OMG! The Weekend Recap is Back!

[can i just tell you all really quickly how much I love this chicks hair.]

I know, I've skipped out the weekend recap the past two weeks. Shame on me. I apologize, nothing fantasical happened, plus I've got a million and one things going on in my mind. I also apologize for the previous post, you have to excuse me, it feels as though someone is punching my vag from the inside out. Sometimes, I really hate being a woman.

I digress.


-i left work 20 mins early bc of my super gracious boss, went and picked up Mull then went home and waited for my love to get home.

-after that, we went and got some food and attempted to go to Wally World, but he wasn't feeling so hott and I was awkwardly having a hot flash.

-we went back home, and then I went back out to return a video game and to see if they had Left 4 Dead again, but sadly they did not. =(

-then it was back to LB's, where I fell asleep but felt so much better when I woke up to go home.

-plus, after 15 innings, the Yanks beat the Red Sox. ((take that beotches!))


-i woke up early, went to LB's and then we were off to his appt for his car with Mulli.

-around 1040 we finally left for the ct humane society

-as you all know, we unfortunately did not get Mickey because Mulli was trying to bite his face off. we still have no clue because usually Mulli isn't even interested in other dogs. =(

-left with a broken heart

-played some Xbox when we got back and then headed to the movies with LB's dad and cousins.

-saw G-Force in 3D which was super effin cute!

-then we were off to find some dinner and then go to Chris and Leah's

-i ended up schooling LB and Tom in MLB 09: The Show or whatever it's called. =)

-then it was back to LB's where I played some Xbox and then went home.


-got around noon, lol.

-got ready and went to CM's

-Preston was already there (he is CM's other good friends brother whos in the Navy and is stationed in Groton.)

-CM and I went to visit my love at his job and then went to the gamestore to get Need For Speed: Pro Street

-while we were at the game store, I had the same annoying vag pain I have know, and the really neardy, annoying dude was working, so I may have been slightly snotty.

-lets just say, he talks and talks and talks like you know absolutely nothing about video games, or the store even though I'm in there at least once a week.

-after that it was back to CM's to make the desserts since we were having a nice little homecooked dinner.

-i made brownies and CM made No-Bake Cheesecake and a homemade blueberry syrup to go on top of the cheesecake

-eventually J.Wilt (who I havent seen in forever!) came back with Preston who had gone for a walk.

-then my love came over and we all sat down and had dinner. (CM, her bf, J.Wilt, Preston, LB and myself.)

-i helped CM clean up while the boys played video games and then I went and picked up Swan

-we sat around and talked for a bit, then we all had some dessert, which was gobbled completely up and then chilled out for a little bit longer.

-then it was off to drop Swan back home and back to LB's

-i watched the Yanks game, and thanks to Texieria and Damon who had back to back walk off homers, the Yanks completed the Sweep pushing the Red Sox back 6 games. =)

-then after that, it was home to sleep.

As usual, not my most exciting weekend but I really enjoyed the dinner we all had last nite. =) 46 more days till h20! =] [[woot woot]]

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Sheri said...

having a nice fun and relaxing weekend is sometimes just as good as those exciting ones ;)