So I Have To Put Up With These Two..Alone..In Florida?? Well Then You Can Just Canoodle Together!

..haha. That was my response to the my crazii LB and Swan. Those two are a match made in friendship heaven. As you can tell, I'm totally stokkked for Florida. ((wait when aren't I?)) So stoked in fact that I actually cannot wait till mid August. =) Swan and I have been talking about what to do..so I've spent this super boring day looking up stuff. I've been writing it all down..so then the 3 of us can go over it and see what we wanna do..and make a good estimate of the amount of money we will need to bring. Which is more than usual...because I am 23, Swan's 22, and LB's 25. SO, bar hopping! ((Squeal, slightly))

I've gone to one bar down there and that was 2 yrs ago..last year I didn't go because Sondra was only 19.

But, I just had convo with LB...its honestly beennn sooo sloowww here. That I'm kinda nervous I might get laid-off ((intution much?)). I don't know..I just kinda feel like it mite come..I spend most of my days..sitting here online doing nothing! SOooo...I don't know. Vacays still on..but I think we mite not use Orbitz to book it. Eekkk.

ANyway..now my thought process is all off..damnit.

2 you know you love me.:

Desert Rat said...

I am the queen of travel...so what you do is go to Kayak.com...if you are looking for flights this way you see what flights are the shortest duration and cheapest then you go to that airline because these days the airline is actually cheaper then orbitz, hotwire, any of them by like $10 usually.
for hotels go to hotels.com. then again find the best and go to that hotels website...it's not always cheaper sometimes hotels.com is.

I went to Orlando 2 years ago rented a 4 bedroom house with an enclosed pool for $115 a night...that's cheaper than a hotel and close to a motel price! it was off of craigslist but NEVER EVER if you do something like that send money western union EVER.
I think August is OFF season for Florida so you should be able to find great deals. Those are my tips ;-)

Nickie. said...

Thanks for the tip!! Even though I still can't afford it. Damn you summer! ::shakes fist::