Weekend Recap.

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? It's been pretty frickin hott here (finally!). We are in the midst of a possible heatwave and I'm kinda excited because it finally feels like summer! Lots of sun and warmth. =)

I'm currently working on the who-the-hell is going to stay in our condo for h20 project and the how-the-hell am I going to lead a cruise (again) without having to go over the damn George Washington Bridge or the Major Deegan.

As you all know, I have a planning bug. And it's super annoying.

Just got confirmation that Lil B and Pa Lover are NOT staying with us. I'm not sure the reason why, all I got was a no. So, finally figured out that it's going to be Swan, EM, CM, Coco, Colin and me.

Anyways, I digress.

-got out of work and attempted to find a route that would best suite everyone on the way to h20.
-finally got some good advice from my dad
-then it was off to hang with CM
-we went to the mall and some other stores looking for things
-then we decided to go to TD Homers
-which is a new sports bar/grill
-the place is epic!
-there are tvs in the bathroom stalls!!! i was watching golf while i was peeing (lmao)
-we went and chilled outside and had some drinks (cm, swan and i)
-i had a mudslide and we got some popcorn
-its def my new favorite place!
-then it was home and to bed to wake up early

-woke up at 830
-showered, shaved, got dressed, etc
-went to LB's
-then we brought Charlie for his appt.
-left and headed towards the river tubing place
-got there and parked across the street at LB's subway =)
-got some food and then it was off to tube!
-it was so much frickin funnnnn.
-until LB pushed me off my tube and it floated away and I was stuck trying not to cut my feet open on branches under the water.
-finally after about an hr and 15 mins (seriously!) our fun ended,
-we jumped on the shuttle bus and rode back to the starting point
-then it was back to LB's to relax
-around 8 we went to Chris and Leah's
-we chilled out, played Monopoly Here and Now Edition
-then around midnite it was home.

-got up around 1100
-got ready and then headed to CM's
-her, her cousin and I headed out to do somethings
-we got some hairdye and water balloons (lol)
-headed back to her house and had our water balloon fight which kinda sucked because the water balloons did not want to break!
-after that we chilled out and had a summer dinner which consisted of bagels with our fav spread =) and a fruit platter. it was by far the best thing ive had when its 90 million degrees out.
-then we all dyed each others hair
-i have light brown hair now with reddish tones, CM has an ash blonde and her cousin has dark brown
-after we were pretty much all done dying our hair CM's other cousin JP (whose one of my exs but one of my good friends) stopped by and we all chilled out and just talked and then it was to LB's for 1030..and we got some food and then he went to bed and I went home.

And that pretty much sums up my weekend! It was fun and felt like summer and I'm just in such a great mood because h20 is all planned out! =)

0 you know you love me.: