On Memories.

Firefighter Fred,

It's been forever and a half dude. I miss the frickin hell out of you. I know that unfortunately people part ways. I was sad that you left. But occasionally I do think of you. And that makes me smile.

You were an amazing friend. I know at times it was a little bizarre that we maintained a 1360 mile friendship between us. But that's what made it special. We talked via Xbox Live, on the phone and texted gobbles. When I had a retarded medical question and was freaking, all I had to do was ask you what the hell was wrong with me. We talked about a million and one things on a weekly basis. It was awesome.

Then finally I came to visit. Thank you again for staying up till 2am just to pick Sondra && I up at the airport that was 45 mins away. I'm sorry you're very old pup pooped everywhere in the house, twice. We had a wonderful trip. I enjoyed basking in the sun on the beautiful beach and then going out to dinner with you and venturing in you're beautiful city. I enjoyed trying to race to the horse track to see the horse I never knew you even had, race. I enjoyed seeing a movie with you and you're friends. And don't worry, we had an amazing time, I cannot stress that enough. I know you kept asking me over and over if I did, and yes I did.

I cannot believe it's been almost a year since we first met in person, and a year and a half since we first became best friends. Though we no longer talk, I'm ok with it. You're one of the few people that left an imprint on my heart. I know that you will have an amazing life, being a firefighter/paramedic. I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished thus far, including losing a ton of weight. =) Good luck in life and with the girlfriend. (facebook tells me everything)

Maybe I'll see ya again in November, you know how fond of Deerfield Beach, FL I am, and how I desperately want to show LB where you live...

Fred && I. July 08. I look retareded.


Chelsea from Chelsea Talks Smack, a newcommenter to my blog, and someone who has the same mindset as me and is effin awesome just wrote a post about how her && her bf were out, came back, and his ex gf was over because she was still friends with the roomy. In my opinion this is a big no-no, it's awkward and unfair to the current gf to feel awkward and such. Trust me I know, cause I have a very lovely story about exs being around your current beau.

Once upon a time, five years ago I met LB. A year later, we were together. The first time I saw "her," was the summer LB && I first got together. It was a dark, cloudy evening, I was on my way out with Lil B actually ((see we go way back!)) && I believe CM. We were headed to the pike ((the hopping strip where badass people bring their cars)) && it was super early so we went back to LB's dad's house. LB told me that his ex was coming to drop off tickets to a concert. She came && instantly I just wanted to punch her. She was all "hey man" && I'm sitting here going really now? Eventually, Lil B, CM && I left. The ex was still there. I made Lil B take my phone && put it in his pocket because I was so mad that I didn't want to talk to LB. But, we all know I did.

There's also been a handful of times when she's come to LB's mom's house because his mom goes away alot for business so he has parties. Well his wonderful friend Paul has always invited her over much to my detest. And LB trying to be the little saint he is would always be like "hunnni it's ok, I can't stop Paul from inviting people over." Hellllo, yes you can! It's you're house! This leads me in a couple stories about things she's done while there.

Incident #1-The first time she ever came to LB's house while I was there she decided to merrily skip down the hall in all her glory, go into LB's room, and set her "piano" purse ON HIS BED. Now, I don't know about you guys, but if by some weird circumstance I was over an ex's house, I would never go INTO his room && put my purse on his bed. So, I thoughtfully went && put her purse out in the hallway. ((heheheh biitch)).

Incident #2-One lovely evening, LB had the stomach buggie && felt like crap. People were still coming over && of course Paul had invited the ex over again. LB was in room at the time she came over, and I was sitting on the couch with Amy ((thank you dear God for her being there!)) She walked in, and I watched as she looked around for LB. She started DOWN the hall towards HIS ROOM! when somehow I found my voice && said, "He's sick." She turned around, said ok, and then sat in the kitchen being quiet for the rest of the night.

Incident #3-Again the ex was over. Again I sat on the couch with Amy, watching as she sat just inside the kitchen "line." She always felt the need to be right near LB && laugh at everything he said. Which in turn made me pick up the bottle of Cap'n, add some coke, and drink like there was no tomorrow. Which therefore lead me into wanting to insert my boot her cunt. Which became a great statement && even had it's own little dance associated with it. =)

Incident #4-This is by far the 2nd worst incident. LB, Lil T((ex bestie)), Paul && the ex all went to a concert together. Like, a freakin stand around listen to bands play concert. It was horrible. =/ Between every set, she would stand there && space out at LB, it was way creeper status. Thankfully though, she left halfway thru && hid in the bathroom. =-)

Incident # 5-By far THE worst incident ever. LB, Paul, the ex && I all went to another concert together. Like, in the same car status. Like we are talking I was driving, she was in the backseat behind LB. I know, I shouldn't have done it, but LB && Paul made me feel like a biitch if I didn't. I know I shouldn't have listened to LB. But, in all fairness it wasn't THAT bad. Ok, I was uncomfortable the whole time. I couldn't wait to get out of the car. And when we did, LB was leaning against my car, and the ex was leaning against the car parked, and she was just staring at him..and he was like, "you wanna sip of my beer?," and she giggled!!!!! and said no. UM INSERT PUKE HERE!

And that my friends was the last of her. She better not come around again, because alot has changed, and I won't hesitate to ask her to leave. So Chelsea don't take that shit! Bitch should not be up in the house. Before, all the above happens.


Some Uber Exciting News && A Weekend Update.

Good afternoon everyone. =) So, I'm very excited to report I am only working 3 days this week. Today, tomorrow && Thursday! I have my usual Wed. off && get paid for holiday on Friday, woot woot! As that is exciting news, it's not quite uber status.

The uber exciting news is that I'm going to H20 again this year!!! Trust me when I say, it will not be like last time. Not even close! This year LB && I will be on good terms, and we will be rooming with Swan && his ladii and Lil B && Pa Lova. Six of the more quietier people. Ahh, it'll be nice. We will all get along, we won't get crazy drunk and break stuff. We are staying at a wonderful hotel, complete with oceanside view and pool view. Work on Charlie begins again! Very very slowly though.

Oh and in other news, which was a bit more scary..we all remember how I wrote that post "Things I Want Thursday?" Well half way down I talk about how I wish we had a big nasty thunderstorm.

Well, things you want do come true. My co-worker and I got outta work as quickly as we could on Friday night. I went as fast as I could (safely) to pick up the pup. On my way there, my first scare had to do with the fact that a large bolt of lightning decided that it wanted to strike about 10 ft away from the right side of my car as I happened to turn and look right.

Finally I got to the daycare and hurried inside to grab the pup before the rain came down. Not so lucky, as soon as I got him and turned to leave it started torrentially downpouring and not a second later, hail came pouring out of the sky. And it was big, as least marble sized. So, I stood there wondering what to do. I put the pup down and ran like hell to the car. We safely made it in. And left. Then I started freaking because the hail was still coming down and now my dumbass was driving and it was pounding down on my car. Meanwhile the road I turned onto starting flooding with mud and rain..so I was freaking, while the dog remained uber calm. Finally, half way up the loong street it stopped. I ventured home && was nice && safe && sound.

Now, on to the weekend recap!

-got outta work, we all know what happened, got home && then it was off to the besties.
-we ventured to the deeply discounted bookstore in pville && bought some books
-then it was off to Wally World, we got the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
-it was ok, but def. worth renting.
-then it home && to bed for me.

-got and went && picked Swan up
-we went to Lil B's && Pa Lover's
-went to the junkyard, dropped the boys off && Pa Lover && I drove around
-then we came back && picked them up && went to Subway to visit my love
-then went back to Lil B's && Pa Lover's && waited for LB to get outta work
-then we got some bread, picked up LB && fed some duckies at the park in Meriden.

