Please Welcome My Best Friend! =)

My best friend signed up for blogger a while ago to retell her dreams that she had the night before because she was curious to what they mean. But, now she wants to come out from her command post and say hello to the world.

So, please without further a-do, meet CM over at My Universe. In her first post out in the world, she discusses love. And honestly, I agreee. Sometimes, I myself wonder. So check her out! Add her, comment, you know the drill. ;)

I digress.

Let's just say certain sentences are triggers, and sometimes it's best to try and distance yourself from them. The sentences that is.

I'm sure you all know what I'm getting into, but for the time being, I just need to push it away..but it's still got me thinking against my will. Maybe he's right? Or maybe I just want him to be.


I know I said I would tell you all about some things that may or may not happened. But, eh they are squared away. I was originally annoyed that BP couldn't even call me to tell me he wasn't coming to the g2g, but apparently he tried to call me twice. Yay BP for sticking to your word. I'm proud of our friendship. =)

I really can't wait to go shopping tonite. =) Rockin out at Forever 21. =)

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Sheri said...

Welcome your friend to the blog world :)