Alrite finally I have a nice easy day at work to be able to post my lil head off. So, sit tight, this is going to be a looong one. ((Pics will go in the next post.))

So last weekend recap:


As usual Friday nights consist of driving an hour with baberz to be with our dub group, CTEurospec. We absolutely love them. <33 (yay!) They treat us well, include us in everything and apperciate that we drive an hour out of our way (southern ct yo) to go and chill with them. Last Friday we were actually able to get there early. Of course, that was interuppted by the fact that of course, I had to pee incredibly badly because as always I have coffee and it flows right through me. I always remember this as soon as I have already purchased the said coffee. Now, it wouldn't be a big deal if we didn't have to travel all back roads. My GPS pretty much brings us mostly on highway but about 30 mins into the ride, dumps us onto the back roads of Shelton. So, usually that the point when I have to go..and usually its bad. Thankfully baberz navigated us well and we found a Dunkin Donuts. We then got to Best Buy, chilled for about a min and then it was time to leave for Boudah's.

The drive to Boudah's from Best Buy is always crazy one, because the guys love to go fast. (Crazzies) Thankfully, I pay enough attention where I don't need the GPS anymore. It's pretty striaght forward, take 95 to 91 and take an exit and make a turn and stay staright and bam Boudah's house! He shares a lovely little house with a roommate right on LI Sound.

Anyhoodle, so we baberz and I are slowly getting more comfortable. We had a nice lil convo with ThatSkinnyKid and 1QuickJazz, well baberz mostly did. Altho, I did make a comment when baberz and 1QuickJazz were talking, about how bright and lovely Boudah's shower curtain is when I went to the bathroom. (1 beer queer here!) Yes, I may or may not have snuck some Cap'n in my coke. =D I rarely drink but baberz was driving sooo.

Pretty much the rest of the night consisted of standing around watching beer pong that turned into water pong, because honestly when Boudah left to get pizza, like 10 more pple walked in. Which was weird. There had to be about 25 of us. There's usually about 15 of us in general sooo. We also watched some hookah action go down. (Tobacco only! lol) Which was slightly amusing.

It's always a good time, except sometimes I feel awkward with the girls around. There was 4 of em this time. One I've seen before, she usually hangs around Boudah but isn't his gf, then there was G's gf, this other kids gf and some chick I've never seen. They were all dressed in their leggings with boots, and long sweaters, while I'm over here in a hoodie, and a baseball hat to keep my ears warm. I'd love to talk to them, but I think they view me as just one of the guys. Idk, it's kinda weird. But whateves yo!


Saturday baberz and I woke up early. I got to his house around 815 and we ate some cereal for breakfast then left. We drove all the way down to the Bethel train station because they said a train was running there at 1048am. Guess what? They're closed on Saturday and Sundays! So, baberz did some quick thinking and we ended up going to Brewster NY which was about 15 mins away from there. (Hr trip from home) There we got to park for free (weekends and holidays baby!) and we bought our ticket from the lil kiosk thingy and actually paid $1 less. (Woo a dolla!)

The train came about 15 mins later and we were comfortably on it and headed to Grand Central 5 mins later. The whole ride took about an hour and a half, it had a ton of stops but we didn't mind. We finally got there round 1220, and started our day. We grabbed a damn map (I almost know New York, almost!) and headed on out. The first thing we did was go to Times Square and get some lunch. We stopped into a lil pizza joint with a tiny counter to eat at and really annoying mirrors you got to face while eating your pizza. I got a Hawaiian slice which we later found out was $6.00. (Of course the one time I actually want toppings!)

After lunch, we ventured around Times Square, taking pics and going into the M&M store and the Hershey's store. After that, we went and took a cute pic on the steps they used for New Year's Eve and baberz got some good shots of Times Square, and the sun hit everything just so nicely. We walked some more, just taking our time, taking in the scenes and such.

We eventually wandered over to Rockefeller Center and watched people ice skate and just sat and relaxed watching everyone. My feet were killing me by then. (alot of walking and some subway riding was done between times square and rockefeller.) They didn't really hurt from walking, it was more of the fact that I have horrid dried skin on the bottom of my feet, so my heels starting cracking and rubbing against my boots. (eek)

After that we went to check out the set of the Today Show. Which is actually a lot smaller than I originally thought! We ended up going into the NBC store, and of course I had to embarass myself somehow and I ended up knocking a mug with my obscenely large fake Dolce and Gabana bag. I just stood there staring at the shattered pieces wondering what was going to happen, but all that did happen was two guys came up, picked up the pieces and walked away. Baberz approached them and asked if we had to pay and they said no don't worry it happens all the time.

After that fiasco we made our way to the subway and set on our journey to the WTC Site. (World Trade Center) I of course got us on the wrong train, but realized it pretty quickly so we got off and got on the correct one. We headed down there, got off at Chambers St and headed for the site. Unfortunately the observation deck was closed, so we made our way around and sat in front of a strip of stores on some steps. And we just sat, watching and listening. It was oddly quiet in that area, even though like 2 blocks away there was a man being interrogated by the NYPD.

We sat there for a good long while, and I mostly about how I spot I was sitting in was once covered with debris, and such. Eventually we walked across the street and looked thru the holes in the fence. I mostly just saw a concrete wall but baberz was tall enough to be able to take a picture of the site down below it. Again, it was oddly still, nothing else mattered at that moment.

After that we went back to Times Sqaure and ate at Friday's. A highly overpriced Friday's for the amount of food they give you. Then I was pretty much done. We walked to the Subway station and rode the S train to Grand Central.

We got there, checked the time, and sat next to our track. Got up, walked around, had 2 last cigs, went back and our train was there. Got on, sat down, waited and half an hour later we were headed home. We ended up getting home around 1115 and home home by 1230.

After that I headed home and went to bed.


Sunday I pretty much stayed in bed all day. My calves ached beyond all belief. =( I eventually got up and went and hung out with baberz at work for the last hour he worked, then we went back to his house, he changed and we went to his sister's house for the Superbowl party.

The Superbowl itself wasn't all too exciting until the 4th quarter. I was routing for the Steelers (why not?) and was kinda excited when they won. I asolutely loved the E-Trade commercials, and the Careerbuilder.com one. "You hate work so much you just want to punch a small animal." (lmao!)

After that we went back to baberz and just relaxed..it was def. an awesome weekend. =)

For the most part this week was pretty uneventful. Baberz and I were pooor beyond belief so we just chilled at his house. Wednesday night though we did drop by my friend Rob's. He just moved into a house with his good friend about 3 weeks ago. So, we chilled out, ate some cookies and watched Grandma's Boy.

Work has been crazy hectic, so many folders. And I had to do training for Allstate because apparently I was doing stuff wrong. (Fun) Ok, I was doing stuff wrong. (lmao) But now I pretty much got it down path.

Tonight is of course Eurospec gtg. Best Buy, maybe the mall then Boudah's! We were supposed to have a bonfire but the guys can't pellets...honestly that's ok though. Damn fire burns my face and my ass but my toes stay frozen. I like to be even all around. ((lol))

Tomorrow probably going to Dbury to hang out with some of baberz' friends. Sunday I'm going to hang out with my bestie. Nothing crazy..just a chill weekend with epic people.

Well pics are next!!! Stay put!

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Bon Don said...

What an awesome weekend! Me & my sis took the train from Boston to Grand Central once and ran a muck in NYC... the best time ever!

and how can you feel like one of the guys? you're gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing :)

¸.• ´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•'* Bon Don