Time Flies.

It sureee does. One moment, it's 9am and you're dreading the entire work day..and then you turn around and it's already 9pm. I still cannot believe that Halloween is next Friday. Then Thanksgiving in a month. And then Christmas in another month! Then all of a sudden it will be 2009!? Where did time go. Is it almost honestly to the "teen" years of this milleium? Getting older scares me a bit.

Last night, Erik, Cheryl, my cousin, Corey and I all went out for sushi. Corey made the comment cause I was acting goofy, "Wow, aren't you the oldest one here?" "And isn't he [Erik] the youngest one here?" And yes, that was true. Then he said, "well you're acting the most immature and he's acting the most mature." And I realized, maybe I act that way cause I'm afraid to grow up? I mean ok Cheryl, Corey and I are all 22. But if you want to get technical, I'm 19 days older than Cheryl and 5 months older than Corey. Then comes my cousin who is 20, soon to be 21 in February and Erik who is 19. I don't know. Sometimes I act retarded and it's for various reasons.

I'm scared to grow old. I'm scared that I won't be funny. There's a million and one reasons why I act retarded.

I'm 22 and while that's NOT that old, you realize that some stuff makes you feel way older than is necessary! I've heard myself countless times say, "I'm too old for this." Mainly cause like 18 yr olds are doing it.

Sometimes I feel like my life isn't as exciting as it should be. I feel like, here I am, young and borrring. I mean don't get me wrong I do some exciting stuff. But it's kinda depressing and makes me feel way older than I am when I get excited about going out to Sushi with my cousin, two best friends, and boyfriend. I mean is that seriously the highlight of my life?

I feel like I just wanna do something soo spontaneous, so maybe this weekend I will. =))

Depending on money of course. =p

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