It's A Dub Life.

{this is baberz car, those headlights aren't yellow bulbs btw, he has yellow film over it. that wasn't what got us in trouble, lol, it was the bulbs. grrrr.}

I've written and rewritten and deleted and on and on, this post topic forever now. I'm not sure how I want it to come out, so I'm just going to bite the bullet and let it all spew out. So, here we go.

True Life: I'm A Dub Girl

{and clearly a huge dork!}

Yes, I am a dub girl, volkswagen enthuisist, whatever you may call it, I'm in love with Volkswagens. They are my passion in life.

Volkswagens are a breed of their own in my opinion. They are a highly customizable vehicle within the 16-30 age range. The true benefit of having this sick obsession is the people. The scene is amazing, the car shows keep getting bigger and better. You meet so many awesome people, and you see such amazing cars. You see kids my age driving MK1 && MK2s (baberz drives a mk2) which are the years between I think um, 80-something-92, and they take such pride in their old cars. It amazing to see the passion that many of us have for our cars.

(It keeps growing and growing and growing.)

Driving a veedub and "the scene" as we call it is an everyday part of my life. I'm constantly thinking about what I want done, checking to see what's going on with my dub club, CT Eurospec, constantly thinking about what shows I want to go, which are usually an every weekend or every other weekend occurence starting in April up here. Thinking about this and that. With the exception of my actual two besties, everyone I associate with, drives a dub or some european car.

Being a girl in the dub scene does come with the standard sexism though. Men almost always assume that Charlie belongs to baberz unless I tell them before hand. I remember one incident quite well, when I went with baberz to meet up with Big B && Lil B (my brothers from another mother) and we were going back to Big B's shop and baberz and I got stuck at a light right before the turn to his shop...and someone had pulled over and waited for us.

Baberz went up after and thanked him for waiting for us. Which the kid replied, "Oh, it's no big deal, I saw your car at the light, so I decided to pull over and wait." In which baberz replied, "You mean her car, you waited for her car, that's her Rabbit." This was followed by clearly a shocked look on the kid's face.

Originally, when I joined CT Eurospec, I just signed up on their forums and started posting, and boy did I cause a frenzzzy. They were apparently lacking girl status on that. It was funny at first, they were all excited. Then baberz joined and the excitement died down and turned to focus on him and his old school MK2 Jetta. I resumed my position to that of his gf who drives a Volkswagen. (the only one tho!)

I honestly don't mind it, but sometimes it gets under my skin. I know I drive a Mk5, and yes, nothing is done to it, but that's because everything for my car costs an arm and a leg and then some. But, soon I'll have stuff done. And people will question baberz and myself, ask if he bought the parts or installed them for me..and the little dub girl with the black and red mechanix gloves, will tell you, "Absolutely Not."

Here I Am, Rock You Like A Hurricane..

Well, folks, here I am. Sorry for being M.I.A, I've had a million thoughts to write down, but no drive to do so. I've forgotten most at the moment...but that's ok, I'll just tell you about how excited I am for this weekend!

Tonite, as usual is my dub clubs get together. Baberz is bringing his Jetta this time though, and of course all the guys are eager to see it. So, I'm not really sure what we're doing tonite but I know that we are going to end up back at Boudah's at some point to celebrate Jayspec and MyFirstDub's birthdays. Apparently, we are karoking, this should be cute, a bunch of boys singing karoke.

Then it's home to hit the hay because baberz and I have to get up early to go to...


(I'm not excited or anything.)

The nice thing about living here, in CT, is that it's honestly only a train ride away. =) It's about a 45 min drive to Bethel, then we are going to take the train down to Grand Central Station, which takes about, ummm an hour and 15 mins. Not badddd. Plus, a roundtrip ticket is only $20.00.

I'm not really sure what we are going to do in NYC, probably just walk around, dipping in and out of stores and such. Eat some banging pizza, walk thru Central Park, and just generally enjoy the day. I'm stoookeeeeddd.

On Sunday, of course its the Superbowl. It's going to be at baberz's sister's house..and a whole bunch of people will be there. Which will make me feel slightly awkward. As usual. But, that's a story for another time.

And that's about it. More to come. Stay tuned....."It's A Dub Life" is up next.


Excuse Me Officer...

Alrite, so I'll tell you all right off the bat that I'm terrified of law enforcement due to my not so clean driving record. Nothing horrible though, honestly, just lots of dumb tickets, warnings, and accidents.

Anyway, so baberz came and picked me up. We were driving towards his town and we decided to go thru the center of town instead of going on the highway because we were getting Dunkin Donuts. We passed the park and ride and just as we did that baberz said, sweetheart I want to warn you that we are getting pulled over. Oh greaaat. We both knew what it was for, it was for his yellow headlight bulbs that he had just put in. They were not overly bright or anything, just yellow.

The officer pulled us over right after the bridge and asked baberz if he knew why he was he was be pulled over and baberz replied, because of my headlights. The officer mentioned while baberz was getting out his registration and license that he would be towed. (or something similar). Baberz gave him the info, and the officer asked if he would be able to call for a ride home because he car was going to get towed. Baberz replied that he had his old white bulbs and put them back in. The officer returned with warning in hand. The End.

Bascially I'm livid right now...because of a couple things. First, because of the time I almost got a ticket for hitting a guy who had NO WORKING BLINKERS!!! but was let go anyway, and at the last second pulled out and I almost hit him therefore getting me pulled over and interrogated like I was drunk because it was 2am and I looked suspious, nice huh? Secondly, its apparently legal to have blue tinted headlights...which it is not, at all.

Well, folks, I looked this stuff up and surprise! Here's what the statuates for my state say.

[What are the allowable colors for my after market lighting? Any light visible from a motor vehicle should be the following:

-Any light visible from the front of the vehicle shall be white, yellow or amber. ]

Oh wait does it say YELLOW? I think soo!!!!!!! So bascially, thank you officer for almost impounding my boyfranns car because he has legal yellow headlights. Goddamn cops. For real.

On My Way...

I walk out into the cold, frigid night, turn to baberz, and give him plenty of kisses. It was the usual scrpited scene out of the story of my life. "I'm cold, so hurry I told him," shaking in my Roos. "Ok, baby," he replied. And kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. "I love you." I love you too." Kiss, kiss. "Goodnite, goodnite." Kiss. "Drive safely," he said. "I will," I replied.

Get into the car, make sure my purse is in the front seat next to me, turn the car on. Back out, straighten the car out, drive down the apartment complex driveway, turn right, continue straight, get onto the highway, try and take it slow so I don't blow my tranny, speed up to get engine temperature up, take the first exit, take a right, go up the hill, slowly now, there's cops out, continue on thru the tiny town that seperates me from him, pass the volunteer fire department, wonder about boo-boo, continue on, past the bar evenutally, light catches my eye, oh hai po-po, peeking out from behind a snowbank like a 7 yr old playing a game, check speed, ok, we're good, continue on past Mickey D's, Dunkin Donuts, IGA, and baberz work. Go past the car dealership, the liquor store, and the chinese place, past the Whole Donut, who gets coffee there anyway?, turn right, thru the neighborhood with the cobble stone medians, stop sign, wait 3 secs, continue on, turn right again, follow the zig then the zag, careful now, there could be back ice, come to another stop sign, look both ways into the night, continue on, past B's house, can't see it, too far in the back, any deer around?, stop sign, another right, zig and zag up the hills, past old high school classmates house, damn the school bus driver, fuck her, its been forever, think she got fired, continue on, it's cold, why the fuck does it have to be so cold, I really wanna go to Florida, yes, almost there, almost to the 4-way stop sign, I have so much to do at work tomorrow, oh Thank God, stop sign, go straight, light another cig, up the hill, the bumps, wtf why don't they fix these giant fucken speed bumps the snow plows made?, someone's gonna blow a tire or rock their frame all over that shitt, continue on, I need my bed, it's soo cold, turn right, why?, backwards Nascar, in the hood, make sure no ones car is in the street, parked car hitting, that's pretty ghey, smoke faster, almost home, almost home, past the kid I had a crush on in middle school's house, love his pick-up truck, turn RIGHT AGAIN!, up my street, fuck my neighbor's, wide turn into the driveway, up the driveway, it's clear, into the mini parkin lot my dad made, where's my bro? oh that's right school again, hog the entire thing, open garage, grab purse, walk inside, close garage, lock door, upstairs, can't wait for bed, in my room, light on, purse near door, socks and pants off, sweatshirt off, phone on bed, phone plugged into charger, hair clip out, headband off, light off, only climb into bed on the right side, pull the covers up, call baberz.

"Hi, I made it home."
"Yay! Good I'm glad."
"Ok, baby I'm going to go to bed and you should too."
"Ok, I will."
"I loveee you."
"I love you."
"Goodnight my love."
"I love you."
"I love you.

Close phone, another soothing convo same as every night, turn to my left, facing the wall, in fetal position on my side, think about what I have to do tomorrow, think about writing this blog, alarm beeeps, beeps, beepss..hit snooze, beeeps again 10 mins later, hit snooze again, hear mom's voice, time to get up, turn off alarm, strectch, exit bed via right side, go to hallway closet, grab towel, wash cloth, go to bathroom, get undressed, in the shower, wash and wash and wash, sleepy, sitting on the bottom of the shower stall, letting the warm water hit, ok, long enough, get up, turn off shower, towel dry, into room, lay in bed, get up, make up, Today Show, clothes, hair, grab phone, keys, purse, downstairs, Pop-tart, milk, love my chocolate milk, paper, gotta read, a bunch of mmm hms, out the door, put the key into the ignition, back out, sit and wait, down the drieway, thru the neighborhood, the main roads, into Southington, 2 cigs always, onto the street, constantly thinking thinking, people tailgate, grrr, turn into the parking lot, get out of the car, go inside, morning, morning, morning, morning, sit down, take off jacket...boot computer, program, AIM, program, Internet..........................


Desk Tag

Thanks to Sheri, over at Sheri's World for tagging me in "Desk Tag!" As you can see I don't have a whole lot of stuff on my desk. A mirror for doing make-up, my Bare Minerals (works amazing btw!), a dying tropical plant, and some other random stuff.

(Sorry about the small pic too, took it with my cell phone)

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It's So Freaking Nice Out!!!

So, right now I'm in an amazing moood. It's an amazing day out. It's sunny and 40. Yes, only 40 but to us New Englanders, its about as amazing and beautiful of a day as it's going to be in the winter. Next week, it's back down to the 20s.

I firmly believe I have S.A.D which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It pretty much means that by body isn't absorbing the necessary amount of sunlight needed to stimulate my endorphins. Leading me to be more crabby, grouchy, bitchy and depressed. But on the warmer and sunnier days (in my opinion) I'm just super excited and happy!

Someday soon when I get everything into order, I def. want to go to the doctor's and figure out if I have that or not. The treatment for it, is either move somewhere warmer or get an articfical lamp that will mock sunlight and thus making me happier.

Today is pretty much a quiet day, I'm just trying to get thru all my estimates so I can relax later. Tonite, I've been invited to baberz' sister's 25th birthday dinner with his family, her husband, and her friends. I'm excited!

Usually, I'm really really quiet, but I've kinda come to open up around his family and be oddly very comfortable. To him I'm already part of him family, and I def. feel like it. But of our family's have done things they would never before. Like my dad saying that baberz is welcome over anytime..or him coming to a family breakfast with us. On his side, it's inviting me for Christmas and to his Uncle's wedding (even though we couldn't go) and now to his sister's birthday dinner.

Isn't that the kind of things you get invited to between the 6 month and 1 year mark? Apparently, these rules don't apply. I've been invited to stuff since I met his family...and yes we have only been dating for 4 months! I love it though..I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Wherever I go or he goes, we go together. Him and I are like two peas in a pod. =)

Occasionally though I hang out with my bestie without him only because he's at work..and well you know that whole story..and such.

I def. know without a doubt that baberz is my soul mate. We may piss each other off over the stupidest things but at least we make up like 1/2 hr later not even most of the time.

(And at least it's over stupid stuff!)

We laugh everytime we're together and always have plenty to talk about.
(Except when I'm at work and he's home..then it's kind of blah.)

But, honestly I've never been soo happy with someone and never been so excited to be with someone's fam. and I'm just happy because of the warmth of the day in general.

=))))<-- Me!


Hump Day!

