The First Real Snowstorm.

So, I've been lagging on writing. Could be alot of things, having to actually do work, or the fact that my mind is on Christmas and oh shocker, snow.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow all day long. 6-12 inches is expected. I'll probably have about 15 inches where I live. Now, I don't mind snow at all. Except when there's alot.

We have a steep driveway, so it takes me 2-3 trys to get up. It's quite funny to watch in my opinion. I back all the way up to my across the street neighbor's driveway, put it in drive, and just mosh the pedal to the floor and spin the tires as I try and get up the driveway. (lol).

I haven't had to push Charlie to that extreme yet, but maybe tomorrow I will.

Baberz and I are trying to come up with a good plan, where I can "get stuck" at his house for the evening. It's supposed to snow on Sunday tooo...sooo I get maybe one day with him this weekend? Insert saddd puppy face. =(


I feel like my rents would actually be ok with me sleeping over..I'm not a fan of that (sleeping over your bfs house, unless you've been dating forever..ehhh Idk, its weird) actually, I feel its not right unless under certain circumstances, such as this one. His mom, I'm not so sure.

I hope she allows me tooo. Cause I cannot stay cooped up in my house tomorrow nite, and all day Sunday. I'm in no way a homebody. Hmmm. Maybe I should pack some sledding stufff!!!

Promise, BIG post tomorrow. Either here at work or maybe at home (lets hope not!). or baberz.

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