This is our first Christmas together. Baberz and I of course. I'm so so excited. We've only been dating for 2 1/2 months but mom && dad already invited him over to my aunt's. It's kinda weird.

I'm not completely sure if they're inviting him because they generally like him or because they are just in a habit of inviting. I think it's the first part. Honestly. Hopefully.

I think I'm most excited about chillen with my cousins, baberz and my brother. It's nice that the adults kind of go off and let us chill since we are pretty close in age. And I get to see Dyl, my cousins son. He's growing up sooo fast and I only get to see him like twice a year. It stinks.

Another first for this year, is that BooBoo (my best friend in Florida) and I will be exchanging via mail. I have no frickin idea what to get him except maybe a Matchbox Firetruck. Cause he's almost there...just waiting to see if a spot will open up in PB. I hope so! If not then he will become a paramedic for somethingggg. lol. But yes, I was quite surprised that he wanted to get me something also.

I told him I did expect anything back and then he got a lil upset and said he wanted to get me something.?! What could he possibly get me?? (Haha).

Oh well I'm excited, shopping and sending this weekend! Yay!!!!! =)

0 you know you love me.: