Broke.Down 09.

This week's Weekend Recap is actually being put on hold at the moment for a recap of yesterday's awesome show, Broke.Down 09. As you can see above that's my baby boy, Charlie rolling to the show. (photo by: BP)

I'm in love with this photo but I never even knew he took it! As you can tell, I am the awesome of all awesome drivers, breaking rules and not staying in my lane. Actually, I'm quite in the midst of laughing about my lack of driving skills here.

Anyways, let's get on to the recap of the show.

Broke.Down 09 was situated in beautiful Gardner, MA. It took us about 2 1/2 hrs to get there. We took amazing back roads to get there and it was soo nice and coool out. I wanna to hug the air.

I got my crazy ass up at 600am, and tromped outside to wash my car. It was still kinda dark out and I felt like such a dork, out there in shorts and a jacket, scrubbing Charlie down. Around 640, I quickly hopped in the shower, then got out, got dressed and headed out the door to pick up CM.

Then around 730, we were off to meet up with BP so we could follow him to Frankie's in Wtby (because there are 3 of them!) to meet up with Carlton and Larry. BP was all freaking because we were like a minute late, but Carlton was like 10 and Larry was like 30 mins late. We ended up finally leaving at 830ish. As I said before the drive up was amazing beautiful. Nice cool temps, nice back road driving. We finally got there at like 1030am.

The show was free which was an awesome plus, but I parked in spectator parking anyway, bc my wash job was subpar and there were so many MKV's there! So, CM and I parked and went on a hunt for BP. We finally found him and pretty much made him our biitch. =) He held onto my keys for the day, and let us put our sweatshirts in his car. So, we browsed the show for about 2 hrs and then CM and I were pretty pooped so we just leaned against BP's car for a while till we got hungry. Then we got up and made our way over to get some food, and while doing so, BP called and told me that we were leaving but I told him we were getting food, so he grumbled and said ok, forget it.

We walked back to his car where he was and he was ok with the fact that we didn't leave right away, and he nicely let us sit in his car. We talked for a bit, and then he went off on a beer hunt and in the process met some MA kids. So, CM and I just chilled in his car for pretty much the rest of the time, till we decided to go take some pics. Shortly there after we got ready to leave and ended up cruising home with thatskinny and some other people I don't know.

We stopped at Uno's (pure sex) and had some grub and then headed on home. It took a lot longer because we went a totally different (more trafficy) way of going. Finally, we were back into CT around 745pm after BP , CM and I took a brief rest stop to say bye and stretch our legs.

Finally made it home at 830, a full twelve hours later. But, it was a great time, with my two besties. =) Can't wait for h20!!!!!

[can i just tell you, i'm in love with this pic!]


Broke.Down 09, The Teaser.

So, today was an epic day but folks I need to tell you that your gonna have to wait till tomorrow to know things like, why I have a raccoon look going on, why uno's is the best and why it's totally funnny when BP gets buzzed. =)

Stay tuned.


Something New.

Hey! You there. You know you miss the times when you would sing songs from the Elephant Show and Lamb's Chop Play-a-Long. You know you miss Eureka's Castle and Carebears. They were the epicness of children's shows in our time. You know you miss the bright colored shorts you used to wear, and tye-dye shirts and light up sneakers. And I know you def. miss jelly shoes.

Which brings me to this little gem, Sheri (from Sheri's World)<--click! is serving up a heaping Friday special of Flashback Fridays. So, head on over to her blog, leave her some love, comment on her awesome New Orleans trip, and buy some of her homemade jewlery that she makes with her mom. I'm certain you want to do it. Or if not, Chuck Norris will find you.

[see i told you!]

Anyways, I digress.

So, Sheri offered to share the love of Flashback Friday blogging with everyone, yay! So I decided why not reminsince about the younger years. It'd be fun, plus Sheri does a great job reminding me (mostly because im super forgettable, well my mind is) of all the awesome shows that were on, like Are You Afraid of the Dark? Yes, it's epicness in itself. Anyways, I'll shush and finally get to it.

According to Wikipedia, The World of David the Gnome is a Spanish animated television series based on children's books. The show ran from 1987 to 1995. The show center's around David, who is a 6 inch tall gnome on his adventures and misadventures as a doctor in the forest. For food, they ate vegetarian only and were regularly assited by the animals of the forest.

This was def. one of my favorite shows growing up. I loved how David was transported by Swift the fox. The theme song also rocked my socks off. And of course, we cannot forget how him and his wife Lisa would kiss. I occasionally will make LB "David the Gnome" kiss me. ;)

We also cannot forget those 4 little daredevils and nitwitted trolls who would turn into stone whenever direct sunlight hit them. I loved when that would happen, because I never wanted David to fall prey to them!

David the Gnome was my little 6 inch hero and I absolutely would without doubt watch that show again if reurns came on. C'mon I still watch the Disney Channel. =D



Things I Really Freakin Want!

Well folks, it's Thursday again as you all know. And it's that time of the day when I tell all of you lovely bloggers what I want, then you tell me what you want. See, it's quite simple as Dr. Doofenshmirtz would say. (yes i totally watch phineas and ferb). Anyways, if you want to get in on the fun, head on over to Sass' blog, Are You Sassified?<-- (please click) She's currently having a contest. All you have to do is come up with a funny caption for her picture, be a follower, and ta-da you could be featured on her blog! So head on over, follow her and duh make something funny up!

1) Ok, you know it. Yes, I really really want it to be time for H20. T-29 days!

2) I really really want this work day to be over. It's so beautiful outside and I do not want to be in here!

