Makeover please

So as  you all know, I am not balla. With that said, I wish I had a bit more money at least. I really rarely do anything to beautify myself and suddenly I have the urge to make myself over. =)

So without further a do, here is my list of things I want to do:

1) Get my eyebrows waxed. Seriously, its been foreeeeverr. I come from an Italian/French family which means sadly my eyebrows grow like a fucken bush. =(

2) New jeans. I want to find the perfect jeans. Like ones that are just tight enough so after you wear them for a couple hours they don't get all loose and sloppy. Nothing worse than loose and sloppy jeans!

3) I want a cute new shirt. Like something that's me but is still classy and more sophiscated. Seriously..I <3 Forever 21 and I neeed to shop there SOON!

4) New hair. I really want sidebangs. Badly. And my hair needs to be trimmed and relayered. And while I'm at it, I'd love some highlights or something to give it more Ooommmmph.

5) Shoes. I want super cute heels. Like seriously...badly. Oh so badly.

6) Makeup. I need new foundation and I want to actually spend time applying eye shadow and blush and lipgloss and whatever else.

I know random post, but the more I look at girls' I used to go to high school with, the more I get jealous. Everyone has such cute outfits/hair..and seriously it's time I dressed more classy and sexxxy. And its time I actually did my hair in a nice way. =) I want me to still be me, a chick who loves vws and xbox, but who actually looks sexxxy. =)

1 you know you love me.:

Sheri said...

Ohh fun things to want to go do. :)