-then we went up to Castle Craig which isn't really a castle, it's bascially a tower..
-I was terrrrrifffffiedd, I hate heights and it's the tallest point on the East Coast.
-Some dumb woman who were speaking spanish starting laughing at me.
-"Mira, Mira" while laughing at me ensued.
-Good thing I wasn't in a bad mood. =)

-then we all went back to Lil B's && went seperate ways
-LB && I went to Jay && Amy's shortly after that.
-we chilled out && enjoyed some beer pongage (( i used Smirnoff)), played some xbox and ate, then it was home && to bed

-got up around 11am
-went to LB's and then we were off to the Travelers Championship aka The Fedex Cup aka the PGA Tour
-we stayed there for about 2 hrs && then I felt icky because it was hoott && boring.
-I did enjoy checking out the men's choice of pants.
-like Stroud, who wore purple pants, plus, he wasn't too bad looking. ;)
-then it was back home, played some Xbox, Left 4 Dead is my new favorite game!
-made some breaded chicken && twice baked potatoes
-watched some tv && cuddled && then I went home.

And that was my weekend. Hope everyone had a good one! I'm very uber excited about the 4th..parties galore!


My First Fashion Post.

So, yup 4th post today. I'm on a roll. So, usually I'm not very fashion forward. But recently I can't help but notice some really nice clothes, shoes and accesories that I want!

I'm totally in love with these sandals! They are Simply Vera, Vera Wang Dyan Sandals exclusively at Kohl's.

I'm also totally in love with this Hoodie Tee from Victoria's Secret. I saw it last year and I totally want it, but I still will probably not get it. Damnn.

This Ruffled Babydoll Bra Top from Victoria's Secret ((but in black)) would go perfectly with the shoes above and some kick butt shorts.

As I showcased awhile ago, I'm in love with this jacket && bathing suit. The top is a wireless push-up halter style. Of course as you can see I love it for the bunnnis and peace signs. =)

I saw this last year and I fell head over heels in love. It's the most amazing bikini I've ever seen. Wish I had the perfect bod for it. It's from the Becca line by Rebecca Virtue and is sold exclusively at Victoria's Secret.

For some reason I love this ring, I love that big rings are in, I think they're super sexxy

Anyways, that's just some of the things I really like! Have a good weekend everybody!!!

Pic Post. =)

me,thatskinnykid,pa lover at a car show

me && pa lover at the car show.

koni the wire haired mini dauchsand at the car show.

this is seriously what lb && i came home to last nite, mulligan surrounded by remotes with his paw on the xbox controller. wonder what he was playing?

&& finally i just love this pic.

A Special Edition of Unsent Letters.

I've decided I just to vent this all out, so here we go.

Dear Future Father in Law,
You're an alchoholic. You know this. We don't need to spell it out for you. You may be uncontrobally drunk but you are well aware that you are a complete and utter asshole. I don't know what to say to you when you ask me about my views on you're problem. I can't say I've ever really experienced this. I come from a very straight family where the only problem we have is that Memere is getting old and cynial.

I wish you would get help. Yes, you've done the standarized classes from getting a D.U.I. But, do you ever stop and think about your son? The only kid you've got? The one that has to have a boy with me to carry on the family name, you're family name. Do you ever stop and think that if you keep going on like this, you won't live to see you're grandchildren? Do you ever stop and think about how your dad died of the same cause? Do you ever stop and think about how your diabetic and too much sugar could kill you, so you shouldn't even be drinking!

No, you don't. You have an addiction and you need help before I call Intervention on your ass. This is not funny. It's not funny to giggle when you ask me what I think of you as a father in law and I shrug my shoulders while giving you a dirtee look.

I don't know what to do. Your son already has anxiety..and if you were to die, he'd probably die right along with you. And that is something I don't need happening. So, please for us clean you're act up. I love you.

From "Herrresss Johnny" to the Living Angel to the King of Pop. [[RIP]]

Well, first I apologize for the barely legiable blog post I wrote yesterday. I was rushing, so it came out all funky and such. Anyways, I digress. As we all know in the past week, three very famous and amazing celebrities have passed away.

Ed McMahon passed away early on June 23, 2009. He was remembered mostly for his gig on the Tonight Show as Johnny Carson's sidekick. "Herrrre's Johnny!" was McMahon's catchphrase. Although most people believe he was the "host" of Publisher's Clearinghouse, he actually worked for American Publishers Family, which went out of business in 2001. He was also the host for Starsearch which peddled out such household names as Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. McMahon passed away at the age of 86 from a variety of health complications.

Farrah Fawcett passed away yesterday afternoon ((for me anyway here on the east coast)) a little past 1230pm at the age of 62 after her battle with anal cancer. She starred in Charlie's Angles ((tv series)) in the 70's and the Six Millon Dollar Man. She was most famous the picture in which she is wearing a red bathing suit. The smile, the hair, the body, she immortizalized what every woman wanted to look like and be and what every man wanted as a wife or girlfriend. She was diagnosed in 2006 with anal cancer and it had spread to her liver shortly after the diagnosis. Her partner of 3o yrs, Ryan O'Neal finally proposed to her a couple weeks back, she said yes, but unfortunately they were not married when she passed. She is survived by one son Redman.

Michael Jackson passed away yesterday at the young age of 50. He was best known as the "King of Pop." He started his music career at the age of 11 when he was in the Jackson Five. From there he went on to have such hits as "Thriller" "Beat It" and "Billie Jean." He may have been weird, and creepy but he was known worldwide for his music. I was born in 1986, so MJ was mostly a distant memory for me. But in high school, I do remember doing the Thriller dance for a talent show with a bunch of people from choir. I remember how much fun it was to dress up like a zombie and do the entire dance. I may never be able to do the moonwalk, but MJ will live on in my heart.



Things I Really Freakin Want!

Sass over at Are You Sassified? has been doing a weekly Thursday special called "Things I Want Thursday." So, she finally made a button so all of us you enjoy telling the rest of you what we really really want can be fufilled. So, here is my list.

1) I really want more money. I'm sure this is a given on everyones list. Who isn't hurt by this except Bill Gates...which leads me into..

2) I really want Xbox Live for free. Listen up Mr. Gates, while you have BILLIONS of dollars, I'm here paying you 50.00 for a year + 1 mnth of ultimate online gaming. While that's not a whole lot, I still can't help but feel like MY 50 is going DIRECTLY into your leisure funds.

3) I really want to print out this picture. But since all computers like to make weird little bars on the screen when you try and photograph them with your cell phone, I'll have to stick to just plain white boring paper to print it on.

Lil B in the blue, Swan in the red, && thatskinny kid clutching his arm in attempts to make funny faces!

4) I really really want Left 4 Dead to be at the video store tonight so that I can finally rent/play it. ((I'm a nerd I know))

5) I really really want to go to Florida this summer instead of waiting all the way till Thanksgiving because Siqness might have moved outta state or God knows where way before then, leaving me with an empty feeling of NEVER being able to meet him. LB && I <3>

6) I really really want that emergency test on the radio to be a severe thunderstorm warning, so that I could look out the front of the office and watch the clouds and lightning while doing my t-storm dance wish consists of me jumping up and down and cowaring while be in awe.

7) I really really want to move in with LB. 4 yrs ((- the 5 mnth break)) and still nothing. I feel like if we had moved in a long time ago, all would have been good.

8) I really really want to lose some weight but I somehow cannot tear myself away from iced coffee.

And that is what I really want..=) Thanks Sass! and everyone for reading this!


When Life Throws You Curveballs, You Swing Away.

I'm super bored. I've been trying to figure out what to write for the past 10 mins now. Interwebs still down here at work. So, I can access blogger and my gmail, bascially anything google related for whatever reason.

It's still cool and rainy. It's been like this oh, probably for like the last 10 days. I mean on Sunday it was the first day of summer! So summer, stop hiding and come out already! I'd love for some hott, oppressive, super sunny days they conjure up really awesome thunderstorms around 7pm. I want to see that weird watery, hazy looking reflection on the car in front of me! I want to have to run and jump into a pool to beat the heat! I want to lay in my yard and take 20 mins to get a nice even tan going. But I do not want the bees to try and extract nector from my brightly colored top.

I want to go to the beach and actually feel like I'm at the beach in the summer, not the spring. I want to eat oodles of ice cream. I want to run into a store with AC just to get away from the glaring sun. I want to blast the AC in Charlie while cruisin to the beach listenin to rap music CM bought the other night.

So SUMMER, stop hiding. Come out already!


Unsent Letters Volume 1

Kerri over at your wishcake just did a post on unsent letters. So, I thought why not clear my thoughts a bit. Read on..and feel free to do some of your own!

1. Seeing you yesterday was something I expected. What I did not expect was the hello and goodbye I got from you. It was honestly nice. But, I must confess I saw something. Deep inside your eyes, I saw the pain. And whether or not you believe that what we had is said and gone, it is. If you ever need me, you know I'm just a phone call or message away. I always wanted what was best for you, and time after time, all I see is heartbreak surround you. I want you to know that I tried so hard to make you happy, but you have to look deep inside to open yourself up and accept the happiness that you do deserve. You're an amazing person when you want to be, and one day you'll make some girl very happy. I miss our friendship, because I think that's what we were best at. I don't regret dating you, because it has helped me grow and learn. Now, it's your turn. And, I'm glad you don't hate me. I know you may shy away, and have to act 20, but I know you don't hate me. If you hated me, you would have avoided me. You would not have to come to the group and looked directly at me and said hello. And you would not have done the same when you said goodbye. But, I want you to know, it didn't hurt the way maybe you thought it would. It hurt me because inside you, I saw angst and hate for what has happened in your life. And as always, what have I told you? To let it go. And I think it's time. And you'll see life isn't about living for everyone else. It's not about what your parents or your sister or your friends want. It's about what you want. You need to take the time to do what you need too. And I'm starting to see that. I was honestly surprised you came alone yesterday, because that's something I've never seen before. But, you've always loved Volkswagens more than I, and that's why you don't see me often at shows. But, thank you again, for realizing that what we had almost a year ago, our friendship, is what we really should think about. It's easier that way isn't it? I'll see you around sometime, I'm sure, and I hope every encounter is just as pleasant.

2. You know I love you. We've been friends for almost 10 long years. We've had our ups and downs, but that's what makes our friendship unique. But, there's something that bothers me. The way you treat others. When we were at the store the other night, and you needed a custom frame, and the nice woman told you that it took 2-3 weeks, there was no need for you to scream at her, about how it was ridiculous and belittle her. You seem to do that alot if you don't get your way. I just don't understand where you get off thinking that you're high and mighty? Even after you belittled that poor woman, she still helped you out. She could of told you to fuck off, which I'd probably tell you, if I didn't know you, because it's not her fault they don't have what you need. It's your fault for waiting till the day before to finish your project. And it's not the first occurence when we were at a store, where you felt like the world needed to be exactly the way you wanted it to be. I've worked in retail, and I honestly take very high offense to the way that you treat some of the people that work in these stores like they personally do everything in their power to piss you off. Sometimes, I can't honestly take your overly brash way of thinking. And how dare you even say what you said about how you're future is starting soon, and how you don't feel that you could even afford to give you're brother money for his wedding because he doesn't matter at the moment and your future is starting. We will always have things we don't like about one another. It's life. But, honestly I cannot take how self-centered and brash you are sometimes. Sometimes I just want to slap the shit outta you and tell you that the world isn't always what you expect and just to grow and get over it, instead of belittling people. Stop thinking about life is just a habitual cycle, make it fun. Stop thinking that life is going to become a fantasy world one day, because it isn't. This is reality. You will work, you will have a family. Don't push you're poor bf who looves you into having a family in two years. That isn't fair to him. When you're BOTH ready, then it's time. Don't give him an ultimanium, that's not fair. But, I love you no matter what because you are a good friend. But chill out, please.

3. Sometimes I wish you'd stop being such a bitch. I love you because you're my mother. But when you scream at me to move out, I just wanna cry so hard. You always make me feel like shit. Honestly. I try and tell you, but you always say that it's my fault. It has to be. I don't know why. Remember when that guy broad sided me at a stop sign because he thought it was his turn..remember how you still found a way to blame me. Saying that if I just paid more attention, maybe I would have avoided it. That hurt. It wasn't my fault at all, but you want to believe it was somehow. I will never be as good as my brother. He will always get A's & B's and one day he will make a fine math teacher. I am not him. I am me. I make mistakes, alot of them. I couldn't tell you why. Maybe because I'm afraid of failure? So, I get scared and don't do what I have too? I'm not sure. But whatever the case, get off my ass sometimes. Stop making me feel like I'm some horrible child, who gets arrested, does drugs and drinks heavily. Because I don't and I won't. I drive the speed limit, I rarely drink, and I def. do not do drugs. But still you see me as some horrible person. I told you I wanted to be a phelbotomist last year, when I had money, but of course you & dad shot me down. Because you don't think I can do it. But now places everywhere need help for that. And now all of a sudden its pertinet for me to save up 1700 for the class. I'm just sick of you treating me like a little kid. I've been trying to do better in life. But, you, you just choose to tell me that going to college is stupid because I won't apply myself. Well I will, I understand what I need to do. So be an understanding mom, instead of a biitch. Because that's what I need.

4. I feel hurt by you. You were a very good friend at the beginning but then you decided to just push me out. You let some cheating lying bitch push me out. I tried. And when I do see you, it hurts even more because only then when you have no one else will you come to me. You're all about being nosey and gossipy. Leave everything and everyone alone. No ones trying to steal you're bf. I thought we'd become close. But, I feel like you just used me when bf wasn't around or he was busy at a show. And that hurts. Alot. But, this is life. And I understand. I'll see you here and there, but when you're down or mad or whatever don't come to me, because I don't care.

5. You're one of the sweetest guys I know. You're a good friend, you're funny and you don't drink which is a huge plus. If I wasn't with someone, I would be down with seeing where our friendship could go. But I'm happily with someone and soon enough you will be too. I hope anyways, because you deserve it. I know out there, there has to be a woman whom enjoys golfing and cars. Let's go find her kid. Don't ever let anyone stand in you're way because you're destined to be amazing at life. You're one of those people that are so excited to see everyone and that stares clear of drama. Go you!

6. One day I will have the privilege of calling you mom. Well mother in law. And yes I do love you a ton. But you're poor son is fucked because of you. Harsh I know. But between you and his dad, I wonder sometimes how you two got to become parents. You work way too much, you're always travelling and almost always a biitch. I refuse to do any yardwork because I'm your guest. Yes, I'm over often. And no I don't think I'm princess. But, I'm not you're sons friend. I'm his girlfriend, probably soon to be fiance again. I pick up you're dog from daycare every week. I go out of my way, waste at least 10 miles of gas for you're pooch. I take him to the park. And remember how you once rudely fed him a cheesburger in the back seat of my BRAND NEW CAR and he slobbered it all over. Thanks. Really how dare you!? And then you get mad at me when I didn't pay you back as quickly as you woulda liked? Ok, I understand you wanted you're money. But honestly, you know I'm poor. Don't pull me the side and tell me how rude I am. When you practically force me into taking your dog into my brand new car..and I'm still really annoyed about the time you allowed him to drool all over my car. I didn't even know what to say! You probably woulda started yelling at me..and telling me that I shouldn't be rude to you. But its ok that your son's friend owes you 5000 for a school loan..and wait, he did nothing with his degree!
But, I'm the bad one. Because I broke his heart and didn't pay you, right? Trust me when I say, there are worse things. I love you, and I'll be happy to be you're daughter in law one day..but, sometimes you make me wanna run screaming from your home.

Well, there are just some of my unwritten letters. Sorry they're longggg. But, I had a lot to say! ((lol)) I think I'm gonna try and do this weekly. It's a nice release. Def. a nice release. So, feel free to do your own, I'm excited to read em! =D

Like Whoa!

Our Xbox 360 Controllers.

This weekend was a pretty good one I must say with some awkwardness thrown in with a side of..like whoa! Ya know that song...he raps a couple of lines and then says, like whoa! (no, no you don't ummmmmm) Ok, anyways, onward.

-got outta work, picked up the doggie && went && laid in my bed while i waited for CM to get outta work.
-then it was off to AC Moore to buy a frame && some poster board for her homemade wedding gift for her bros birthday. She took pics of objects that look like letters and spelt out their last night. looks balla.
-then we headed to the Christmas Tree Shop so I could buy her some things she wanted for her new apt. I got her a plastic pitcher, plastic wine glasses ((hi i break things when I'm drunk)), some placemats for her table, a microfiber towel, && these stickys that go on the wall && say "Live, Laugh, Love." And I got it all for 10 bucks! Thats my I heart it.
-then we went to Best Buy where she bought the Game's cd and T.I's cd. She was recently converted into rap. ((lol))
-then it was back to her house to chill out && help her work on her project.
-then around midnite I left && went to see my LB for a little while.
-then home to bed.

-woke up around 1100am
- was lazy till about 245 when I decided to go pick up Swan && go for a drive.
-we drove around talking as usual && got our fav. milkshakes
-then I brought him home && went && hung out with LB, we decided to go on a date. =)
-it took us about 2 hrs to decide what we wanted to do because a) theres nothing to do in ct on the weekends b)everything you kinda wanna do costs a fortune. c) we've seen most.
-finally we decided on going to johnny rockets since LB has never been
-then we walked around the little outdoor mall that it was in, went in a few stores && sighed at how we aren't rich or have money. ((lol))
-then we went back home && played some xbox. {{we're nerdos}}
-then I went home around 3am.

-was woken up around 830..ugghhhh.
-got ready, gave dad his card && then it was out to breakfast.
-meanwhile, between conversations i was texting swan && pa loverr about our plans to go to the vw show.
-finally, we left, i was worried that Charlie was too dirtee so I gave him a quick bath, met up with Lil B && Pa Loverr && then it was off to the show!
-Swan thought it was only 5 bucks, which we both only had! so we had to borrow money from Pa Loverr because it was actually 7 bucks!
-i was totally sorta excited to go to the show. I haven't been to one in months, so I decided why the hell not?! It's a small show, sooo.
-got outta the car, was walking up the hill && saw BP. I already figured he would be there, soo I wasn't too concerned.
-we walked into the show && looked around, talked some people, then I finally saw my friend, thatskinnykid ((he's got the nicest mk5, which is the same body style charlie is))
-he came over to me && gave me a hug && at that exact moment BP walks up which this look on his face, that I really didn't understand. so he comes over, says hi to everyone, turns me to && says hiii, so I said hiii back.
-then Swan, thatskinnykid, && BP went over to look at thatskinnykids car && so I stayed put with Lil B && Pa Loverrr talking to people && such.
-it was a nasty hot && humid but the rain was holding off.
-at one point Pa Loverr && I went to the bathroom, that's when I saw it!
-MY HAIR looked like complete shiitt. It was sticking up from being frizzy like no tomorrow..so thankfully I ran some water over it as best as I could && it kept it smooth for the rest of the time there.
-we ventured back outside && spent some time playing with our friends dog, Koni (( like the springs they sell)). She's the cutest lil wired hair mini dauschand ever.
-then I walked around with Swan && thatskinnykid for a while && then BP came up to us && said byee to the guys && byeee to me. ((see, we r friendly, even though I can never effin understand the looks on his face, or the tone of his voice, anywho))
-then shortly after BP left it started raining so we ran into a shed for cover ((it was at a fairground))
-Pa Loverr && I were chatting when I heard a familar voice && turned around to see non other than Coco && what I assume was his pops. ((see, i really shouldnt know VW boiis))
-So I gave him a quick hug && said hello && then he was on his way && Swan && I decided to leave.
-we bounced, hit up Mickey D's ((ughhhh but i was super hungry && we were broke)) && then it was off to visit LB ((he didnt come because he was gonna do something with his dad earlier in the day, but apparently his dad wasn't available till after 3, && Swan && I were already at the show by the time we found out.))
-as we were on our way, Swan informed me that BP had said that he was surprised that I had come. Um, we both like vws, soooo. Anywhoodle.
-So, we hung out with LB for a bit && then were off to the mall.
-We walked around just killing time.
-Then we left, that's when Swan put on the Like Whoa! song && decided to make up a rap about volkswagens. ((total LMAO moment!))
-then I went home && took a nap while I waited for LB
-then he called I went back over && played some Wii ((I'm addicted to Cooking Mama:Cookoff))
-then we got some KFC && went back home, played some more Xbox, cuddled && then I left.

And that laddiess && gentlemen was my lovely weekend. I'm glad that BP && I can be mature && friendly. And urgggh our internet doesn't really work here, it's super slowwww. And I totally just randomly baby barfed in my mouth. Awesome. More water pls.


Summer!?! Okay, You Were Here For A Day!?

Yesterday actually felt like summer to me. I went swimming for the first time this year! =) I got up around 1000am ((i know im lazy on my days off)) and headed on over to the home where CM nannies. The mother was gone, off to a trip to Boston for business, so she had the house to herself. ((The mom wouldnt care anyway, lol)).

CM takes care of a 2 yr old girl and 8 mnth twin boys. Yesterday, she only had the boys, so while they were napping we went for a swim. OMG, it was sooo nice. I haven't been swimming since last year in Florida.

After that, we woke them up, went for a walk, and then fed them. Then I left and went and chilled with Swan and LB. Then it was home for dinner and then off to CM's. We needed to finish up some shopping for her apt.

Yup, its true. She's moving on out! At first, it wasn't going to be till August, but they found a nice two family split level apt for a decent price. Her move out date is July 11th. I only drove by it the other nite, but it looks nice from the outside. It's right near the main drag here in town too! I'm sooo excited for her, but at the same time obvii a tad jealous and sad. ((but i'll get to that in a minute.))

So, we ended up going to Bed, Bath && Beyond last nite. We were in there for a good hour, but she found a bunch of stuff she needed for her kitchen at good prices. She got mixing bowls, cookie sheets, a wastebasket for the bathroom, and some other things. In her room everything she's bought so far is nicely organized in one pile. It feels like christmas in there! She's only missing a couple of things for her kitchen, and the only thing she really has to do before she moves in is paint the kitchen. And then, she's moving in with her bf.

And honestly, I'm a bit sad, and jealous. I'm jealous because I want to live with LB. I've been with him for 4 yrs practically ((if you don't count those 5 mnths with that dbag)). We are more than ready mentally to move in with one another, but we are broke as shit. And that's what makes me sad. Watching CM buy all these things, and tell me over and over how much she can't wait to have me over all the time, makes me uber sad.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind living at home. But I want to live with LB. I'm tired of going to his house, only to have to leave every night and go back to my own. And his mom isn't the happiest when I sleep over. I want to wake up next to LB every morning. I want to cook dinner and clean. I want to play xbox and hang out with him in our room, but at the same time be able to walk into the living room when I don't want to be confinded to one room. ((which is what I feel like now..his mom bascially pushes us into his room)). I want to be able to have our friends over, and not have his mom biitch because she wants her "alone" time.

I want to own my own dog and not hear his mom grumble when her dog whines because he rather be in the room with us, because we actually do things with him. (( like take him to doggy daycare, pick him up, take him to the dog park, cuddle with him, and feed him, take him out to pee/poop)) All she does is walk him occasionally, and feed him her leftovers. ((like helllooooo thats bad for him!!))

At the same time, I'm just tired of being effin poor. I'm tired of wanting to do things, and not be able to do it because of low funds. I want to stop spending my money when I really shouldn't so that I can do stuff. I just want more money to be able to do stuff!! and be able to save to move out.

LB keeps saying we have a while. Helloo, hunnni, you're 25, I'm 23. We don't have that long. I wanna live with LB for like a year and then get married. Then take 2-3 yrs to just be newleyweds and then have kiddies. I don't wanna feel rushed into starting a family. Which is his whole thing. He'd be ok with gettin married in like 3 yrs and then starting a family 6 mnths later.

I don't wanna be 30 when I have kids. I wanna be 26-27. Which is still 30 to me. ((lol))
Ok, anyways sorry for the rant. lol.

My RealAge!

Sheri over at Sheri's World took the RealAge Test, so I decided why the hell not. The two times I've played Wii Fit, it's told me that I'm 27, which is 4 yrs older than I currently am.

And guess what the RealAge Test said?! Yup, it told me that I'm 27.5, or 4.4 years older than I really am. The biggest problem I have is smoking and not eating enough veggies. Plus, I don't take supplements, so it was yelling at me for that. I honestly don't take any medication whatsoever, occasionally aspirin if I have serious headache, but usually if it's just minor I push through it. It also told me it was bad that I didn't have a dog let alone any pets.

And apparently driving a small vehicle is bad too! Overall though, I'm not too bad. Ok, yes I am. I need to excersize, eat more veggies, take a supplement && stop smoking.

But, no way am I giving up Charlie! And LB's dog is bascially my dog..so I guess I could have said I have a dog because I spend most of my time with LB and his pup.

But honestly, take the quiz! It's fun!



"Hey Guys, You Won't Believe Who I Saw, World War III Was About to Rain on Down."

Ok, so it wasn't that bad. All I have to say for now is, my little feeties scurred away like no other. All the while I'm mumbling "fuck fuck fuck" whilst carrying a smirnoff party pack. But, I'll get to that story in a moment. Anyways, here's yo weekend recap!

-went out with CM ((former bestie)).
-i picked her up around 700 && then it was off to introduce her to the best milkshakes that a convenience store has ever had.
-they're called For Real shakes && they are effin sweet! You make em yourself! You pop the top off the cup, put it in the blender, select your thickness && ta-da! you've got yourself a milkshake! They're so rich && creamy too!!!
-we also got some egg salad sandwiches && sat in my car && enjoyed em.
-then it was off to the mall.
-we went to Gap first where CM found the cutest skirt that could over a bathing suit ever.
-she also found her bf a shirt for her bros wedding.
-then it was on to Forever 21, where I found a super cute shirt, but decided that I didn't really have 10.80 to spend. ((yes thats it!))
-then after that, we walked around some more && popped into Ann Taylor ((LBs mom shops there.)) where I found the most gorgeous summer dress.
-and of course I can't show you because my internet is acting funny!
-anyhoodle then it was on to Wally World.
-we looked around at the jewelery, and I bought a cute bracelet that's wooden with "stickers" that say peace and have peace signs on em in blue. it was only $3 but I absolutely love it!
-then it was off to get redbull. as we were doing so LB called && told me that there was a DUI checkpoint the way we were headed that was almost right in front of his work.
-i know this may sound odd but i like going thru DUI checkpoints, because I know they are totally profiling me because I'm young. And I rarely drink sooO!! haha coppers!
-anyway, so we pulled up to it, red bull in hand, and the cop waved the first cop thru. then he made me pull up to him, and he was like "this is a DUI checkpoint I need you to pull off to the side, we need to make sure you're not too hyper." Hope he was kidding! ((lmao))
-so I pulled into the abandoned gas station they were using, and pulled up && had the nicest old man cop ask the standard "where are you going?" question, && then he asked for my license, insurance card && registration.
-so i gave it to him, he joked with us a bit, then we were on our way. ((see coppers got nothin on me!))
-we got back to CMs house && made some drinks, we didn't put really any vodka in our drinks, but we put some V8 fruit fusion stuff in, && actually it was pretty good.
-then we went && sat outside on the porch swing && just looked up at the sky.
-then LB called to tell me he got home && I was off to see him. =)

-I woke up && got ready to go out with Swan for the afternoon since LB was at work.
-we cruised around, when to Wally World && got my dad a Father's Day card so I wouldn't forget.
-then we met up with LB at his house after work && the 3 of us went to the liquor store to get some drinkiies for Swan's BBQ that evening.
-we grabbed a Smirnoff party pack, a 6-pack of Heiny ((for my darling)) && Molson XXX ((for Swannieee)).
-so I'm carrying the Smirnoff, && we turn down this aisle. I'm not really paying attention till I look up && see THEM.
-&& I'm thinking a few possiblities here, a) turn around like I forgot something, b) turn around && run, c) run by em, or d) stride right by em.
-so I picked option D && as fast as my little feet could scurry, I made it past BP's Mom && Sister.
-I watched as I was scurrying by, them both turn && look at me...&& Swan && Dan.
-then we were safe, round the corner, to the cash register && outtie before they could open their mouths.
-then we went across the parking lot && got some hot dogs, hamburgers && chips && went to drop Swan off because the girl he likes Emily ((they dated many years ago for a mnth!)) was coming over && then they were off to his dad's real quick.
-so LB && I went home && then we played some xbox
-then it was back rto Swan's for his BBQ
-there was LB, PA Lova, Lil B, Swan, Emily && I.
-I had some of Pa Lova's super yummy concoation, && we both got pretty drunk.
-then around 1030pm, we all left because Swan's grandpa was yelling at us to break it up.
-so LB && I went back to his house, played some xbox, && then he tried to go to sleep bc he wasn't feeling well && then woke up about an hour later.
-he had a HUGE panick attack..&& I felt sooo horrible, he was pacing up && down the halls, && eventually he had to wake up his mom bc he felt so crappy.
-i didn't end up leaving till almost 330am bc I was worried about him.

-i went over LB's around noon.
-he wasn't feeling great so we chilled out at home
-around 5 we went grocery shopping for him mom, came back && then about an hour later, we went to Wally World to get Xbox Live points for moi, then to the drug store so LB could get some anatacid to see if it would make his uneasy stomach feel better, then back to his house.
-then we pretty much chilled out && watched some tv, had some dinner && he went to bed early.
-i left around midnite after watching Brooke Knows Best. ((lol))

So, it was a pretty good weekend. Low-key but fun. Except when LB feels shitty. =( I feel horrible because I don't know how to help him. I wish I could..because he's miserable when he has anxiety. And it doesn't last for a day either. It lasts till he goes to the doctors && gets checked out && gets some medication. Then the meds take like 2-4 wks to work! My poor LB..=(

Anyways, have a good day everyone!


Yay!! It's Friday!!!!!

Good Friday morning everyone! Woot woot! It's a pretty cloudy rainy day..I guess this afternoon its supposed to clear up though. =D Tonite, I'm going out with CM ((the former bestie)). Prolly gonna "window shop" at the mall. Which will make me super depressed because all of a sudden, I'm really into fashion. And I totally wanna buy a cute outfit. Damn me and being poor. ::Sigh::

Anyway, my dearest LB has been feeling like crappy crap for the past two days. =( Two years ago he was diagnosed with "mild" anxiety. The way they test for that is the oddest and probably stupidest thing I've heard. They bascially gave him a questionarre and based on his answers, he got a score which they then used for his "diagnosis." He was given medication..which didn't honestly kick it for about month.

My poor loviiee was in a terrible state that whole time too! I couldn't leave till he fell asleep because he was scared without me there. =( And he's been pretty free of it for a while now..but all a sudden, I got a call on Weds. as I was getting ready to go job hunting for job #2 as I do every Weds with Swan. It was my LB! He had a panic attack so he came home && needed me.

So I went over there..and the poor dear was just feeling edgy && when he gets anxiety the lower left area of his abdomen always feels uneasy. =( That usually passes after a day, but then for a while he usually gets light-headed/super bad headaches. And out of his weird anxiety habits, he usually touches his abdomen alot.

He's going to make an appt with a specialist..and see if this problem can be fixed! I mean obvii he will probably still go through most of his life with a panic attack every now and then..but maybe itll help, so when they do come on, it won't be like this massive oh my god help me feeling.

I'm talking to him now on AIM && he says he feels really good today, so that makes me super happy! Even though I know that anxiety/panic attacks can not kill him, it still makes me upset && a little scared when he does get em.

I'm a little worrisome kinda chick...esp after New Years Eve of this year, && the whole BP && I fight where he walked out into the frigid cold weather like a dingbat && then bascially had a seizure in my car..&& I freaked the fuck out && didn't know what to do because I've never dealt with that before.