3) I really really want my bestie CM to cheer up. She's pretty down about life and I totally love her to death, soooo please cheer up CM! =)

4) I really really want to go to another state fair this year. I <3 them. The atmosphere, the music, the food, I think I'm a Southern girl at heart.

5) I really really want a second job. I'm ready, come on, things to pay for. I'm like Spongebob in that episode of "Band Geeks." *Big dorky smile + big dorky dance=totally ready.*

6) I really really can't wait for the Big E. Every year, we travel up to the Springfield area of Mass. and go to it. It's a huge state fair and the parade is the most awesome part. People throw Mardi Gras beads off floats. I have a whole collection in my room. I'm wondering if Miss LiLu has ever been, since she's a former Mass resident.

And that's what I want today folks, now let me know what you want! =) And rub the screen 3x for all your wishes and desires to come true.

Why My THoughts and Big Mouth Get Me in Trouble!

First off, I'd like to take this time to apologize to Elizabeth Marie over at It's Unbeweavable! If you caught my last post, I pretty much bitched about how I thought she stole my post and it turns out that it was a coindeince (ok i think i butchered that word) that she wrote a best friends post because her blogger friends had been too! Right now I trully feel like an ass and I'm totally sorry and I hope she can forgive me. =(

If you guys haven't already figured, I'm one of those people that talk before I think and usually always assume the worst. So, Elizabeth, I'm trully sorry x100000. (ps-my email is bunnni.chick@gmail.com if you ever want to email me)

In other news, yesterday I went swimming and it was pure amazingness. It was only my third time this summer actually doing something that involved water on a hot day. Swan's gf EM has the nicest neighbor with a in ground pool and apparently virtually the entire neighborhood uses the pool, so we went over and jumped right in. It was soo relaxing and nice to just swim around and enjoy the day via the pool. After we got out, we got pizza and just chilled on her deck talking and lounging. (this is why i wish i was still a kid again!)

After that, it was time to bring LB (who actually had yesterday offf!) home and Swan and myself were headed to the usual wednesday night spot, via Charlie (my beloved volkswagen) with BP in tow in his. As usual on a good Wednesday, we have an all night chitchat and we did just that. There of course was a point in time when I wanted to smack BP all over the frickin parking lot, because we have to remember that he is still only 20and is a loud mouth.

I went to call LB and of course BP has to scream whatever the hell he was screaming while I was on the phone. (thanks for being a dick) Thankfully though, I have a super patient and understand boyfriend, so he's ok (not great) with the idea that BP will unfortunately ALWAYS be around because we like the same damn thing. (lol)

Anyways, thats about all that's going on. And again, Elizabeth I'm trully sorry.


Beautiful Life

So, back a couple posts, Sheri over at Sheri's World answered my calling for inspiration in the form of questions, or surveys or other such questionnary things. Visit her page, you know you wanna, just do it. Thanks again Sheri!

Anyways onward to her mini-survey/questionnare thingy. =)

Fav color-Blue



Items to wear-Flippie Floppies

Video game-Call of Duty 4/5

Book-"Something Borrowed" and "A Salty Piece of Land"

Magazine-Eurotuner/PVW/Xbox 360 (indeed those are volkswagen mags)

Food-anything Italian

Drink-(Non Alcoholic) Cherry Pepsi (Alcoholic) Mudslide/Cap'n Coke

Band- Disturbed, Rascal Flatts, 3 Doors Down

Song- Hmmm. I have a million that I love. ::sigh::

I know it's super short, but I'm drawing a blank on questions to ask myself to tell you all. But those are Sheri's questions to me, so feel free to add some of your own. =)


A Post Dedicated to "The Best."

I must say, I have the most amazing group of friends ever. Of course, I'm sure you can all relate, because who doesn't love to share everything with their best friend/friends. I am thankful enough to have my best friends and my really good friends.

My best friends are the ones I consider to be at the top of the list of all lists, the ones who would come running to me in a second when I absolutely need them, as I would do the same. My good friends are the ones who help me out when I need it, but aren't always always there for me.

My best friends are simply 4 amazing people who have my whole heart and soul and vice versa. They are truly the light of my life. They make me smile when I'm down, make me laugh my ass off with the most random of comments, and our my shoulders to cry on.

LB-he's my rock. He always knows the right words to say when I'm down. He makes my heart skip a beat whenever he looks at me. He may piss me off with his vast knowledge on saving (something I lack) but he always wants whats best. He listens to me bitch when I'm angry and listens to me thru my sobs when I've had a fight with someone. He tells me never to give up even though I feel so defeated sometimes. He's going to be my future husband and I cannot wait till that day. He is my best friend and my everything.

-We've been friends the longest. Throughout the years, we've gone thru a million and one changes within ourselves. We watched each other shape and mold into what we are now. Sure, we've had a couple nasty fights, but we could hate each other. I'm completely and utterly myself with her. We've gone thru the bad and the good times together. We are the biggest dorks when we are together and I love it. We are coming up on our ten year anniversary of friendship and I'm so excited!

-I've known him since middle school. We weren't always as close as we have been recently. When I couldn't drive (we all member why!) he was nice enough to drive me to work and pick me up. He always tells me the blunt truth and doesn't sugarcoat it. He's hilarious ten fold. We have the listen/talk kind of relationship that I believe most people strive to achieve. He may not be the smartest when it comes to money, but somehow I know he'll be ok in the future. He's def one of the sweetest guys ever, and has the biggest heart I know.

