Look Mom! I'm a Motivational Poster!

Yes, I changed it up again. I found this motivational poster layout on FotoFlexer. It's pretty effin sweet. It's a photo editing website that you don't need to download!

I'm currently sucking tiny droplets of water from the bottom of my Dunkin Donuts cup like it's somehow gonna change into blueberry coffee light and sweet btw. Hey jesus, where are you!?

Oh yes, you're out riding your bike. Seriously, SD is a spitting image of the man. And just to be clear I am not making fun of jesus. I'm just saying, except for SD's criminal history, I would consider him jesus. I'd show a pic..but well that might be awkward. Yes, very.

Anyways, I'm out of random thoughts in my head. Thanks for listening to my 15th voice today folks. ;)

Edit-Ok, so I'm gonna post a pic of said jesus. Just because I feel like it's absolutely necessary to the life of this post. So look below && don't get scurred, he's funnier looking in person. =p

2 you know you love me.:

Sheri said...

Cool pic! :)

Stephanie said...

"Except for SD's criminal history, I would consider him Jesus."