Happiness?? What is the true definition?

So I was on myspace.com this morning. And my ex wrote a blog about happiness. Which makes me wonder. Is happiness the same definition for everyone? I don't believe so. I'd like to think so though. His whole blog was about losing me..and how he hopes that I realize that happiness is with him. But unfortunately I don't think THAT will ever happen. I am soo utterly and completely happy with Erik. And I've been thru a fair amount of love, hate and relationships to know this is something amazing. We've been dating for 6 days now. I've felt like I've been dating him forver..I feel like I've known him forever. We are sooo childish together sometimes but at the same time we are so mature with each other. It's amazing, a blind person could see our connection. I've never felt soo strongly towards someone before.

I've never actually enjoyed sitting around either. Anyone that knows me..knows that I am not capable of sitting around. But I did.

So here comes the recap:


Friday nite me && cheryl hopped in the bunnni and met up with Erik so that I could go to my first HatCityD├╝bs get together since I am now apart of them. It wasn't as bad as I expected..it was all the down into NY, not too bad..like a half hour drive. Quite a fun one too. So we cruised down there and met behind this mini golf place..I got outta my car [no lie] and like all Eriks friends were standing round me. I felt a lil flushed..I'm not good with large groups of people [ie why i'm not going to Eriks sisters wedding...PLUS..we havent been dating for long..]. Soo we all gotz to talking..and everyone decided to go to exit 2..[best way to describe it] off 84. We went into Starbucks..but got kicked out by the manager cause everyone wasnt drinking coffee. [i feel like even if we all did..they'd still kick us out] So then we outside and chilled in the parking lot..which wasn't that bad..it was just a little on the cold side. Eventually we left..then I took Cheryl home && went home.

Saturday I woke up and got ready..then Erik came and picked me up. He got to meet my parents which I feel like went well..except..well I'll get to that in a moment. Sooo he met them..talked car stuff with my Daddy of course. Then we left and went to Cheryl's. She was home watching her brother cause her parents were away on a motorcycle cruise thruout the Northeast. So we chilled out..brought her brother to the mall and such soo he could spend his birthday money. And let me tell you..I HAVE never seen Alex take to a guy so well as he took to Erik. I've known Alex for ever and he's pretty much like my brother..quiet shy kid who doesn't like very many people. But Alex adorred him. And Erik toook to him almost too well. [now thinking about it..its kinda weird my best friends brother loves my boyfriend] It was adorable to watch..but a little strannnge cause Erik's only 19..and I had made a comment to him that he'd be a really good dad. [dont ever say to someone that young..regardless of their mentality.] He took that in a weird way. I think he was just scared to hear that..cause he knew it was true. Soo then we went back to Cheryl's made ice cream sundaes..sooo goood. And just chilled out and watched Doomsday. [very good mooovie] Sooo after the movie we just chilled out talking and snuggling. It was very cute. haha.

So Sunday I woke up round 11, ate some chicken breast for lunch out of a can. [haha] Then Erik came and picked me up and we went back to Cheryl's house again. We decided to go to the grocery store and get some snacks to go along with the bow-tie pasta with chicken, and veggie mix. [soo good] So we got some pumpkin pie and cookies. We went home and made the pumpkin pie..then started dinner for us and the boys [erik and alex obvii] and sat around and had a very nice dinner. It was way yummmmie. Then we cleaned up..and it was kinda scary [in a good way] cause it was like we were a little family. Cheryl loved it. She scares me somtimes though because she so badly wants to be a mommy and a wife. I mean I'm just not down with that anymore. So after that we just chilled again. Then went home.

And honestly..the whole sitting around thing with Erik is not like me at all. I'm alot more wanna go out all the time..but I loveed just sitting back and chilling with him.

He's amazing and I can't wait to see what the future brings. <333

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