So, I throughly enjoyed the inaugration yesterday. (Woohooo!) Last night, when baberz && I got back to his house his ma dukes was watching the coverage on ABC and they had the Neighborhood Ball on. Which honestly, was slighty odd. It made me feel like I was supposed to dress up and dance around the living room too. It also felt like New Year's Eve again.

But Mrs. Obama looked stunning in her one shoulder white dress. I liked it so much, well I wouldn't mind having that as my wedding dress. =)

Anyway, I should probably recap on some things I totally wrote about previously. We all remember my angry laden post. Ok, so it wasn't that angry, but bascially the response I got back was that I was a horrible friend. She also said that I was mad because I didn't want to marry young, so I didn't want her to marry young either. Ok, where did I say all of that? And how do/did I not want to marry young? I was engaged for a year!!!!!!!! Plus, I honestly wouldn't hesitate to marry baberz if we were financially stable at the moment.

She then went on to talk about baberz..I'll give you the excerpt since I can't remember exactly what was said, and it's one of those things that only make sense if you remember the whole paragraph.

"I stood by your side but now it seems with your new boyfriend you've changed.. and now you are not standing by me.. but also you are taking his side and believe everything he says as if he's this amazing old man with all the years of wisdom."

Anyhoodle, that sent me off my rocker. I freaked out. I swore ALOT. I told her yes, I've changed in an amazing way. I'm more confident, more responsible (mostly) and a hell of a lot more happier. Baberz says things that makes sense. He's smart for being only 19 and has gone thru a hell of a lot of shit in his lifetime. I threw all back in her face..she knew I was right. I wasn't trying to justify that though. I was only being a concerned friend. She also said she's easily persuaded to fall in love because she wants it and is not over Houston. (her ex fiance). I told her that she can't go around just falling for men because she wants love. That's not healthy.

She also threw in my face, the only thing she has against me, the fact that I cheated on my ex. It's not something I'm proud of at all. And everytime I actually take a stand for once, I get all that in reply. How shitty of a friend I am, for not taking her side. How I cheated on the ex. I told her to stop bringing that up. It has nothing to do with anything, she always says, yes, it does, you can't sit here and tell me what's right or wrong, because you cheated on the ex. But, that's it.

Eventually, we talked and got over it. She said we need to work on our friendship, and not talk about our relationships. That stems from me bringing up the fact that she treats baberz like complete shit, she talks over him, tells him he's annoying her because he was making a point, makes him sit in the backseat when he's 6'6 (in my 2dr hatchback!) because she doesn't feel good in the back, ignores him, the list goes on and on. I told her all that, and in reply she says, well I thought I was being a good friend but I guess not.

We talked for about an hour on Friday night, but I haven' t talked to her since. I mean honestly this might sound harsh, but I'm not really sure if I want her as a friend anymore. And it really has nothing to do with baberz. It has to do with the fact that she just treats me like crap. She belittles me like no tomorrow and then when I lash back, or write a letter of concern to her, I get my head chewed off. I'm finally opening my mouth, telling people what bothers me, and in return I get blamed like I'm some horrible person. Because I cheated on the ex, I have no say in life anymore. I'm a shitty person with no morale, and always will be. My opinion means jack.

I honestly suppose I'll try and talk about it with her on Saturday if she comes with me to Charlie's servicing appt. I don't feel I said enough in my defense, I don't want to rehash it, but I honestly feel like she doesn't care about my feelings.

Ok, moving on. (Sorry). I've decided I'm going to wait till next semester to go to the school. At the moment, I just honestly do not have the money. So,I'm going to save up like 500 bucks, so I'll have enough for class and the book. =) Right now, I have to worry about paying off my credit card bills and put money away for some kind of vaca.

That is all.


It's Time For Change.

So, first let me apologize for the ridiculous pics I took with said banana and baberz. We were a little bit hyper and of course our retarded selves. That's love right there people. =) We weren't even drunk which I suppose makes those pictures even funnier. We were laughing so hard, his mom came up and asked us what we were doing. She just looked at us like we were on crack.

Anyway, today is the big day. The historic moment is just two hours away. I'm stoked! Except, um, for the fact that I'm at work. So, from my computer I will view this moment. Quietly of course so not to distrub the rest of the office unless they'd enjoy taking part in this momentous moment. I could just watch it later, but I know the same feeling won't be there.

I'll get a chill (very rare) and just smile as he's sworn in and then makes his speech. Goodbye Bush! It's quite funny and almost saddening how no one cares about Bush anymore. Like who? Our President is Obama now.

Ok, so it's not really saddening. He ruined our country. Affected tons of jobs, families, health care. One day, I'm going to look back and tell my kids about everything I've witnessed in my life. 9/11, Hurrican Katrina, the wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and now the nation's first black president.

So, I'm ready. Ready for change.


For Your Er Viewing Pleasure.

Impromtu photo shoot with my love && mr. (uh) banana.

January 20th, 2009-The Day of Change

It's happening. The world is going to get better. I can feel it, just like I felt it when Obama was elected President. It was like for one split second, the world slowed down, and everything felt right. It was as if Obama sent this wave of peace throughout the world.

(Well, he at least sent it to baberz' sisters' house.)

Tomorrow marks a day of historic proportions. We will have our first African American President. He will lead us for the next four years, he will lead us into the double digit years, reminding us that ten years have already passed since the new millieum dawned. We will become one nation as it is stated. We will work together for a better tomorrow. A brighter future. This I hope.

Looking back on the tiny amount of years I've been on this planet, I've realized I've witnessed some intense and emotional moments in our history. 9/11 and Hurrican Katrina. Those will forever be engrained into my mind. And now this. The induction of the 44th President of the United States. Barack Obama, the man whom will lead a nation to become what it should be.

It doesn't matter who you voted for. We need to come to embrace this change and realize that in life, everyone has differences and for once maybe we should put them aside. This is America, land of free and the brave. We are free to do as we please (within reason). So lets be brave and put our differences aside and co-exist in a world without hate and unreason.

Tomorrow is a new day, like everyday that will come ahead. Tomorrow it's about the people as an us, and not an I.

Tomorrow, the world begins anew.

Technology, Why?!

Grr, the damn internet here at work is acting all goofy. Only the intial page and the first tab wants to work. And the net is being slow as hell. Not to mention, my boss is all angry because on Friday afternoon at 4ish pm, a guy who works in the warehouse had my boss' camera and asked me if I could put it in the drawer for him. So, I put it the top left drawer behind all my hanging folders. And my boss came in this morning and asked for it.

