"Hey Guys, You Won't Believe Who I Saw, World War III Was About to Rain on Down."

Ok, so it wasn't that bad. All I have to say for now is, my little feeties scurred away like no other. All the while I'm mumbling "fuck fuck fuck" whilst carrying a smirnoff party pack. But, I'll get to that story in a moment. Anyways, here's yo weekend recap!

-went out with CM ((former bestie)).
-i picked her up around 700 && then it was off to introduce her to the best milkshakes that a convenience store has ever had.
-they're called For Real shakes && they are effin sweet! You make em yourself! You pop the top off the cup, put it in the blender, select your thickness && ta-da! you've got yourself a milkshake! They're so rich && creamy too!!!
-we also got some egg salad sandwiches && sat in my car && enjoyed em.
-then it was off to the mall.
-we went to Gap first where CM found the cutest skirt that could over a bathing suit ever.
-she also found her bf a shirt for her bros wedding.
-then it was on to Forever 21, where I found a super cute shirt, but decided that I didn't really have 10.80 to spend. ((yes thats it!))
-then after that, we walked around some more && popped into Ann Taylor ((LBs mom shops there.)) where I found the most gorgeous summer dress.
-and of course I can't show you because my internet is acting funny!
-anyhoodle then it was on to Wally World.
-we looked around at the jewelery, and I bought a cute bracelet that's wooden with "stickers" that say peace and have peace signs on em in blue. it was only $3 but I absolutely love it!
-then it was off to get redbull. as we were doing so LB called && told me that there was a DUI checkpoint the way we were headed that was almost right in front of his work.
-i know this may sound odd but i like going thru DUI checkpoints, because I know they are totally profiling me because I'm young. And I rarely drink sooO!! haha coppers!
-anyway, so we pulled up to it, red bull in hand, and the cop waved the first cop thru. then he made me pull up to him, and he was like "this is a DUI checkpoint I need you to pull off to the side, we need to make sure you're not too hyper." Hope he was kidding! ((lmao))
-so I pulled into the abandoned gas station they were using, and pulled up && had the nicest old man cop ask the standard "where are you going?" question, && then he asked for my license, insurance card && registration.
-so i gave it to him, he joked with us a bit, then we were on our way. ((see coppers got nothin on me!))
-we got back to CMs house && made some drinks, we didn't put really any vodka in our drinks, but we put some V8 fruit fusion stuff in, && actually it was pretty good.
-then we went && sat outside on the porch swing && just looked up at the sky.
-then LB called to tell me he got home && I was off to see him. =)

-I woke up && got ready to go out with Swan for the afternoon since LB was at work.
-we cruised around, when to Wally World && got my dad a Father's Day card so I wouldn't forget.
-then we met up with LB at his house after work && the 3 of us went to the liquor store to get some drinkiies for Swan's BBQ that evening.
-we grabbed a Smirnoff party pack, a 6-pack of Heiny ((for my darling)) && Molson XXX ((for Swannieee)).
-so I'm carrying the Smirnoff, && we turn down this aisle. I'm not really paying attention till I look up && see THEM.
-&& I'm thinking a few possiblities here, a) turn around like I forgot something, b) turn around && run, c) run by em, or d) stride right by em.
-so I picked option D && as fast as my little feet could scurry, I made it past BP's Mom && Sister.
-I watched as I was scurrying by, them both turn && look at me...&& Swan && Dan.
-then we were safe, round the corner, to the cash register && outtie before they could open their mouths.
-then we went across the parking lot && got some hot dogs, hamburgers && chips && went to drop Swan off because the girl he likes Emily ((they dated many years ago for a mnth!)) was coming over && then they were off to his dad's real quick.
-so LB && I went home && then we played some xbox
-then it was back rto Swan's for his BBQ
-there was LB, PA Lova, Lil B, Swan, Emily && I.
-I had some of Pa Lova's super yummy concoation, && we both got pretty drunk.
-then around 1030pm, we all left because Swan's grandpa was yelling at us to break it up.
-so LB && I went back to his house, played some xbox, && then he tried to go to sleep bc he wasn't feeling well && then woke up about an hour later.
-he had a HUGE panick attack..&& I felt sooo horrible, he was pacing up && down the halls, && eventually he had to wake up his mom bc he felt so crappy.
-i didn't end up leaving till almost 330am bc I was worried about him.

-i went over LB's around noon.
-he wasn't feeling great so we chilled out at home
-around 5 we went grocery shopping for him mom, came back && then about an hour later, we went to Wally World to get Xbox Live points for moi, then to the drug store so LB could get some anatacid to see if it would make his uneasy stomach feel better, then back to his house.
-then we pretty much chilled out && watched some tv, had some dinner && he went to bed early.
-i left around midnite after watching Brooke Knows Best. ((lol))

So, it was a pretty good weekend. Low-key but fun. Except when LB feels shitty. =( I feel horrible because I don't know how to help him. I wish I could..because he's miserable when he has anxiety. And it doesn't last for a day either. It lasts till he goes to the doctors && gets checked out && gets some medication. Then the meds take like 2-4 wks to work! My poor LB..=(

Anyways, have a good day everyone!

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LiLu said...

I am a SUCKER for Brooke Knows Best...

(Please don't tell anybody...)

calixta.jive. said...

mmmm... now i want a milkshake!!!

oh and expect something fun heading your way... :o)