So. After my unintentional freak out blog yesterday, the rest of the day went pretty well. I got out of work, and went to baberz. We ended up going to the mall. We went to Hot Topic, so he could return his earrings. (he's gauging his ears, so cute. i think?) Then we went to Best Buy, where I filled out another application for another store credit card. And I got declined. (boo.) Then, I decided I really wanted to go look at the puppies and kitties at the pet store. Bad idea!

We went in. And there were 3 adorable mini dauchands. And in one of the cages there were a short-haired one and a wire-haired one. And after standing there forever and a day, someone finally helped us. AND AND..we got to see the short haired one. (can you tell how excited i am?) He was soo frickin cute!! At first he was really shy and just kinda moped around. Then all of a sudden, he got really excited and started running..which is the cutest thing ever! And he was biting and just playing. I wish we coulda got him. But he's $1200!!!!!!! Which I knewwww. Cause my ex friends have two of them.

Anywho, then Erik decided he really really wanted him. SO he went home and asked his mom. And she said no..cause they have a lease that says they can only have one cat. Which sucks!!!!!!! But one day Erik and I will get a puppy.

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The cutie patootie. <33

Then. We went back to his house, just watched some family guy. Then I was bored and found....

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My Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the cover of a frickin expensive ass service manual.

The quick story is..I was at a car show, my first I entered in. I put Charlie in at the last minute. (he was only 4 days old!) He won second place in the A5 Watercooled Stock Class and then some guy came over to me ans asked if that was my car and I said yes. And he said well I'd like to photograph him, soo we went with another tornado red gti and got photographs done. And taaaaa-daaa Charlie is on the front of this manual. I don't know what happened to the GTI, but it looks as though he has been replaced by a Fahrenheit GTI.

Pretty snazzy. I love you Charlie the Bunnni. <33

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