Things I Really Freakin Want!

Sass over at Are You Sassified? has been doing a weekly Thursday special called "Things I Want Thursday." So, she finally made a button so all of us you enjoy telling the rest of you what we really really want can be fufilled. So, here is my list.

1) I really want more money. I'm sure this is a given on everyones list. Who isn't hurt by this except Bill Gates...which leads me into..

2) I really want Xbox Live for free. Listen up Mr. Gates, while you have BILLIONS of dollars, I'm here paying you 50.00 for a year + 1 mnth of ultimate online gaming. While that's not a whole lot, I still can't help but feel like MY 50 is going DIRECTLY into your leisure funds.

3) I really want to print out this picture. But since all computers like to make weird little bars on the screen when you try and photograph them with your cell phone, I'll have to stick to just plain white boring paper to print it on.

Lil B in the blue, Swan in the red, && thatskinny kid clutching his arm in attempts to make funny faces!

4) I really really want Left 4 Dead to be at the video store tonight so that I can finally rent/play it. ((I'm a nerd I know))

5) I really really want to go to Florida this summer instead of waiting all the way till Thanksgiving because Siqness might have moved outta state or God knows where way before then, leaving me with an empty feeling of NEVER being able to meet him. LB && I <3>

6) I really really want that emergency test on the radio to be a severe thunderstorm warning, so that I could look out the front of the office and watch the clouds and lightning while doing my t-storm dance wish consists of me jumping up and down and cowaring while be in awe.

7) I really really want to move in with LB. 4 yrs ((- the 5 mnth break)) and still nothing. I feel like if we had moved in a long time ago, all would have been good.

8) I really really want to lose some weight but I somehow cannot tear myself away from iced coffee.

And that is what I really want..=) Thanks Sass! and everyone for reading this!

3 you know you love me.:

LiLu said...

You did add the "Freakin" in there, after all... I say that means you should GET them! :-)

Sheri said...

lol good things to want and really that "Live" subscription should so be free!

Sass said...

It's funny...I always forget about the calories in the coffee. Ugh.

Great list. ;)

Thanks so much!