I opened the drawer, went to the back of it, and um...what?! It's gone?! But, But it was in the drawer on Friday. I remember the black bag with red stiching, I remember putting it in the drawer and making sure it was in my mind safe. And now it's gone?! Great.

I'm not sure if my boss has found it though. He went upstairs and then I think he left thru the warehouse to go to a job. So, hopefully he found it. If not, please start questioning these dumb painters, or should I say this dumb painter. He freaking broke the counter top at my co-workers desk and he's honestly kinda creepy.

I just don't want to be blamed because I honestly just put it away. I'm frickin hungry. Baberz needs cigs, I'll need cigs..and somehow we have to get to Danbury or wherever tonite to go to Mike J's party thingy. (Yay!?)

Ok. I'll admit on a Monday I'm not really up for driving all the way down there. But baberz' bestie is home for the weekend from school in Rhode Island so I think we are going to go chill with him tooo. I mean honestly I am not that excited to go to Mike J's, because I guess a bunch of people that baberz went to high school with are going to be there. And I don't really like meeting new people, esp. new people I'll probably never associate with again.

Like my CtEurospec kiddies are fine because that's my new group soo. But ugh, I always feel like people are judging me. I don't know. I'm so indecisive. I'll probably go though. God knows some girl from high school would come up and profess her undying love for him.

(It's happened once already)

It makes me laugh. Not in a snotty haha I got him way, but its just that the chick that said that to him was professing her love to him, while he's trying to tell her he has a gf. I'm not mean to many girls' about my boyfrann, altho I should be. Not to make my boyfrann out to be a God or anything but he ganers a lot of looks. I used to laugh at it, think it was interesting and such.

Until, girls' would openly flirt with him in front of me. I'm talking full out gigglin, asking questions kinda thing. Ok, case in point, Starbucks kiosk, Danbury Mall. Baberz wants a coffee. He walks up to order (I'm all set btw) and the chick standing there, is giggling and offers him a piece of bread or something. Meanwhile, lil ol me is standing right BESIDE him. I'm not looking at anything, I'm not over there , no I was RIGHT THERE. And the bitch doesn't offer me anything. She just keeps on giggling, asks him if its good and then he orders, forgets what its called and she giggles some more and corrects him, makes the coffee, and gives me an evil eye.

(Really thanks.)

But the worst one had to be at Walgreens. It was Xmas Eve and I had to get a gift card for my mom. So baberz and I walked around trying to find em when I spotted them on a rack next to the door. So I grabbed one and went to pay. We got this really nice older woman...and then Ms. Barbie walks on over. She worked there. She stands on the other side of baberz, really close and proceeds to pretend like she has something so entertaining to say to our cashier, all the while staring at baberz. Then we left, thank God.

Ok, I know (in my opinion anyway) that I have an attractive boyfrann. He's smart, sexxii, a real charmer (not on purpose) and has amazing blue eyes. And while I don't think I'm ugly, I also know that I'm not the hottest person in the world. But somehow baberz picked me..jk jk.

(Honestly, sometimes I wonder)

But, its just kinda annoying because these chicks are sooo rude and just flirt with him like he's going to dump me and be with em. Uh. Being rude isn't going to get you far, it's actually a huge turnoff for him. Anyway. I'm done ranting. Peace for now.


Weekend Woes.

So, its Sunday, almost the evening. Wow, Monday's almost here again? Most of my weekends now are spent watching an unheard of amount of the Discovery Channel and E! Poor baberz works incredibly long hours on the weekend and I just feel terrible. =( At the age of 19, he has more back and knee problems then some 50 yr olds. And working three ten hour days in a row just sucks. =(

He works for an auto parts store, and the people he works with, I'm sorry are the laziest mothafuckers I've ever seen. For instance, I got out of work on Friday and decided to bring baberz some food since he was hungry. So, I stopped over at Subway and got us some grinders and then went over to give it to him. So, we were talking and eating and he was working with E, whos a bit more tolerable than most of the people working their, but boy is he lazzzy. Baberz is trying to eat his dinner, and all the while customers are coming in and E's making baberz ring them all out even though he's standing directly behind him doing absolutely nothing but reading a magazine. I ended up chillen there the whole night, and watching as White Trash Girl came in, and then her new whatever Diesel Boy came in and poor baberz pretty much took every customer that night because E was too busy chatting it up with WTG and DB. And it annoyed meeeee to no end. If I was just a normal customer, I probably would have said something.

And on Saturdays the poor kid goes in at 9am, and does all of truck...or at least 99% of it. He puts away all the oil, batteries, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, you name it he puts it away. All the while J and White Trash Girl stand there busy themselves with gossip and pretending to put one crate away of stuff which takes about, oh 2-3 hrs. On top of it, theres this new girl, Ms. Priss, who works only Saturdays there, because she can't be with her boyfriend or something like that at another store. Apparently she is the laziesttt person there by far and also the most LOOK AT ME! You can tell she's def. not a natural blonde, and one remark to baberz clearly emphaszied it.

Apparently baberz was bending over, and as usual his ass hangs out cuz the kid has no hips or butt to speak of, and Ms. Priss made a comment saying, "oh isn't that cute, you matched your underwear with your work clothes." To which baberz replied, "um those are my pjs." And she rambled on and on about how cute it was that he colored matched. No, silly girl, he wears pj pants because its so colllldddd, not for a fashion statement.

I just feel horrible for the poor kid. He works his butt off there and all he gets is crap in return from other co-workers because they know he's get praise. I mean come on people, it's honestly not that hard to put stuff away and ring people out. And of course baberz' manager does nothing. He just let's it slide.

Not to mention he is horrible at making the schedule. Instead of rotating people to open and close he pretty much makes WTG and J close during the week and makes baberz work like 10 hr days on the weekends. His schedule pretty much is Fri;1230-830, Sat 9-between 430-730 and Sun; 10-630.

Now, I clearly understand the retail world. I've been there, done that. But, hours were usually rotated so that unless you had to work till CL because you needed nights then you didn't close every night. And now that it's time for baberz to go back to school the poor kid is going to work like 7-1230/100 on the weekdays when he can and the entire weekend every weekend. I'm sorry but that's a tad much. He should be able to rotate so that he can work like 9-1 or something every other weekend.

