Epic Night.

So, tonite I'm going to Lil Cuz's house to celebrate her being 21. [Oh crap, I need to get a card!] The bestie is coming with me and then we are going out for the night. I think I may kidnap her and go to the casino after. Maybe DMB will come with?

Or I might go tomorrow night, for my cousins' crazy ass birthday party. She's a hardcore partier. Crazy girl. I'm unsure of the plans but it's all gravy.

Oh! And uber exciting news. I was talking to bestie in Florida last night, Firefighter Fred, and he starts shift in a week! He works freakin 9 days a month, thats it. And when he works OT, he gets 30 per hour. (Lucky!) Right now, he bascially can't leave the town or go very far for 6 mnths because he's on mandatory OT, which means if they need him, he has to go.

He started back in Jan, so bascially 6 mnths after that is August(edit:really do i know how to tell time?? lmao!) and he gets to take a week vacay. So, guess who's probably going?! ME! I just need to find someone that wants to go. I'm gonna ask Lil Cuz, I know she totally wants to take a vacay with me. I would ask bestie but she kinda hates the heat/summer. But eh throw out to her tooo.

But I'm uber stoked to go back down and even more stoked to see Firefighter Fred. I've missed him!!

4 you know you love me.:

Kali said...

I hope you have fun sweetie, you deserve it, and thanks for updating me. I WORRY about you!

I hope everything works out in the end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you...


Cheryl said...

Hah i don't know why I laughed when I read "Firefighter Fred".

Anyways. Good for you and your man. I really really hope that things work out for you guys.

Being young and committed is a scary thing.

Bon Don said...

Have a good time you deserve it! I'm glad you're sounding a little more "chipper"

luv ya doll!

Sheri said...

Have a great time! :)

P.S. - Check out my blog and pick up your 2 awards waiting for you! <3