And now I leave you with a happy sunny warm picture..reminds me that summer is indeed here!


"Car Review Thursdays!"

This week I'm starting a new series entitled, "Car Review Thursdays!" It's like Horsepower TV for woman! Each and every Thursday I will be reviewing a brand new car! Interested in the lastest hyrbid SUV? The best sports car convertible? The safest ride for your children? Well, you've come to the right place!
Once a month, I will also throw in two bonus posts! One about maintaing your car, and the other about everything from exotic imports ((the really expensive cars!)) to classics. ((Chevelle SS anyone?))
So, if you've been looking for a brand new car or you just want to know how to check you're own oil...email me questions at: bunnni.chick@gmail.com

The 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

Price: $28,000-$32,000 (depending on options)

The 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid has an average gas mileage of 34 city and 31 highway. It has a 2.5 liter engine. (Which in car talk means a 5 cylinder engine.) The Ford Escape has also gone "under the knife" as it now has been upgraded from a four speed automatic to a six speed automatic. This gives the Ford Escape slighty better turning radius on those sharp corners and you won't feel the "shiftshock"(the jerking motion when a car does not shift properly or is being shifted improperly) as much.

Also new for the 2009 Ford Escape is the feature of electronic driving from 0-40mph instead of up to 30 mph. The electronic feature allows the car to be driven from a small battery inside the cars engine, thus saving you gas. The new Escape also has gotten an exterior modification with adjustments to the spoiler and wheels which in turn makes the car more aerodynamic and allows for you to save a gallon or two per mile.

Another new feature is the new electronic braking system. This feature provides the Escape with better stability.

Options that you may want to consider is the SYNC system which is a entertainment system that is programmed by your voice. New this year, is also a 911 feature. There is also a brand new option of a Siruis package which provides gas prices at nearby pumps when they go and up and down, traffic and weather reports.

The 2009 Ford Escape is catergorized as a "small" SUV and comes in several different colors, such as light ice blue that is overlaid with a clearcoat metallic (meaning it will give it shine and a hint of sparkle), white suede clearcoat, kiwi green clearcoat metallic, and black clearcoat. There is as of now only one interior color which is the stone which is a light grayish in color.

Currently they are not offering any Ford Escape rebates or specials.

As far as safety ratings, the Ford Escape Hybrid, received a 5-star rating (the best) for the front passeneger and drivers sides, and the rear and front sides. It received a 3-star rating on rollover resistance. It received high remarks for comfort, styling and price.

The 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid also comes standard with 36 months/36,000 mile bumper to bumper protection and 60 months/60,000 powertrain protection. All are 4-door standard and comes with plenty of amenties such as a/c, power windows, power locks.

For 28,000-32,000 this brand new hybrid SUV is a nice buy! I give it 4 out of 5 stars!


Sheri over at Sheri's World is doing a giveaway for the opening of her jewlery/home decor business she has started with her momma. =) (http://enchantinggemstonecreations.com/) Sheri was one of the first bloggers that I really started talking to when I entered the blog world, and I know she's been looking for a job for a looong time, and finally decided it would be best to go in with her mom and start their own business!

I've been (im)patiently awaiting the big annoucement on what her and her momma's business would be, and I am total excited to promote a)her blog, b)her etsy shop ( http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7508386) && c)her giveaway!

The prizes are: turquoise, quartz or tiger's eye earrings!!! Aren't they just beauitful?! I myself would love to win the tiger's eyes pair because I absolutely love the color tones! She will be picking two winners, so hurry on over to her blog and put your entries in for a chance to win!!!!!!!

And don't forget to check out the rest of her blog, where she talks about paranormal investigating, "flashback fridays," and her new business which you can check out at:
http://enchantinggemstonecreations.com/. I totally have my eye on a beautiful handmade turquoise necklace!! So check out her blog and her new business!!!!

Do it..you won't! ;)

Hey Lady!

Swan and I had one of the weirdest convos on Tuesday morning. It was about thunderstorms, ice creams and hey lady! Whenever I think of Hey Lady! I just want to scream it out at the top of my lungs. The following IM convo is below:

Swan (9:48:16 AM): its thundering
Swan (9:48:25 AM): yay i like ice cream
Me (9:48:25 AM): i know
Me (9:48:36 AM): what ice cream + thunder=what?
Swan (9:48:45 AM): hey lady
Me (9:48:57 AM): it equals hey lady?!
Swan (9:49:13 AM): yes it does
Me (9:49:19 AM): awesome!

As you can see, early mornings at work mean that I'm completely incoherent to the world..and that the dumbest stuff is funny. ((teehee)) Plus, Swan is just funny in general. Like his statement about a guy who took off from a light getting on to the highway, "Woah Seabucisut, you aren't on the track, so sloow down!"

I just about died laughing.

I wish I could zing out one liners like that. Honestly! But, I'm not as quirky as most bloggers. Damn you people! ((teehee))

Anyways, as you can see I changed my layout once again. Clearly I have OCD when it comes to finding the "perfect" one. Well, I think I found it! Finally! I probably will switch up the huge banner like picture every now && then but the rest of it will stay the same. And I'm going to try && fix the font size because I'm well aware that not everyone has CIA super secret vision like myself...oops, there goes the secret! (( I tried being funny, someone laugh damnit! Anyone? Ok then..moving on.))

On some other things;; today or tomorrow we are finally booking our hotel for Waterfest 15. ((woot to the fricken woot!)) As I've previously stated, we are leaving Sat. July 18th && coming back Sunday July 19th. We will be staying at a hilton inn, and the price is alottt cheaper than the previous hotel I found;; plus there will actually be other vw owners staying there! And the super great thing;; I don't have to see BP at all! ((holla!)) I was a bit worried, even had a dream about it..but it seems him && his friends are pretty poor so they'll only be coming down Saturday, and yes we will too, but we won't be going to the show till Sunday. So ((wipes brow)) it's all good in the hood.

I digress. So, I've been back && forth on a weekly "series" I can do, and I've finally found something! And I'm gonna commit to it! So, look for it, on the next post. =D

I'm not saying what it is..but I will say, it has to do with something I LOVEEE. Which could be anything, cause honestly, I love me a lot of things, places && people. I have a huge heart, damn me!

So, get ready! =)


Oh Where Oh Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?!

Guys-come on! Most of you are MIA! It makes me super freaking depressed. =/ Sigh. I totally understand with summer here most of you have a million and one things to do, kids to take care of, and the beach to bum at. Still I'm super sad. But I digress...

Oh how I love the summer. Weekends spent at the beach, driving round aimlessly, playing volleyball across the street with your friends and that slutty chick who wears a tiny bathing suit and ass showing shorts that your friend is dating, tubing down the Farmington River and praying to God that you don't rip your back open again on the second set of rapids, and getting ice cream about 20x a week.

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. ((Obvii since I want to move to Florida!)) I absolutely love the summer nights, laying underneath the stars, just chillen out, talking. Oh, its what my lil soul lives for.

Oh, and thunderstorms. Yes, that's right, I'm an uber huge fan of them. I'm a scarredy cat for sure, but I occasionally enjoy watching them. I just love watching the lightning strike, hear the thunder clap, and listen to the beep beep beep of the weather channels severe weather alert.

Thankfully, I have never seen a tornado in person, nor do I feel like I would want too. They scare me. Geez, even the wind scares me if its blowing too hard outside my window.

But I'm totally ready for Summer 09. It won't be the best ((because I'm poor)) but it'll still be good times! =D



Thanks so much to Sheri @ Sheri's World for The Adorable Blog Award && the Queen of All Things Awe-summm Award!!! Sheri was my first Blogger Best Friend && she's given me some great advice! So, check out her blog, because she is a parnormal investigator, she runs her own business with her mom, and she writes "Flashback Friday," her weekly series about things we watched or wore or did when we were kids! ((Pstt David the Gnome!))

The rules are to:

Include the award logo in your blog or post.

Nominate as many blogs which you like.

Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

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List 7 things that make you awe-summm and then pass to 7 bloggers that you love.

Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know that they have won!

Also link back to the Queen that tagged you.

1) I play Xbox Live!

2) I know stuff about cars. =)

3) I'm always there for my friends

4) I'm the mother of one...........Volkswagen Rabbit.

5) I won 2nd place @ a car show last year for my class. ((A5 Stock))

6) I'm retarded.

7) I'm me!

Now to tag 7 ladiies;;you get both awards because you're all pretty damn awesome && all you're blogs are adorable. =D

1) Calixta.Jive @ ...Call Me Captain Backfire

2) LiLu @ Live It, Love it

3) Georgette @ Can't Hardly Wait

4) Bon Don @ Who Throws A Cupcake? Honestly.

5) Desert Rat @ Runaway Train.

6) Marissa @ The Shared Journey.

7) YGIU@ Your Girlfriend Is Ugly.

Congrats Ladiies, you are amazing! Thanks for reading! =D

Weekend Recap.

Good afternoon, well it'd be a better afternoon if it wasn't Monday, but what the hell are we gonna do? Erase Monday I say! Name it something else! Anyway...onward.

-after I got out of work I went home and laid in my bed watching Spongebob(( i know im awesome)) as I waited for CM ((the old bestie)) to get outta work.
-then it was off to her house to pick her up && go to Old Navy && Wally World.
-on the ride there, we caught up on a bunch of stuff.
-namely her "i feel like i'm stuck in life." feeling.
-she explained to me that everything had become too habitual...that she wished she could just wake up every morning and say, "what would i like to do today?" and do it. ((wishful thinking my dear))
-she also told me how she felt things between her and her boiifriend were getting pretty boring/crappy.
-they both have money to do more exciting stuff then they're apparent movies && dinner routine but it seems he doesn't want to budge && do anything that costs more than 50 bucks.((LB and I are broker than broke but we refuse to have a boring summer of trying to save money and get no where))
-she also told me he doesn't really compliment her anymore, which I in turn said, "well maybe he feels the need not to, because he doesn't feel like he needs to impress anymore." which obvii is most likely true, but i mean yes we all love compliments. i think she's still wishing for prince charming...and i mean like, sweeps her off her feet every damn day of her life.
-another thing she told me was that she didn't really see him last week because she was uber stressed. now when im uber stressed or sad or mad or whatever, i wanna see LB because he always makes me feel better! ((but again, shes on the fairytale kick of a lifetime.))
-after talking and briefly shopping, i dropped her off and then went to the clarks. ((jay && amy))
-i felt a tad awkward because earlier when amy was texting me and invited me over, i kinda felt like she didn't want me to come without LB..but he was working, so take me as i am woman! ((lol))
- we watched we the people vs. larry flint while we waited for LB to get outta work..then had some cheeseburgers and fries. ((something that will undoubtly be a recurring theme all summer, since my friends always seem to cook it))
-then it was home.

-i woke up around 11am because LB was calling me.
-he had to work yet again ((11-4)) because the new GM is a tard face.
-i chilled out most of the day, dozing off and watching some iCarly. (( i love kid shows! its true!))
-finally i got my lazy butt up && went && cleaned out my car. Charlie needed a good cleaning..there was crap piled in my trunk.

-after that I went to get some food. I was on my way to Wendy's when LB called && told me he was getting outta work, so I opted for Dunkin Donuts instead. Which is fine because honestly I could live on bagels && iced coffee.
-we chilled out, played some xbox && then went to Wally World to get a bday card for my younger brothers bday. ((which is today!! HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY BRO!!))
-then we went to the package store && got some smirnoff && beer.
-then it was time to go to Chris && Leah's ((cue battle music))
-we got there, hellos were exchanged, her friend came over who is actually dating Ty, this kid I've known since high school..who's LB's friend from Florida's brother. ((small world damnit!))
-we all chilled out, then I played some Wii Fit. Nothing like a video game telling you, you're obese in BMI standards && that you weigh 171 to make you want to run around the block tonite.
-honestly I think I weigh between 160-165. Which means I still am about 20-25 lbs overweight. ((damnit again!))
-then I played some Guitar Hero with LB.
-had some kabobs..which were awesome..and somehow in the meantime every little ounce of hate between Leah and myself went away..the next thing I know, I'm walking down the street with her to the gas station talking about life like nothing happened.
-we then procedded to throw marshmellows off her third floor apartment deck..at cars..((haha)) which seeded our friendship again! =)

((this a video of Tom && Paul ((half nakie)) being retarded with straws!! And Amandas in there too.))
-got up around 11am again.
-got dressed && went downstairs to enjpy some birthday pie for my bros bday.
-yes that's right he wanted an apple pie.
-we sang, gave cards && then it was off to LB's.
-we chilled out && then went to get Swan.
-then it was off to Lowe's so that LB could return something for his mom.
-then to the doggie park so Mulli could run free with his other dog companions.
-then to the video game store to find moi a new game to play since I was getting bored of Call of Duty.
-we looked && looked && looked whilst having a convo with our favorite employee there, whos name I cannot remember.
-finally we settled on getting the Bigs ((again)). It's a baseball game..and I really enjoyed it..so I was excited to get it again!
-then we dropped the pup off && went to the grocery store, where LB and I argued over using the scanner till Swan went, "wait wait, so both of you have used it before?" "Well I haven't, so hand it over." ((lol))
-after that it was back to LB's to play some video games, && make some tacos.
-then we took Swan home..came back && played 1 vs. 100, then LB went to sleep && I played some more video games && went home.

So, as usual, it was a pretty good weekend! This upcoming Saturday I know that we will be going to Swan's to have a bbq..&& I think that's about it so far.

And I'm super excited about next month because I'm going to Jersey for a day && a half. I will be going to Englishtown Raceway in Englishtown, NJ for Waterfest 15!!! ((woot woot)) Obvii a VW car show..&& a big one too! I didn't go last year because I ended up going to Florida as many of you know...

So this year I'm going! And of course I will blog about it..;)

**Also, I know I did not start my new blog series "What I Love" Fridays because I caught up with work && making my myspace page for
xbox. It will start this Friday 6/12**


The Best Friend.

This post is for you Bon Don! Please get outta your funk soon. And since you'd like me to elaborate on the story of Amy, I shall. =)

As previously posted LB has known the Clarks ((Jay && Amy)) forever. They didn't talk for about 3 or 4 yrs...and then one day they contacted each other. ((I don't remember how or when to be honest)). Soon enough though, we'd spend weekends over there, playing with the pups, drinking, talking, watching movies, setting off some fireworks. Occasionally, we would && still do take trips to Dave and Busters in NY. We also have an awesome ((yearly)) tradition of going down to PA to pick up the fireworks.

Amy has really become one of my best friends. =) ((again)) Since shes known LB forever, she will no matter what take his side. ((which is fine)) When I broke up with him, she stopped talking to me. She never said anything mean, just stood by LB when he was totally heartbroken. ((again, im a douche)). And the other week, after we all hung out again, she said it felt like me and her had broken up when LB and I broke up. But, she's happy having me back in her life.

((Excuse me while I'll interuppt this important blog story..DMB is on the radio..thery're in CT tonite..can someone please kill me now. I HATE THEM!..story for another time..lol))

I digress. Sorry.

Anyhoodle, the four of us really get along well. The Clarks both agree that the four of us get along the best because we are pretty close in age. I believe that Amy is 24 and Jay is 23. ((24 on Halloweenie)). As I said, they own their own home..its soo adorable! Amy works at her moms bagel shop full-time and Jay works for Tropicana delivering juice all day. I think they've married for almost 3 yrs now. They're a very sweeet couple, but the one thing people do comment on, is how old they act.

It's kinda funny to watch them sometimes. They almost act like the parents who have been married well past 20 yrs. They fight, make fun of each other, and oddly don't really touch. They throw dinner parties, go to picnics, etc. LB hopes we don't turn out like them..no offense I kinda hope not either..I like being young and sassy!

