The First Snowfall.

So, this past weekend, we had our first official snowfall. It was really nothing, just about 2 inches fell all over the state. (I could deal with that kind of snow.)

I wish I had taken a picture, I probably will later on my lunch break. The picture above is from Essex, CT.

I let Charlie (my volkswagen) enjoy his first snowfall. He didn't slide at all, even though I tried really hard to make him. Only when I had my traction control off did he slide and it was really only around one corner. I slid around a niceee corner (the one!) in my neighborhood and did a snow burnout while sliding. I loved it so much, I did it 3x till baberz told me I should stop in case someone decided to call the cops on us.

(I'm such a little kid/guy sometimes.)


Anywho, weekend recaparoo:

-Omg what did I do Friday? Honestly, let me think. I went to baberz after work. We went to get a movie, ended up getting Run Fat Boy Run. Haven't watched it yet, we decided to play some XBox. I ended up deleting the Ex because we never play anymore. And honestly, that was about it.

-Saturday I got up, got ready, then went and visited baberz at work. Then after that, I went with the bestie and Jesse to the mall. We kinda just looked around for stuff, then decided to leave. As we in the horrendous traffic, Jesse decided he wanted to start dancing, and the bestie joined in. Me, the driver, just sat there laughing hysterically. Then, all of a sudden., an SUV full of boys pulled up and asked for a cig. SO Jesse gave em one. I drove on thinking nothing of it...

till the SUV came up again, and one of the guys was talking to us. He asked us what we were doing and where we were from..told em we don't know and from B-town. We eventually got to the highway and the SUV was following us onto the highway but got off the first exit for CCSU.

The bestie was a little upset she wasn't more outgoing, because she def. thought the driver was cute, but she's so shy!!!

After that I went home, it was me && baberz time (;D)which was very nice indeed. (haha!) After that, we went to some stores as usual, just looked around, then went back to my house and just chilled, watched the snow come down. We ended up getting outta the car and kissing in the snow. (we are such dorks!) We both never kissed in the snow before and it was def. very romantic. =)

Unfortunately baberz had to leave not to long after that because he didn't know how the roads from my house to his would be, since he hasn't lived here a winter yet.

-Yesterday, I pretty much just chilled at home. Around 2, I asked the Ex if he wanted to get some coffee with me, so we met at Dunkin Donuts. We just chilled and talked in the car, about a lot of things and I even got him to laugh, which made me feel alot better. (I'll explain all after the weekend recap) After that, I went and surprised baberz at work, and got him his new favorite coffee, an iced regular with two shots of mocha. (very good). He didn't see me until he actually got outta work. (If I drive by, alot of times he can see me). He was so surprised, it was cute.
We ended up going to Wally World, just looking around, then home to play some XBox and watch tv. Around 9, we went and got some gas and some dinner, then went back to his home to watch the season finale of STORMCHASERS!!!!!!!!!!! It was def. an awesome ending, all the researchers, pretty much got what they wanted. (yay!)

So, that was pretty much my weekend.

Now, the story about the Ex. So, I forgot that the cardinal rule in Xbox is that you do not delete one of your good xbox friends no matter what, or you'll be questioned, they'll be upset.

So, the Ex texted me and asked, "when and why did you delete me?" I told him, last nite (this convo happened sat. morning) because we don't play anymore. He said, "Well, you aren't really on anymore." (true.) So, we talked and talked...and he ended up telling me that he was the hospital this past week because he had not been eating since I officially stopped talking to him, like 1 1/2 wks ago. He said he was really sick and weak, so he went to the hospital and they gave him some nutrition stuff..

I guess he's ok now. But I was not happy. I was upset he didn't call me and let me know. I would have been down there in a heartbeat, cause he's my friend and of course I care! I was upset he wasn't eating because of me...and his feelings towards me. He said he still really can't eat because his depression takes over his hungry feeling. And I just wanna punch him..I want him to be happy. I want him to feel loved..his friends aren't that great, they don't care. They're all in their happy lil..I love the other person so much thing. He has to call them...they never call him.

I'm just afraid something mite happen to him..and then that's it. I know this may seem harsh, but I honestly do not regret my decision, I wasn't happy, it had to end. He wasn't a bad boyfriend, he just was someone that I couldn't be with forever. He needs to find his happiness now. I hope he does.

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