-Understandably there was a time and point when I just wanted to scream at him at the top of my lungs. Sometimes, there's still that point but mostly I love the kid. Before we dated and now after, he's always been there to listen to me and my latest drama. He's another one who gives me the straight truth and nothing more or less. When I needed him the other night, even though he was at camp, I left him a voicemail and although he couldn't call, we briefly chatted on AIM and he made me feel a thousand times better. I believe that dating is not what's meant for us, but possibly being best friends is where its at. He's someone that needs me as much as I believe I need him. (and no he doesn't make my heart swoon like my friends think.)

These four people are my everything. They all have shaped me into the person that I am today. I'm me with them and without them. They are my rocks and my laughter. They know what most everyone doesn't. They've seen me on my good days, bad days, and ugly days. They've seen me the lowest I've ever been to the highest of the mountain tops and I wouldn't trade them in for nothing. They have my heart now and forever.

~And as for you my lovely bloggers, I want to take this time to thank everyone for their comments, love and respect. Some of you have become really close to my heart. It's amazing how a common hobby of writing can bring people together. Thank you again for everything. As I come up on my one year anniversary (in a mnth) I still cannot believe everything that's happened, it's been amazing, it's been depressing, I've had my highs and lows and thru everything you guys have left your comments of guidance and of encouragement. Thank you sooo soo much!~

Weekend Recap.

I miss these days. I miss being a kid. I miss the simplest times in life, when the hardest decision was if you wanted to swing on the swings or play on the slide. As the summer draws to close, I have one goal, to swing as high as I can into the clearest, deepest bluest sky ever.

I digress.

-got outta work and headed over to LB's
-Swan, LB and I all headed to Buffalo Wild Wings
-It's an awesome sports bar/restaurant with like a million tvs (which are really loud)
 -Obvii they serve wings, but they also have burgers and wraps and salads and sandwiches
-I ended up getting Honey BBQ boneless chicken wings
-I got them the time before. They're pretty good except they are on the spicy side.
-After that we headed back home, I dropped Swan off, went back to LB's and we watched some tv and then I headed home.

-woke up and got ready.
-headed to LB's where we decided forever what to do.
-finally went out, grabbed some lunch and went to Best Buy and the mall to browse
-we both decided we wanted to buy something we both use so we headed over to Toys R Us to see what board game we could get.
-we decided on Scattergories but it was 27.00 there and we knew we could get it cheaper at Walmart
-we headed there and unfortunately they didnt have it
-so we went to Target and they had it for 20.00!
-we also saw my rents there, they were getting som last minute stuff for vacay
-then we headed back to LB's, watched the Office (because i wanna get in to it) on Netflix on his Xbox till about 7
-we then went to Chris and Leah's and played some Scattergories and then headed to the Cheesecake Factory. (Mmmmmmmmm)
-I had a Strawberry Daiquri and for dinner I had the Chicken Di Pana which is a lightly breaded chicken breast sauteed in a white wine butter sauce with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli.
-i brought prolly 60% of it home tho bc the portions were so big
-then it was back to Chris and Leah's, played some more Scattergories and headed back to LB's
-he went to sleep pretty much right away and I watched some tv before heading home.

-my rents woke me up around 6am to tell me they were leaving for OCMD (where I'll be in 32 days!). I'm still slightly surprise they still go, since they've been going since I was 3, but then again, its pretty funny that I go every year now for h20!
-then it was back to bed, and I woke up around 1000am, talked to LB on his way to work and watched some tv
-I called CM around 11am and then headed to her apt shortly after
-we hung out and then headed to New Hartford to see LB at work, went back to her apt and then she left not too long after that to go to her parents
-I headed back to my house and watched some tv till LB got outta work, and then headed to his house.
-around 1230 I headed home and was pretty nervouos because I HATE being home alone. I live up on a hill in a neighborhood that's kinda pushed back from the city and my house likes to creaks and stuff (its only 12 yrs old). My brother decided he wanted to go to Denny's with his friend
-Once I got home though, I felt a lot better. I ended up going to sleep and being able to stay asleep the whole night. =)

It was def. a good eats kinda weekend. Taking it easy this coming one bc I need to buy alot of stuff for h20!


No Tornadoes, But A Whole Lot of Good Eats!

Thankfully there were no tornadoes! Well, there was one in Burlington which about 20 mins away, but nothing here more than a pretty decent thunderstorm. I swear like clockwork every Friday brings thunderstorms.

I did however eat at two really good restaurants with LB, Buffalo Wild Wings and the Cheesecake Factory. Nom Nom Nom x10000.

But. more on those Monday for the weekend recap. ;) Enjoy Sunday Funday!


I'm Not Gonna Lie, I'm Scuurrred!

Currently, there is a tornado watch till 9pm for my county. No lie, we've never had this happen. Conditions apparently are very favorable for tornadic outbreak. I'm scurrred. There was a tornado warning in Litchfield Conuty which is the next county over.

So, I'm gonna go snuggle with my hunnni, and pray that if any come its now during the day.


Please Don't Hurt Me! [lol]

I know. I changed my blog yet again. I think the colors were getting to me. I love making myself headers, even if they do kinda stink. But, that's ok. I absolutely love the fate picture. It speaks to me in volumes.

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone and don't forget, leave me inspiration for my next post. =)

I'm Lazy. It's Cool.

So I was going to write this huge long post about the said amazing thing, but then I got lazy. Or should I say I am lazy. It's Friday! I'm sorry. Don't hurrrt me. (lol) Plus, it's a lot to take in and a lot to really analyze, which my brain does not want to handle at the moment.

So, I'm gonna ask you guys, give me ideas on something to write about, ask me questions, make up a survey for me. Anythinggg, pleasssse. I've run out of ideas. [sigh]


Things I Really Freakin Want!

Hello. We all know what time it is. Time for good old Things I Want Thursday brought to you by the beautiful and wonderful Sass over at Are You Sassified? So hit her up, tell her you love her or bake her a cake, either way she'll be grateful.

So here we go.

1) I don't even have to say what I really really want because we all know. Yup, h20 time.

2) I really really want to be able to write my other post. Something odd and amazing happened last night which left me feeling so weird (but good) that I'm still amazed it happened.

3) I really really want Hannah Montana cereal, Spongebob Mac n Cheese, and Steak-ums for said meals in OCMD. Ok, well at least the Spongebob Mac n Cheese.

4) I really really want to go to TD Homers tonight, it's my new favorite bar and the mudslide I had was super yummy. =)

5) I really really wish I had more to talk about, but sadly I don't. (lol)

Leave me what you really really want. =)


Hello, My Name is Bill and I'm A Hurricane.

Meet Bill. He's a Catergory 2 hurricane that will probably intensify into a 3 or maybe even 4. Why am I talking about him?! Well, because there's a good chance that he might come up here and wrreck some havoc.

Now, usually I'd be all gung ho and cool about it. But, not when my parents are going on vacay. It's just going to be me and my bro. I totally have a really great plan that pretty much has me shoving everything that's outside inside and packing me and the bro up and going to my best friends to ride out the storm if it comes.

The other sucky outcome to this is that the hurricaine might turn and head for Ocean City MD where my parents are going. It's supposed to be around New Jersey by Sunday, so hopefully it doesn't decide to ruin my parents vacay!

So lets pray that BIll doesn't come. Ok, maybe I do want him to come a little. But, not really. Other than that, I really have nada to talk about. It's going to be really hott today and I really don't mind it! Okay, maybe a tad. (lol)


Weekend Recap.

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? It's been pretty frickin hott here (finally!). We are in the midst of a possible heatwave and I'm kinda excited because it finally feels like summer! Lots of sun and warmth. =)

I'm currently working on the who-the-hell is going to stay in our condo for h20 project and the how-the-hell am I going to lead a cruise (again) without having to go over the damn George Washington Bridge or the Major Deegan.

As you all know, I have a planning bug. And it's super annoying.

Just got confirmation that Lil B and Pa Lover are NOT staying with us. I'm not sure the reason why, all I got was a no. So, finally figured out that it's going to be Swan, EM, CM, Coco, Colin and me.

Anyways, I digress.

-got out of work and attempted to find a route that would best suite everyone on the way to h20.
-finally got some good advice from my dad
-then it was off to hang with CM
-we went to the mall and some other stores looking for things
-then we decided to go to TD Homers
-which is a new sports bar/grill
-the place is epic!
-there are tvs in the bathroom stalls!!! i was watching golf while i was peeing (lmao)
-we went and chilled outside and had some drinks (cm, swan and i)
-i had a mudslide and we got some popcorn
-its def my new favorite place!
-then it was home and to bed to wake up early

-woke up at 830
-showered, shaved, got dressed, etc
-went to LB's
-then we brought Charlie for his appt.
-left and headed towards the river tubing place
-got there and parked across the street at LB's subway =)
-got some food and then it was off to tube!
-it was so much frickin funnnnn.
-until LB pushed me off my tube and it floated away and I was stuck trying not to cut my feet open on branches under the water.
-finally after about an hr and 15 mins (seriously!) our fun ended,
-we jumped on the shuttle bus and rode back to the starting point
-then it was back to LB's to relax
-around 8 we went to Chris and Leah's
-we chilled out, played Monopoly Here and Now Edition
-then around midnite it was home.

-got up around 1100
-got ready and then headed to CM's
-her, her cousin and I headed out to do somethings
-we got some hairdye and water balloons (lol)
-headed back to her house and had our water balloon fight which kinda sucked because the water balloons did not want to break!
-after that we chilled out and had a summer dinner which consisted of bagels with our fav spread =) and a fruit platter. it was by far the best thing ive had when its 90 million degrees out.
-then we all dyed each others hair
-i have light brown hair now with reddish tones, CM has an ash blonde and her cousin has dark brown
-after we were pretty much all done dying our hair CM's other cousin JP (whose one of my exs but one of my good friends) stopped by and we all chilled out and just talked and then it was to LB's for 1030..and we got some food and then he went to bed and I went home.

And that pretty much sums up my weekend! It was fun and felt like summer and I'm just in such a great mood because h20 is all planned out! =)


Inner Me.

Dear Inner Me,

    We need to have a talk. What is going on? Why have you been so stressed out lately that all you think about doing is punching babies. (I kid of course!) I know the world is starting to get you. I know people don't know how to drive, volkswagen owners are becoming too aggressive and that maybe telling BP how you think his drinking problem is effin gay wasn't the smartest idea.

I mean let's face it, 97% of people in CT cannot drive, but why are you getting so mad? It's not like you haven't encountered stupid drivers before. It's not like you don't know that old people are notorious for forgetting whose turn it is at a 4-way stop sign and just go anyways even though it's your turn. And you always know that someone is going to cut in front of you just because they think they can, because you own a small but fiesty little hatchback with some not so nice stickers on it they read: I heart (symbol) sluts and I heart haters. Maybe they just do not like you're stickers.