He's the only one that goes to school too. He's full-time and takes 4 credit classes. Plus, he has me, =) (lol) and plus theres always car shows to go tooo. (I'm really sorry for ranting btw!) But, I'm just soo annoyed. He's the most ambitous, the hardest working, and he gets all the crappy hrs. Like right now, its him, E and his manager and there's really no need for the 3 of em to be there since it's been a relatively slow day.

(I'm not just saying this to get more time with him either. Ok maybe a tad, lol)

Anyhoodle, that's my rant. Sorry about that laddies. I just needed to get it all out. Finally.
It's been a fairly quiet weekend. Friday, we went to the CT Eurospec gtg at G's house and chilled out around the bonfire. It was pretty frickin fun and a little funny because my face would be really hott but then my feet were freezing. So, it'd be a back and forth to the fire. And I swear I lit my ass on fire once.

Overall, they're def. worth the drive and the time. They give us respect and are just so friendly. So, here's to a New Year and a new group and a new attitude on life. =)

This is just the beginning.


I'm Slipping Into the Lava.

Ok, I'll admit, I enjoy two of the Jonas Bros. songs. Just two though, 'Burnin Up" and oh what was that other one? I forgot, but anyhoodle, I am in no way attracted to any of them. They just have seemingly catchy music. Damn you Joe Bros! (if you have no clue why I said that, the title of my blog is a lyric from one of their songs)

Anyway, right about now I'm having a convo on AIM with the Ex. The poor kid is just down about life again, and it sucks. His good friend on Xbox is mad at him (the guys a dick anyway) and his old job whom laid him off because he was honestly one depressed mothafuka, keeps telling him that they're too slow and don't need him back yet. But, he feels they don't want him back at all.

I feel kinda responsible for it. I know I shouldn't, and that I don't have too, but I do. I feel like I should have gone about it in a different way. And maybe he wouldn't have been so hurt and maybe he wouldn't have lost his job, his career actually. He went to a tech. school and graduated and was the only person at the age of 24 that I knew that had an actual career that he'd been in for a couple of years.

Anyway, sorry for that. Sometimes I just make myself so upset over it. I just feel like burying my head in the sand. I know what that hurt feels like. And I'm sorry I had to put him thru that.

Ok, I feel a tad better getting that all out. I was going to write more but I stopped so I lost what I was going to say. =(

I guess its off for now. Maybe I'll post later.


One Frickin Hundred!!!

Well here it is. Finally. Number One Hundred! Well, I'm not really doing anything fancy (sorry!) but I suppose I can try and come up with a hundred things about me. Here we go.

1. My real name is Nickie, not Nicole.
2. My favorite colors are blue and pink.
3. My favorite animal is the llama.
4. My favorite number is 4.
5. My favorite kinda of ice cream is Birthday Cake.
6. I love my Volkswagen Rabbit like it's my child.
7. My parents have been happily married for 26 yrs. =)
8. I do not want to become a mother till I'm between 28-30 regardless of when I marry.
9. I've been in the Volkswagen scene for 5+ yrs now even tho I just got my first one this past yr.
10. I prefer texting over talking on the phone.
11. I've known my best friend since freshmen yr of high school.
12. I'm obsessed with Florida.
13. I love the beach.
14. I own an Xbox 360.
15. I play Call of Duty, Gears of War, Rainbow Six, and some arcade games.
16. My favorite actor is Denzel Washington.
17. I don't have a favorite actress.
18. In my opinion Lucas Black (fast && the furious) and Nick Swardson are hotttt.
19. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees.
20. I love Joba Chamberlain!
21. My favorite football team is the Patriots.
22. I don't watch college sports.
23. BUT, This is UCONN country!
24. I love car shows.
25. I aspire to own a 69 Chevelle SS one day.
26. I am addicted to Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Iced Coffee.
27. I love chewing ice cubes.
28. I'm extremely random.
29. I have a hugggeee heart.
30. I dont regret any choice I've ever made in my life.
31. I do (still) feel horrible about the way I ended things with the Ex.
32. I used to have a cat.
33. Her name was Princess.
34. We had a puppy for two days but had to give it back because it was having seizures.
35. I want a mini dauschand.
36. His name would be CJ.
37. I was born on the 4th day of May.
38. I love Sundays.
39. And Fridays.
40. I lost my virginity to my first serious bf at 16.
41. I've only had 3 serious bfs, with baberz being numero three.
42. I met baberz at the first car show//gtg of the season last yr.
43. He let me borrow his gloves, and I got a lollipop stuck to them. =/
44. I've seen Disturbed in concert 5 or 6x.
45. My first ever concert was Weezer.
46. I've also seen Three Doors Down and Staind twice.
47. Korn about 7x.
48. I've only been to the casino once since turning 21.
49. I love the outdoors.
50. I tried snowboarding once.
51. I hate the winter.
52. I have a myspace and a facebook.
53. My favorite movies are fast and the furious, any adam sandler, transformers and miami vice.
54. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.
55. I've been to Disney World 5x.
56. I've always wanted to go on a cruise and to Australia.
57. I have number dyslexia.
58. I'm scared of heights.
59. I'm scared of bees.
60. I've never had to go to the emergency room before. (knock on wood)
61. I love rest stops.
62. I love road trips.
63. I would never move further west then Pennsylvania.
64. I want to move to Florida.
65. I love Jimmy Buffett.
66. My bestest guy friend lives in Deerfield Beach FL.
67. I enjoy comidies and scary movies.
68. I smoke cigarettes.
69. I've smoked weed in the past.
70. I honestly do not like drinking.
71. So much so, I've only been to the bar once in the past 6 mnths.
72. I love crusin with other veedubs.
73. I want a MK1 Rabbit.
74. Or a MK2 GTI.
75. I would marry baberz if he asked me tomorrow.
76. I love bookstores.
77. My favorite books are Twighlight and Something Borrowed.
78. I want to go to Germany and drive on the AĆ¼toBahn.
79. I don't really like shopping that much.
80. I'm not afraid to get dirtee.
81. I'm obsessed with flip flops.
82. I only buy em from Old Navy.
83. I love the Girls Next Door pre Stupid Twins.
84. My favorite is Kendra.
85. I've met Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park.
86. I <3 Slipknot and Corey Taylor in general.
87. Aaron Lewis from Staind is my God.
88. I so rocked a Fred Durst-estique Yanks hat back in the day.
89. I've slept with 9 guys including baberz.
90. Three more than once, the other 6 only once.
91. I was engaged to my Ex.
92. My favorite time of day is dusk esp in summer.
93. I love watching sunsets.
94. I'm terrified of outdoor upside down rollercoasters.
95. I love waterparks.
96. I suck at mini golf no matter what.
97. And at bowling.
98. I used to play softball.
99. And soccer.
100. Wow, I'm more interesting than I thought. (kinda).

