Things I Really Freakin Want!

It's Thursday once again, which means it's time for Things I Want Thursday brought to you by the lovely Sass at Are You Sassified?

(also there will be a third post of me babbling about stuff that happened and well, stuff that didn't.)

1) I really really want it to be the end of Septemeber, so I can go to h20. (see as promised, i will write it every week.) I'm stoked beyond belief!

2) I really really want it to stop being so humid. I don't mind the heat, but when I walk out of the store and I feel like I'm going to pass out walking 3 steps to the car, it's kinda redic.

3) I really really want to be able to find something super cute when I go shopping tonite. Wait, yes I am going shopping. =)

4) I really really want to go swimming this weekend. But sometimes LB can be stubborn. Sigh.

5) I really really want to put LB's dog in a little life jacket. He'd be so cute, but he hates getting wet. Some kind of dog he is!

6) I really really want to go back to school. Yesterday, LB and I discussed how the best part of going back to school is buying school supplies.

7) I really really want to find a second job. But, I've been lazy. I'm enjoying my Wednesdays off and I don't want a job till after the vw show season is over. (yes i am a tool!)

8) I really really want the drama at gtgs to stop. Pa Lover is as fake as fake can be. I patiently listen to what she's fuming about, then she just ditches me for J.Dubs. Um, ok cool.

And that folks is what I really want today! Join in on the fun each and every Thursday!

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