And yes, we all know that as h20 nears, that people seem to get antsy and just want to knock each other out, but let's face it, there's nothing you can do but steer clear. I know you hate being judged by these inconsiderate assholes that just want to be better or have a better car than you. But you know they are like a second family. There will be fights, there will be making up. There will be the good day and there will be the bad days. You'll meet chicks who want to rip your face just because you're another dub chick, but let's face it, they are just a waste of space. So, let's attempt that smile, pick up that bottle of alchi, and get our drink on.

Finally, you know that yelling at BP was a bad idea. He's not the same anymore. On the outside he thinks he's some badass kid, but on the inside you know he's not like that. But, wtf, why did you have to go and yell at him about his drinking problem. I know you care, but he clearly doesn't. You tried to apologize after hanging up on him, I know. But, just let it go.  He'll figure it out, well we hope anyways.

So inner me, I believe we may have fixed our little stressors. Maybe? Or do I need to write a letter to my subconsious too. We need to snap out of this inner me, it's time to be happy. Then why are you still feeling so unhappy. Can I ask what's missing? It'd be great if you could answer me too.

                                                                                      Warm Regards,

Confuzzled. >.<

Lately, I've been considering dropping out of the dub scene all together. Tomorrow is the Terryville car show where I won my first and only award for the stock A5 (aka MK5) class. Charlie was only 4 days old then.

But as much as I take pride in my car, I can't help but feeling like maybe it's time to just give it up all together. The drama, the fights, the pettiness has just completely gotten to me. I love volkswagens as you all know, and I used to love the people., but now it just seems like an all out fight for friends. And frankly, I'm sick of it.

Of course, I'm still going to h20. But the car shows and gtgs are done for me. I say this a lot, but maybe it is time for me to bid ado because it just frustrates me more than make me happy. I'm pissed off to know end that PA Lova pretty much ended our friendship bc I brought BP along to the gtg last week. Things are just getting way too cliquey for me and I'm not enjoying myself.

I'm pretty bummed that I can't go to one of my favorite car shows tomorrow. But, since J.Dubs, Pa Lova and a whole slew of other retarded people are probably going to be there, I prefer not to troll the fairgrounds with my back turned towards everyone.

I honestly do not know why people treat me the way they do. I am nothing but nice to people and always there for them, but 9 out of 10 times I get stabbed in the back and I'm left standing there in the middle of a field staring off into space alone.

It sucks to know that most of the chicks in the dub scene are only concerned with themselves and who'll talk more shit with them. I don't like to judge people and I don't like to be judged. I just want to chill with a group of people that I know will have my back and personally make me feel like I am their friends.

So, dub scene, after this season, I bid you a nice farewell. I will miss you and everything you were about throughly, but unless the drama stops, then I will not be returning. This love/hate affair has gotten to be too much hate and I cannot take it anymore. I'm sorry and I hope everything works out for you.


Things I Really Freakin Want!

It's Thursday again, which means it's time for the weekly dose of Things I Want brought to you by the lovely and amazing Sass of Are You Sassified? Head on over to her blog and give her some positive vibes, her best friend needs it and so does she!

Here we go.

1) I really really want it to be the end of Septemeber, so I can go to h20! (duh)

2) I really really want all this stupid drama to stop. I'm so sick of the fake chicks in the volkswagen scene and all the shit that is being talked amongst everyone. It's freakin annoying.

3) I really really want to go river tubing on Saturday! I feel like I haven't played in the water at all this summer. Booo.

4) I really really want to go visit Amber and her hubby in Florida before they move to Oregon next March. Plus, I really really want to see my Florida homies.

5) I really really want the summer to stay up here forever. The winter months are creeping up and I am not down with that.

6) I really really want to get a second job. LB and I are really great friends with the guy at the game store we go to, who just happens to be the manager (we think) and he totally is hiring next month! ::keep fingers crossed!::

7) I really really want to go to a concert sometime before the year ends, I have yet to go to one yet. I'm very sad.

8) I really really want everyone on facebook to stop posting about going to Kenny Chesney tonite. Am I the only person that thinks it's weird that a Northern state is so obsessed with country music?!

9) I really really want to see Nick Swardson live. Mr. Swardson please come to CT already. I know you had to reschedule your UCONN show, so please inform me when this will be happening!?

10) I really really want to see a Yankees game. LB and I have not been to the new stadium yet. And yes, I will still wear my faded Giambi tee with the bleach stain on it even though he got traded to the A's because Teixeira you stole his number and his position! =p

11) I really really want to get inspired to write an amazing post. I feel like I talk about a whole lot of nothing way to much and I feel like that could be why no one comments my posts except Sheri because she loves me so. =)

12) I really really want to get a haircut, and do some other girly things before I leave for h20. I should probably get on that, oh and making my Charlie look fresh too. =)

Thats about it for today. So, what do you really want?!

After Ten Years, It's Finally Happening!

At the end of this month or the beginning of next month, CM and I will be sharing our decade of friendship. =) I say it like I don't remember when I met her, because honestly, I don't.

We have been trying now for the past 8 or 9 yrs to remember what class we met in. (lol) We just have summed it up to a loss cause. But, still that does deter the fact that we are going to celebrate our ten years together!

And finally, we will be taking a much needed vacay together. That's right, we have never ever been on vacay with each other. Sure, I've been on countless vacays with other friends and LB but never ever on vacay with CM.

She has decided she wants to come to h20 this year. And I'm like hell to the fucken yeas yeas! CM and I have drastically changed since we met 10 years ago. She has come out of her shell ten fold. She wants to meet people and talk to them and have a good time. She's excited to go mini-golfing and to the beach and cruisin and drinkin and saying hello to people we know. =)

I'm just glad to have someone who has the same interests as me going. I mean of course everyone staying with us has the same interests, its just that I know that most of the time, we will think of doing the same thing at the same time and we won't fight about what we want to do which is a huge plus!