Finally done!!!!! Wooooo. That was quite a journey of remembrance. =}

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Finally, two more posts should be coming up today! Loaded with work as usual, so stay tuned! <33


Dear Bestie....

Dear Bestest Friend,
You know I loovee you to death. But I have to be honest (again) and I know you may or may not hate me for this. But are you crazy? Are you all there in the head? I understand fully that you want to find a husband, settle down, and start family. But please please please chill the fuck out. I know you think you're in love with Jake. But I honestly don't feel like you are. You said you loved every guy who've ever been with. Don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like you are in love with love. I know you believe that "true love" is like a fairytale, its perfection, the man marries you shortly after you meet and then you start family, stay home, watch the children, cook and clean. But that's not real life. Real life is not having a whole lot of money, real life is fighting and arguing, real life is waiting till you both have steady income to have children.

I wish I could tell you that I was happy that you have Jake. But, I'm not. This happens every month. (or seems like it) Honestly. I'm not trying to offend you. I just think in my opinion that you need to think with your head and not with the heart that just wants a husband sooo badly. Calm down, stop trying to grow up so fast, be 22. You're not 30 or 40. You're 22. Granted yes I was engaged prior to this relationship and yes baberz and I are extememly happy and have every intention of getting married in the future. But, we're taking it slow. (And he lives around here.)

I'm not trying to make you feel shitty. I'm not trying to belittle you. I'm trying to get you to realize that sometimes your decisions are stupid. I'm sorry I hate listening to you talk about Jake and how you can't wait to go to Germany and see him and how you would say yes to him if he proposes to you. First off, for your own safety, you don't even know this kid. It's not like he lived here and went off to the Army and you knew of him or knew him personally. You're going to a foreign country to meet a man whom you've never met in person. And you're going to say yes to marrying him? You don't know how he is in person. You don't know his homely habits. You don't know anything about this man. Except again like I've said before, he looks good on paper. He's the perfect one on paper. But in real life you don't know how he is.

Do you want to move out to Germany honestly? Live on base in some crappy little housing project because you don't know it could be out there. You would need to change over EVERYTHING to live there, you'd need to figure out to drive a right hand drive car if you want to drive, find a job and deal with being alone. I hate that I'm saying all this, but you can't just pick a military man, think he's good enough on paper and accept his proposal because you're so desperate to want the whole family thing. I know I sound like the crappiest friend right now but this is insane.

And it has to stop, I fully believe you are capable of meeting a man here, you just need to sit back and relax. Let them come to you. Not just persue an internet man, esp. ones that live so far away. I love you, but you're getting carried away now. It seems like every few months, we'll be driving in the car and you'll be telling me how you can't wait to marry so and so and how you can't wait to move here and there with them. Please for your own safety chill outtt.

Be you. Live your life now, not always thinking about the future. You're 22, relax. Give life time to do its thing. It'll all work out, but you have to let it. You can't force yourself to believe that someones for you just because that's what you want. Or you'll be uhappy.

I love you to death and I'm sorry if this offended you. But I can't take it anymore. I can't pretend to be happy when you are pushing yourself into silly situations. Just livee.....

Two Away!

So, I'm two posts away from finally getting to one hundred. (yay!) I'm probably not going to do anything tooo fancy except make a list of one hundred things about myself, if I cant think of that many. It was a pretty uneventful weekend after Friday's gtg with the Eurospec boiis.

It snowed on Saturday afternoon//evening, we got about 3-6 inches, probably around 4 and it was not THAT bad to drive in. Although my mother insisted 56 million times that I should come home, and I continued to defy her not because I was being a brat and rebellious but because I'm pretty good at driving in the snow which it mainly just was.

Plus, I wanted to be with baberz since he had been working all day loong and I decided because I get bored easily that I wanted to go to Massachusetts to the mall, which was pretty silly on my part because I had aboslutely nothing to buy and my bestie only wanted to get her nails done.

So, I slighty annoyed myself because it snowed earlier than expected so I had drive a good half an hour in the snow and of course everyone was having a heart attack, like omg snow!!!!!!! I could see if we were all from Florida and didn't know how to drive in it but my God people I know 99% of you are from New England and have been for the majority of your life.

(Sorry this is why I hate snow!!!!!!!)

Anyhoodle. I just woke up baberz, I'm such a brat (teeeheee) but he has to work from 1130-830 today so I barely will get to talk to him, so I woke him up (twice) so we could talk and he still hasn't come on Aim. And I found a really cute quote about love and such..and put in my away message. (haha) I'm a dork!!

Finally, I got into a humungo fight with my mom on Saturday night. I told her when she was on vaca how I wanted to go to school. And she told me it was a waste of money and a bad idea. Now, if you guys didn't know I have had a bad track record with school. I went to college right after h.s and dropped out half way thru the first semester. Decided Criminal Justice was not my thing. Went back like a year or two later, took some general studies classes and then changed my major to Elementary Education with a Specialization in Earth Science. Didn't really do that great.

But this year I feel like this is it. I really want to try. I've been at my job for over a year now, have my Veedub Charlie, bascially have everything I want by my own doing. I want to go back to school. And I'm going to pay for it. Plus, baberz is going to school and I'll be motivated to motivate not only myself but him. We even came up with the idea of a bet to motivate to do well in class. Esp. if we get Psych together.

But no my mom shoots me down. Tells me its a waste, she knows I'll give up. She says that the job I have now is just fine. I argue with her that I hope she's happy that I'll be living in her house till I'm 30. She says I'm overexaggerating, I tell her I'm not because I only got a .20 cents raise in the past year, and for some reason they couldn't even round it up the nearest dollar. (I know I'm lucky, I'm just saying!) She tells me oh no, you'll be out when your 25. I again bring up the fact I have no money. She tells me that I won't when I go to school either. I tell her at least I'll be working towards that. She tells me no, it's stupid again.

