Busy Busy Monday!

Blah. I'm taking a 10 min break to write this. Chyeaaa. (haha)

I'm a busy bee for once today..got like 3 estimates and some sending out of estimates to be done. Not to mention sub folders have to be done before tomorrow. No biggie though. (I got it!)

Recap of the weekend as follows:

Erik and I went to Danbury for a vw/audi gtg. That lasted about 10 mins. because it was soooo cold. (28 degrees..hello Novemeber?) So, there were about 8 cars, nothing fancy. So, Erik had told me that he bestest friend Dan was home from school. (He's goes to school in providence rhode island, balller!). So, we went to Starbucks and chillaxeddd...then went back to Mickey D's to wait for my friend Jay since he was coming down to go up into New York to visit his girlfriend at school..so he made a detour..and Jenna and Jason actually showed up with Jay too. =) So, we were all sitting there..and all of a sudden this Integra pulls up and it has painted wheels (like the tires too!!) which were red..and flags taped all over the hood of the car with packing tape. And this guy goes thru the drive thru..then backs all the way up, almost hits a car and parks right in front of Mickey D's. He got out, left the door open, the car running and starts dancing. Yes dancing.. He finally walks in and then walks back out several times, while dancing and singing. Orders some food, gets it, goes back outside..and starts dancing hardcore..and like humping his car! (It was the funniest thing ever!) And he continues to do it, even when the 5 of us (Jay had left by then) went outside.

So, we ended up getting in our cars and pulling around and watching him..and the guy had a mic in his hand and he was just singing away. Then all of a sudden gets in his car and leaves. So, eventually Erik and I left. And that was about it.

Saturday was just a chill kinda day. Erik was supposed to work 8-630 or something like that. But, his boss at the last minute decided he was going to work 11-close. (Close is 9:30 except on Sundays its 7:30.) So, I was pretty bummed..but it was all good. I ended up going out with my parents and bro to dinner. We went to to Pepe's, they built one in Manchester. It's the best New Haven Style Pizza ever! (New Haven Style Pizza is pizza cooked by brick oven, crust is very thin and crispy and the pizza itself is soo greasy...mmm). So, after that we went to the Christmas Tree Shop where of course my mom didn't buy anything because she is so indecisive. So, then we went to the L.L. Bean Store. And my mom dad and bro were all getting this really comfy fleece lined hoodies because they're going to Disney World in January. So, I was all putting the guilt trip on the mama dukes, so we made a compromise that she would return the fur boots I wanted from Walmart to get me the L.L. Bean hoodie. (I'm addicted to hoodies!). After that, my mom dropped me and my bro off at my car which I had parked in the plaza across from Central Connecticut University where my bro goes. He went to his room, dropped some stuff off then we went to get ice cream back home.

I got some for Erik, then we went and brought it to him, chilled with him, waited form him to get outta work and then went and brought my bro back to school. Went to his house and just chillaxed for the nite. Then home to bed. =(

Sunday I chilled the most. Yesterday I woke up, took a shower and mostly laid in my bed all day. Went to visit Erik at lunch..then went back home and waited for him to get outta work. Then we went to Wally World, looking for gift cards but didn't find the ones I needed. So, then we went back home and of course watched Storm Chasers! (it was such a good one). Then chilled till midnight..and then went home and slept.

And now here I am at work. =) It's gonna be a nice 3-day work and I get paid on Wednesday. Which is sweet. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving.

0 you know you love me.: