This a way, That a way.

Ah. That lil wayne aka lil weezy aka weezy f. baby song is stuck in my head. I enjoy a large spectrum of music. Like last night, I rocked out to Limp Bizkit (old school much?) and Disturbed and some other random music in Erik's car. We're special.

So, last night I went to visit my brother at his college. He attends the lovely Central Connecticut State University campus. (woo frickin hoo). Erik and I finally met what I believe is somewhat his social life. We met his friends next door, Brian and Scott, some chick Ashley and this other chick Leslie which I must admit was way cute for my brother. (in a good way). Yes, the evil sister in me, forced him to show that he has friends. But for a very good reason. My brother has always been very quiet all throughout high school. He had one best friend and didn't really socialize alot in school. He had one girlfriend and that was about it. So, I'm proud of him, he finally is starting to be more social to the world and not shun people away. =)

And what does his dumbass sister do. (that's me btw) I say the most incredibly retarded thing ever. We're in my brothers room (me and Erik) when his next door friend knocks on the door. It's Scott and this chick Ashley. So they come into the room and we all get intrigued by Time Warp which Erik has put on. So, in the meantime Kevin is texting his friend and he says she'll be up in a minute. To which I reply, "Kevin, don't you know it's common courteousy to go down for a girl." And everyone just stops, gives me the wide eyes, and burts out laughing hysterically. (Great choice of words on my part.) Well, my brother was right, I'd embarass him just by being myself. (Nothing unusual)

So, then we left, got some Mickey D's (worst service ever!) and pretty much just chilled and talked and sang some old school songs.

That was pretty much it. But it was amazing. Like he is. <333

0 you know you love me.: