The Ice Fortress.

I could not sleep last night to save my life. I got home around 1230, expecting the power to be out because the trees were covered in ice. Surprisingly, it was not.

(It went out when I came home right after work. It wasn't cool.)

Around 130 though, I was laying in bed and it went out. I could not sleep for the life of me. It was downpouring like you wouldn't believe, I could hear trees and limbs cracking and falling from the weight of the ice (which scared me because there are 3 old trees in front of my windows, oh dear lol)., and the wind was howling. It was one of those creepy winds, where you literally hear it start from the down the street and come up.

But I did take two lovely pics.

The first one is the main road right off my neighborhood and the second one is the woods surrounding my driveway. Thankfully the road was not slippery at all. It's beautiful because it wasn't on the road. (haha)

And tonite, is my work Christmas party. Of course, I'm bringing baberz, it should be alot of fun though. I was trying to find the top my mom bought me, it's actually very cute. I'm wearing black dress pants, my pointy boots, and this blackish and gold shirt. It's very cute..I'm gonna wear my hair down in a black headband and do very minimal makeup. I was going to buy a dress, but it makes no sense to spend 40-50-60 dollars on a dress I'll wear once. Plus, I feel like this party is a little more laid back and most of the ladies in the office are wearing pants anyway.

Other than that, I got two gift cards down, two to go. And I'm probably going to buy baberz the video game Skate, because he decided he really has no use for another controller. And something else adorkable for him. =) And prolly one more 5 dollar item for the bestie.

Oh. And the boy bought me Mechanix gloves, and yes I'm uber excited. He said it took forever to find them. =) If you don't know what they are, they're gloves designed to work on cars. And I'm soo excited because I'm gonna learn how to do stuff this upcoming year!!! (I'm a dork!)


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Sheri said...

Very cool gloves! Also, love the new layout for your Blog! :)