Taking a day for me!!

So I'm sitting here at home..yay! I've been working at my job for 10 months now and have never taken a day off..so today I did. It's a "sick" day and actually honestly I do feel like shit. Eeeek. I feel like I wanna throw up but I think it's just my nerves, cause this morning I called into work and the answering service picked up and I told this chick I was calling out. I waited all morning but my boss never called, soo I hope she doesn't think I just didn't bother to call out. Ugh..I hope that's it and that I'm not getting the stomach buggie or the flu.

It's nice to just lounge around and do nothing. It's almost 11 though and Erik gets outta work in an hour soo after this I'm for sure gonna go and get ready. I'm sooo lazy though. Talked to the ex last nite and he called me hunni. I didn't mean to stop him but I did and then he got upset cause he realized it. He wrote a blog about it on myspace and I don't know it was really well not random..but ehhh I don't know. I wish he could get over me. [I just want him to be happy].

Actually he just called, to ask if I was going to hang out with Erik, cause he wanted to grab lunch..but ehhhh its better that we not see each other.

Oh and I did go to driver retraining. It sucked OF COURSE!!!! It was soo boring..and this kid asked the same question I had in mind..his license gets suspended today too and the instructor was like you're screwed. Well I think you're only screwed if you get caught drivin with a suspended license till the stuff goes through. So for the next 7-10 days I just have to be really careful and drive only from point A to B or have someone else drive my car. Soo no biggie.

It sucks but I did it to myself so I can't blame anybody but me. Ehhhhh. Stuff happens.

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