I spoke a few choice words to her. Told her maybe I would well if she stopped yelling at me like I was 2 and started treating me like I was 22 and thinking of ways to HELP ME with school instead of just totally saying I'm going to fail at it. I go upstairs and cry. I feel like my mom doesn't care at all. I feel shitty, call baberz, tell him I'm not going to school. He tells me we'll figure it out, I'll help you out. I'm completely grateful. I'm poor, don't know how I'll even be able to afford the first installment payment for school. But, I'm going to talk to NVCC, see what I can do. I will do this, I will prevail with or without my mother's help or support.

I'm doing this for me. =D


Good Morning!

Oh, could this be possible? Is Learning to Fly actually posting on the weekend? Yeah, it's true.
I'm up early cause baberz left and went to work. =( Which makes me incredibly sad. I enjoyed being incredibly lazy with him!

Anywho, the sun is out right now which is pure trickery. Like OoO I'm going to tease you with this lovely morning and then I'm going to drop a whole load of snow on you. I actually if I was listening right this morning (being all groggy and such) think the snow totals are down to 5-8 inches which is a tad more managable to drive in. Guess we'll just see what happens.

So, last night baberz && I went to the CTEurospec gtg. We got to Best Buy around 1015pm && oh my was I was nervous. We pulled up and parked near the group and some of them introduced themselves. And it was alllllll boys. Now, I'm not your typical woman. I have one best chick friend and that's fine for me. I've many girl friends in the past who screwed me, plus guys are easier to talk toooo. But boyyy was I a wreck, it was just too many people in general. There was this one girl, she was there by default, she was a guy's girlfriend.

So, we got there and apparently were waiting for YellowGLI to come so we could leave and go to Boudah's house. He showed up so we bounced down 95 to Bford (a ways away from home) and finally we got there. Boudah has an amazing house on Long Island sound and you can actually hear waves laping on the rocks across the street from his house. We went inside and kinda just stood there being all awkward for a while, till we moved to the couch and watched some Family Guy with ThatSkinnyKid and YellowGLI.

I was pretty quiet which is the norm for me when I meet new people and usually they think I'm kinda bitchy till they actually realize that I'm just super shy. (Something I need to work on!) Baberz is the opposite way though which I never noticed before, but he is extremely blabberish. He was actually nervous which is pretty dang rare for him. He told me afterwards there was alot of frickin people and that he got a vibe that I really liked this group just from talking to them on the forums and from actually chillen with them.

Overall, I hope we made a good impression because they certainly did on us. They were interested about us as seperate people instead as baberz's gf or my bf. They knew we both drove dubs and they wanted to see what we were doing with them and such. And they interested in us as people too! Which is more than I can say for Absolut or Hat City. (former dub groups of ours)

I had a pretty awesome Friday nite, and now my day just got a tad bit better...because the weather forecast changed to 4-6 inches because it's supposed to change over to sleet/rain because it's supposed to be warmer than previously thought! Which means by the time I get home, there may be like 5 inches on the ground and that's it! YAY!!!!!

Well everyone have an awesome weekend!


Time to Sit Back, Relax...and It's All That!

Sorry I've been slighty M.I.A for the past week. I've been swamped with work because it's our busy season. Usually when people have fires, puffbacks, and water damages the most.

Nothing that story worthy happened anyway this week. My rents have been gone, so baberz came over the past week to chill out, we played the new Monopoly and watched some Family Guy. Then he would leave and I would retreat to my room and wrap myself up in my blanket because I'm the biggest chicken known to man!

They come home tomorrow and honestly I am soo excited. I do miss my rents and I absolutely hate being home alone sooo. Tonite, baberz is sleeping over since we will be out pretty late in Southern CT hanging out with CTEurospec, a vw club. Then tomorrow baberz has to work from 9-430 and I'm not even sure if I'll be able to see him due to the fact that there's of course a Winter Storm coming. It's supposed to put down 6"-10" of snow!

In other news, I've finally decided where, what for and when I'm going back to school. Ok, the where. I am actually going back to NVCC where I went the first time I attempted college..and also where baberz goes. I'm going for Human Services, Children and Families. And I'm going (hopefully) back this semester which starts the 22nd of the this month. Baberz and I are going to see if we can take Psych. together since he needs to (a filler class mostly) for his major.

I'm super excited for schoool. This upcoming week I am going to bring all my paperwork in and hopefully register for class and get my book. =D


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The lovely Bon Don at Who Throws A Cupcake? Honestly? has given me the You Are Truly Beautiful Award! Thanks hun! I appreciate that you think I'm truly beautiful! <3

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Thanks everyone!

Confusious Say: Dumbass, Go to School!

So as promised here comes my story of how I screwed myself in the schooling department.

When I graduated from high school, I immediately went to college. I didn't go to a big fancy school or anything like that. I ended up going to NVCC, which is my hometown of the Dirtee Dirtee.

(It also happens to be the school where baberz is going at the moment.)

For the strangest reason, I decided that I wanted to pursue Criminal Justice. I had my heart set on being a cop. I did well for the first couple of months, going to all my classes, and I even had a class with this girl who I went to high school with. I was proud for being a full-time student and proud for taking all these classes. =D Eventually though, I got lazy and decided that it wasn't for me. And I decided there was no way I could become a cop, I couldn't endure it.

I dropped out halfway thru the semester..which wasn't a good thing on my part at all. My parents were paying for my schooling because at the time I didn't qualify for financial aid because my parents made too much. They weren't happy with how I went about with it but hey, at least I didn't finish up and do nothing with a degree that I didn't want.

So, I starting looking for full-time work in an office. 5 years later, here I am my wonderful job. (It's one year today!!!!)

I went back to school again about a year ago. I went to the community college in the next town over and started taking classes for general studies. The next semester I ended up changing my major to Elementary Education with a Specialization in Earth Science. I took some pretty good classes that semester but my brain must have told me this is not what I trully wanted to do so I ended up doing less than I was capable of.

This past year I somehow qualified for financial aid. Which now my parents are paying 50 a mnth for because I cannot afford it.