43 days! I'm STOKKEDDD!

Why Can't I See the Sky Falling?! Effin Clouds!

Last night, I went searching for the falling sky aka the meteor shower we are getting/got. I texted Swan and picked him up around 1230, then we went a hunting. We saw absolutely nothing and then finally ventured out to the darkness aka Thomaston to chill with BP who said he only saw 2 stars. =(

Then he let me borrow a dollar, which some how magically got me enough gas to bring Swan and I home. (lol) I was pretty frickin sad though, because I was all pumped to see this apparent 200 falling stars a minute but the effin clouds had to ruin our fun.

Besides that, nothing amazing has happened. We were supposed to go to the beach Saturday (EM Swan LB && I) but then my car finally got my attention with its "Service Now" bs and I remembered that (groan) I have to get Charlie serviced at 11am on Saturday. I mean I really wanted to go but honestly I rather just pay 20 bucks and a 15 min car ride to Farmington River and go tubing then drive 2 hrs to a hot overcrowded beach.

So, that's pretty much about it for now. Nothing fantasic. Sigh.


Fashion Post. V2.

So, as I've stated before, recently I've come to seriously love fashion! and makeup and hair. =) Here, I will compile another list of items I really really want.

1) The Extreme Frayed Skinny by Forever 21

Hi, I love these. After my friend let me try on her Gap Skinny Jeans , I fell in love with skinny jeans. They make my butt look amazing, while making me look thin. Plus, I think they look super hot with some sexxy heels.

2) Athena Platform Pump by Forever 21
 I also have a thing for these. They are perfect forrrr me. =) They have an edge to them but they're not over the top. I love the straps at the top too. And the heels not too high either.

3) I'm So Blogging This Tank by Forever 21
I love this shirt for the more obvious reasons, but I also fell totally in love with this style. I have one from Forever 21 that has a comic book style to it and it very sexy and flattering. Who knew that something so, hmm what's the word? Common and silly could be so sexy?!

4) Danica Leather Hobo by Forever 21
I'll admit, I've fallen in love with the hobo bag. Last nite, I sat there on Kohls.com for over an hour looking for the perfect Hobo bag. And I should have totally looked at Forever 21 first!  I really want a  big bag for the fall/winter for things like my hat, scrave, gloves, etc.

4) True Religion "Becky Disco Big T" Bootcut Stretch Jeans by True Religion (Nordstrom)
If ever in my life, I win the lottery, I'd buy like 20 pairs of these. They are the most amazing looking jeans ever. Seriously. Oh, if only. :Sigh:

5) Stella Star Faux Leather Moto Jacket at Nordstrom
I love this jacket! I totally want one, or a bomber one. It is juniors, but I don't really like the way the women's ones look. I think they are a little too dressy and I def. like how to this adds some flair to such a simple t-shirt. There was one I was eyeing at Forever 21 also, but I couldn't find it online. =(

6) BCBGirls 'Lexs' Sandal at Nordstrom

I just completely fell in love with these. I absolutely love the detail an the way the wrap around ankle buckle is free from the rest of the shoe. I think it is soo sexxxi.

And now my brain has wandered, lol. Lemme know what you think!

OMG! The Weekend Recap is Back!

[can i just tell you all really quickly how much I love this chicks hair.]

I know, I've skipped out the weekend recap the past two weeks. Shame on me. I apologize, nothing fantasical happened, plus I've got a million and one things going on in my mind. I also apologize for the previous post, you have to excuse me, it feels as though someone is punching my vag from the inside out. Sometimes, I really hate being a woman.

I digress.


-i left work 20 mins early bc of my super gracious boss, went and picked up Mull then went home and waited for my love to get home.

-after that, we went and got some food and attempted to go to Wally World, but he wasn't feeling so hott and I was awkwardly having a hot flash.

-we went back home, and then I went back out to return a video game and to see if they had Left 4 Dead again, but sadly they did not. =(

-then it was back to LB's, where I fell asleep but felt so much better when I woke up to go home.

-plus, after 15 innings, the Yanks beat the Red Sox. ((take that beotches!))


-i woke up early, went to LB's and then we were off to his appt for his car with Mulli.

-around 1040 we finally left for the ct humane society

-as you all know, we unfortunately did not get Mickey because Mulli was trying to bite his face off. we still have no clue because usually Mulli isn't even interested in other dogs. =(

-left with a broken heart

-played some Xbox when we got back and then headed to the movies with LB's dad and cousins.

-saw G-Force in 3D which was super effin cute!

-then we were off to find some dinner and then go to Chris and Leah's

-i ended up schooling LB and Tom in MLB 09: The Show or whatever it's called. =)

-then it was back to LB's where I played some Xbox and then went home.


-got around noon, lol.

-got ready and went to CM's

-Preston was already there (he is CM's other good friends brother whos in the Navy and is stationed in Groton.)

-CM and I went to visit my love at his job and then went to the gamestore to get Need For Speed: Pro Street

-while we were at the game store, I had the same annoying vag pain I have know, and the really neardy, annoying dude was working, so I may have been slightly snotty.

-lets just say, he talks and talks and talks like you know absolutely nothing about video games, or the store even though I'm in there at least once a week.

-after that it was back to CM's to make the desserts since we were having a nice little homecooked dinner.

