So, this is my 200th post!! ((woot woot)) I totally forgot that I won't be posting on Wednesdays anymore due to the fact that I don't work em anymore. =( For now though. Hopefully not forever.

Last night was the birthday bash..which turned into more of a birthday flop. Only Pa Lova, Lil B, J.Dubs and Lou showed up for Swan and I.. Thatskinnykid couldn't make out, and you know Coco's unreliable sooo. It was an okay time..I spent most of it quiet due to the fact that J.Dubs and Pa Lova are pretty much best friends now. A bunch of times, PA Lova asked me what's wrong or commented on how quiet I've been lately.

I didn't wanna talk to her in public about it..so I just said, "Yeah I know." ((Clever I know)) J.Dubs made it a point ((for the one millionth time)) to tell everyone how excited she is to go to PA the first week of June with PA Lova and Lil B. Then they started talking about it right in front of Swan and I! ((thanks guys))

So unfortunately I think my friendship with PA Lova is pretty much over, she isn't really there as a friend anymore.

In happier news..I've decided to take on a second job. Yes, that's right, a little part-time retail job. For two reasons.

Reason #1-I need more money. I need to pay off my credit card/VS card.
Reason#2- I want to take the EMT-B class ((Emt basic)) and it is $700.00! ((holy crap, right!)) It's $600.00 for the class with a $100.00 deposit. But, you get all your textbooks and supplies. Not to mention you have to pay out of pocket for two of the big exams. ((sighh))

I wanted to do something in the medical field. But, nursing is way too much work with not enough time. You have to do in a certian amount of time..and I just cannot do that due to work. I seriously have been contiplating ((sp?)) selling Charlie, and buying something I can actually afford and have a ton of money left over each week.

Then, I smacked myself. Charlie's my baby! No way, no how will I sell him! So, now I am going to take the EMT-B and get certified for that..and then sign up for Paramedic classes at a community college. ((YAY!))

This is something I need/want to do..and I'm gonna do it. No if ands or butts. =)

Oh, and I also went out with that guy I met on Match. com again. We went to the movies, Tuesday night and saw the X-Men Wolverine one. Liev Schriber is sooo effin hawwwwttt. ((mmmm hump me!)) So, that went pretty well. And last night, I went and stopped by his house before Swan and I went to our bday bash..and played with Raven and just chilled out. So, who knows what will happen there!

Now, its on to pick up a second job. =)

2 you know you love me.:

Sheri said...

Yay for the 200th post! Congrats! :)

Also, Happy Bday again. Sorry it didn't go so well. My Bdays usually suck too, I think it is cursed.

Good luck on doing the EMT stuff and the 2nd job. :)

Bon Don said...

Congratulations on the big 200!! Sorry about your B-Day bash...and about you and your BFF growing apart, hopefully tings will get back to normal soon!

By the way did I email you about FBook? I have all my favorite blogger BBFs on and you need to be there! If not email me at cupcakebondon@gmail