, love takes work. Love doesn't happen overnight.

You can never replace someone you once loved. You can only grow stronger as a person, inside and out, and love someone without regard. It is at that very moment, when love can be trully be felt. When love is real. When you are real.

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controlled chaos said...

that was deep
i can't be deep about love..unless maybe its my cat.
i dunno Nicky not everyone can be like you.
but its good to know ppl like you still exist.

Bon Don said...

This was an awesome post...so deep! and beautiful :)

Bon Don said...

Come on over, I gave you an award!

Cheryl said...

Well written, love.

I need to do some re-evaluating in my life.

calixta.jive. said...

thanks for sharing this!

(oh and btw, i used to drive a VW, too... although definitely not as rad as charlie!!!) ;o)