Last Show FTL! ={

So this past weekend has made me soo exhausted. But it was awesome!!

On Saturday I went with my BBFF [inside joke] to Six Flags New England. We met up with some of her co-workers there. They are all amazingly fun. They all pretty much went on the BIG rollercoasters and scary rides. But I didn't have to worry about being alone. [haha] This guy that my BBFF works with, Long [yes that's his real name!], well his girlfriend is just as wussy as me..so I bascially chilled with her the whole day and watched people go on the rides. It was still fun though. I did go on one ride though. It was like some raft ride, where you climb up this hill in this big tube and then go down this slide..and it spins you around and around and around. But you don't get wet is a good thing. [I wasn't in the mood] The only things that sucked about that day were, the lack of non-scary rides, my lunch being $13 for chicken tenders and a soda, the wait for the haunted attractions [2 hours!], and the fact that we lost the whole group and I was dying to leave by then. [my feet were killing me!] But it was still lots of fun!!!

Sunday I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn. Ok..it wasn't THAT early. I woke up when Erik called me around 815..then fell back asleep till 900. Then he came and got me around 915. We headed down to Town Fair Tire to meet everyone else. Blah Blah..so we finally got on the road around like 1015. [yay!] And of course my group[Absolut] was cruisin at near old pple speed, so Jenna was driving Jason's car and took off soo then Erik followed her [thank God!] And we ended up passing by this gtg of cars, so we turned around and drove up with them. And passed Absolut on the way. [haha]. Of course Jay [love him, BFF!] came and said hi to us and he was the only one. As usual. But all day loong I kept getting stares from Ty Ty like I was committing a crime by sitting with HatCityDubs and not Absolut. Oh well. SOo after the show we all went to the Dirty Water [aka Waterbury] and just chilled at the mall. And that was pretty much my weekend.

Sooo this weekend..Erik won't be around much. On Friday night he has rehersal dinner for his sister's wedding. And Saturday is the wedding. [Nope not going, um cause I don't like mass groups of people I don't know!] And Sunday is Show-n-Go in Dirty Jersey [New Jersey]. I wasn't gonna go to that, but I just I don't know..grrr. I just hate how I feel Absolut is being towards me. WHATEVE yo! So, Show-n-Go FTW! It's also the last show of the season. [=(] Makes me sooo frickin sad! BUt it's all good. Time to get Charlie in winter mode and save up for stuff for him. =] YAY!

Blah. I'm bored. Seriously.

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