So, here I am. It's going to be the beginning of a new semester soon. I struggled with the concept of going back to school (for the third time!). I discussed with my baberz, asked him if it was even smart given the fact that I can not go full-time because I need my full-time job to afford everything I have. I thought about the future, thought to myself if in my mind it made since. Thought about how long it's going to take, thought about graduating, working for a year or two in that field, having children, taking time off.

( I adamently refuse to go the daycare route. No offense to anyone that does it..I just don't agree with it. I'm rarely opinionated...so.)

Baberz told me it was up to me what I wanted to do but he would rather see me further my education. I want too, but I have no clue what I want to do. Yesterday, I mentioned in my blog that I wanted to do dental assisting. But, of course that's pretty much off-limits due to the fact that you need clinical. (Which is training in the hospital for like 8 hrs a day)

So, I'm at a stand still. And I'm mad at myself for wasting the time I had to devote myself fully to school. I mean I loveee this job, but I don't love office jobs in general. I have a very ADHD kind of personality and I hate doing nothing or doing something which allows my mind to wander.

I'd enjoy doing something hands on, but I'm not sure what. I'm going to check out some more nursing options and I'm looking at the possiblity of a degree in Early Childhood Education, Social Services. Hopefully, I'll get something down. And stick to it and work hard. Maybe actually paying for a class will inspire me to do better..I can only hope.



Sheri from Sheri's World tagged me to answer these questions. And so therefore I'm doing that. Thanks Sheri!!!!!!!!!!! =D

1. Do you think you're hot?
I don't think I'm hot. I think I'm cute or good looking but not hott.

2. Upload your favorite picture of you.
3. Why do you like that picture?
I like that picture because it describes me best. I can be girly (pigtails) but I also have a boyish side to myself. (hat) Plus I think I look cute && sporty. =D

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Um. No clue to be honest.

5. The last song you listened to?
Whatever is on the radio at the moment.

6. The last movie you watched?
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

7. Last restaurant you ate at?

8. Last book you fully read?

9. What are you doing right now, besides this?

10. What name do you prefer besides your own?
Um. No clue. Snickie, Nick (sometimes).

Now 5 People to Be Tagged.
1. My Everyday Soap (Opera)
2. Confessions of a Twenty Something Yr Old
3. The Invention of My Life
4. Sex and the Traveling Satchel
5. Perpetual Burn

Anyhoodle, not to exciting answers. Sorry. =(

Anyway, you've been tagged by default! =D If you're name wasn't selected, tag yourself anyway!! =D

A Year?! Really?

So, tomorrow marks one year since I've been at my job. And I freaking love it. It's probably one of the best jobs I've ever had. Of course, I've made mistakes, gotten disiplined, and almost fallen asleep. But, I have great job security. I know that I will be here forever if need be because I deal with a program that no one else besides my boss deals with. My office boss is awesome, she's soo kind and actually talks to me like I'm an adult and not like a child.

(Some bosses actually did that to me)

Being the youngest in the company honestly doesn't bother me. It's something that makes me slightly proud, because you don't see a lot of younger women in an office. Everyone else here is above 50 with the exception of B, who's 25 but only comes in part-time. Plus, my 3 other bosses, the project manager's are funny and crazy and not up your butt about everything all the time. It's actually the other way around.

I also enjoy having my own office. I mean it's not some huge one and that's fine by me. It's just a room with my desk...with my phone, calculator, calender, radio, etc. and then I have a smaller desk to the right of it with the computer on it. =) It's just nice not to be out in the open anymore and actually have slight privacy.

Eventually though, I will have to move on. They pay decently but it's def. not enough to be able to afford to move out into an apt. with baberz. But it pays the bill and has allowed me to afford a brand new car. The only down fall is now that I want to go back to college, I can't really do anything in the medical field like I'd love tooo.

Because you have to take clinical. And most times it's in the daytime which I couldn't dooo or I would not be able to afford my bills. =( ::sigh::

So, the only other thing I am interested in is the dental hygeine program I believe. Or dental assistant. Something like that. Which I'm going to check out again as soon as I'm done here. Woo school again. (Story for later on how I retardly screwed myself.)

Onward. I've noticed this year is oddly very snowy and such. It so far has snowed//mixed the last 3 wks hard enough for us to actually have to get out of work early. Such a difference from last year when it was like 70 in January. (Or was it the year before?)

Anywho, we are up for another Winter Storm. This one promises to bring some snow tonite around 8ish and then all day tomorrow it's supposed to sleet && rain. So, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. I may have to stay with baberz tonite && tomorrow. =)

Honestly. because the way my neighborhood is set up, if the power goes out, we're kinda screwed. Well, I am anywho. We have well water so everything runs off electricity. I wouldn't be able to flush the toilet or take a shower in the morning or really do anything. (EEEEK!!) Plus, I'm unsure if I want to brave my driveway or the huge hill to get to work. And I also don't want to be by myself if the power fails because it gets really really dark. (I'm a wusssy!)

And it'd be freezing. So now I'm just waiting for baberz to wakey-uppy so I can discuss the options. If not I may stay with the bestie.

That is all for now. Work to be done (lots) and I want to check out schooling.


Thank You!!!

I'd like to thank Cheryl over at Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old for this lemonade award! Absolutely love your blog and the crazy stories you have about your travels!
Well, here we goooo....=)

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I shall now nominate 10 amazing people...

Thanks to everyone who has read my blog...I throughly enjoy blogging, it's such an awesome outlet. I have about a million thoughts that race thru my head per second, so this def. allows me to get rid of some of some of them!
If you weren't nominated, no hard feelings, it was hard enough to choose 10 people! Grab it anyway..and post it up on your blog! Everyone deserves it anywho!


The New Year.

So, I'm at work. And honestly I'm really not sure why. I did some work today, but not a whole lot. Argghhh, and my knees ache for some reason. Which is putting me in such an irritable mood.

But. for your viewing pleasure I'm going to put some pics of baberz and baberz and I from Christmas. When I stole his new camera...and had way to much fun. =)

~Baberz chillaxin~


~Baberz, Skye && his Mom~


Right now I'm falling asleep yet again. (lol). I think I'm gonna go home and fancy myself a nap since baberz doesn't get outta work till 830 which stinks!!! Then we mite go to the movies to see Spirit. I don't know if I really wanna see it because I'm not into the whole comic book theme they got going on there. You never know though.....

Well, I'm out for now.