I'm Moving!

Hey there. SO if by God's grace you can actually see/comment this post, I've moved!
My new home is in this great neighborhood, I live right between LiLu and BonDon. I know, I'm spoiled. =)

So, hey on over to my new crib, yo.


Goodbye blogger, I will miss you like no other. But people want to read my blog and well honestly, you're cockblocking, so peace out.


Can we just talk about how these chicks I used to be friends with like 5 yrs ago showed up at the g2g tonite and then posted shiz on facebook? It was super duper coool. More on it tomorrow.


The Ex Excursion. Erm.

So, yesterday I ended up going home early from a headache, so that is why I am working on a Wednesday. Which makes me sad because I didn't have too! Plus, I miss my subway fix which duh equals bf fix. =)

Anyways, I did happen to venture out yesterday when I was feeling better with Swan who grabbed his camera and decided that he must take pics of Charlie. I decided Charlie needed a photo-mate and called up BP to come down.

So, he came, pics we taken and for 30 mins last night I debated whether or not to put them on Facebook. I ended up doing so and tagging BP (he said it was cool). It only took me forever because people on both sides of our worlds kinda have an issue with us being friends. I didn't want any shit from it. People like PA Lova, who does not talk to me anymore because she thinks it's awkward that we are such great friends. Sometimes I just want to stand on a mountain and scream BP and I are effin friends, get over it!

But without further ado, here are the pics from yesterday's photoshoot. =)