Anyway, I feel like this post is just a big lump of mess..so please, if you any questions, lemme know.

*****By the way, today I'm starting a new weekly feature called "What I Love" Fridays. I'll explain it all in the introductory post.******


"I Jumped in the Pool After A Beer And In the Process, Killed My Phone."


Swan said the above quote. ((lol)) That's what happened in OCMD when he went. Silly drunk people! He now has a new phone. It's all good. Onward, with the other exciting ((not really I lied)) news.

Monday night, I sent Leah a myspace message. It was nice and friendly..what she sent back was nice and friendly. She said Dan and I should come over on Saturday, so I can do that. I was the bigger person and gave in..so I can be an even bigger person and forgive but never forget what she said about me..or how she tried to personally attack me. I just have issues with girls.

I've given my trust and all to one and in turn I've:
a) been told I was a shitty friend by my best friend in high school of 8 yrs because her bf treated her like crap and she didn't like that I didn't agree with how he treated her. ((4 yrs later and a lot of abuse they finally broke up))
b) been stabbed in the back by this girl I spent bascially everyday with for a year, who decided that the boii I broke up with just the night before, would be a good booty call ((I was trying to get back with him too!))
c) had another best friend talk crap about me to my bestie ((she sorta isnt anymore again)) while they played tennis every sunday.
d) had j.dubs talk crap about me, and bascially make me feel like I was never ever wanted around.
e) had a friend who used me primarily for rides to "run" her errands, visit or find her now ex bf, and go to the pike.

So you can see why I have a lot of guy friends. No matter what they've been there for me. They've come in and out of my life, but I know there's a select few ((my brothers)) who I can count on. I'm not going to say I'm not entirely not to blame either. I'm sure I've done things that people don't like..but I try my hardest to be the best friend to someone and usually ((recently)) I've just gotten shit on.

There's been times when it's been me, and three other boiis in my car. Usually LB, Swan, and someone else. And sometimes I feel like someone is just gonna scream out that I'm a whore, but in fact the only person I "do" things with as you know is LB.

Right now, I currently have a couple of gfs and one best friend. Unfortunately, the bestie is longer "the bestie." As you know, we made up and such, but we both just are kinda in our own little relationship world. Which is no big deal, I'm sure I'll see her more when she moves in with her bf in August.

My current best friend is Amy. Even though, after LB and I broke up Amy and I pretty much broke up, we know have our relationship back on track! She's a sweet caring woman who's married to her high school sweetheart, who at 23 own there own house, and have 2 wonderful dauschand pups ((charlie and peanut)) and who in the next 9 mnths will try and have conceive! She is and always has been a good friend. The only thing though is no matter what would happen between me and LB, she would always take his side. Which is fair, because they have known each other forever. ((the 3 of em)).

I have been spending some more time with PA Lover, something that kinda dropped off when her and J.Dubs started hanging out all the time. And she was hanging out with this chick Kendall for a while too. I think she just kinda floats between gfs and that's totally understandable..she's that type of person.

In some juicy news: apparently J.Dubs and Lou are most likely going to break up. Apparently they had a big blow out Friday before they left for OCMD, and now I guess Lou is going home to Rhode Island ((where he's from)) for the week..the week they took off together mind you. I guess they were supposed to go to PA with PA Lover and Lil B this weekend, and apparently that's when J.Dubs told Pa Lover, who told me. Judging by their statuses on FB though, I kinda felt like it was coming. They were a decent couple, but time and time again, J.Dubs would flip on Lou if she didn't get her way or he did something stupid ((like step on her shoes!!)). And he would flip on her, if things didn't go his way. I think they "settled" for each other, which is the worse..in my opinion. Who knows if Lou will return next week and they'll patch it, or if moving on will be done. Either way, I'm staying "neutral." In a way I think the break-up is a long time coming but on the other hand, they've been together for a quite a bit of time, and should be able to work it out.

Anyway, sorry about the uber longgg post!!!!!!!! hehehe.


I'm Pretty Sure That I Laughed At the Expense of Your Heartbreak.

It's Monday morning, ya know what that means! Weekend Recap time! ((woot woot)) ::insert clap here::

Anyway, onwards!

-got outta work at 5 per usual. then it was off to my LBs
-we went and picked up the pup at doggie daycare
-then it was off to the grocery store to get some stuff to make taco dip
-made some taco dip for dinner and played some xbox
-some cuddling was done and some watching of the Disney Channel. ((lol))
-then it was home and to sleep.

-got up at 930
-got ready and then it was off to LB's
-got everything we needed and then left for Charlie's appt for his oil change
-then at noon it was off to Boston!
-we got there around 215, and by the time we parked it was almost 3.
-we went to the science center which was pretty cool. we didn't really stop and do alot though because it was already 3pm and they close at 5pm.
-so we did as much as we could..and then headed over to the Galleria Mall.
-we hit up Borders because we needed to check out a map and figure out what the hell we were going to do!
-after that we took the Green Line (T) to Prudential Center
-walked around there a little bit and then had some dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen
-after that we went back to the parking garage and left.
-while we were in the science center, leah called, apparently she was inviting us over.
-LB txted her boyfrrreeen and said we would not be over because by the time we got home it was 1115.
-played some video games, and I was so tired, I ended up staying at LBs.
-which sleeping there sucks! because he has a twin bed. and I was pushed against the wall..and mulli ((his dog)) was making it hott, because he always has to lay between us at the end of the bed.

-got up around 9am.
-hung out for a little then it was off to do errands for his mom.
-we went to Lowes to get exchange a hose, get some Preen, and a broom
-then off to Stop & Shop.
-its our local grocery store. and now they have scanners! its uber cool. you bascially get your bags ((we have the recycleable ones)) and then you scan and bag at the same time! like, say you want a can of mushrooms. you pick up the can, scan it, and bag it. and right there on the scanner is what you've "purchased" so far.
-then you bring to the self checkout or regular checkout ((doesnt matter)) and scan the barcode and it puts you're order in! then you just pay and leave, and you're all set!
-after that, we dropped the food off and then it was off to wings so LB could pick up his schedule..which didn't go so well. >.<
-apparently there's a new GM, because the old one "wasn't do anything right" and was moved down to a manager and then all of a sudden he was gone.
-and well apparently the new GM didn't bother to put LB on the schedule because they only met once and the new GM doesn't know LB that well and didn't know his availability
-and apparently the new GM doesn't know how to do his job because he never bothered to call LB ((which I think it the RIGHT way to handle it)) and ask him what his availability was.
-so LB went in there around 6 last night and talked to him and the GM said all that crap..and then gave him Friday from 5-slow ((whenever it gets slow)) and 11-4 on Saturday.
and also made a very unprofessional comment about how he thinks the place runs better with the old GM gone. ((douche!))
-but yet, I don't think it will fair any better, probably wayyy worse because a)he's being unfair with scheduling, he moved Amanda ((LB's other best friends gf)) to phones so now she's making way less because she can't collect tips. b)he decided it was better to have only 3 cooks, and only one on Friday nights..like wtf?! and c) he just seems douche baggish, like to the point where I think he would not even let a driver come up if they were super slow. ((i live out of the delivery area apparently))
-anyway, before that, we had taken mulli to the doggie park where he made a new friend, otis the pug. everytime i would throw the ball, mulli and the pug took off together...then they laid in the shade together...it was super cute.
-then we ate some dinna, played some video games, and then went to the bar for a bit.
-my favorite bar tender/owner was working..and it was super quiet. i really enjoyed it.
-jay is a super sweet guy, and we love talking to him. last night, we discussed how he doesn't wanna have kids or get married. i told him he was crazy! he's in this earlier 30s..but hey i guess that's cool either way!
-then it was home for me.

And that's about it!

**Also my title has to do with BP, I happened to see his away msg yesterday ((LB has him on his AIM list)) and he's all sad and depressed because his high school gf broke his heart..awwww..wait, did I say high school?! Yes, indeed, he went to her prom Saturday night, fucken creepy. So, I laugh..heheheheh.**