-i made brownies and CM made No-Bake Cheesecake and a homemade blueberry syrup to go on top of the cheesecake

-eventually J.Wilt (who I havent seen in forever!) came back with Preston who had gone for a walk.

-then my love came over and we all sat down and had dinner. (CM, her bf, J.Wilt, Preston, LB and myself.)

-i helped CM clean up while the boys played video games and then I went and picked up Swan

-we sat around and talked for a bit, then we all had some dessert, which was gobbled completely up and then chilled out for a little bit longer.

-then it was off to drop Swan back home and back to LB's

-i watched the Yanks game, and thanks to Texieria and Damon who had back to back walk off homers, the Yanks completed the Sweep pushing the Red Sox back 6 games. =)

-then after that, it was home to sleep.

As usual, not my most exciting weekend but I really enjoyed the dinner we all had last nite. =) 46 more days till h20! =] [[woot woot]]

Ugh. I'm So Sick of Talking About It!

I'm sick of talking about h20. I just came off from having a pretty good weekend, when Swan decides to tell me that now Spinney and Sarah are going. Which isn't a problem, because I don't mind them. I'm just annoyed that Swan keeps inviting more couples when there's a chance LB can't go. And then on top of it, he said that he wouldn't mind Coco staying with us, but he doesn't think Colin could, and I was like, well you can't separate them.

So, I told Swan that my decision is that I'm not gonna go if no one goes with me. It sucks because I really really want to go but if no one comes with me, like CM, Lil Cuz or LB then I really don't want to sit there all depressed while everyone gets to snuggle up to their gf or bf. I mean even just having my best friend or my cousin there would make me feel less alone.

Swan said he would tie me up and make me drive. lol. I know he really wants me to come and I'm really not trying to be diffucult but if anyone wants to bitch about deicision, they can shove it because they need to understand that it wouldn't be fair to me to feel like shit.

If it was just Swan and EM or PA Lova and Lil B too, I don't think I'd mind as much. But, if another couple is coming too, I kinda do mind. If it was one day, I wouldn't. But 3 days/2 nights all alone? I doubt it.

Ugh, I don't mean to complain, but I just need to get this off my chest before I scream and pull a Britney Spears a la shave my head. Or at least chuck umbrellas at vans.


Quick Update.

Sadly we were unable to take Mickey home with us. Mulligan showed aggression to him from the get-go, so the people at the humane society decided to have them go outside and see what would happen. Mulli was alot calmer but he still was pretty aggressive towards him, trying to snip at his face.

I felt soo horrible because I knew that LB's mom really really wanted Mikey. Of course we aren't mad at Mulli because he was just acting in the honor of our family but still I was saddened because Mickey had such a sweet deposition and just wanted a loving and good home.

We aren't really sure why Mulli did what did, mainly because he goes to doggie daycare and shows no aggression. We also take him to the dog park and he runs and plays with the other dogs...well kinda. He really just steals toys and sniffs around.

I just hope that some amazing family takes him in and makes the rest of his life wonderful. Maybe someday soon again, LB's mom will find a dog she loves just as much as she did Mickey and maybe Mulli will be a little more mild tempered.



This cute and cuddly little man is Mulligan. (as some of you already know.) He is a 5 yr old spunky, very high energy purebred Boston Terrier owned by LB and his mom. He also in his crazy mind, believes I am his woman. He keeps watch over me daily, cries when I leave, and enjoys long car rides with me. Our favorite game to play is hide and go seek, with him seeking and me hiding. He is also a sunshine addict and enjoys spending most of the time out on the deck sunbathing. He enjoys the doggie park, doggie daycare, and stealing other doggie's toys. He is more interested in people than other dogs probably because LB's mom likes to feed him table scraps, which I try never to do. He is not aggressive and rarely barks. His other favorite past-times also include, farting silently or occasionally loudly when he sleeps, sneezing on you, and making spit bubbles when you eat. (nom nom nom)

And tomorrow, he may be gettinggggg a playmate/best friend and brother! =)

This is Mickey! (see i can call them M&M) He is 7 yrs old and is part terrier/part pitbull/and a little bit of some other things. He is currently at the Humane Socitey of CT. LB's mom volunteers there every Saturday. She walks and plays with the doggies and fell in love with this critter. (I know, he has large dog junk, its awkward!) According to the Humane Society's website, he has been in a shelter most of his life and got little to no attention. =( He also loves sunbathing! LB's mom also said that he is half-blind. Tomorrow morning, we all get to meet him, and hopefully Mulli with like him, and of course LB and I will and he will be on his way home. ::crosses fingers::

Of course I know people with two dogs but I feel like Mulli is apart of my family and now I feel like Mickey will be too! So, I hoping and praying that he is still there tomorrow, so far LB's mom called yesterday and they said he was!

So look out for some cute pics of the new pup this weekend.! [[i really really hope!]]


Things I Really Freakin Want!

It's Thursday once again, which means it's officially Things I Want Thursday brought to you by the beautiful and wonderful Sass over at Are You Sassified?

1) I really really want, well you all know it. Let's say it together, for the end of September to come so I can go to H20!

2) I really really want to stop feeling like a weird emo-esque person today. Everything's frustrating me and I'm not really sure why.

3) I really really want to know why BP cares so much for me. Not to one to hate on it, I'm still weirded out that he actually tried to get my attention at Waterfest so that I could cruise home with him. How nice. =)

4) I really really want LB to stop working so many hours. Apparently his boss wants him at least 46 hrs every week because eventually he will become their number 1 manager. Thanks lady, now I never get to see my love. =(

5) I really really want LB's mom to get dog #2. He's a mix of pitbull/terrier/and maybe lab? He'
s half blind and his name is Mickey. I could call LB's dogs M&M.

