So this whole paragraph below is a blog the ex wrote. I made a response which I will edit in as soon as he approves the comment. [i didn't know his privacy settings]. So bascially from my response, you'll understand why I am soo utterly annoyed [not pissed] but its always people v. people. Everyone believes what they want to hear. [which is always not fair =(] Anyway, read on...

[Why always me i just dont understand... i have never broken anyones heart the way mine has been stepped on my whole life....i get into a relationship and take it slow i dont get wrapped up in immediatly falling in love i just try to enjoy the person and moments and let the relation go where it may...but the second i realize that this one is the one i want to spend the rest of my life with its like someone somwhere says oh no you dont, you cant be in love forever and just like that she says she not happy and finds somebody else and the last two times even before they break up with me.....I wish women would stop being such pussies and talk to me if there is a problem instead of keeping it inside waiting to explode....I did nothing but give her all my love, i took care of her when she was feeling down or upset( all thoses fights with her parents and job problems) i gave her money when in need, i would always try and make a plan to get out and go somewhere special once in a while, im not rich and couldnt go out all the time, i let her in my heart even tho i was scared to get hurt again. How can someone say they love you so much and say they want to spend the rest of their life with you and just wake up one morning and say sry i dont love you anymore and by the way i found somebody else already, I dont deny that he may make her happy but at the same time if he wasnt in the picture she would have come back to me cause she half used him as a crutch to help get away from those feelings for me by giving them to somebody else, I am a good person and i do know how to make someone happy and i know she was happy with me most of the time, im no longer gonna blame myself cause wether she realizes it or not i gave her a lot, Love, Happiness, Support, Money, and a Future....she lost more than i did because i lost a wonderful girl, best ever but one that dewelled on what wasnt goin her way instead of appreciating what i did to make her happy and help her feel better about her self. I even let her talk to and hang out with all sorts of guys i gave her trust, i would still get jealous but i still trusted her and i still got burned. She will always be in my heart but one day she will realize what she lost, i was ready to give her what i thought every girl wants happyiness and a life partner who will take care of you whenever you need cause the man is supposed to take care of his girl and i did as much as i could.]

and finally here is my response.

[alrighty, since you want the whole damn world to know your feelings. i guess i'll let everyone know my feelings. first of all i'm not a pussy, i did tell you my feelings but you chose to ignore them over your love for your xbox. and also i won't deny that you gave me love and support, but i wasn't happy, for a loong time, so it's not as if i woke up one morning and just decided to end it cause of Erik. [which has nothing to do with this entire situation, so stop saying he does] i did this for us, which apparently you don't realize. i was not happy. after the second time we broke up, i was said ok, ill give him a chance, then the third time, i realized i was trying to shove those negative feelings down. but i needed to embrace them. i still love you and always will. but i did wat was best for us. [everyones entitled to an opinoin, so whatever.] i could not go on our whole lives pretending that i was happy and in love when i wasn't. i couldn't see myself with you forever. and that's something you need to accept. [i know, bitchy right] but honestly..you cannot go around writing this blog, telling everyone that i left you for Erik and he's my rebound, an escape from you. you need to realize i did this because i was unhappy and cause i wasn't gonna lie to you about my happiness for the rest o our lives. i dont mean to be a bitch, but its not fair for you to write your side to myspace, so now im writing my side. i hope you the best in life, and i will you be there for you whenever you need me tooo, but i feel we can no longer talk. you're an awesome guy but just not the one for me.]

sometimes you just have to be cold and heartless. =(

1 you know you love me.:

D* said...

Guys = Retards. They just don't get it. It's always ok when they have an opinion..but when we have opinions..watch out..!


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