Technology, Why?!

Grr, the damn internet here at work is acting all goofy. Only the intial page and the first tab wants to work. And the net is being slow as hell. Not to mention, my boss is all angry because on Friday afternoon at 4ish pm, a guy who works in the warehouse had my boss' camera and asked me if I could put it in the drawer for him. So, I put it the top left drawer behind all my hanging folders. And my boss came in this morning and asked for it.

I opened the drawer, went to the back of it, and um...what?! It's gone?! But, But it was in the drawer on Friday. I remember the black bag with red stiching, I remember putting it in the drawer and making sure it was in my mind safe. And now it's gone?! Great.

I'm not sure if my boss has found it though. He went upstairs and then I think he left thru the warehouse to go to a job. So, hopefully he found it. If not, please start questioning these dumb painters, or should I say this dumb painter. He freaking broke the counter top at my co-workers desk and he's honestly kinda creepy.

I just don't want to be blamed because I honestly just put it away. I'm frickin hungry. Baberz needs cigs, I'll need cigs..and somehow we have to get to Danbury or wherever tonite to go to Mike J's party thingy. (Yay!?)

Ok. I'll admit on a Monday I'm not really up for driving all the way down there. But baberz' bestie is home for the weekend from school in Rhode Island so I think we are going to go chill with him tooo. I mean honestly I am not that excited to go to Mike J's, because I guess a bunch of people that baberz went to high school with are going to be there. And I don't really like meeting new people, esp. new people I'll probably never associate with again.

Like my CtEurospec kiddies are fine because that's my new group soo. But ugh, I always feel like people are judging me. I don't know. I'm so indecisive. I'll probably go though. God knows some girl from high school would come up and profess her undying love for him.

(It's happened once already)

It makes me laugh. Not in a snotty haha I got him way, but its just that the chick that said that to him was professing her love to him, while he's trying to tell her he has a gf. I'm not mean to many girls' about my boyfrann, altho I should be. Not to make my boyfrann out to be a God or anything but he ganers a lot of looks. I used to laugh at it, think it was interesting and such.

Until, girls' would openly flirt with him in front of me. I'm talking full out gigglin, asking questions kinda thing. Ok, case in point, Starbucks kiosk, Danbury Mall. Baberz wants a coffee. He walks up to order (I'm all set btw) and the chick standing there, is giggling and offers him a piece of bread or something. Meanwhile, lil ol me is standing right BESIDE him. I'm not looking at anything, I'm not over there , no I was RIGHT THERE. And the bitch doesn't offer me anything. She just keeps on giggling, asks him if its good and then he orders, forgets what its called and she giggles some more and corrects him, makes the coffee, and gives me an evil eye.

(Really thanks.)

But the worst one had to be at Walgreens. It was Xmas Eve and I had to get a gift card for my mom. So baberz and I walked around trying to find em when I spotted them on a rack next to the door. So I grabbed one and went to pay. We got this really nice older woman...and then Ms. Barbie walks on over. She worked there. She stands on the other side of baberz, really close and proceeds to pretend like she has something so entertaining to say to our cashier, all the while staring at baberz. Then we left, thank God.

Ok, I know (in my opinion anyway) that I have an attractive boyfrann. He's smart, sexxii, a real charmer (not on purpose) and has amazing blue eyes. And while I don't think I'm ugly, I also know that I'm not the hottest person in the world. But somehow baberz picked me..jk jk.

(Honestly, sometimes I wonder)

But, its just kinda annoying because these chicks are sooo rude and just flirt with him like he's going to dump me and be with em. Uh. Being rude isn't going to get you far, it's actually a huge turnoff for him. Anyway. I'm done ranting. Peace for now.

2 you know you love me.:

Sheri said...

Wow. Hopefully your boss won't blame you! He really shouldn't though. If it were a camera that important to him, it should be in a locked drawer. Just my opinion. :P

I so know how you feel about girls flirting with your boyfriend. Girls used to do that ALL THE TIME with this guy I was with for TWO YEARS. It was my longest relationship actually. I kinda miss him. Anyways, yeah I would go to parties or out wherever because I felt like I had to be there otherwise who knows what would happen. It was not a good feeling. Especially when the girls hitting on him were like model-bodies/barbies and just ugh. I mean, I could beat them to a pulp... but still. lol

Bon Don said...

Did he ever find the camera?

Ahh skanks you gotta love em' next time say something like... "Ooh isn't it cute when these skanks think the have a shot with you!?"

*Bon Don*