Broke.Down 09.

This week's Weekend Recap is actually being put on hold at the moment for a recap of yesterday's awesome show, Broke.Down 09. As you can see above that's my baby boy, Charlie rolling to the show. (photo by: BP)

I'm in love with this photo but I never even knew he took it! As you can tell, I am the awesome of all awesome drivers, breaking rules and not staying in my lane. Actually, I'm quite in the midst of laughing about my lack of driving skills here.

Anyways, let's get on to the recap of the show.

Broke.Down 09 was situated in beautiful Gardner, MA. It took us about 2 1/2 hrs to get there. We took amazing back roads to get there and it was soo nice and coool out. I wanna to hug the air.

I got my crazy ass up at 600am, and tromped outside to wash my car. It was still kinda dark out and I felt like such a dork, out there in shorts and a jacket, scrubbing Charlie down. Around 640, I quickly hopped in the shower, then got out, got dressed and headed out the door to pick up CM.

Then around 730, we were off to meet up with BP so we could follow him to Frankie's in Wtby (because there are 3 of them!) to meet up with Carlton and Larry. BP was all freaking because we were like a minute late, but Carlton was like 10 and Larry was like 30 mins late. We ended up finally leaving at 830ish. As I said before the drive up was amazing beautiful. Nice cool temps, nice back road driving. We finally got there at like 1030am.

The show was free which was an awesome plus, but I parked in spectator parking anyway, bc my wash job was subpar and there were so many MKV's there! So, CM and I parked and went on a hunt for BP. We finally found him and pretty much made him our biitch. =) He held onto my keys for the day, and let us put our sweatshirts in his car. So, we browsed the show for about 2 hrs and then CM and I were pretty pooped so we just leaned against BP's car for a while till we got hungry. Then we got up and made our way over to get some food, and while doing so, BP called and told me that we were leaving but I told him we were getting food, so he grumbled and said ok, forget it.

We walked back to his car where he was and he was ok with the fact that we didn't leave right away, and he nicely let us sit in his car. We talked for a bit, and then he went off on a beer hunt and in the process met some MA kids. So, CM and I just chilled in his car for pretty much the rest of the time, till we decided to go take some pics. Shortly there after we got ready to leave and ended up cruising home with thatskinny and some other people I don't know.

We stopped at Uno's (pure sex) and had some grub and then headed on home. It took a lot longer because we went a totally different (more trafficy) way of going. Finally, we were back into CT around 745pm after BP , CM and I took a brief rest stop to say bye and stretch our legs.

Finally made it home at 830, a full twelve hours later. But, it was a great time, with my two besties. =) Can't wait for h20!!!!!

[can i just tell you, i'm in love with this pic!]

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Sheri said...

Nice pics of Charlie! :) Hopefully you don't get into any accidents goin in other lanes :P

Elizabeth Marie said...

I dont stay in the lanes either. Overrated... :)