6) I really really want to go see said dog saturday with LB but somehow I feel like our date day is going to be interuppted either by a) his mom not letting me come along, or b) her wanting LB to be home all day with the new pup or c) a combination of both. But, eh it's cool I guess.

7) I really really want this next hour to go by because I am so done with work today. I want to nap, possibly go to the driving range and play the new maps on Call of Duty. (yea im a dork)

8) I really really want to get this hangnail off. It hurts!

And that is about it for today. Have a lovely evening everyone!

I'm in a LaLaLa Mood.

Good afternoon blogger world. Sorry, I've been pretty MIA lately. My head's spinning in 7,146 different ways. I'm thinking about h20, my best friends' issue with her retard boyfriend, and how I don't get to see LB as often as I would like. =(

But, last night was good times. As usual I attended the Wednesday night get together but this time with CM in my car along with Swan per usual and BP following. We got to the g2g around 745pm and were there till 11pm.

Most of my time was spent talking to BP about everything and anything. That also unfortunately included the "cop talk." Yes, we all remember that lovely incident. He also informed me of alot of things I did not realize went on. Such as the cop saying that my car was illegally driven to Dubs on Defrost because I didn't have my insurance updated.!?

Ummmm, that's kinda impossible. Since my insurance is updated in January and July, so I love how the cop pretty much pulled something outta his tush. Not coool. Plus, I was also informed that the cop once drove by my house but I was not home. What was he going to do if I was?!

And why was an out of town cop bascially stalking me?! WTF, that's super shady. After glaring at him forever and telling him I wanted to smack the crap out of him, I got over it. No sense in getting my panties all twisted over something that happened several months ago. We put everything behind us and now are very good friends. With him being there, it also made me relalize who my true friends are.

PA Lover is bascially and has been for a while now on my shit list. All she has done in the last couple of weeks is complain about her bf and about this chick she hates, then ditch me to hang out with J.Dubs at get togethers.

Last night was pretty much the icing on the cake. She did not say hi to me once because I was with BP. She just glared at me. I was like ohhhh ok. I know her and BP don't like each other. But, that doesn't mean her and J.Dubs have to sit there and act 12 and laugh and talk loudly in front of us.

I'm just over the drama. And I certainly hope that she doesn't come to h20 because I know she won't be happy if Coco and Colin stay with us. (lol)

Next up: Things I Want Thursday!


I AM Going & It's Booked!

Good morning everyone! Well, I am as of now def . without a doubt going to h20. I got over being a retard and decided I cannot miss this. I still have no effin clue if LB is going though and it's kinda annoying that he just won't ask. It's like he's afraid that he will get yelled at. And its frustrating me because I don't want to know the last second.

Anyways, we decided to take a much bigger condo for $5 more. =) It's on 84th street instead of 103rd or whatever. It has two bedrooms, one with like a bunk bed type of thing and one with a king sized bed. It also has a pretty good sized living room (as seen above) with a pull out couch. Plus two bathrooms and an outside balcony.

It also sleeps 7 instead of 6. Which is good because Coco and his friend mite come down and stay with us, which would be cool because then if LB doesn't go I wouldn't feel so 5th wheelish and I wouldn't have to drive alone in my car.

So, we are bascially just waiting to see if LB is going to come, and it's kinda annoying because he acts like its no big deal if he tells us whenever. Sometimes I just wanna smack him. (lol)


I'll Admit It! I'm Lazy!

I know I know, second week in a row that I haven't done my weekend updates. =( I honestly have just been too lazy to recap what I did. I still  will be doing the thursday shiz sooo. And blabbing about a whole lot of nothing..

I missed you guys..I finally am getting to some blogs since I took today off to have a personal day. It's seriously my first legit day off in a loooong time besides Wednesdays which I don't get paid anyway, soooo.

I shall post tomorrow. Hopefully. Maybe. OK, I will!


So, Besides Him Being Hot, He's Amazing. ;)

I'm talking about Michael Phelps. I totally just watched him beat yet another world record and beat Cavoich who talked mad smack about him, saying that in Bejing that he had touched the wall before Michael did, altho Michael did indeed win gold.

They totally showed the replay and it honestly looked as though Cavoich did beat him. His hands were at the wall just as Michael was coming out of the stroke and hit the wall. Regardless, Michael is hot hot hot and an amazing athlete and I have such amazing respect for swimming and swimmers alike.

I digress.

This morning I woke up in a sour mood. All week I've asked Swan if he and EM were gonna go to the beach today and he kept saying i don't know. Then last night when we were at the bar, he said he was going with PA Lova, Lil B, J.Dubs and Lou. I was quite upset and literallu started crying when I woke up this morning, because I really like the company of EM but I feel like J.Dubs will take her away, and there will go the friendship.

I don't know, I suppose I feel like maybe EM doesn't really like me as much because for a while I was uncertain about going to h20 without LB and she was kinda mad bc she didn't wanna go without me.

But now I almost feel as if maybe I shouldn't go. I really want to but I don't want to be a 5th wheel nor do I wanna deal with the drama and fakeness of PA Lova. Plus, I almost feel as though I'm being pushed out because LB is never with me and maybe they feel like the pity party is over even though thats not what I want.

I'm just terrified that they'll ditch me to do couple stuff, and now I'm not even sure I trust Swan or anyone except my lover and CM.

I mean for God sakes I trust BP more than I trust Swan or EM at the moment. I feel like BP is a better friend than they are right now. SIghhhh.

What to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!?